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(215) 672-1040

257 York Road
Warminster, PA 18974

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Called and got an appointment same day. Staff is super knowledgable and timely. Came in for an alignment as the winter season has taken its toll and now it drives perfectly straight.
    Shane - February 2018
  • Fantasitc experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable staff.
    Brad - February 2018
  • They were fairly quick in the shop and have the best rates in town for oil change service. It was very convenient that the lobby had WiFi.
    Carolann - January 2018
  • I love Monro in Warminster. They are so friendly and attentative, and explain everything in such detail I feel like i actually understand what they are saying.
    Janelle - January 2018
  • Always good service, explained up front.
    Stephen - January 2018
  • Fast efficient service
    David - December 2017
  • Got my car inspected, they clearly told me what was wrong and gave me reccomendations on what to do next.
    Josh - December 2017
  • Always great service, and a good discount with my Drive Card.
    Stephen - December 2017
  • Was done on time and was out of there and on my way.
    Richard - December 2017
  • Oil Change Only
    Thomas - December 2017
  • Service was good. Took a little longer than expected to get the car back.
    Ana - November 2017
  • I used to go to the shop when I worked in the area. I was totally impressed by their transparency and professionalism. Recently, my office relocated, so I decided to try the local shop for my inspection. I was skeptical about their suggestions of what my car needed since they were just serviced less than a year ago at Monroe. I called Monroe and they offered to look at the car and let me know if the services were truly needed. Well, it turns out they weren't. They showed me all the tests that were needed and even gave me print outs to prove that that is not what was needed. They even brought me back in the shop to show me how the test were done. I've never met anyone who showed me everything and talk through every detail when it comes to the car. I'll never go anywhere for convenience again. Thank you for being honest.
    Lisa - November 2017
  • Sean was attentive, concerned, honest and informative.
    Donna - November 2017
  • Good service and knowledgeable staff
    Robert - November 2017
  • All the guys at Monro were excellent! They were helpful and explained everything to me throughout the service.
    Crystal - November 2017
  • Straight forward pricing and never have a problem with them.
    Stephen - November 2017
  • Been going to this location for years for oil changes and such, but came to get the state safety inspection here because the dealer I usually go to said they didn't have the time to get it done.
    Stephen - October 2017
  • Excellent Service
    Michelle - October 2017
  • Needed an alignment before a long road trip. They got me in at the last minute. Stayed open late to get it done. Thanks.
    Jeffrey - October 2017
  • I was there for my routine service and maintenance and they went out of there way for me and got my car serviced without any wait.
    Andrew - October 2017
  • Very poor service, had an appointment, even showed up 10 minutes early. My car sat as 2 other car come in and get full attention, another 30 minutes go by and I am now in the store 40 minutes with nothing done. I asked due to time that the tires not be rotated and just do the oil change. I was very upset thinking perhaps and apology and reduced fee due to the long wait, I received neither. Very un-happy customer in PA
    Thomas - October 2017
  • They were able to get me in right away and they were very nice and responsive.
    Michelle - September 2017
  • I came in on a Friday evening @ 6:40pm (store closes @ 7). I wanted my tires check because low pressure sensor was on & I needed my turn signal replaced. I was told no problem. There was no attitude & the gentleman was very pleasant with a smile on his face. The turn signal was replaced but my one tire was very low. I was concerned that I needed a new tire. The guy working on my car was also extremely pleasant & explains how he was looking for the leak. As I waited I became very nervous that I was going to need a new tire if no leak was found. The guy came in & explained what was wrong with the tire. I asked how much the new tire would be & he told me I didn't need a new one he fixed the tire. What a relief. Someone less honest could have told me I needed a new tire & I wouldn't have know any different. The poor guys were there on a Friday night until 8pm with me (again they were supposed to close @7). They never gave me any attitude, were extremely friendly & always had smiles on their faces. Someone less honest could have charged me a lot of money for a simple fix, but the Monro boys were honest & the turn signal & fixing my tire only cost me $40. I have been going to Monro for years for my oil changes, this is the first time I used them for something else & Im very happy I did. The prices are reasonable & they are very honest. I will definitely use them for all my car needs. Thank you Monro. *Please bring back the oil change & free wiper blades coupon*
    Jean - September 2017
  • Mark and Shawn has helped me found the BEST tire with an affordable price. I am very happy with the service
    Mony - August 2017
  • Oil change and inspection. First time I've used anywhere but my dealership, I was satisfied. I do think the $40 fee was a little absurd.
