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What People Are Saying:

  • Time and time again, they always help me out. I have a car that’s in the progress of being renovated and they are helping me with everything, no matter what I bring it in for.
    Amy - March 2018
  • Brandon was very helpful and attentive. I have always experienced great customer service at this location.
    Jay - February 2018
  • My last two trips to this Verona location were a nightmare for a simple oil change, and the same guys were there both times. These issues were already reported and I was taken care of by Corporate...thank you! . This time was perfect. Whole new crew. Brandon was very good at his job and the guy who took care of my car was fast and reliable. Thank you!
    Barry - February 2018
  • Always the best service I have ever received. No complaints.
    Amy - January 2018
  • I have been getting my car serviced here since I got it and these people are awesome!!
    Jamayia - January 2018
  • The guys here are absolutely awesome. They take care of all your needs and explain everything clearly while also showing their concern for your needs and safety. I will continue to come here!
    Amy - January 2018
  • I hope I won't need one for a long time
    Edward - January 2018
  • Absolutely friendly and helpful staff. Always cares about my needs and makes sure my car is secure.
    Any - January 2018
  • Professional courteous service
    Anthony - January 2018
  • I have been to this place multiple times to ensure that my car gets the best service and to keep it up to date. The people there are swell and friendly, and explain everything that I need to know.
    Amy - January 2018
  • Monro delivered excellent customer service in replacing my flat tire. They took a stressful situation and made it easy and hassle-free. I would recommend them to anyone and will certainly go back when the other 3 tires need to be replaced.
    Laura - January 2018
  • Making an appointment was easy, the work was completed quickly and I was notified step by step
    Catherine - December 2017
  • Was under no pressure to buy extra services. Even with being late ( due to dead Battery), they took care of me and winterized the car within the time frame they promised. Very good and thoughtful group of guys. Thanks Monro for your great service.
    Barb - December 2017
  • My headlight
    Celestra - December 2017
  • I walked in and,was,accommodated - the gentlemen kept me informed of all work needed and had me ok everything BEFORE it was done!
    Renee - December 2017
  • The guys here always take care of me!
    L. - December 2017
  • Thanks for the work you did on my girlfriends truck
    Anthony - December 2017
  • Somehow a 9.99 oil change turned into $55. Guy on the phone when I made the appointment said with tax and fees it usually comes to $14.99. I know I upgraded to the synthetic blend and was told that was $10 more. Not to mention it took an hour - with an appointment. Should have known something was strange about a 9.99 oil change.
    Laura - December 2017
  • Comparable pricing, but much friendlier service. With a VW, I know not every problem can be fixed without a dealer in the mix. These guys do their best to work the problem fairly. Keep up the good work guys!
    Christa - December 2017
  • I sat for 3 hours waiting for my tires to be balanced...the manager could've said from the beginning it's going to take a Hood while but nothing so that kinda upset me..other then that service was good...
    Casey - November 2017
  • The guys at this Monro always are sure to get me in quickly and they do their work fast as well. They are also kind and always doing their best to look out for us and for our cars. Extra shout out to Brandon who went the extra mile with our service the last time to make sure that our car tires were safe.
    Laura - November 2017
  • I have been going to the Verona location since I moved to Oakmont and I can honestly say that this visit was completely different from previous visits. From the moment I walked into the store to driving out. Every employee that I came in contact with was very professional, and very helpful.
    Mary - November 2017
  • work was to be done and wasn't also took days to do a couple things this was on my work truck so i lost jobs because my truck was still at the shop
    Michael - November 2017
  • Went in for the free wipers from the pirates and was fast and friendly service
    Donna - October 2017
  • Fast sufficient and friendly
    Celestra - October 2017
  • First time checking into Monro. Friendly customer service, if somewhat understaffed but no problems and got a good deal with the oil change.
    James - October 2017
  • We are pleased with the work that we have preformed on our vehicles at this location but the attitudes of their employees have been consistently unprofessional. Our latest visit, Mike- who was at the front desk was highly offensive as Myself and my wife asked about coupon prices vs. advertised prices. Our business will be taken elsewhere. Customer service is to be sold to clients. Not overlooked
    Todd - October 2017
  • Mike quoted me $650 for front brakes. My husband called and suddenly the price was $450. It was disgusting. This place is incredibly convenient to my home and I will be adding a third vehicle for my son soon, but we certainly won't be back.
