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(304) 342-4002

1656 4th Avenue
Charleston, WV 25387

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Often you feel as though you're just another customer when you get car work done - but Monro on 4th Avenue in Charleston, WV has great customer service. Joe is friendly and thorough!
    Kathy - March 2018
  • This is my go-to place for a cheap, full service oil change.
    Amber - February 2018
  • Cheapest place around! Great work
    Mitch - January 2018
  • I am always given various options and never pressured over which option to choose.
    Bradford - January 2018
  • Always good customer service, great price oil changes!
    Crystal - January 2018
  • Convenient and quick professional service.
    Joseph - January 2018
  • Joe does a great job, as does his staff.
    Chuck - January 2018
  • They always do a great job changing the oil and servicing my vehicles.
    Dale - January 2018
  • Oil change on my car. Fast and cheap
    Joella - January 2018
  • I did have an appointment but I walked right in and they took my car immediately. After my oil change they rotated the tires and made sure they were torqued to specifications. I was impressed.
    Floyd - December 2017
  • The service was fantastic! Joe(manager) really goes the extra mile!
    Mark - December 2017
  • GREAT Place with Exceptional Manager. Joe Ninni is an absolute wonder in today's fast paced, uncaring world!!!
    WILLIAM - December 2017
  • I love this place. Everybody is friendly and helpful.
    William - December 2017
  • I made an appointment for 8:30 to have front brake pads and rotors installed and the car was ready by 10:00. The vibration I had been experiencing when braking is gone which, I suppose, is the point of new brakes.
    Bradford - December 2017
  • I could not have asked for better service. Joe inspected the vehicle and advised me of the services I needed. The service was quick and informational. I also did not make an appointment until midnight the night before and I was able to get in and out upon arrival. Thanks guys, I’ll be back soon!
    Mike - December 2017
  • Always lets me know what needs to be done now and what can wait.
    Bradford - November 2017
  • I am always treated well by the staff at Monro. I am greeted when I walk in the door and helped in a timely manner. If there are issues with my vehicle, the staff physically shows me. They provide an estimate and allow me time to process all of the information. The service techs seem to be knowledgeable and professional.
    Sara - November 2017

  • Gina - November 2017
  • I highly recommend anyone coming here. The staff is always so friendly and kind. They go above and beyond to help you get what you need done. I’ve been coming here for 7 years and I refuse to go anywhere else.
    Crystal - November 2017
  • Great price for the oil change.
    Angie - October 2017
  • I highly recommend this store for all your car needs!!
    Dawn - October 2017
  • Great price, great people, great service and convenient location.
    Martha - October 2017
  • The muffler on my 14 year old Echo disintegrated at the outlet and separated itself from the associated pipes. Lots of noisy "banging" resulted. It's a small car with tight quarters underneath which requires thoughtful expertise to effect a proper repair. The previous replacement was not done correctly; I wanted a proper repair this time. I knew Monro could do the job correctly and they did so. I appreciate their patient persistence in making sure the routing of pipes and muffler avoids improper contact with the chassis of the vehicle. They know what they are doing. There is no resonance induced and I'm happy.
    Joe - October 2017
  • Oil change
    Sherry - October 2017
  • I have been taking my vehicles to Monro for years. Everyone is always friendly and trustworthy.
    Ashley - October 2017
  • I use my brakes every time I drive.
    Josh - October 2017
  • Great price and honest service
    Chase - October 2017
  • No nonsense. Checked out the vehicle, confirmed what I knew and repaired my brakes at a reasonable price.
    Jeffery - September 2017
  • Great experience
    Tyquane - September 2017
  • Quick work, however noticed 2 days after inspection there was leaking by the front left tire. Wondering if something was not checked???
    Sierra - September 2017
  • The location I'm Charleston had always made me feel comfortable having my car worked on! The owner is always so pleasant to talk to while my car is getting worked on, and it is always done for a fair price, they have even done free evaluations on my vehicle when I'm not sure what the problem is. They always fit me in for an appointment even if it means staying open late. They are truly some of the best people I have worked with regarding my vehicle and would recommend them again and again
    Sarah - September 2017
  • Joe is one of the nicest, most honest people I've ever met, and as a woman who maintains her own vehicle, he makes me feel confident in any work needed.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • I received an oil change and I was in and out
    Simone - September 2017
  • I get all my oil changes and tires done here.