    Kim - August 2017
  • everytime i go into Monro they are nice explain everything to me
    Michelle - August 2017
  • good service
    Richard - August 2017
  • I don't think I will be back, have been going for years but now they charge this extra fee for lift maintenance and and to help pay for their equipment. That is crazy I have never heard of this before. If I knew there would be an extra $39.00 fee for helping you pay your normal bills I wouldn't of come in. Thats like going for a haircut and having an extra fee for combs and scissor maintenance and help pay for the shampoo. Not happy with the new management and not happy about having to have this new credit card to get better prices.
    mike - August 2017
  • First time at this location and I am very pleased with the Service.
    Estupinan - August 2017
  • I give it 1 star because this location ripped me off for being a female. Tried to over charge me for a stud for my tire. The stud only costs 30 to 40 dollars and your company was trying to charge me 350 dollars. I did my research and found a place that charged me a whole lot less. I do not appreciate how your company thought I was the idiot for thinking I would want to spend triple the price for something.
    Colleen - July 2017
  • I was told I needed something to pass inspection which I know I needed and when I checked the price at 3 other locations I was able to save money at all 3 of those locations compared to your company
    Colleen - June 2017
  • they recormend what you should be concerned about.
    Anthony - June 2017
  • car was in and out in no time for oil change and inspection
    Ralph - June 2017
  • Work was done well and prices were very competitive
    Arthur - June 2017
  • I needed several items to bring my car up to date including a new tire, an oil change, a transmission flush, and a new battery. All work was accomplished on time and in a professional manner. Prices were comparable to those at other service locations but I trust the Monro staff better than most due to the repeated success I have had with this team.
    Tom - June 2017
  • Service is quick, manager makes good recommendations, but is not pushy.
    Derek - May 2017
  • i have been coming to this shop for several years and the service has always been consistently super! Always fair prices and knowledgeable, respectful staff. keep up the good work.
    tom - May 2017
  • Did work fast
    Annavita - May 2017
  • got state inspection and oil change. took me in right away, it seems you understand what an appointment is maybe you can help my doctor with appointments
    ralph - May 2017
  • The best service I have ever had at a car repair shop
    Jennifer - May 2017
  • The guys there was very helpful with my questions and work fast.
    Khristina - May 2017
  • shawn and mark are very knowledgeable and treat you as if you were walking into a mom and pop type of shop.
    Evan - May 2017
  • We are to get me in for an inspection at a reasonable time
    Lisa - May 2017
  • Helped me out fixed my car, very polite and respectful and timely.
    Nathan - April 2017
  • I took my car in for an oil change recently. When the mechanic called to tell me my car was ready he explained that I would need new brakes soon as well and transmission fluid. He explained everything to me in detail and was really thorough. He also provided pricing right away. I really appreciate the honest service.
    Amanda - April 2017
  • The staff helped me understand and diagnose a problem with my suspension free of charge. Excellent employees- Sean was a real life line.
    Austin - April 2017
  • Honest,smart, and very nice and helpful.
    Raymond - April 2017
  • Mostly car inspections and tires/batteries
    George - April 2017
  • The staff is very thorough and will let you know of all options you need and a timeframe of future repairs that will be needed
    John - April 2017
  • Went to location because windshield wipers weren't working. I was told it was the switch. Switch was replaced, wipers still didn't work. Motor was replaced and the wipers worked for less than a day. Wiper transmission was finally replaced on next visit and now wipers work fine.
