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4950 North French Road
E. Amherst, NY 14051

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What People Are Saying:

  • Brought my car in for a check engine light. Could not pinpoint the problem at that time. Thought it might be a leak in the gas tank filler neck or a computer issue. Larry (and the manager on duty) suggested that using a "smoker" which was at another store could be brought in to diagnose the problem. they asked if I could leave the car, but I had things to do and couldn't. I asked them to call me when the smoker was available and I would bring the car back. That was a WEEK AGO -- not a peep from anyone. I have serviced my car there for years and have spent thousands of dollars based on your service recommendations and attention to my vehicles needs. This kind of ignorance on the part of your staff leads me to believe you either don't pay your employees enough to retain quality people or you really aren't concerned with customer satisfaction. I am very disappointed at this point, and would like to see this resolved soon.
    Alan - May 2017
  • We get periodic oil changes at this site
    Michael - May 2017
  • Very Good Service
    Gerald - May 2017
  • Very friendly workers. Dropped my car off and was ready when I returned.
    Peter - April 2017
  • I was very impressed with their customer service.
    Morgan - April 2017
  • I initially went to your location on N French Rd in East Amherst,NY as a result of a continual check engine light being on. At that time an oxygen sensor was replaced for a total of $272.52 supposedly to resolve the problem. I have returned three additional times and the light remains on. The computer was used as well as two efforts to adjust the gas cap. Even though I have had my two cars serviced at this location. I will not return. I have advised the mgr(James Cooper of this.
    George - April 2017
  • Initially went to Monro on N French in Amherst,NY to resolve this matter. I've returned three times and the light remains on. I would like my initial payment to be returned to me. I will then take the car to my local Chevrolet dealer. I would like to be contacted at 1 716 433 5978
    George - April 2017
  • I went there for an oil change and tire rotation and they also did a maintenence inspection. I was very satisfied.
    Marian - April 2017
  • Took my Lexus RX330 to the neighborhood Monro Muffler shop for a rear brake job on 12/13/2016. Apparently the calipers were hung up and the brake pads were not coming in full contact with the rotors when braking as shown by the narrow shiny streaks left on the rotors. Instead of repairing or replacing the calipers as part of the job, this particular shop, located on 4950 North French Road in East Amherst, NY, only replaced the rotors and the pads. A few days after the repair, I noticed the driver side rotor was over heating so I took the car back to the shop. The manager, Jim, took a looked at it and told me there was nothing to worry about for it was quite normal even though the very mechanic who worked on the car originally thought it was probably a good idea to take a look at it. Two months later I noticed the rotors had the same narrow shiny streaks on them again. I took the car back to the shop once again. This time the manager told me the problem was with the calipers and he quoted me just under $700 to fix the problem. I declined his offer and took the car to a mechanic I trust but much further away. They ended up replacing both of the pads and the rotors that Monro had just installed back in December! They further replaced the left caliper (completely seized) and the slider pins in the right caliper. The whole job costed me about half of what Monro quoted me to replace the calipers. This experience leaves me very unsatisfied with this Monro shop not to mention how this incompetent repair job put me and my family at a great risk while driving this car thinking that it was safe when it clearly was not!
    Jim - March 2017
  • Promises made to me regarding when the work would be done (1 day turned into 2+ days)--- Deposit for parts ($200) turned into full payment upfront (never happened previous 7 years)---repairs done poorly (TPMS light still on & pwr steering still a problem) why should I have to put up with that for spending $1800?
    Alan - February 2017
  • Working great
    Robert - February 2017
  • Jim found leaks and tightened the bolts. He cleaned the pan and had me take the car home overnight, to see if that solved the problem, although he thought the gasket would have to be replaced. When I came back Thursday morning Josh took the car right in for the gasket replacement. Matt did the work efficiently and made sure the problem was solved. This team made an annoying situation as stress- free as possible. The customer service was excellent every step of the way.
    Larry - January 2017
  • I called the day before and they were able to accommodate me the following day. I was very appreciative of being taken care of as my headlight was out on my car. I am always satisfied with how I am treated , service explained and bill reviewed with me.
    Ann - April 2016
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Honoring Warranties for Over 50 Years!

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