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(717) 757-0527

3651 E. Market Street
York, PA 17402

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Convenient hours and friendly service.
    Jason - February 2018
  • They were friendly and courteous. I had my car safety checked and they replaced my old NJ plates with my new PA one.
    Marjorie - December 2017
  • I didn't purchase a product, just an oil change. I prefer dropping off the vehicle, and the gentlemen do a nice job. They always offer to rotate my tires if they need them and they let me know how everything looks, which I greatly appreciate.
    Lauren - December 2017
  • The only reason I go to this monro is because Brian takes care of me. He makes me feel like he cares about me and my car.
    T.J. - December 2017
  • The oil change device I received was prompt and professional.
    Ben - November 2017
  • Despite having asked about the $9.99 coupon and any requirements, I was not advised appropriately and was presented with the surprise bill of $26.99. This is a hardship at present since I have been out of work and have no income.
    M. - November 2017

  • Ben - November 2017
  • I asked the Monroe in East York, PA to give my car an alignment because I had someone put new tires on it. When I drove it home, I noticed it was slightly pulling to the right and the one guy, I think Brian, was very nice and told me to drop it back off the next day and they would fix it. He said maybe there was an imperfection in the tire that made it pull and he could rotate the tires if that was the case. I was told by the manager the next day that he didn't feel anything after he drove it down a short lane in a parking lot. I explained that I drove it for 40 minutes the night before and it was on all the roads, back roads and highways, and that I've never had my car drift to the right before these tires and alignment. I told him I wasn't disagreeing that he might not have felt it but I know it was doing it the night before so I offered to stop out sometime and we could go for a ride together and I could show him what I meant. He said he "didn't have time for that" and he implied it was not his problem. He told me to go back to where I bought the tires and they have to deal with it. I told him I bought them online and he said there wasn't anything to do because his guy aligned it perfectly. I told him the employee I talked to the night before was much nicer and he was friendly and willing to help me. I told the manager I didn't appreciate his attitude. I took my fiance in to pick up my car and the manager told me they tightened a loose lug nut and that might help. I didn't say anything and took my car and left. I will never return to this place again.
    Becky - November 2017
  • First time at this shop. Been to the one in Mechanicsburg, but this one is closer to home. Called about an oil change Sunday, was told no availability till Tuesday. Good thing it wasn't an emergency. Reason being, just me and one mechanic. ? maybe hire more mechanics and you'll get more business. ? Three service doors and one mechanic, doesn't make sense. Whatever. Had the coupon with MARKETING advertisement in the mail for: BRAKE AND TIRE REPORT INCLUDED IN EVERY SERVICE. Ok great. Get my tires and brakes checked with an inexpensive oil change. Wrong. Drop the car off tell him what I want, I said its 5w-20 oil. No I don't think so. Ok.. well that's what it was last time. So he looks it up. 0-20. I said ok whatever, do what is recommended. Also I have a coupon, it's on the seat. Literally on the seat next to where they have to drive the car in. No drive card, but still $10 less than asking price. Get the call a few hours later, car is done. Go to pick it up, rings me up. Not realizing I end up being charged full price on the semi synthetic. But the best part before I realized that, was I asked if they checked the brakes. No. "We didn't take the tires off". I said.. uh I thought you guys do a report card on brakes and tires. Not if we don't take the tires off. Granted I did decline the tire rotation. So they say, do you want it done? I said yeah. He says they should be fine, the brake fluid was ok. Uhh... ok. So they raise the car up, and do a visual flashlight THROUGH THE TIRE check on my brakes. Comes back in.. your front pads needs replaced really soon, when did you want to schedule? I was polite and said I'll call back in. No I won't. And he knows it. It was like, what is the LEAST amount of work i can do for this service today?. Didn't check the brakes till i asked. Didn't check the tires at all. And to top everything off, they put 5w-20 in the car! Or at least that's what they wrote. So $44.18 later I still don't know how my brakes truly are. No WOW service.
    Scott - July 2017
  • Got an oil change in about 30 minutes. Online scheduling was convenient.
    Matthew - July 2017
  • Service was done at appointment time while I waited.
    William - May 2017
  • I used to always get my oil done at monro, with the coupons they sent out it was the obvious thing to do. Now that they are trying to get everyone to use their "drive card" (as if I really need another credit card option). it's making more sense to just change the oil myself.
    Ben - May 2017
  • Great place to go. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. New to the area and have returned to this Monro, and will continue to.
    Corey - April 2017
  • Dropped off my car because I knew it needed a decent amount of break work and state inspection. There was a snowstorm soon after and they were very good about keeping in touch. They offered an extra service due to keeping my car longer than expected, even though it was related to getting parts during snow business closures which was not their fault.
    Justin - March 2017
  • My appointment was at 10:00 am but I arrived 15 minutes early and they had no problem taking me in. The service lasted only 30 minutes for a spark plug change.
    Jeff - March 2017
  • Repair of a leaky tire.
    AK - February 2017
  • I had a coupon for $9.99 to get my oil changed and a tire rotation for upto 5 liters. I go to drop it off and they said itll be done later in the day after noontime. That is about 3 hours from when I was dropping it off at 9:30am. I have him the coupon and then left. I return about 45 minutes later to get the truck and they said that it took 6 liters so it costs me almost $21.00. I said how is that doubled for 1 extra liter of oil?? On the receipt the coupon was never added and he said it was. He also said the mechanic only rotated 2 tires instead of 4. I did not ask for that. I asked for a full tire rotation. I was in a rush so I paid the tab and got my truck. I checked the oil sticker in the window and it was stuck by my rearview mirrow!! There was no correct info written on it besides what kind of oil they put in my truck. They put my current milage on the sticker, bot when it should be changed or the date when it should be changed. I have been taking my vehicles to Monro Muffler for many years and never had issues like this before. I just moved to this area last month and was excited to see there was a shop 4 mi from my house. I am definitely thinkng about shopping around to a new location and or company due to this.
    Douglas - February 2017
  • I had work done over lunch and they were able to get the job done on time. Excellent work as well.
    Angel - June 2016
  • The manager was very friendly and courteous . Explained everything very well. Service done in a fashionable manner. Will always go back.
    Elsie - May 2016

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