    Jason - April 2017
  • good service
    Anthony - April 2017
  • Quick sevice
    Luan - April 2017
  • I have been servicing my both cars at this Monro for years. They are very professional. I live 10 miles from this service station and probably have 50 places I can go for oil change but I drive few extra miles because I know they will take care of my vehicle. It's so worth it. I have already recommend this place to my friends and will keep doing that.
    Kashyap - March 2017
  • Great techs
    Ron - March 2017
  • Stopped in Monroe for my first time last weekend and was very happy with my experience! It was such a breath of fresh air after the other mechanics I've dealt with lately. Was so nice to have mechanics that were close to my house that really knew their stuff and seemed real and didn't feed me any BS. It seems like their fair and inexpensive. My truck has a lot of miles and I have maintenence I want to do to it to make it last and its such a great feeling now not having to dread bringing it to someone to do the work. Everyone out there wants to screw you with their prices with labor and everything and I just feel good about bring it to Monroe. I look forward to bringing it there to get the things I want done so I have it running great and in good shape.
    Eric - March 2017
  • Got my car done in a timely manner.
    Lisa - March 2017
  • I came in for an oil change and I have had this sqeeking for a while but just thought it was nothing so the mechanic pulled my car in and a little bit later came out and said the noise that he heard he wanted to check and it was the break pad that had welded itself to another part of the brakes so he showed me the piece and i said ok i guess fix it, along with the oil change financially that was hard but Mark the manager there was very helpful he gave me a few discounts which really helped and the guys were really helpful explained everything to me, so i now have a car that is quiet again no noise lol
    Michelle - March 2017
  • I have taken my husband's and my cars to the Monroe in Warminster, Pa. several times over the course of several years and are very satisfied with their service. We have never had a complaint. The staff are very nice ,friendly and well informed.
    Mike - February 2017
  • shop fees are very expensive cost 30% of price between shop fees and environmental fees
    ralph - February 2017
  • send daughter to get oil change in 2015 jeep. First they up sell her on oil change instead of convectional oil, they upsell her on long life oil which is not needed on a 2015 vehicle. So you got us for another $17. She asked for tire rotation, on printout they said they did tire rotation but it was never done. i had appointment next day for another on of my vehicles, i told manager about tire rotation he stated sorry but i wasn't here yesterday. Great answer. What a Joke. time to find new service center. I had been going to Monroe for over 10 years.
    Ralph - February 2017
  • We have been using Monro in Warminster for years for our cars. My husband is a retired mechanic and he is very particular with who he uses to do work on our cars. The prices are reasonable and the cars are ready when promised.
    George - February 2017
  • Went in for oil change and tire rotation. Ended up I needed back breaks. Service was fast.
    Courtney - February 2017
  • Service is great
    Edwin - February 2017
  • I just had my oil changed, they did it while I waited.
    michael - February 2017
  • Manager was honest courteous.
    Dilip - February 2017
  • excellent job in a good time frame.
    joe - January 2017
  • I had a tire that needed to be fixed. I was told it was patched twice already and wasn't able to be patched again since the patch was too close to the area needing to be fixed. They told me I had to get a new tire. The price I paid for the tire was more than I have ever paid before for just one tire $157. I also got my oil changed while there and they wanted to sell me a filter for $57. I declined on the filter and overall payment was $223. They wouldn't honor my coupon that I had just recently received in the mail for $20 off. I was not happy with this visit
    Laurie - January 2017
  • I've always changed my own oil and all my kids oil. Sent my daughter over to have her oil changed. Great experience. Felt very comfortable sending my daughter to the Warminster facility.
    Robert - August 2016
  • Very professional stuff. I always get good explanation of how my car is doing. Always bring both of my cars to that facility for maintenance or repair.
    Vitaliy - May 2016

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