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What People Are Saying:

  • I brought my daughter's car is for an oil change. Brian took care of the vehicle. He checked out a few things that I had concerns about. He pointed of what was wrong but did not try to sell me anything I didn't need or want. Excellent service from this Monro Service station.
    Edward - February 2018
  • Oil change and tire rotation - hassle free
    Mark - February 2018
  • Wipers work fine..
    Antonio - December 2017
  • They took care of my car while I waited, We're very professional!
    Paul - December 2017
  • The sign outside the store said the oil change would be $14.99 including a tire rotation. My bill for theses services was $27.73. It was explained to me as hidden charges in the small print. I will never patronize this business again and I will bad mouth it to anyone who will listen. Barry Gilbert
    Barry - December 2017
  • Satisfied with the servis
    Norman - November 2017
  • Came in for an oil change and ended up replacing my battery as well. Staff was very professional in demonstrating what should be replaced, what is on its last legs and what not to worry about. I was very happy and did not feel as though I was being sold a service to meet a quota rather because they were looking out for my car and my best interest
    Mike - November 2017
  • Excellent professional fast service.
    Pamela - October 2017
  • This is the lowest price I've paid for an oil change in a while
    Melissa - October 2017
  • Oil change and tire rotation, good job.
    Rene - October 2017
  • The staff was very friendly and efficient. They took my car right away and were done in under the hour they estimated it would take.
    Jen - October 2017
  • Service was Excellent. Too many fees brought what is advertised as a $20 oil change to $27+.
    Wayne - October 2017
  • I went to monro for a state inspection and tire rotation. I was able to make an appointment that fit my schedule which is important with two young children. The employees were friendly and helpful and got the job done within the hour they said it would take. I will definitely be going there again for more of my car needs in the future!
    Ashley - October 2017
  • manager was a little rude didnt fix my blinker like i asked
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • I took my 2008 Nissan Altima in for an oil change and the have the tire pressure monitor system checked out. I have had a low tire pressure light on even though the tire pressure was correct. The Nissan Dealership Service stated I needed a new battery for the TPMS at $500.00. Brian, the Manager in Cumberland, RI, told me the TPMS just needed to be reset. He could have screwed me over but did not. I will continue to come back for servicing on my vehicles.
    Ed - September 2017
  • Brian, The store manager it is extremely honest, professional and knowledgeable, also very accommodating, in supplying all your needs and information, Matt the second key holder it is very professional as well. Keep the good work guys.
    Joaquin - September 2017
  • uneventful
    Albert - September 2017
  • Went in for an oil change, tire rotation, and visual check. The service was great and I was told my front and back brakes and rotors were going bad. I was explained to why they needed to be done but was told I can get away with just doing the front brakes, and since I work an hour away I had them done that day. Service was great and didn't take too long. Just wish it was cheaper but you pay for the labor.
    John - September 2017
  • Oil change at a very reasonable price.
    Christian - September 2017
  • Fast & goo customer service
    Kevin - August 2017
  • Helpful, friendly and dedicated guys at the Cumberland Monroe. Wouldn't take my vehicle anywhere else.
    Mike - August 2017
  • Had an appointment for a brake inspection. Found issue with rear brakes and down in 2 hours. Fair and honest pricing
    Tony - August 2017
  • Great service
    Frank - July 2017
  • Went last week for a oil change. They provided fast and friendly service.
    Jennifer - July 2017
  • Honest Knowledgeable professional Persoanable
    Ed - July 2017
  • No hassles with the service and no up selling which is nice. Service was just a tad on the slower than normal side for a tire rotation and oil change considering I made an appointment and it was my vehicle and one other in the shop.
    Mark - June 2017
  • He went out of his way with all customers to explain the jobs,needed . Great personality
    Deborah - June 2017
  • fixed brake problem to satisfaction.
    Norman - May 2017
  • Awesome service
    Lori - May 2017
  • I have oil changes and tire rotations done here.
    Elayne - May 2017
  • They took my car in within 5 minutes, changed oil, made recommendations for future service and I was on my way.
    Maureen - May 2017
  • Brian was very helpful. I went for an oil change/tire rotation. Brian described a problem with one of my tires. He did not pressure me into buying tires or an alignment. He recommended at least one tire. Was very honest.
    Edward - May 2017
  • Very friendly and extremely helpful
    Lori - May 2017
  • It was easy to make an appointment at my convenience. My car was taken into the bay very soon after I arrived and the service was performed in a reasonable amount of time. I added an oil change and wiper blades to my order when I arrived and I still feel that an hour and fifteen minutes for those services and a state inspection was great. The gentleman at the counter was courteous and friendly and I would certainly return to Monro again.
    Joyce - May 2017
  • They do a good job. They let you know what kind of issues you may have or may be coming up.
    Rene - May 2017
  • Friendly and honest service
    Grant - May 2017
  • very thoughtful service
    S. - May 2017
  • Toyota told me I needed brake pads and would cost 400. Brian brought my truck in on a last minute call, inspected my brakes and told me they were fine. He performed an inspection of the vehicle and offered reasonably priced options. I will be transferring all my business to Monroe.
    James - May 2017
  • Oil change was fast and complete.
