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(570) 326-0808

1707 E. 3rd Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • I took my daughters car in on a Monday night for a Tuesday morning apt. I told them exactly what I wanted done and what part I wanted to replace. I offered to pay for the part in advance so they could have the work done quickly. I received no call all day Tuesday, I called at 5:30 PM and asked about the vehicle. They gave me a estimate on the work but had not done anything. I told them I speciffically told them to have the work done. They said they would have some one get on it. Finally i called again Wednesday and they said it was done and they had the wrong phone number. I drove a hour to my daughters college where we attempted to pick up the vehicle. It would not start. I called the next day and stated they had done the work and tested the vehicle and it had worked fine. I said I attempted to start the vehicle multiple times and not start. On Friday we finally took a different set of keys to start the vehicle where we found it had not been moved from the spot where we could not move it two days prior. Needless to say I will never take my vehicle to any Monroe ever again. Im not even sure they did any work at all. Extremely unsatisfied do not go here.
    Christopher - March 2018
  • I always take my vehicles to Monro for service. They are great at diagnosing any problems and can fix them in a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable charge.
    Loyalsock - February 2018
  • I first began using Monro Muffler about 8 years ago. I have absoluttely NO complaints. The manager, Jerry is always pleasa t and a pleasure to deal with on The phone, Hiz rates are reasonable. The other person in my household does not drive so he arranges to pick up my car and drop it off while I am at work. Three days ago I left home for work at 6:30 am and when I reached my office I realized that I had a blown headlight. I had to leave town that very night and would not be returning for 2 days. I called him. He arranged to oick up my car on short notice, replace the headlight an have it back to me in time. One if his employees , his name is Dan is always ready to accommodate my urgent needs. I go to Monro Muffler for ALL my auto repaur needs. Keep up ghe good work.
    Joel - January 2018
  • The service is great every time and they are quick to answer any questions you may have. Unfortunately, this time they did not let me know my car needed a headlight bulb before they replaced mine (I had already purchased one to replace it, so i had to pay more at the shop than I already spent).
    Lacey - January 2018
  • Called on a Thursday for inspection and oil change on a Friday morning. Dropped it off, had lunch and a haircut, and got a call within 2 hours that it was complete and ready for pickup! Completely unexpected but 100% appreciate since they said it could be a while that day- they were busy and I was a last minute addition. This is why I won't go anywhere else!
    Laura - January 2018
  • I was really impressed with the way everything was explained to me. I was given options and had the work done there and then with no appointment. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Kerri - December 2017
  • Jerry (the manager) is always helpful and friendly.
    Stacey - December 2017
  • was very helpful
    edna - December 2017
  • Got an oil change and it went smooth. It was affordable and quick.
    Malena - December 2017
  • I had both cars serviced here. Tires on on and brakes on the other. They were quick and efficient. Front staff was friendly and informative.
    Bonnie - December 2017
  • I came in with a few issues and they had me fixed up in no time. I paid way less than what I was planning
    Whitney - December 2017
  • The guys are super friendly. They were the only ones willing to believe me about the noise I was hearing and, take the time to find what was wrong.
    Alicia - December 2017
  • Having been going to this Monro for many years, with many vehicles, new & old. It's nice to feel this level of confidence and trust in a business.
    Marc - December 2017
  • great service and quality
    robert - December 2017
  • Fast inspection/oil change. No BS and extra services pushed on me. Better than expected!
    Heather - November 2017
  • Fast inspection/oil change. No BS and extra services pushed on me. Better than expected!
    Heather - November 2017
  • So far iI love them.
    Brenda - November 2017
  • Honored my coupon for a discount ...very happy with the service..
    Kristen - November 2017
  • I am very happy with the service.
    Heidi - November 2017
  • False advertisement
    tim - November 2017
  • The purchase was a car battery. Seems to be working fine. The store does great service.
    Christine - November 2017
  • Working here from out of town, these guys got my car done in real FAST time!! Excellent and friendly service!!
    Diane - November 2017
  • I love this auto place. This is normally where I usually take my vehicle to every time.
    Heidi - November 2017
  • I appreciate how they treat their customers. They are very knowledgeable and treat everyone with respect. Jerry is wonderful and I would not take my vehicle any place else.
    selena - November 2017
  • Very fast very professional.
    Lynntha - November 2017
  • The service was fast and my car is running better.
