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1201 Fairmont Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554

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What People Are Saying:

  • This Monro Muffler in Fairmont West Virginia is a great place to go to get a vehicle worked on or service and the people that you have to deal with are absolutely wonderful I will use them time and time again
    Chaz - March 2018
  • All the service people that I spoke with were very polite. Mechanics fixed the obvious problem with my brakes but were not able to fix the cause of the problems. Could have had the work done cheaper but brought my car to MONRO expecting brake specialist to find the cause of brakes sticking and burning that local garage could not. A few young mechanics with very little experience. They could only follow codes read from diagnostic machine which they concluded was not the cause of my brake problem. Ended up picking my car up without the problem resolved and looking for another certified brake mechanic.
    Shona - February 2018
  • I really had good service and was explained on different things that would need repairs
    Carrie - February 2018
  • I brought my vehicle in the other day to have a new set of brakes installed. While working on that they discovered that a wheel bearing that was installed at another shop was done incorrectly. In fact, it was so bad that they were afraid that the entire wheel could come off at any time. Two of the mechanics volunteered to stay 2 hours past closing time and the shop manager made 2 trips to the parts store in order to insure that my vehicle was safe to make the 40 minute drive to my house. The guys at the Fairmont location went above and beyond and I can't say enough good things about the shop or the guys that work there.
    Brandon - January 2018
  • I went there last night bc i HAD AN APPT and there were 2 men ahead of me. The waiting room had 3 people waiting. I waited in "line" for 10 mins while the man behind the desk shuffled through papers and overall avoided the customers. THEN a tech comes out from the back, ALSO ignores me and tells the man ahead of me that he can "squeeze him in". I interrupted telling them I had not been waited on and that I had an appt. He told me he had no control over appts yet he was taking a customer who didnt make an appt. After waiting 5 more mins, i asked the man who was ignoring me if he could tell me if i could even get in BC I HAD AN APPT. he acted like i interrupted the birth of his firSt child. Then ANOTHER man came from the back,i attempted to tell him about my appt but he chose to speak to the man instead, telling him they could also squeeze him in. I raised my voice and put my key on the counter, telling them i had an appt 20 mins prior and would i be able to get my vehicle looked at. Unlike the men, they told me it would be a while BUT I HAD AN APPT. I grabbed my keys off the counter and left, even though driving with NO POWER STEERING in that tiny parking lot was hard, i decided to take my business elsewhere. I truly try to be understanding but the whole thing seemed like horse crud to me. I may be looking into the "they ignored a woman" thing but NO ONE deserves to be treated like dog doo. If i could give that experience a -5 star, i would. I will never be back. They made me edit out all the nasty, fun words. Fill in the blanks where necessary.
    Nonyo - January 2018
  • Very nice and honest people.
    Lauren - January 2018
  • Very weird atmosphere. They haggled on price, which was odd... Had my car there from 8:45am-6:00pm for one break line.. Charged me more than what was on the receipt. Very weird. Another customer wait 2 hours for an oil change and made the comment that he felt like he could buy drugs here... probably true.
    John - December 2017
  • Always fast and efficient. One particular worker named Walter at the Fairmont location went above and beyond to make sure my vehicle was safe for my family. He pays attention to detail and is very friendly and professional. He is a great asset to the Fairmont location or any profession he may choose in the future.
    Sherri - December 2017
  • Everything went well and everyone is always very polite/nice when I go in, but the mechanic got oil on my floor mats getting in and out of the vehicle. Maybe just have them put a paper mat down when getting in and out of vehicles. :)
    Jessica - November 2017
  • I love the ability to book appointment right on line and outside the hours of other businesses of this type. Every time I arrive, I am meted with a hello Jeanne and how have you been, instead of just "Can I help you?" the service is always quick, allowing me to get in and out without spending the entire day or evening inside the waiting area. SInce finding them I don't take my vehicle anywhere else!
    Jeanne - November 2017
  • Went in for state inspection. Quickly completed.
    Andrea - November 2017
  • Made an appointment online. They were ready to take my car when I got there. Friendly courteous service. Will be back
    Heather - October 2017
  • They helped my wife get her headlights replaced. No hassles, quick and supportive.
    John - October 2017
