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Wheel Alignment - $20 Off

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Your Car's Alignment: What You Need to Know

Wheel alignment helps prolong the life of your vehicle's suspension components and tires by keeping the wheels headed in a straight line. In fact, poor alignment is the main cause of early tire replacement.

Unsure about your vehicle’s front end alignment? Put it to the test! It takes just a minute to find out if you need to consult with your neighborhood Monro front-end specialist.

The ONE Minute Alignment Test
Check all that apply:
Does your car steer to the side when the steering wheel is released?
Have you replaced tires more than every 2-3 years?
Has your car been in a recent accident with front-end damage?
Does your steering wheel appear crooked?
Have you replaced springs, shocks or ball joints without realigning your car?
Have you hit a pothole or curb and it seems to have affected your car's handling?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the front-end pros at Monro and receive a free alignment estimate or inspection.

Have your alignment checked for FREE today!

Steering & Suspension Help From the Pros at Monro

During your alignment check or estimate, our team of ASE certified experts will check the toe, cast and camber of each wheel to make sure it is set to the manufacturer's specifications.

If your wheel alignment is off, it may require repair or the replacement of specific parts. At Monro, we carry a full range of quality replacement parts (ball joints, rack & pinion, tie-rod ends, idler arms, center links, constant-velocity joint bearings (CVJ), CVJ dust boots and half-shafts) and expert technicians to install them properly. And to help your wallet align with the quality of your services, we offer a LIFETIME warranty on parts.

Request an appointment online for Steering and Suspension Repair. Or, stop by at your convenience. Same day appointments available. We're open evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

For even more great information, visit our Learning Center section for Frequently Asked Questions and Car Care Tips!

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