    Tauheedah - October 2017
  • I just got my car inspected, which was fast service. I get all my car needs from Monroe. I like that you can book appt. right on line. The guys are always very friendly. The only thing Monore is missing is a better waiting room with coffee.
    Kimberly - October 2017
  • Staff is always friendly and helpful. Do a great job with any service I get at this location. Will continue to use this location for further work on my car.
    Sarah - October 2017
  • When i need an oil change they get me in if not booked up for the day! Fast and easy never any problems!
    Toni - October 2017
  • I learned that my daughter's car had a serious brake problem at about 4:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon. She had to return to college the following morning. We stopped at a Monro Muffler location for the first time around 5 pm. The brakes were fixed by six. What else can you say about the excellent customer service we received. Naturally, they made a repeat customer out of me.
    Ed - October 2017
  • I have been going to Monro for all my car service needs for many years. They are always polite, provide great service in a timely manner and go above and beyond to fix problems that creep up. I like to save money so I often use the coupons available but I'm not sure I'm actually getting a deal. The labor charges seem to cost more than the individual part. This does make me question whether I should just do my own oil change. Other that that I have been satisfied with my visits and will continue to go to Monro for my auto service needs.
    John - October 2017
  • Really nice tires they ride nice I'm happy with purchase
    Kenneth - October 2017
  • service prompt and complete
    Peter - October 2017
  • Price and speed of service
    marlyn - October 2017
  • Great service. Super quick
    Camilo - October 2017
  • Made an appointment for an oil change, tire rotation and grease fittings on my husbands truck. I was there for only a half an hour for the whole appointment and the service tech took me out to show me the condition of the brakes and rotors. Explained my options and they were very courteous and not pushy at all!!
    Christine - October 2017
  • I over heard the guys there saying about a customers car and how it only took 2 hrs to fix but charge them for 4. I have been back twice to fix the same problem. Now it's something else. It's a joke of a business.
    John - September 2017
  • I needed to get my wife's car inspected quickly and they got me right in and out without an appointment.
    Ron - September 2017
  • I do all my business there great service
    Mark - September 2017
  • i only had state inspection done on this appointment
    Dan - September 2017
  • Quick and reasonable prices
    Casey - September 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and needed a tire fixed,alignment, and filter. They fixed me up fast. When I left my car was pulling. They immediately got me back in and fixed the problem.
    Carrie - September 2017
  • Guys at Monro are always able to accommodate my needs and always do a great work. Pricing is on par with everywhere else in town and the convenient location is ideal for me.
    Travis - September 2017
  • I've always gone to Monro for oil changes and tire rotations. While I will probably continue to go, I was disappointed at the price increase and the lack of awesome coupons I used to receive since they started pushing the Drive Card.
    Angie - August 2017
  • Went to get my car inspected they said I needed front brakes , went to another mechanic he change brakes for half the price ... took old brakes to them and asked why now they see no reason it should have failed and offered a free oil change will never use this place again
    Corina - August 2017
  • very good service
    Adam - August 2017
  • very polite and exact quote on the bill.
    lena - August 2017

  • Kristen - August 2017
  • I know when I'm going to Monroe they are going to be efficient, give me the best price and only fix what needs to be fixed and what I approve. When I go in for an oil change and a brake that needs replaced, they do a once over and tell me what will need replaced eventually or by a certain time frame since I carry around precious cargo, but never demand and always give me an estimated cost so I know what I need to save up for when the time comes. Trust level--100%
    Laura - August 2017
  • The service was fast officiant and straight forward. I like that aspect of it. Convenient location to us and they busy so i know others enjoy them lile we do! Thank you!
    Dan - August 2017
  • These guys always provide great service and advice on what's needed and also what's not needed. I always take my daughter's car there because I know when they're finished I can trust it to get her where she needs to go safely.
    Kris - August 2017
  • Went in for an oil change. Post card was deceptive as the price offered is if you have the credit card. It does say that on the card but in very fine print. Just basically an eye grabber to get you there. The staff there were very fast yet effective and courteous.
    Renee - August 2017
  • Great price and great service. I will be back.
    Stephen - August 2017
  • Monro works great for general serving and there advertised options such as brakes, tires, exhaust, etc.
