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(262) 781-1591

13190 West Capitol Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005

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What People Are Saying:

  • good products [ oil & filter ] a little slow doing the work
    Ray - March 2018
  • Very dissatisfied went in for 4 tires n alignment was told I needed 1 tire monitor agreed got replaced I left alignment was still off n now my tire pressure light is on go back next day still alignment off apparently they ordered wrong monitor n need to reorder plus now telling me another monitor needs replacing ??!!! Very upset I still have to go back to redo monitor n redo alignment!!!first appointment!! 4 hrs second appointment!!!2 hours n still gotta go back will not refer this place to anyone n all mechanic said was it's not our fault it's the machine smh bad business n first time going there for anything outside of oil change
    Crystal - February 2018
  • I purchased the Kelly tires with the buy three get one free deal, which is great. I do wish that they would have the option available online to estimate the price with the added cost of the tire protection plan. My online quote was much less than the one in stores because the fee for that was not added or available online. They did not add on new stems with the tires for air filling, must have just forgot. I will go back and get those replaced. Overall very pleased. We will see how they handle in WI winter!
    Emma - January 2018
  • Did a great job
    Thomas - January 2018
  • I came in for a simple oil change however ended up having multiple tires in critical condition. The manager walked me underneath my car and pointed out the flaws and explained things in extensive detail. He talked me through multiple options for tire replacement and was very patient without pressuring me to make an impulsive purchase.
    Megan - December 2017
  • Even though it took a little longer than I expected, everything was completed. He was very friendly and hooked a sister up. They really want your return business. They have mine!!! Thanks
    Roxanne - December 2017
    LOUANN - December 2017
  • They did a great Job! Terry was knowledgeable kept me company, and Made sure everything was completed appropriately.
    Domonique - December 2017
  • I come to Monroe for all my tire, and oil change needs.
    Holman - December 2017
  • Nice service friendly
    Barb - December 2017
  • Service was very good and everyone was courteous. Determining the bill (computer system) and not starting the filter replacement until after inputted into system caused a 45 minute delay. This was extremely frustrating!!!
    David - November 2017
  • To continue driving efficiently.
    Minuett - October 2017
  • They didn't give any feed back on what they did or if they found any problem
    Charmaine - October 2017
  • Always get a quality oil change at a great price.
    Andy - October 2017
  • Everything was done well and in a timely manner
    Sofia - October 2017
    RICHARD - October 2017
  • I got my oil changed and tires rotated
    Jackie - October 2017
  • Great price for an oil change! The attendant gave my daughter crayons and paper to color with while waiting. We will definitely be back again!
    Michelle - October 2017
  • I've been coming here for a few years. Good service, reasonably priced. I do notice service is way better in the evening (after 5pm) than in the morning or early afternoon both in speed and quality.
    Katrina/Joe - October 2017
  • no problem- great service very nice customer service
    bob - September 2017
  • They always do a good job and do it in a timely manor. Fair price too.
    Nate - September 2017
  • I recently moved to Wisconsin, and on my way to REI next door decided to stop by Monro for break pad service. I first spoke with Jonathan, a technician who took my information in a positive and cordial manner. After a few minutes a manager named Greg brought me back to show what they'd found with my car. I REALLY appreciated this because it's common at other places to have to take someone's word for what's wrong without being able to verify the problem. This was exceptional. He not only showed me what was wrong but answered my questions and I took the time to understand what my concerns were, and on top of that he was extremely respectful so as not to make me feel stupid or inadequate about my knowledge of cars. I was so surprised by the great service that I decided to additionally have my oil changed here as well. Though this is by no means the closest car service shop to me, it it will absolutely be the one I will be coming to now on, and I have told my girlfriend about it so she'll be coming here too. Please let Greg and Jonathan know they've won a customer in me. Thank you.
    Jason - September 2017
  • I received a car report at the end which helped me know what else I need to take care of. The service was priced reasonably and there are ways to save to folks who plan to receive regular car maintenance. I want to try a get their card and become a regular customer, to protect my car.
