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(803) 535-3050

2340 Chestnut Street
Orangeburg, SC 29115

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What People Are Saying:

  • The work was done in a timely manner and the manager was very polite and helpful in telling me what was needed to be done to my car.
    Alfreda - March 2018
  • At this location associates are very dedicated and helpful to diagnosis and vehicle repair.
    Quincy - January 2018
  • This product is just what I had expected. Everything was right. The only hiccup was the timing that it had took. Other than that I am very pleased with the service.
    Karen - January 2018
  • This location was very courteous and very accommodating with swift tire replacement service!
    Quincy - December 2017
  • It was an oil change I had gotten done on the vehicle
    Janie - December 2017
  • 1st time and they did a great job will go back again
    Quintisha - December 2017
  • Things are good
    Latoya - December 2017
  • I like be Rich, at the Orangeburg store. Very helpful and honest. I drive from Columbia, SC, because if the great service.
    Buck - December 2017
  • Gas burns slowest , car runs better
    Rachel - December 2017
  • I have been getting my car serviced here for over 4 years now. Love the service and people there.
    Muhammad - December 2017
  • I was able to get an oil change very fast.
    Chiquita - November 2017
  • I love that they check everything on ur vehicle and let you know what going on.
    Tawanda - November 2017
  • I had a service with the orangeburg sc location. My total bill was $124.04. I had a coupon in my email saying take an extra off of $20 on a bill of $50 or more. I asked the manager to apply that to my bill. He refused and said some discount is already applied to one of the sevice and he can't take it. But the coupon says take an EXTRA $20 OFF , it doesn't says just take $20 off. It says take an extra off of whatever bill you have above $50. I posted this review before but i didn't see it is published or any one contacted me. So i am trying to post it again.
    Prat - November 2017
  • Always great service and great customer service
    Kevin - November 2017
  • I had a great experience getting my brakes repaired All the employee had great attitudes and answered all my concerns about my car.
    Rosland - November 2017
  • service is great and staff very friendly
    Melody - November 2017
  • I was satisfied with the work performed.
    Alice - November 2017
    LAQUANNA - October 2017
  • I feel that I'm in good hands with Rich and his team at the Orangeburg SC store/facility. Rich properly diagnosed a problem with my VW Tiguan and told me it had to go to VW for repair. I was annoyed with VW b/c when I got there and explained the symptoms and what Rich had said, the service people there acted as though they had never heard of the problem--but then after examining the car, agreed that was what it was. I've bought a full set of Pirelli tires and had new brakes and oil changes with Monroe and feel that Rich realizes that as a single woman who travels alone on the highway a lot, I depend on him to do right by me.
    Elizabeth - October 2017
  • I have confidence with Monroe things are explained to understanding. we've bought 8 tires in the last year.
    Tammy - October 2017
  • Service was great.
    Michael - October 2017
  • Today i had a wheel allignment and oil change for my car. The total service charge was $124.04. Since it was more than $50 i asked the manager to apply a coupon saying "take an EXTRA $20 OFF with drive card or $10 OFF without which i received in mail. But the manager didn't accept it. He said he already applied some discount for the wheel allignment. The coupon says "EXTRA" off of your total bill. I didn't receive my extra from the coupon. That was disappointing.
    Prat - October 2017
  • Excellent service. I made an appointment for an oil change at 11am and it was done by noon.
    Ollisha - September 2017
  • I drove from Tampa to Orangeburg, looking for a oil change. The Staff were very friendly and not only gave me the best service but advised me of a potential issue with my tires . Outstanding service!!!!
    Kevin - September 2017
    KRISHNA - August 2017
  • Made an online appointment and received email confirmation with product and service asked for noted. When I arrived at the store at the appointed time the product was not in stock. I suppose its a good thing I didn't have to drive 20-25 miles to get to the store location.