    Tanya - October 2017
  • All there products are good last long time
    Rob - October 2017
  • I was very pleased with the service I received. They were able to squeeze me in on a Saturday morning and were very nice and fast. For as busy as they were they took the time to explain everything to me. This is my new go to repair shop.
    Donna - October 2017
  • I would go to Monro again for my automotive needs.
    Chris - October 2017
  • The staff was very polite. They explained future maintenance and offered quotes without being overly pushy.
    Tiffany - October 2017
  • Very good customer service and automotive work. I'll continue to utilize this location.
    Tim - October 2017
  • I only go here for oil changes. I used to never have a problem until the last two times. This time no brake inspection, no battery inspection and no topping off the fluids. Plus the 3 Monroe workers including the manager stood in the bay areas talking bs with a customer while I waited for my car to get done. I know those are little things but reasons that I come here for those peace of mind services. I'll be taking my business to another establishment.
    B - September 2017
  • Wouldn’t honor my $49.99 coupon for a full synthetic oil change because their system erroneously lists my vehicle as needing 6.4 quarts (Coupon limit is 5qts). Nevertheless, I asked Mike for a price quote for the difference... $134!!! This is absolutely ridiculous: 1) my car doesn’t require that much oil, and 2) even if it did, How could they charge me nearly $85 for 1.4 quarts of synthetic?! Be weary of so-called specials and coupons.
    Scott - September 2017
  • I had my oil changed and it was over $100 even with a coupon. I didn't realize it was going to be that expensive. They seemed to do a good job though.
    Davina - September 2017
  • My wife dropped her car off at the Verona shop for her inspection. I've had issues here before and no longer bring my car here. After dropping it off she was informed that the motor mounts would need replaced, costing around $870. She informed whoever called she would not be doing the repair and would pick it up. After we started driving away I noticed her back-up light bulb was out. Somehow it was noted that she needed $870 in repairs but no one noticed or mentioned that the back up light was out during the inspection. She called and spoke with the person who performed the inspection and he said he noted the light was out to whoever called her. He said he would have the manager call her. He has not called. Either the manager, or whoever called for authorization, didn't mention the light since we opted to not perform the more expensive repair, or the vehicle wasn't looked at properly for inspection. Either way I believe we should be refunded the inspection fee. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Wesleigh - September 2017
  • Service was not amenable to a rating small issues occurred while being serviced. Rotated tires after verbalizing not to. Service tech informed customer that the fog lights get was missing and probably behind the bumper. Tech failed to do his homework, fog light is accessible by reaching up behind the bumper, bumper does not need to be removed to access the fog light. Customer was quoted a 250.00 bill to remove the bumper to retrieve the fog light, totally false.
    Kenny - September 2017
  • The service is always quick and the people there are always respectful and straightforward. This is the only car place my family deals with
    James - September 2017
  • Took my truck in for a screw in my tire. Wanted to get it patched. Was told they would look at it to see if it could be repaired. Never told me if it could or could not be. I waited and waited. Asked if it was good to be repaired and was told they were still looking into it. I see they take off the tire and assume it's good for patching. Finally after avout 30 minutes they pull my truck out. No one came to talk about what was done or anything. I go to inspect it and see they damaged my rim in multiple spots. The guy had already walked away and was talking to other customers. I was frustrated and angry and left. Now I have a damaged rim. Told my wife, friends, and family to never go there. Ever!
    James - September 2017
  • I received and oil change on 7/6/17 at the Monro location that I have going to for the last few years. My car sat in my apartment complex parking lot the following day (7/7/17) and on my way back from picking my wife up from work the day after (7/8/17) my car became very loud and I pulled into the Giant Eagle parking lot I was passing. I popped my hood to find a smoking engine and a completely dry dipstick. I purchased two quarts of oil from the Getgo adjacent to the Giant Eagle and after putting both quarts in the engine the dipstick registered at the very bottom. With engine oil in my care I drove home and was unable to contact my Monro because it was closed for the evening. I checked my oil level the following morning to make sure I still had oil in my engine and I drove the two miles from my apartment to Monro in Verona, PA. The manager informed me that all of his technicians had called off at the point and he was not sure when someone would be in to take a look at my car. After waiting with no technician arriving the manager decided to put a new filter on the car so that I could drive it to another Monro on Frankstown road. The manager admitted that his vision was not very good but wanted to make sure the I would get to Frankstown without running out of oil. I then drove to Frankstown where they were able to redo the oil change and stated that they were unable to see any obvious leaks but that with so much oil around the engine it might leak for at least the next couple of days. I brought my car back in the following week after there were still drops of oil coming from my car. I kept returning to Monro in Verona almost once a week over the next month in order for them to look for the location of the oil leak. They eventually turned in an accident report to their insurance company. Nothing has been resolved and Monro is not claiming responsibility for the oil leak that resulted from their oil change. It is almost two months to the day since the oil change.