    Tempestt - September 2017
  • Staff is friendly and veey helpful.
    Tabitha - September 2017
  • I came in with a concern about a noise, and I suspected it was one thing, but the mechanics diagnosed it as a different problem. They took the time to explain what it was and worked to find a cheaper supplier for the part than whatFord wanted to sell it for. Problem was solved on the first visit!
    Ryan - September 2017
  • Called around to several other places to get my oil changed last week. Then I find Monro in Brookfield, WI. Scheduled my appointment online the morning of. Smooth and easy. When I arrived at their shop I was greeted like family. Had some fresh coffee. And felt like I was a priority. They finished the oil change and fluids top off in less than 30 minutes and were professional and informative. They didn't try and force me to buy anything else and they treated me like I'd been there before calling me by my first name. Definitely will be returning to them for future automotive issues should they arise. Highly recommend!
    Travis - August 2017
  • Was not advised of any tire or brake inspection being done. I think I need new tires, but was not advised of wear...
    Michelle - August 2017
  • I really enjoy being able to book my appointment online and receive a confirmation within minutes. The service is always friendly at the Capitol Drive Brookfield location, and I've never felt pressured into buying anything I do not need. Prices are significantly competitive on the guys in the shop do a fantastic job.
    Christian - August 2017
  • Friendly personnel and good service. I always get my oil changed and tires rotated here. I have had other work done as well.
    Kris - July 2017
  • These are snake in the grass guys. Don't let them talk you into all the other so called things you need. This an old and cappy way to rip you off. Plus, over 1 hour for an oil change with no one in the store but me. I am going some where else and I would advise the same for you. Also, their spell check will not allow me to voice my real feelings about their service.
    Mike - July 2017
  • I've had good service with different Monro's in the past. The employee at the front desk seemed very nice and everything was nice and clean. Had wifi but no password for customers which would have been nice. I scheduled an oil change, which is advertised on their sign outside of their building as being $14.99. I was charged $28.88 for the oil change. When asked why the price difference I was told the filter was defective and needed to be replaced. According to my bill I was charged: $18 for oil $14.99 for the filter $2.90 for environmental cost for disposal of oil $3.59 for shop supply fees or waste oil $1.40 sales tax And then was given a $12.00 discount. I'm aware a $14.99 oil change will have some fees on top of it but to mark up the cost to double is a little over the top.
    Adam - July 2017
  • I've taken my car there for tires & over all oil changes...haven't had a problem until the last time Not only did the price go UP but they didn't complete the work I had to bring my car back...oil wasn't refillied other fluids checked had to pay ANOTHER dealership to complete job??????????????????????
    Vernessa - July 2017
  • I love coming to Monro. They guys who work here are underpaid and overworked. As a female, I appreciate honesty from the mechanics, and they are truely genuine by not just trying to make a quick buck.
    Tabitha - July 2017
  • Service was great
    Masaud - June 2017
  • Great service, Excellent staff & fast!
    Liz - June 2017
  • sent oil change reminder card for 14.99. in big bold letters in small letters the price changes to 24.99 . if you use their charge card the 14.99 price is good . bait and switch tatics. the manager at the brookfield location failed to relay this information until after the oil change occured . also would not put my car up on the rack for a tire rotation. never happened. monroe just lost my business poor service misrepresenting the cost of services. poor manager at the brookfield,wisconsin location.would not recommend any car service . cheaper at the buick dealer with better mechanics certified.
    Gary - June 2017
  • I had my rear brakes replaced to fix the steering wheel from shaking when braking at high speeds. The steering wheel continues to shake
    Tanya - June 2017
  • Great experience.
    Mark/ - May 2017
  • Oil change service was quick and easy! Staff was friendly and took the time to explain what they found on the courtesy inspection in an easy-to-understand way. Very pleased!
    Alaine - May 2017
  • I had great customer service with my visit
    Mark - May 2017
  • Even though the shop was unexpectedly short-staffed that day, they still honored the time of my appointment and got my car back to me quickly.