    Mike - August 2017
  • Great Tires
    Annette - August 2017
  • Decent prices for oil change and very helpful staff
    Annee - August 2017
  • They did a great job. The service was fast
    Kendra - August 2017
  • While traveling we experienced a tire problem. The team at this store we're able to get us in quickly, changed the tire, and got us on our way! Everyone was so nice and it was so appreciated!
    To - August 2017
  • $89 for an oil change, even with synthetic, is absurd. There is definitely a reason they were the only garage around that had time for an oil change.
    Chris - July 2017
  • Your oil change "DEALS" are very misleading. Once I applied for your credit card to get the $14.99 oil change "deal" the total price ended up being $22.00 plus. Why not just be honest about the charges up front; you'd gain a lot more respect...
    Lottie - July 2017
  • Good service very prompt
    Michael - July 2017
  • I had an oil change and they tend to do this very well. Only one time I had an oil change and the oil was very dark as if it was used oil. But, maybe my car was going through some changes to cause this because that was the only time I've experienced it. They will let you know when there are some things that could be done on the car in addition to the services. However, they have missed some important things even when I've asked them to check it.
    Man - July 2017
  • I was very hesitant about getting my car srrviced at Monro. But after getting my service was complete, I was completely satisfied with it. The inspector took his time to inspect my car, and told me all that I needed done. Also the customer service was AMAZING! I'm never going back to Jiffy Lube.
    Rasheed - June 2017
  • Excellent management and service, honesty
    Valerie - June 2017
  • Crew was fast and efficient
    Anita - June 2017
  • Guy greeting people was kinda rude service was good took about the time rhey stated which is 30 min didnt like amount I was charged roo much was added ended up paying $27 for a 19.99 oil change think I will go elsewhere next time
    Jennifer - June 2017
  • They give nice service to people and fix car nice.
    Parth - June 2017
  • Excellent work and service!!!
    Cathy - June 2017
  • Needed new brakes and they were able to do the same day. Didn't try to upsale me more services.
    Lynn - June 2017
  • It's good to know that places actually do what they say they will do. After stressing out and needing tire repair, I called Monroe. They looked up my information and gave me the guidance I needed to act on my road hazard warranty. I had my car back the following morning after dropping it off an hour before closing. Thanks!
    Alece - June 2017
  • Great experience always friendly and fast service.
    TAWANDA - June 2017
  • I love coming here! They make sure I get an oil change in a timely manner!
    Brianna - June 2017
  • Traveling on 95 and my car started running hot. I stopped at Monroe and got the radiator flushed. It was so bad they flushed and refilled it 3 times. I watched most of the process and was impressed with the mechanic as well as the shop manager. The car ran fine for the next 200 miles until I reached home. It has been several days now and the temperature gauge is still where it's supposed to be..
    Neil - June 2017
  • They put a part on my vehicle that I purchased, the mechanic was very knowledgeable & friendly. He did a great job, & certainly will take my vehicle there again. Sincerely, Alice Henderson
    Alice - May 2017
  • Good service
    Donald - May 2017
  • love the fact that you can make an appointment and the times that i have used them they are timely getting my vehicle in
    Ken - May 2017
  • The people were super nice and helpful.
    Lavern - May 2017
  • I was not please with the service from Saturday even though the job was done correctly on my vehicle there was no proper customer service the guy at the front desk had an attitude and very sarcastic. I would not recommend this company in the future.
    Kaylen - May 2017
  • I was immediately taken and Manager explained complete process. Very impressed and will be bringing all my other vehicles here!
    Richard - May 2017
  • Very good customer service and excellent work
    Audrey - May 2017
  • Went in for some grinding in my brakes. They had me out in 2 hours with an oil change I needed as well. Super friendly.
    Donald - April 2017
  • Went in for some grinding in my brakes. They had me out in 2 hours with an oil change I needed as well. Super friendly.