    Kevin - September 2017
  • everything
    David - August 2017
  • i got an oil change and tire rotation.
    Vickie - August 2017
  • Thank you
    tracie - August 2017
  • On Monday I purchased four tires for my Ford Focus. Thevexperience was a mixture of 'Good' and 'Not So Good.' To begin, I am a fairly regular customer at this shop because I like the Manager, and generally my Service here has been good, and the prices competitive. On this occasion I stopped in, got a quote for a set of tires and told the Manager that I was going to check with two other tire places before I made my decision. 'Joe' (the Manager) told me to let him know if competitor's prices were better and that he would 'sharpen his pencil' if need be. True to his word, when I returned with prices from the other shops, he was able to give me a 'deal.' The 'down side' was that in the course of changing the tires, several of the lug nuts were badly scored up. (These are not solid chrome nuts, but apparently those that have chromed aluminum caps). Also, when I checked the tire pressures the following morning (something I always do after tire servicing in my anal retentive manner as part of my regular Preventative Maintenance - what can I say? I'm a Pilot! ;-) only one tire was at the proper (35 lb.) inflation, the other three being all over-inflated as much as 5 lbs. And....there were black greasy smudges on the interior of the driver's side door - the legacy of a mechanic with dirty paws. Now, the tire pressures are not a 'Big Deal' as I have found it is a rare shop that takes the time to actually inflate tires to the proper factory-recommended pressure (as indicated on the door post.) or per the customer's request. As to the black smudges, when I returned to the shop and pointed them out to Joe, he promptly took care of them with a spray bottle and a clean cloth. Re the roughed up lug nuts: Joe says that the problem with that design is that the aluminum capped nuts can swell over time with heat and become difficult to get the wrench on to remove/replace without scoring and marking them up. He graciously replaced three or four, without charge.
    Paul - August 2017
  • Joe provides quality service every visit. His staff works hard and does and great job. His kindness to all customers and great leadership is why I keep coming back.
    April - August 2017
  • I am soooo glad I had my small truck inspected by your location. There was a stabilizer bar that had become detached and might have caused much damage and even loss of life and your mechanic and manager pointed it out to me as part of the inspection. They fixed it immediately/ Thanks again
    Terry - August 2017
  • Always Do oil changes, tires etc there they are courteous, and I trust them with my csr
    Linda - August 2017
  • Very impressed with the operation of this store. I will most certainly return for future service
    Kathy - August 2017
  • Had a scheduled oil change and tire rotation for 10:00 am. My vehicle wasn't even pulled into the garage by 11:00. Didn't leave the garage until 11:55.
    Andrew - July 2017
  • Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and compassionate to my needs.
    RONALD - July 2017
  • Love coming here they keep you informed abd get you in and out
    Amelia - July 2017
  • Service was good and was treated good.
    Robert - July 2017
  • I recently visited this Monro location for a front end alignment. The lobby was clean, the employees were professional, and I was in and out in no time. I really appreciated the updates on the status of my car as I waited. Will definitely come back and recommend.
    Shareena - July 2017
  • great prices and value
    Suhaib - July 2017
  • oil change
    Donna - July 2017
  • They keep you informed on your vehicle.
    Barbara - July 2017
  • I would differently use this garage again. Very Professional, Clean Garage, honest work at a fair price
    Stuart - July 2017
  • Needed four tires. Got a fair adjustment for mileage.
    Mike - July 2017
  • Every time I go here, I get the best service. Everyone is so friendly and caring. I highly recommend everyone to come here!
    Crystal - July 2017
  • I went in for a state inspection. I had an appointment. They got me in & out in no time.
    Mark - July 2017
  • Good service extended wait even with appointment but I think it is due to staffing as with all places
    Penny - June 2017
  • I get my oil changes there
    Bernard - June 2017
  • I brought my car in for an inspection and had an appointment at 4:00 p.m. I was skeptical about getting out before they closed but they finished before 5:00
    Bradford - June 2017
  • Appointment time didnt mean much, a little overpriced for oil change.
    Michael - June 2017
  • Had new tires mounted and balanced. Excellent service!
    Jason - June 2017
  • I was very pleased with how well the staff adapted to problems of being down staff members and still taking all the cars in for business. I greatly appreciated the friendly environment with staff and frequent customers while not having to wait for hours for my oil change to be done. The price is wonderful and so are the people. Thank You!