    Robert - August 2017
  • Jerry is always so helpful. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
    Lisa - August 2017
  • I use Monroe for all my service needs. I like that they do Sunday hours, which is hard to find anywhere. All the guys are very nice and helpful. The only thing I would like to see, is a little waiting room with a TV and a coffee station, for those of us who wait while our vehicle is being serviced.
    Kimberly - July 2017
  • Have been going to theses guys for years. Always great service never any problems.
    Frank - July 2017
  • Very personal service who I implicitly trust and feel very confident about.
    Marc - July 2017
  • Had fluids changed and car inspected. They helped me figure out which coupons I could use and were very professional and friendly. Very satisfied/.
    Brady - July 2017
  • I got an oil change and had to wait. I love that I can make appointments online (not always easy to get to a phone or use my phone here at work), and the guys at the desk were so nice and explained everything that I needed to know. Before I knew it, my car was done. Thank you!
    Marci - July 2017
  • I had my oil changed. It usually costs close to $60, but at Monroe it was under $40. Plus I could see where my car was and saw them working on it through the window of the office into the garage bays. The employees were courteous and professional. I will be going there for all my oil changes and will tell my friends about my experience at Monroe.
    Deb - July 2017
  • Had oil change but was worried about a sound my car was making. They checked that too. Asked them to check brakes and they did-nothing wrong with brakes.
    Laurie - July 2017
  • great prices
    Marlyn - June 2017
  • My tire rotation and oil change went very well. I actually came in about 30 minutes before my appointment and they had me in and out before the scheduled time. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I'd highly recommend Monro in Williamsport.
    Edward - June 2017
  • Excellent Service for most Routine Repairs of older vehicles
    Robert - June 2017
  • I took my car in for an oil change and it was done in less than 30 minutes and less than 30 dollars.
    Stephen - June 2017
  • I came to monro for an oil change, and the service was everything I expected and more! I didn't wait longer than 30 minutes, which was great!
    Kim - June 2017
  • Got inspected, found my rear brakes needed work. Everything was fine after, although it was just a tad more expensive than I had hoped.
    Jason - June 2017
  • I have my oil changes and state inspections done at MONRO for my 3 vehicles. I've known Jerry Brown for 15-20 years and he takes good care of me.
    Greg - June 2017
  • I always take my car to Monro to get inspected, oil changes, etc. and it's always a great experience. Spending money on your car is never "fun," but Monro makes the process less painful. I'll certainly continue to be a customer.
    Kalyn - June 2017
  • My oil change was super fast and the man at the counter was very nice and helpful with answering my questions and providing advice.
    Shelley - June 2017
  • Had a wheel alignment and inspection done. Very quick and good work.
    Justin - June 2017
  • Tire rod
    Mike - May 2017
  • Very positive experience. Stopped in for appointment and they were able to do it then instead of delaying until later.
    Fred - May 2017
  • the manger criticize my lungh when weighing my car to be done!!!!!
    herbert - May 2017
  • The staff at Munro is friendly, competent, and definitely customer focused.
    Rhonda - May 2017
  • They were on time and finished very quickley
    Franklin - May 2017
  • I always take my vehicles to Monro for service even though I can get free inspection when I bought them. Their mechanics are the best, are honest and have great customer service.
    Patricia - May 2017
  • Everything was great but an hour wait for a tire was kinda long.
    Connor - May 2017
  • Experienced Satisfactory Service with the repair and maintenance of my older vehicle. Reliable and Effective for most basic vehicle needs.
    Robert - May 2017
  • I made a online appointment and was happy to get one the same day
    Anne - May 2017
  • Always get fast service!
    Gary - May 2017
  • Everyone was friendly and they treat us so us like family. I didn't feel like I got rip off when I left like when I I would of gone to one of the other guys for an oil change.
    Michael - May 2017
  • The service and quick and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly.
    Henry - April 2017
  • They treat you VERY VERY fair. They do what you asked, PLUS. I will only go to MONRO!!
    Mike - April 2017
  • Monroe Muffler on 3rd st Williamsport Pa Employees treat us respectfully and quickly so pleased every time I need them they make arrangements quickly They are efficient and do great work
    Laurie - April 2017
  • Happy with my service
    Gerald - April 2017
  • Got an oil change
    Jared - April 2017
  • Good and prompt service
    Mel - April 2017
  • I've had my car to Monro for various services and I'm always treated like a member of the family. This time I needed the contact on my rear defrost reconnected. The first person I talked to wasn't sure if it could be fixed so he referred me to another staff member, Red, who had recently had the same problem on his vehicle! He let me know that I needed to wait until it was warmer because he'd had problems with it not sticking in the cold, so I brought it back a couple weeks later and couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks guys!