  • Pro: A mechanic came in after surgery to help in the shop. What a wonderful employee who would do that to move things along. Con: A six hour wait because the mechanic who was supposed to be on the job kept finding reasons not to be at work. There were no mechanics in the shop when I arrived around 8 or 8:30. I patiently waited to hear if it would even be possible to get my muffler changed. The manager kept the waiting customers updated - but the mechanic kept calling with new and different excuses for not coming in. Many were there for simple oil changes. It might be in the customers best interest to tell them that an employee is unreliable and recommend another shop where they could get service. Once the poor guy who was supposed to be off came in the customers were cleared rather quickly but many had given up. I was in a bind and appreciate the effort by the mechanic and manager and feel sorry for him, there were several angry customers and he handled them all professionally. I was given a discount to help compensate for my lost time, again, appreciated but that was an entire day lost when I could have easily been told to go somewhere else.
    noel - October 2017
  • Quick
    Skip - August 2017
  • No issues. was able to drop the car off and pick up later
    clayton - August 2017
  • It is next to impossible for a woman to get fair service at an automobile service/repair station. I request service that I thought I needed but was informed when I arrived at my local Monroe Muffler facility that I did not need it at all. They could have, as most repair shops would have done, taken my money even though they knew I didn't need the repair....BUT they didn't. Who knew there is still an honest repair shop in this world and I was lucky enough to find it.
    Lori - June 2017
  • Manger is very knowledgeable knows how to treat customers with honesty and respect, Very professional. I will definitely come back for my brakes that I need soon.
    Anise - May 2017
  • Working M-F until after most places close makes it difficult to get even basic service done on my vehicle. I was thrilled to discover the local Monro location. It was super easy to make the appointment online and when I arrived for my oil change (on Sunday!!) I was met with a smile. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes! The price was great and the guys energetic and friendly!! I will be making this my spot for all my vehicle serve!
    Jeanne - April 2017
  • They were fast, honest and friendly
    Paula - April 2017
  • Not the best of experience @ Monro, it took an hour to change my oil and have my tires rotated. I was the only person there. I watched the entire thing from the waiting area and wondered why it was taking so long, and he pulled my car up I mentioned to the manager that he had not changed my tire and then he made him pull it back in the garage to rotate them.
    Mike - April 2017
  • Had oil change and new tires put on in no time!!
    Sherry - April 2017
  • Needed front brakes very badly and Monro fixed them up great in a short amount of time. Cost was less than expected and I'm back to driving normally. Thanks.
    Jake - April 2017
  • Friendly Staff and great service.
    Keirstin - March 2017
  • We are long time Sears Auto customer's, and I gave Dave a try at Monroe last fall with a set of Kelly Edge tires. What a great set of tires and a good price. I was kinda worried, but Dave the manager has been very nice, accomodating and very good at what his store does. We went back for our first tire rotation, and we are starting from now on to do our oil changes there also. I have three vehicles, and I am moving all of the maintenance and tire purchasing now to Monroe. I have had two good service jobs from Dave and his guys and have been very satisfied with the results, time in and out was quick, and his guys are right on the ball. It is nice to have a local bunch of guys work on your car and know that if you are anywhere else traveling in the United States and there is a Monro, then, you can go there also and expect the same service and warranty. That is what I always liked at Sears Auto, but they have went down hill so bad, I am afraid to take my cars and truck to Sears anymore. I am a Monro fan and will continue to be for hopefully a long time!
    Matthew - March 2017
  • The people are nice. The gentleman at the front door is very pleasant. They were quick and I was very happy with the results. I go to monro often.
    Kourtney - March 2017
  • Great service and they got me in quickly!
    Brenda - February 2017
  • Cheapest oil change in town. Did repairs on out 2002 Neon and did a great job. Very timely and friendly service.
    Greg - January 2017
  • Cheapest oil change in town. Did repairs on out 2002 Neon and did a great job. Very timely and friendly service.
    Greg - January 2017
  • Technician answered questions I had about the synthetic oil and regular oil. he also gave me the tread depth of each of my tires and why they needed rotated. He also recommended tires in the near future.
    Ron - August 2016
  • I liked the interaction. Most places just say "here...", but the conversation made for an enjoyable experience.
    Stacy - April 2016

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