    Christina - June 2017
  • Happy with service first visit
    Tim - June 2017
  • This trip was a basic oil change
    Bonita - June 2017
  • I only paid 13.00 for a oil change can't beet your prices
    Ronnie - June 2017
  • Joe the Manager is very customer oriented, friendly an accommodating
    Carolyn - June 2017
  • Dependable store. From appointment times to correct estimates. Fully satisfied.
    F - June 2017
  • Joe is a fantastic manager, gets you in when you are scheduled and always makes customers needs top priority!
    Leslie - June 2017
  • Our car was damaged by an employee and we're having a difficult time having them fix it properly
    Mark - June 2017
  • Easy to make an appointment. Fast friendly service, ran by a manager who cares for his clientele.
    Lisa - June 2017
  • Got oil change and inspection. In and out with appointment.
    Nathan - June 2017
  • Its used for my oil and the product is great
    Terrell - May 2017
  • Very informative and helpful. Pleasant and went over everything with me about what needed to be done in the near future on my brakes .
    Colleen - May 2017
  • Manager is top flight.
    Ken - May 2017
  • I get the best, most reasonably priced service here! Joe and all the guys are so nice. I wont take my vehicles anywhere else!
    Holli - May 2017
  • I recently had my 2003 Dodge Ram oil changed and tires rotated. Work was done on time and correctly. However the $9.99 coupon required a credit card sign up to be valid. I did not see the small print indicating this. The price was still fair and reasonable at $30. The coupon is a little tricky is why I only gave 4 out of 5 stars. I will still do business with this franchise. Service manager was very considerate.
    Bruce - May 2017
  • Monro is the BEST place to get you car serviced and JOE at the Charleston, WV location IS THE VERY BEST MANAGER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!
    William - May 2017
  • Great customer service and price for oil change. Prices for work to be done on car are double what they are elsewhere.
    CB - May 2017
  • I go to MONRO for all my oil changes, state inspection stickers, tires, brakes, etc. The service is excellent and their store manager is very polite, honest and friendly.
    Peggy - May 2017
  • This shop was highly recommended by my brother. I was very pleased with the service and will use this shop again.
    Sandra - May 2017
  • Fast service
    Joella - May 2017
  • We had a Oil & Filter change and I really like the price.
    Stuart - May 2017
  • Honest, efficient and hard working business. I highly recommend using them.
    Leigh - May 2017
  • Joe and John go out of their way to take care of their customers. I can't thank them enough for the great customer service. I wouldn't take my van anywhere else for service.
    Reta - April 2017
  • Great job in a very good time
    David - April 2017
  • Great service
    Kimberly - April 2017
  • Great to be able to schedule an appointment and treated so nice.
    Leslie - April 2017
  • Alignment for cheaper
    Dominique - April 2017
  • Very fast and professional service. Great overall experience.
    Andrew - April 2017
  • Joe at the Charleston, WV shop is the VERY BEST MANAGER anyone could ask for. He is efficient, agreeable, sincere, and VERY VERY Knowledgeable!!!
    William - April 2017
  • First off they lost my hub rings at my last oil change which was a hassle for me to replace. So I decide to bring my new car back to them for a 7:30am appointment hoping it would be quick. Boy was I wrong. They strip my oil plug and had to replace it. Then after sitting here for an hour and a half they discover they don't even have my filter in stock so now I'm going on 2 hours here and my filter still hasn't shown up. Seriously I scheduled this appointment and you didn't even know that your out of filters? Well the replacement filter just got here and it's the wrong filter what a debacle. Cheap isn't always better. My last 2 experiences here proves that. P.S. Hope they don't lose my hub rings again.
    Samuel - April 2017
  • You have a good crew and a very special manager in your Charleston WV location
    Donna - April 2017
  • Everyone was friendly and didn't try to get me to have additional services that I didn't need. Very good experience!
    Serena - April 2017
  • Joe at Monroe is the man! He has the best personality and always trying to help out. I love having my oil changed and any other car needs.
    Donna - April 2017
  • N/A
    Michael - April 2017
  • I am glad that they are a Place that does a Good Job with everything that they do Most of all the service was very good and the manger named Joe was a Very nice man this makes my 3rd time coming to Monro and plan on coming back with all my Vehicles needs I have 2 Vehicles that I have taken there to be oil changed and Inspection stickers.