    Joe - May 2017
  • Came in for either tire repair or new tire and was give a straight answer - tire repair at reasonable cost
    Harry - May 2017
  • When you advertise $19.99 for and Oil Change/TireRotation etc. with the extra $2.90 disposal fee that should be the price plus tax. Adding Shop Supply Fee of $3.29 for brake cleaner, rags, and all your little extras as told to me by the store manager should not be charged..... $19.99 is $19.99.......I will not return.
    Pauline - May 2017
  • My car needed a lot of work done. They kept me updated and got it all done as quickly as possible.
    Amanda - April 2017
  • Had tires installed. Very honest friendly and reasonably priced service
    Christian - April 2017
  • Routine maintenance
    Jim - April 2017
  • I was very satisfied with the service rendered. They were informative and helpful.
    David - April 2017
  • I had an oil change and new wipers put on. Everyone was friendly and took the time to explain everything that needed to be done to my vehicle.
    Michelle - April 2017
  • We weren't able to fix the problem completely today, but staff were helpful and courteous! Highly statisfied with service today!
    Lisa - April 2017
  • very satisfied Brian went out of his way to take care of my service and questions. he was friendly and professional i will go back for other services
    Toula - April 2017
  • would have been 5 stars except for: Advertised oil change for $19.99. After the $10 discount it is $19.99 however once the other fees are added in $2.90 to dispose of oil filter and $5.08 for shop fees, the cost is $27.97. While I believe $28 is still a fair price for an oil change and inspection of Brakes and tires, I believe this is misleading to the public.
    Jay - April 2017
  • Overall experience was excellent. Service was prompt and communication was excellent.
    John - April 2017
  • No comments
    Irene - April 2017
  • Service done as requested
    Carol - April 2017
  • Able to complete purchase and install tires same day; excellent service.
    Eric - April 2017
  • I arrived on time for my scheduled appointment and was told they were about 45 minutes behind, luckily I lived within walking distance to go home for a bit. After my oil change I went to Brockton were I found out from my friend that my brake fluid cap was left off (yet on the container for the fluid) It was then I was told how dangerous that could have been had I had to stop short and loose brake fluid. I will not be returning as my safety and my childrens relies on being in a car I trust worked on ny a mechanic who can be trusted to replace caps and treat the car like his family would be riding in it.
    Rebekah - April 2017
  • appt on time... .fast service good price
    joe - April 2017
  • Service was done in timely manner.
    Carol - April 2017
  • Rear brakes
    Samantha - April 2017
  • great job at a great price
    Rene - April 2017
  • They are flexible enough to work around my crazy schedule. Do great work and pricing is competitive.
    Gabrielle - March 2017
  • The technician seemed knowledgeable and friendly
    Greg - March 2017
  • Great customer service, fast service and fair prices.
    Maria - March 2017
  • The staff was professional and did a wonderful job putting brakes on my vehicle.
    Thomas - March 2017
  • The oil change was done timely and my car was thoroughly checked. The job wasn't rushed either. Every time I get my oil changed elsewhere, they always tell me I need to replace something. The manager was open and honest and made me feel comfortable. I'll definitely being going back!
    Cheryl - March 2017
  • One employee took the time to explain to me what needed to be done to fix my car and what the codes that were scanned met.
    Nicole - March 2017
  • Fast friendly accurate service
    Peter - March 2017
  • Done well and on time.
    David - March 2017
  • Came in with truck that had an uneven ride & was given a detailed systems check with tire rotation. Performed at my scheduled appointment time & staff were quick but thorough
    J - March 2017
  • First time having my oil changed and it was quick service
    Joshua - March 2017
  • The manager Brian Manley gave us excellent customer service. Very friendly and professional.
    Elizabeth - March 2017
  • Excellent Service
    Elayne - March 2017
  • Very prompt and courteous service
    Edward - March 2017
  • Brian the manager was great.
    Steve - March 2017
  • Car was serviced early in the morning freeing us up for rest of day!!
    Dave - March 2017
  • Located tires my size and had them in within 24 hours plus price matched another special offer available locally. By being willing to work with me, they earned my business.
    Sheena - March 2017
  • great service, manager is a great guy. takes care of his customers and the techs are very professional
    Steve - March 2017
  • My car didn't ride well with the tires I have now. I felt I had to replace them soon. These guys did an oil change and rotated the tires, which has been done many times. My car seems to ride much better and I don't know why. Did this guy do something different? Like what? I don't know.
    Rene - March 2017
  • Routine oil change completed on schedule with appointment. Staff were courteous and performed check of other basic maintenance needs providing information that was helpful and clearly explained. Gave a competative quote on new tires and were able to order in my unusual size within 24 hrs.
    Sheena - February 2017
  • I bought a new battery and they replaced it in no time at all!
    Danielle - February 2017
  • In and out very quickly, the manager and technicians were very professional.
    Eric - February 2017
  • New brakes.... Top notch customer service. Kindly answered all of my questions so I could understand exactly what was wrong with my car.
    Danielle - February 2017
  • Got an alignment use did a great job..thank u
    Tobey - February 2017
  • Very professional
    William - February 2017
  • Good service and helpful information........would recomend to friends.
    Norm - January 2017
  • Very knowledgeable store manager and technician.
    Vladislav - January 2017

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