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Tune-Up Services

Your car’s fuel and ignition systems are designed for years of trouble-free operation. But in order to keep your mileage performance, gas mileage and emissions in check, your vehicle will need regular tune ups. Typically, this can happen anywhere between 60,000 and 100,000 miles of driving. To be sure, refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for additional guidance.

Car Tune-Ups 101: What to Expect

Before electric ignition, fuel injection, and computer control, a mechanic would “tune” your car engine as if it were a musical instrument, adjusting the ignition timing, idle speed, and fuel/air mixture. Today, Monro auto technicians will inspect a number of vehicle components, including the air and fuel filters, spark plugs and wires, PCV valves, the fuel system, and air intake system. Depending on the needs of your vehicle the technician will then replace and repair all necessary parts, as well as clean the fuel and air intake system.

As part of Monro’s car tune ups, we use the Valvoline Performance System™ 3-Step Fuel and Air Intake Cleaning System. Depending on the engine design, some older vehicles might require additional parts and work, including replacement of the distributor/distributor cap, rotors, points, and condensers.

Tune-Ups at Low Down Prices

Cars change, but not the need for an auto shop you can trust. In addition to offering unparalleled service, we offer get our Engine/Tune-Up service coupons here.

Request an appointment online for a tune-up. Or, stop by at your convenience. We're open evenings, weekends and most holidays. Get reminders for service to your smart phone by downloading our mobile app.

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