    Benjamin - September 2017
  • Very good product.
    Raenell - August 2017
  • They honored other vendor coupon
    Carl - August 2017
  • Price matched my parts and got a good deal.
    Giovanni - August 2017
  • A bit over-priced, but friendly service.
    Paul - August 2017
  • I came in needing new breaks and rotors on my car on short notice for them, as it was a small emergency for me. The manager was super friendly and very helpful to me. They took in me, gave me a quote and kept their promises on getting my car fixed, plus they found other issues with my car that I had no idea they needed attention. I would recommend this place to anyone that needed help with their vehicle.
    Amy - August 2017
  • Oil change
    Mary - August 2017
  • Only place I trust to take my car. George is the best!
    Joanie - August 2017
  • Excellent and quick service. Thank you!
    Lisa - August 2017
  • Service was good, price was fair. I liked that the technician explained his opinion of some beneficial services thoroughly, but without making me feel pressured about it.
    Amanda - August 2017
  • Great inspection service and report
    Graydon - August 2017
  • Good price
    Mike - August 2017
  • Good price
    Mike - August 2017
  • I brought my Jeep in for inspection, tire patch, and alignment adjustment. Everyone was friendly and attentive and made sure everything was just right on my vehicle. I wish the appointment hadn't taken nearly 6 hours start to finish, but I am very pleased with the result - and the price.
    Crystal - August 2017
  • Scheduled the appointment and the service was completed timely on the same day
    Graydon - August 2017
  • I recently visited Monroe for an inspection. Gentleman at the desk was very professional. He gave me a time to expect my car to be finished and it was exact. The problem and the reason for the 3star rating....after picking my vehicle up I found my fog lights do not work. They worked fine when I dropped the vehicle off but inoperable now Frustrated that I have to pay for a service call to find out reason for the inoperable headlights If it were not for the fog lights being inoperable I would of rated them a 5 star station. Thanks!!
    Cheryl - August 2017
  • Wonderful staff......the only thing I didn't like is that the man at the desk kept trying to sell me different services when I told him I was broke and just wanted an oil change.
    Sunny - August 2017
  • They got my car in super quick for an inspection and then proceeded to have my car from 11:30 to 4:15. It took them a few tries to fix my alignment and they test drove if like 5 times. Not sure why but they even got oil hand prints all over my tan ceiling interior. They cleaned most of it up, but you can tell it was there still.
    Jennifer - July 2017
  • We went last weekend to monro...and were treated horribly ..they clerk was very sarcastic...not nice we left close to are home we have new car thought we'd take all are business there ,
    John - July 2017
  • Had my alignment re-checked. Service was quick and friendly.
    Wayne - July 2017
  • I came in for my oil change and I was promptly greeted and serviced. The customer service I received was great and I would recommend others to come here for oil change needs and other services.
    Leslie - July 2017
  • Went in for an oil change. The sign outside said $14.99 oil change. I asked how much more For synthetic blend for a F150. I was told 10.00 for synthetic blend and an extra 8.50 for an extra qt of oil for a total of 33.50. When I picked my truck 90 min later. after I was told it would be 30 min. they tried to charge me 55.00 when I asked why they told me I hadnt filled out an application for their credit card but I could fill one out now to get the discount. I told them I didnt want the credit card it count as available credit on my credit report and after much discussion the manager gave 10.00 off . Si I paid approx. 43.00 for what I was told would be 33.50. On top of that they tried to sell me tires saying mine were unsafe. They passed inspection at another inspection center 500 miles earlier but now they are unsafe . I dont think so. I should also say the only reason I went to Monroe is I had a 25.00 credit issued because they worked me over in the past and I thought I could get a free oil change Boy was I wrong!!!!!