    Ryan - May 2017
  • The shop is great just wish they wouldn't change people working there continuously
    crystal - May 2017
  • Great work at a reasonable price. Got all my tires fixed--they were all leaking. Had to wait for the mechanic a bit as he had a personal emergency but got everything done at a great price.
    Ron - May 2017
    Richard - April 2017
  • Great people and service. Plan on using them for all my car care from now on.
    Jane - April 2017
  • Oil change & tire rotation promptly serviced at scheduled time, relatively quick and good value
    Randy - April 2017
  • It was clean in the waiting room and all the workers that I came into contact with were very nice and respectful
    Clarissa - April 2017
  • I've been coming here for oil changes, brakes and emissions tests for a few years now. Always friendly staff and they explain things to me in layman's terms.
    Aftan - April 2017
  • They helped me to understand what was going on with my car by showing and explaining, helped me get the best deal for all of the services and were very speedy
    Brittany - April 2017
  • fast and curtise service
    Gordon - April 2017
  • I get all of my service work done from oil changes to flushing of systems to tire rotation.
    Thomas - April 2017
  • The individuals working at this location are great. They explain everything, and show you what is exactly wrong. They don't try pulling fast ones on women. This is the reason I go back again and again. Thanks Jim
    Tabitha - April 2017
  • I go to monro to get my tires fixed and for oil changes, always fast and no problems
    Joanna - April 2017
  • Great service....
    Vernessa - March 2017
  • The man that was working noticed my car wasn't really safe to drive (CV Joint Boot was ripped and wheel bearing was very lose) and instead of waiting until something happened the two men working pointed the issues out and made sure i was aware so i could be more cautious
    Jasmine - March 2017
  • They are always able to get me in quickly and at a responable price. The serviceman I deal with is always up front with costs and explains it in terms that a non mechanic would understand. I never feel taken advantage of or that I am being taken for a ride by the service center.
    Christian - March 2017
  • In and out quick with a fair price for an oil change tire rotation.
    Lee - March 2017
  • I will definitely buy tires here again...even with some staffing difficulties...things ran smoothly & expeditiously!
    VEE - March 2017
  • Very good at explaining everything
    John - March 2017
  • I went to the site on 27th and Layton to get brakes pads on my front tires changed on a weekend because I work during the week. They squeaked when I came to a stop. So I dropped it off and it took two days for them to change the brakes and bleed the lines. When I got the truck back the pedal went to the floor and had to take it back because there was no brake fluid I the lines. Took it back and the brakes were garbage and they did not adjust the back brakes to match the front so the front squeaked, grinded and the front end dipped badly. Took it back again they messed with the brakes and instead of fixing the front blamed the back brakes and made them all bad. The next day my brake lines popped on the front end and they charged me to fix them. In the end I had to take the truck to another shop to fix them, the Monroe on 76th and Blue mound but and they confirmed the work done originally was bad and re ran lines and redid the brakes. But the brakes still are worse they the ones they replaced and are squeaking currently worse the past brakes. I paid about $900 for these brakes and they are garbage and 5 trips back to Monroe. I also had to take they truck into another shop and tighten down the front end again as well because they kept doing brake stands basically at first site jacked up my front end cost another $200. I also had a power steering pump replaced and it sounded like an electric car at the site on 76th and Blue mound. The line busted a week later and it was leaking what looked like motor oil not power steering fluid. I called them about it and took the truck in and they put red fluid probably transmission fluid to find the leak which I told them were it was to start. they said they could not find it and gave the truck back to me leaking red fluid clearly from were I told them. I put power steering fluid back into it after the fluid leaked out and it just ran out form the line obviously leaking. So I took it to another shop to get fixed.
    Patrick - March 2017
  • Jim went out of his way to take care of my car.