    Meg - April 2017
    GAIL - April 2017
  • Was told 600 to fix it. After they "fixed it" I was told 400 more. I complained to corporate and it was taking care of. But after being a customer there for 10 years and to be treated like it was my fault and he didn't nothice it prior is bs. I will think twice before my family or I go to a monro muffler again
    Nick - April 2017
  • Inspection was done in a day. Called with details of what was needed now and what was needed soon.
    Amanda - April 2017
  • All the employees I've dealt with at Monroe Williamsport are always pleasant and very accomadating. My vehicles are always serviced on my schedule and at a fair price.
    BRETT - April 2017
  • Fast and Efficient, No Problems.
    Robert - March 2017
  • This service is fast and the technicians are friendly and the work is done correctly.
    Fred - March 2017
  • Super nice guys in there. Work is done quickly and when they are busy they let me know it might take a bit. Honest and I trust them. Will continue to go back
    John - March 2017
  • The guys at Monro are always great. The service is top notch and they always work with you.
    Rebecca - March 2017
  • forgot to give them my car keys and they came to the restaurant that I was in and got them from me so I didn't have to miss my dinner
    Laurie - March 2017
  • Great job getting truck in and out for inspection in a jiffy!
    Shallon - March 2017
  • Fast. Friendly. Efficient. Knowledgeable. The BEST!!!
    Andrea - March 2017
    KELLIE - March 2017
  • done on time got into on time think get price is get
    herbert - March 2017
  • Service was good and performed quickly. Team was professional and friendly.
    Chris - February 2017
  • Service was good and performed quickly. Team was professional and friendly.
    Chris - February 2017
  • staff is always friendly and takes care of your issues quickly for a fair price.
    Chris - February 2017
  • We needed someone to fix our car, at the last minute, with only a 3 hour window. Monroe Muffler/Brake of Williamsport took on the task without even blinking an eye! We are so grateful and so appreciative of all their help and dedication to our needs! Thank you so much!
    Erica - February 2017
  • Fantastic staff
    Greta - February 2017
  • Jerry is a great guy to work with
    Donna - February 2017
  • They can always figure out what's wrong with my car and had it fixed within a day.
    Mike - February 2017
  • Everyone was very nice and efficient.
    Linda - February 2017
  • Jerry at my local Monroe store always takes excellent care of my vehicle. My truck gets just the parts it needs to keep it on the road.
    Brett - February 2017
  • It's so nice to find a garage you can trust.
    Connie - February 2017
  • i received two front tires and alligment and oit change the service was quick and complete. the staff was wonderful espically Gary and Dan
    KELLIE - February 2017
  • Great service
    Dave - February 2017
  • The young man who worked on my vehicle was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was given options for repairing my brakes.
    Joseph - February 2017
  • The employees are knowledgeable, professional and always working to get you a deal on what you need, never out to make the most.
    Laura - February 2017
  • Monro mechanics can diagnose problems quickly and fix them correctly the first time.
    PVON - January 2017
  • They had my car for inspection and noticed I needed tie rod less than an hour I was driving off also they made me aware prior to fixing. It is nice to have courtesy.
    Laurie - January 2017
  • Car ready a day ahead of schedule. Great service.
    Dave - January 2017
  • The staff explained everything clearly and they were able to get it done quickly!
    Justin - December 2016
  • Work was completed in a timely manner and the staff treated me with respect and answered my questions.
    William - July 2016
  • I had a rattling sound in the rear drivers side and they were able to determine what it was right away. It solved the problem. They also inspected and did an oil change all in a very timely manner.
    Janet - July 2016
  • I called to make and appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. I wanted it done soon because I am going out of State next week. The manager said bring it in right now and I will have you out of here in less then an hour.
    Brian - May 2016
  • When the mechanic found out that I only had one vehicle and needed it done for me to go to work the next day he was willing to stay after closing hours to finish it.
    Janet - April 2016
  • I will continue to be a regular customer because I am treated so well.
    Rhiannon - April 2016
  • Very knowledgeable staff at this location and willing to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction.
    Joe - September 2015

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