    Ed - June 2017
  • Good people and they will do what needs done.
    Firas - June 2017
  • I brought my vehicle in for an inspection. As a new resident to Pennsylvania, I was unsure of the process. Mike was very friendly and walked me through the process. I was in and out in about an hour!
    Jay - June 2017
  • I like how easy it is to make an appointment and how quick the oil change service is. However, every time I visit the Verona Pa location I'm notified of a "needed" repair on my vehicle. I came to the location at the end of March / beginning of April for an oil change, and requested an inspection while I was there. My 2008 Prius is in great condition and I expected to be given my sticker with no issues. I was told that my car needed an $800 control arm repair to pass inspection. I declined the repair. I went to another reputable shop in the area and was given my sticker without issue and was told that my car looks brand new and there was no issue. I went back to the Verona Pa location this past week to get another oil change. The location is close to my work and the service is quick. I thought I'd give the shop another chance. Much to my dismay I was told that my car has yet another issue. This time it's that my rear axle was bent and that my car needed more work. Might I remind you, that my car passed inspection with no issue in April (about two months ago) and I haven't hit any curbs or extreme podholes in the past weeks. I am extremely disappointed that every time I visit this location that I'm told incorrectly that my car needs MAJOR repairs. It's one thing to be told I need new brakes pads, or a new filter. But to be told time and time again that my car needs hundreds of dollars of repair is infuriating.
    Chelsea - June 2017
  • Every 3 thousand miles
    Lucy - June 2017
  • I have been going to Monro for years for all car repairs and service. George is knowledgeable and highly skilled, and HONEST! He lets you know if you're going to need something in the future so you can plan forr it and treats you with respect. Monro is the best!
    Joanie - June 2017
  • quick and fair
    Jason - June 2017
  • Great service and hospitality
    Christine - June 2017
  • Oil change was good, however when they rotated my tires they did not put my hub caps on correctly and 3 miles down the road one came off and was crushed.m by the truck behind me. They also left a wrench laying on top of my engine from when they were changing my oil.
    Ashley - May 2017
  • Everyone was very helpful
    Darlene - May 2017
  • Great service, friendly customer service and great value for an oil change.
    Nichol - April 2017
  • Problem resolved in short order. Very efficient staff.
    Barbara - April 2017
  • On time and efficient.
    Lowell - April 2017
  • Any questions are answered quickly by the staff
    judy - April 2017
  • Great
    Irene - April 2017
  • I would return here! There fast and affordable.
    Alicia - April 2017
  • I had never been to Monro Muffler before my visit & Mike is the majority of the reason I will keep coming back! Not only was he very helpful & informative, but he was very patient & took the time to explain what my car needed in great detail, answering all of my questions very professionally & kindly. He also helped to save me money by informing me of Monro's tire price match which is such a great deal I don't think I will buy tires anywhere else again!
    Ronni - April 2017
  • I go to Monroe for oil change and rotate tires. Its convenient and cost effective. The manager became frustrated when I wouldn't buy tires. He then said he wasn't going to rotate the tires. And they don't put the next oil change mileage sticker on. With him becoming frustrated, I question whether they did the oil change correctly and installed a new filter. I won't be going back nor will the other three cars in my family.
    Barry - March 2017
  • My appt was on time and my wait time was minimum. The men were friendly and fast
    Patricia - March 2017
  • The gentleman at the counter was very attentive and listened to me. Others were just as nice. The car was ready at the time they said it would be.
    Helen - March 2017
  • Always a good experience there
    Kathy - March 2017
  • He was very nice Tried to help a lot I DID NOT like the $ 4.98 charge added aromatically to my bill for shop supply fee
    David - March 2017
  • On time and ready when promised
    Richard - March 2017
  • Had an alignment done on my F150 2WD truck. No adjustment in the back, so just a two wheel alignment. Cost $90+ dollars. The shop is right next door to my work and I could drop the truck off and walk over and get it after work, so it was worth paying the extra $40 for the convenience of not having to plan around dropping the truck off at my local shop and finding a way to work and back. Alignment came out fine. I would have liked to have a print out of the before and after in regards to the adjustments they made. They only had the after and the guy did not know how to go back through the machine to get the before. Very polite group of workers, clean and respectful. No issues other than the insane cost for a two wheel alignment.