    Michael - March 2017
  • The customer service was outstanding...friendly, fast, and professional. I really liked the fact that they called me when they found a slight problem when rotating my tires. There wasn't any "strong-arm" tactic that I had to pay for the procedure...they left up to me, and then gave me a discount. Other auto service companies would have pushed for non-necessary procedures to be done to my car...not Monro. I will be going to them with all of my future car problems...thank you.
    Georgene - March 2017
  • They had a guy from another store helping out, so they were pretty busy. I did have to wait some,but that's to be expected. I will be back.
    Roxanne - March 2017
  • Oil change, need to be done.
    Carrie - March 2017
  • The guys in Brookfield at Monro are friendly, good at explaining what they find on my vehicles and helpful.
    Andrew - March 2017
  • I took my car for a estimate on my rear end bc the rear passenger tire makes a clucking noise. Monroe took a look at it and said the only things they've found wrong was, shocks, and coil springs. After they were done, I picked up my car and notice the sound still there. They wanted me to bring car back, they took it for a test drive, it was time for mechanic to get off work but he did however TAKE it for a test drive he notices the same sound, and we both came back to the shop. He stated well maybe it's the rims. So he took all four rims off my car. The problem was still there. So now I'm basically back to square one. They fixed what they wanted to fix instead of what needed to be fixed I think they did a sloppy job of finding out the problem. Monroe never did a suspicion check. They tell you some of the things wrong to have you spend money, so when you find out the issue you have is still there, they want you to come spend more money.
    Deanna - March 2017
  • Needed oil change for a last minute trip. Explained to service person tight time table. In and out in 25 minutes . WOW.
    Mike - February 2017
  • It was recommended I get new tie rod along with alignment. I took in to be repaired. Then they said they did the tie rod, but could not align because it needed RAC and pinion for 750$. Why didn't they tell me that before. I think they knew they had me in the shop anyway, so I would get that done as well.
    Mike - February 2017
  • Excellent service with knowledgeable staff!!!
    Paula - February 2017
  • The customer service is always excellent at this Monro.
    Kris - February 2017
  • My oil change is done relatively quickly while I wait. My tires are rotated and a quick inspection of what work might be needed allvthid for a very reasonable price.
    Linda - February 2017
  • Its rare that you can trust a mechanic to tell the complete truth. I'm not saying other mechanics lie, but they can maybe stretch the urgency of a repair sometimes. I went ininsisting that there was something wrong with my vehicle (I was very specific on what I thought it was), and rather than just blindly agreeing and taking my money to fix the issue, they were honest and told me that there WASN'T a problem, and explained why. Good way to build up trust!
    Ryan - February 2017
  • You did a great job changing my oil, the price was reasonable and the service was great.
    Kenneth - February 2017
  • On my last visit I only needed an oil change, but everything went as promised. They took my car in early, and treated me as if I was having major mechanical issues.
    Tom - February 2017
  • Owning a used car is a freaking headache. Most garages gouge you for simple repairs. Now Munro may not be the cheapest, but the employees at this location are GOOD people. From OIl Changes to Major Shock and Spring repair they have kept my wheels running properly. I've been to other locations for oil changes and imagine the sme service on larger jobs
    Darren - February 2017
  • I had my new front rotors n brakes done. Drove 1000+ miles. After arriving to my destination. My front wheels started smoking. Come to find out the lubricant wasn't applied.
    Keda - February 2017
  • Excellent Job and Very Impressed with Manager Jim and Technician. Amazing People and Would Like to come back again and will refer other customers.
    Bhuvanesh - February 2017
  • I brought my flat tire in first thing in the morning and they were able to replace it immediately. I was very happy with their professional and efficient service.
    John - January 2017
  • Very professional and very helpful. Provided a ride home while repairs were completed.
    Sharon - November 2016
  • My older car needed diagnostic for a fuel leak. I was shown the exact problem and how it would be fixed. The manager Josh and the mechanic Brook, went above and beyond my expectations to fix the problem in a short time at a very reasonable price.
    Laura - August 2016
  • Used the online service to book the appointment and the manager was very personable and is the one who assisted me.
    Brittney - September 2015

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