    Donald - April 2017
  • Needed an inspection, it was late on a Saturday afternoon. They took us right in and were wonderful without giving us an issue that it was a late afternoon and we didn't have an appointment!
    Carl - April 2017
  • They were fast and friendly. I will be returning.
    Tiffiny - April 2017
  • Oil change was in and out there in a reasonable time.
    Tawanda - April 2017
  • They were friendly and fast. I will be back with my other vehicles.
    Tiffiny - April 2017
  • The services in which the people work on the car is usually great. This most recent visit was a good visit although the representative did not remember what a car concern was from the last visit. It would force one to believe either one of two things: notes were not properly documented or this was not an issue on the car when told to me. I was thinking that someone would drive the car after having brakes concerns but maybe there was a way of checking it while the oil was being changed. Needless to say, my brakes still squealed and continued to make rigged bounce when stopping at a red light.
    Lemanuel - April 2017
  • I took my car in for a $19.99 oil change. I was told the total was going to be $31.00 During further ispection I was shown I needed a new air filter for $22 and I said go ahead and replace it. My total ended up being $61.00. Then driving home the Traction Active light came on. I took my vehicle back to the store and they inspected it and told me it was nothing they did so now I have to take it somewhere else to be repaired
    James - March 2017
  • Being new to the area, I was a bit nervous about bringing my car to a new place and wondering what kind of experience I would have. The gentlemen that assisted me was very friendly, honest, and understood my concerns and did his best to help me. He even brought me down the road to Starbucks where I could comfortably sit and wait while my car was being worked on.
    Amanda - March 2017
  • I was seen immediately and had a good report
    Sherietta - March 2017
  • Vehicle is running great.
    Abigail - March 2017
  • Went here just to get an oil change at almost 7:50am they opened at 7:30am. I needed an oil change and was told they had appointments and wouldn't be available until 4:30pm. However there was no one there and they weren't servicing any cars at the moment. Went to get breakfast and drove through there at 8:20 and they still weren't servicing any cars, but they had these imaginary "appoints lined up and wouldn't be available until 4:30pm". It only takes 10 to 20 minutes to do an oil change. There aren't any good mechanics in Orangeburg which is sad because I live here! I will find somewhere columbia to service my car from now on.
    Aalayah - March 2017
  • I like Richard.nice man
    Lakeisha - March 2017
  • The guys that helped me were amazing. I really appreciated it.
    George - March 2017
    SANDY - February 2017
  • None
    Danielle - February 2017
  • The service was great. I was in and out quickly.
    Thaddeus - February 2017
  • I always enjoy the services rendered at this location. I will definitely continue my business with them for all my vehicle service needs.
    Roseanna - February 2017
  • This place is the best and are always working for the people
    Marcus - February 2017
  • Can't go wrong here! Great people with great customer service doing a great service for me and to my vehicles!!!!!
    Monica - February 2017
  • Another great experience, and service from the staff at Monro Muffler in Orangeburg, SC.
    Michael - January 2017
  • Time it took to get the work completed & information about what other problems that was found with the car.
    Alice - November 2016
  • Same price as quoted, in and out at the estimated time interval I was given when appointment was set up.
    Scott - June 2016
  • Again these guys are professional in their attitude and demeanor towards the customer. One of the best customer service experiences I've ever had in the public sector. Great crew and very personable.
    Michael - May 2016
  • The staff at are always nice listen to and answer all of my question and do not make me feel stupid like the Chevy dealership did!!! They always explain everything so that I can understand and are always very honest!! They also went out of their way to stay over a little to finish up my services because of my work hours!!!
    Elisa - September 2015
  • The service was very timely, the building was clean and friendly. The sales person was very nice and give me all information that I needed regarding having my tire fixed. I will use their services again.
    Carolyn - August 2015
  • They were honest to me about the timing of everything. When I got there, they only had one guy working so things were slow going. The man working up front told me right away and I was able to plan accordingly.
    Allison - August 2015

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