    Craig - March 2017
  • I would go back again. Very nice service
    Millie - March 2017
  • I would go back again. Very nice service
    Millie - March 2017
  • Regularly use Monro for state inspections and regular maintenance. Convenient.
    Josette - March 2017
  • Everyone there is professional and helpful. And the service is always quick and they are always accommodating.
    Ben - March 2017
  • Got tires, took 2.5 hrs with an appointment. Service was good but slow.
    RICH - March 2017
  • Standard oil change took 1 hour 20 min. They did rotate my tires. The manager was nice and did let me know it would be 55 min but it certainly took longer. Once I got in my car I realized they did not put a sticker stating when I should get my next oil change. Convenient location and good price point just takes longer than other locations.
    Jessica - March 2017
  • Good
    Angenique - March 2017
  • Friendly and helpful every time I've been there.
    Benjamin - March 2017
  • I got an oil change and it was done very quickly and the customer service was really great. They always make you feel welcome at this location.
    James - March 2017
  • In and out in record time
    Charles - March 2017
  • Done on the spot while I waited. Didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need.
    Scott - March 2017
  • I have used this shop many times since the previous Monro I used was closed down. Mike is an attentive and fair shop manager that provides full explanations and options for services. I never have to wait longer than anticipated for repair completion and prices are fair for an industry not generally known for fairness and understanding.
    Jenn - March 2017
  • great service
    Len - March 2017
  • I'll change was quick in and out
    Darlene - March 2017
  • Fast and Friendly Service. I was in and out for an oil change in less than 25 minutes.
    Brian - March 2017
  • Great service! While driving nearby, our car suddenly began surrounding very very loud. You guys were great about throwing the car up onto the rack right away check and tell us what the problem was and we scheduled an appointment for later that day when we could drop it off and arrange for a ride home. The work was done on time and done well!
    Graydon - February 2017
  • Great service!
    John - February 2017
  • I had scheduled to get an oil change. When i arrived everyone was very nice and professional my only complaint is the long wait time even with having an appointment. It should never take an hr to get an oil change!
    Michael - February 2017
  • Oil change All good
    Rick - February 2017
  • The tires are great. The service was great.
    Rochelle - February 2017
  • I have been coming to Monro for years because I always get outstanding service at a fair price. I hear horror stories from other people about their outrageous car repair bills, long waits, and being sold things they didn't need but I have never had a problem at Monro. Customer service is great and they don't gouge you on price. If you are going to need something done in the future, they let you know ahead. George is the most honest person I know and I have trusted him to take care of my cars for decades - I will go wherever he is working!
    Joanie - February 2017
  • The folks at Monro were very professional. Mike, the manager was continually courteous and helpful. I will definitely return for all my future services.
    Gloria - February 2017
  • Went for a car inspection/oil change and they were super fast and everything went smoothly! Very nice guys at the shop.
    Ryan - February 2017
  • Very pleasant men, explained everything thoroughly no pressure at all. Made sure I was comfortable and warm!! Great outstanding team.
    Jamayia - February 2017
  • I made an appointment to have my oil changed at 5. I dropped my keys off and walked to the grocery store. When I came back, 45 minutes later, they had just pulled my car in to start. It then took them an hour to change my oil, and they didn't even reset the car, so it still says I need to service my car. Now I have to look up how to reset it on my own. I wasted my entire evening on something that normally takes 15-30 minutes. I then called to talk to the manager, who told me to come in at 5, but he had the day off. I left my name and number, but he never called me back.
    Sam - February 2017
  • Monro near my business and staff is extremely cooperative in working with my schedule. I grew up in a car dealership family working on cars, so I appreciate their full explanations of problems, their always spot-on recommendations, and their timely completion of repairs. If I had a subtle electrical problem with an exotic car, I probably would go to the dealer, but for state inspections, oil changes, brakes, exhaust, and other basic repairs they have been great. Their prices for tires is similar to the big chains and they don't add on a lot of other charges that some stores do.
    Tom - January 2017
  • The owner, James Newmaster is why we all come to this Monro. He's the most knowledgable mechanic I know and most friendly.
    Roseann - September 2015

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