    Jamie - April 2017
  • Went to get a state inspection and was done in no time! Great service!
    Rachel - April 2017
  • Fixed tail light at no charge.
    Yvonne - April 2017
  • The manager was very nice and helpful, the workers that work on my car let me know stuff about my car i didnt know. I would tell all my friends and family to go to monros on patrick street.
    Melissa - April 2017
  • I depend on them to keep my car safe. I have to drive long distances quite often and I do not want to breakdown as I travel.
    Michael - April 2017
  • i go there to get my oil changed and usually don't have to wait a long time
    Vickie - March 2017
  • Great garage -nice staff and excellent service!
    Luanne - March 2017
  • Repair was well done.
    David - March 2017
  • They always treat me right for maintenance on my car and inform me of legitimate issues without pressuring. I gave "only" 4 stars because I've never had a major repair (that's the acid test for service) but if I needed it this is the first place I'd go.
    TL - March 2017
  • I've been calling this place for over an hour, it's 8:30am
    Jessica - March 2017
  • I took my car in for an oil change. Joe contacted me to say that I would need a new battery soon and that I also need my brake fluids flushed (or something like that). I trust Joe and Monro and didn't even ask how much it would be. Just t old him to do whatever was needed. I knew that I needed it or he would not have told me so,. It's nice to finally have a car service store that I can trust.
    Peggy - March 2017
  • I've moved to the Charleston area about a year ago and came to Monro to have various things done to my car. Tires, oil change, sticker etc. During my visits, I've always been treated with great care, informed of anything that may require attention either now or in the near future by your mechanic Daniel. I felt he took my personal safety in to account with each time I came to the garage for service to my baby. He seemed to express an understanding of how much I love my car and wanted to keep her in top shape as I drive daily since I'm a home health nurse, my car being in tip top shape is essential. Recently I found out that he is no longer at the garage. I don't feel as if the current guy you have there now is as well educated in the "mechanic aspect" and interested in ensuring my car is in top working condition which is now forcing me to search for a shop who will give me the peace of mind I need when it comes to my baby. If it is at all possible PLEASE bring him back!!! I depend on my car for my lively hood and need the peace of mind he brought me knowing I could drive it to ungodly places and not have to worry about needing a tow truck due to an unforeseen event that could've been prevented by an astute mechanic such as Daniel is.
    Tammy - March 2017
  • Daniel was so nice to me, when I stopped in. I came back for service and he was gone. The other dude there wasn't as nice as Daniel and I really wanted to use this store because of the convenient location, when I travel... Bring him back and you'll see more customers. I'm sure I am not the only one who notices the difference between him and everyone else!
    Charity - March 2017
  • Excellent service!! And everyone is very nice and professional. :)
    Janice - March 2017
  • New management as of about a year ago. Ignore reviews since before then. Joseph Ninny is the new manager and I've personally seen him help out many many customers and go way beyond what a typical place would do for them. They always do a great job when I go there and seem to always fit me in. Also they have so many coupons year round - not to mention trying to beat a $20 oil change is hard to do! Go won't regret it!
    Josh - February 2017
  • very thorough,let you know everything goin on.
    Barbara - February 2017
  • This was the first time to the store. The manager was very friendly and explained thoroughly everything that would be done. I will definitely go back!
    Farrah - February 2017
  • Great customer service and it didn't take all day with a last minute appt
    Mellisa - February 2017
  • The manager is so nice and friendly. Very straightforward, they aren't trying to pull anything over on you. Great experience!
    Jesse - February 2017
  • I have a new Hyundai Tucson and ran over a huge nail which punctured my tire. Joe and his team were so amazing as it was almost closing time and they took excellent care of my situation. Great service and people. I would highly recommend Monro to anyone! Thanks Guys!
    Dianne - February 2017
  • Only place I take my car for service
    Hobert - February 2017
  • Stopped in for an inspection sticker and I was taken care of very promptly. They did a good job in a timly manner.
    Emily - February 2017
  • I have been using Monro for many years and I can tell you that manager Joe Nenni is the best thing that ever happened at the Charleston, WV shop. He is friendly, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, fair, and really respects his customers. Thank you for putting him in my shop!!!
    Natalie - September 2015
  • I was impressed with your honesty. I will go out of my way to get my car to Monro's.
    Charlene - August 2015

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