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(304) 296-4026

1756 Mileground Road
Morgantown, WV 26508

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Professional, fast work, very kindness!
    Ruth - March 2018
  • Had brakes and oil change completed. They were very friendly and discounted the cost. Will definitely be back.
    Kyle - February 2018
  • Great service without making you wait for hours. Went over my car from end to end and pointed out a few things that will need done in the near future. It nice to know you are driving a safe vehicle.
    K - February 2018
  • Had my oil changed and was in and out very quickly
    R - February 2018
  • My first time here and I would definitely go back because they were able to get my car's oil changed in less than a half an hour which is the fasted I have ever had it done. I would recommend going here.
    Jeremy - January 2018
  • This service location provided excellent customer service and was knowledgeable about my car.
    PAMELA - January 2018
  • Very happy with their service.
    Kevin - January 2018
  • tires didn't get rotated when that was one of the services i requested.
    jenna - December 2017
  • This place is great! I needed to get my oil changed. They squeezed me in the next day and changed my oil. They always provide great and fast service.
    Charmaine - December 2017
  • Just got pads and rotors works great
    Michaela - December 2017
  • This place used to be pretty good when Bob was running it. He is gone and now the place is questionable at best. I have used them the last two times as I wanted to give them a second chance. Both times it was the same deal- the manager hangs out at the desk and one employee tackles a garage full of 4 cars. The "manager" (William Mitchell) is not exactly personable and really puts of the vibe that he doesn't want to be there and looks annoyed when customers come in. Seemed surprised when I showed up for my appointment and had to explain what needed to be done etc like they didn't even put me down when I scheduled my appointment. Took 4.5 hours to put on 4 tires mainly because my car sat in the lot untouched for several hours. What is the point of making an appointment for a specific time if they can't even come close to working on it for hours? You might as well drop it off the night before. I won't be going back, I have had much better experiences at other tire shops in town.
    brandon - December 2017
  • I called and scheduled an oil change and when i got there for my appointment they said about 1/2 hour, 45 minutes at the most. I waited for 1.5 hours and it still wasn't done. I had to leave and returned an hour later. Total time was 2.5 hours. When I went to pay the bill i filled out a drive card and had a coupon. He told me my bill was $100 because they put synthetic oil in. I did not request synthetic oil. After about 10 or more minutes he reduced my bill to $60 plus tax acting like he was doing me a favor. The coupon was for that amount and I filled out a drive card so he was not giving me a deal.
    Melissa - October 2017
  • Horrible service. They try to Nickle and dime you. Only do half the work they charge you for
    Greg - September 2017
  • Good customer service. Quick service
    Terry - September 2017
  • Fast, affordable, and friendly service!
    Keisha - September 2017
  • Had an appointment for an Oil change....nearly 2 HOURS later...It is done (Only 2 people in entire Garage one at desk!!} Pay for my Oil change...get home SMOKE rolling from under HOOD!!!! Pop the hood NO OIL CAP!!! Oil EVERYWHERE all over my engine, running down the side of my car...Call Monro...."we will send someone right out" an hour later a guy shows up with a rag, wipes the engine and puts in what should be NEW oil...NOT!!!! after he leaves, I check the oil...WAY OVER THE MAX FILL line!!!! Cannot drive my car until oil is drained...{which my husband had to do, luckily he had the tools, jacks, etc. to do so!!!} when he drains the oil it is BLACK!!!! I take some of the drained oil to NAPA and ask if there is any way this is NEW OIL.....NO WAY!!!! So I proceed to MONRO and tell Bill the SO CALLED MANAGER my story....he is rude and unapologetic!!! Bill probably is not qualified to sweep the place up after closing!!! Says my money will be refunded to my card.. STILL HAS NOT HAPPENED!!!! STAY AWAY from this place...if they can screw up a simple oil change this bad, just think of the DAMAGE they can do to your car if you are having a repair!!!!
    Michelle - September 2017
  • I purchased and oil change and tire rotation. I will definitely be getting my car serviced at Monro from now on.
    Kelly - August 2017
  • Was scheduled on 17th of July for inspection & oil change. On the way to Monro, a brake line blew. Manager Bill said they could fix. Ask him if it would be done by the 21st. He said all work would be done by the 18th or the 19th at the latest. Got my truck back on the 31st. Looked it over today the 6th & now I find out that the job was NOT COMPLETE. There is still one brake line that has not been replaced. Plus one old brake line was spliced into a new brake line instead of being totally replaced. HOW SAFE IS MY TRUCK NOW??? Every time I would call Bill, he would tell me that they were working on it & it would be done tonight. He would promise to call me when the truck was done but never did. After several other calls, I called on the 28th not too happy, & ask Bill the status of my truck. He said it would be done that day, for sure. I ask him if he WAS SURE and he said yes. He would call me when it was ready. Again, NO CALL AND NO TRUCK. I then called on Saturday the 29th & another guy answered the phone. I was told that Bill would not be in until Monday the 31st. I ask him if he was working on the truck & he said no since Bill was doing the work on the truck. I ask him to check the status of the truck to see if it was done. He told me that they still had to replace one line, do the inspection & oil change. I told him the situation, & ask him to put me on the schedule for an actual time slot so that he could complete the work. He said he would, & that he would call me when the truck was done. He said it may not get done until Sunday, but he would call. AGAIN, NO CALL. I called Bill on Monday the 31st & wanted to know what was up. Bill said he would finish it on Monday the 31st, & he would call me when it was done. One hour before closing, since I had not received a phone call, I called back to see if the truck was done. I was told yes & that I could pick it up. Have to go down 1 1/2 mile hill to take back so they can finish the job after having for 15 days. PRAY
    Ronald - August 2017
  • Great service.
    Bobby - June 2017
  • This Monroe service, Morgantown,WV, Mileground Rd. is the hottest repair I've ever met. We have been here more that 3 weeks, we have a car that we claimed for a poor repair of the brakes and steering wheel vibration at 60 mpg and sounds and noises retreats coming from the front. Whenever I talk and talk to manager Bill, when the car is ready to answer, I'm working on it, while the car stands in the parking lot and apparently does not work on it. We already paid $ 1,267.00 and we cannot use the car.
    Ludvik - April 2017
  • Initially on 4/1/17, I stopped in to the Mileground Monroe, looking for an oil change and inspection. I was told that there was no one on site that was certified to do inspections, yet the inspection shingle was hanging out. I returned on 4/14/17, for the same request (oil change and inspection), and waited for 1 hour for service completion, only to find that the oil change had been forgotten, only the inspection had been completed. I was relatively content that the inspection was complete, until I got into my car, to find residue from the previous sticker on the window, and greasy footprints on my floormats. Any other service station that I have visited, the floormats are covered. I have yet to try to clean them, but thought that Customer Care, should be made aware, and hopefully strive for better service from their technicians and management.
    Mr. - April 2017
  • Went to get an inspection and it took them 2 hours to do so. The guy inspecting it kept randomly stopping and talking to the manager about nothing relevant to my car or any of the other cars.
    Ashleigh - April 2017
  • Guys there are extremely helpful and nice. Depending on how overbooked they can be, you might wait a while, but the manager knows his employees well and schedules to their abilities.
    Amy - April 2017
  • Oil change was good. Service was a little slow though.
    Hadley - April 2017
  • Great group of guys that work there, all very knowledgeable, the store manager Bill is a great guy and won't over charge you
    Cole - March 2017
  • Fast and convenient service. Very friendly employees. Great customer service. Will recommend to friends and family.
    Maraia - February 2017
  • Breaks work very well. Happy with the job they did
    Cindy - February 2017
  • A
    William - February 2017
  • Went%20to%20get%20an%20oil%20change%20a%20few%20month%20ago.%20Waited%20for%20about%202%20hours%20just%20for%20an%20oil%20change%20tire%20rotation.%20They%20said%20i%20needed%20new%20tires%20they%20didnt%20even%20rotate%20them.%20Took%20vechile%20to%20buy%20tires%20they%20said%20my%20tires%20was%20in%20great%20shape.%20Just%20watch%20when%20they%20tell%20you%2C%20you%20need%20new%20tires%20so%20they%20can%20make%20a%20commission!!!
    Shaun - January 2017

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