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1505 N Atherton St
State College, PA 16803

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What People Are Saying:

  • the work was done in New Milford, CT i was returning home in PA from my daughters home in Washington Depot CT Store number 163 New Milford CT
    Eileen - March 2018
  • Very professional. Everything was explained to me. Service was completed as explained.
    Ellis - March 2018
  • I was informed of what my car needed. I was given a fair price with a discount. I was very pleased with my service.
    Kristin - February 2018
  • Tires replacing process was quick and great.
    Chun - February 2018
  • State Inspection, tire rotation and oil change were all performed within promised time.
    Clark - February 2018
  • The service was great and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
    Samuel - February 2018
  • I brought my car in to replace the snow tires and get the check engine light figured out. They called me asking if my snowtires had different lugnuts since "the ones on my current tires didn't fit." They do, and they had previously rotated out the wheels. I asked them to try again, and when I came to pick up my car they said they just needed to use a smaller apparatus to get the lugnuts on since the new wheels were so deep. As they were the ones who switched out the tires the LAST time I was surprised to have them so befuddled. You'd think they've dealt with this before... The check engine light read "multiple misfire" and they recommended replacing all the sparkplugs, so I had them do it. The next day I was driving to hike the midstate trail and my car gasped and died. I managed to get it to them, but frustrating that I got stranded for a while not more than 16 hours from picking up my car. So.... I have an old car. Things are finnicky. Hoping things work out (probably the fuel pump?) but not sure how this will play out. Likely lots more $$$ and still I've wasted that time being stranded when my car died.
    Stephanie - January 2018
  • I have been a loyal customer of this Monroe for 8 years and have never had an issue. They always took great care of my car, charged reasonable prices and helped me understand what needed to be done and why. Great service and I refused to take my car anywhere else and my last reviews have reflected this. I am not sure if the staff turn over or something else has caused a change but things at this garage have drastically changed in the past few months. This started over Christmas when we discovered my daughter needed brakes on her vehicle. I called and made the appointment they estimated the cost to be around 450. She took it in last week, they said that the bill would be 755 for 4 brake pads and rear rotors. I flat out could not afford that and told her to go get it we would take it somewhere else. I also asked about just the pads. Chris quoted me 373. I told him no way and that she was coming. He messaged back a short time later stating he had found coupons he could use bringing the total down to 233. First of all these coupons were on the monro e website so he knew that they were there. I was not going to keep the vehicle at a place that was going to be this dishonest. Shortly before this the passange r door patch stopped latching. I had taken it in to Monroe to have them look at it. They looked at it and said that the latch broke. Okay I thought and I made the appointment for this weekend because it was going to take a few days to get the part. I was quoted 495 to fix the door. Not knowing how much this should run I checked into it further and talked to the dealership at the end of the road. For the same part and labor they were quoting 350. Over a hundred dollars less at a dealership. Red flags were going off in my head so I took both vehicles to another garage in the area. The latch was not even broke but instead was simply froze. The warmer weather had already thawed it I shutter to think what would of happened if I had taken back in. Really sad it changed.??
    Chris - January 2018
  • They were able to drop me at work around the corner so I didn't lose time while they evaluated and fixed my car. Thank you for your updates and for getting it done on the day I noticed a problem. You kept me and my family safe. Thank you!
    Michelle - January 2018
  • I recently had my car serviced at Monro in State College as my car was making a lot of noise when driving. Monro accurately diagnosed the problem as two loose lugnuts on the front driver side tire. They also performed an alignment and changed my rear rotors. They also recommended I get new tires. After the service my car drove great, they fixed my issue. Unfortunately I had an issue the next day when I went to take off the worn out tires for my brand new all season tires. When I got to that same front driver side tire there were two lugnuts that had been stripped and broke off when I tried to loosen them. I called Monro immediately and mentioned what had happened and the service rep became defensive and said that it would've been impossible that they stripped the lugnuts and that they hand tighten everything to 90 ft lbs and wouldn't have stripped them. I've been changing my tires for 15 years and this is the first time this has happened to me. I was disappointed in the way the interaction was handled and took my car to a local tire shop to have them fixed. Which is a shame because I use to really trust the guys at Monro.
    Jason - January 2018
  • Needed a tire repair. Service was kind, fast, and affordable.
    Jill - January 2018
  • Went in for an oil change and they found other issues with my car. They let me know what could wait, what needed to be fixed right away, and discounts that they had available. The employees were very friendly.
    Vincent - January 2018
  • These guys did a great job on my car. What used to be a simple task done in the front yard has become a difficult task. Changing a thermostat on an 04 Cavalier requires removing the exhaust manifold just to get to it. Thank you gentlemen car works great and warms up go operating temp again.
    Kerry - January 2018
  • I dont want any coupon from you guys. I am just giving a poor review.
    Divyang - December 2017
  • I. had an oil change
    Joan - December 2017
  • I have been going to Monroe for 20 years. I keep going back because of the service and quality of work. When I leave the Monroe shop I do so with confidence that the work was done right.
    Samuel - December 2017
  • Thank you
    Erin - December 2017
  • Had to get car inspected. I dropped the car off Friday Night and by saturday at noon the car was done. They put new front brakes and rotor on with Lifetime warranty. The Front Counter man clearly explained what he was doing, what discounts were applied and why it was necessary. He also called at each step to let me know when I could expect to have car back. Check In and Check out was smooth.
    Tim - December 2017
  • Dropped off the car and got it back when they said. After providing additional needed no- pressure service too.
    Jkn - December 2017
  • I recently got a tire rotation and oil change and was very pleased with the service. I have an older car and the technicians had a few other recommendations for me, but it was not in my budget so when I said 'no thank you' they moved right on. No pressure. I really appreciate that.
    Julie - December 2017
  • They inspected my car. Now my car is inspected.
    Stuart - November 2017
  • Your service was good and managers were kinds enough.
    Sunghoon - November 2017
  • I was having problems with my car starting. The team at Monroe were quick to diagnose and remedy the problem. The Service was quick and informative.
    Teresa - November 2017
  • Between our two cars, we've had to have 3 tires patched in the last few months. Each time, I've gone into the store with no advance notice, asked for help, and received friendly, same-day service at a reasonable price.
    Rich - October 2017
  • It's hard to find a shop that I can trust, and after having a very involved in depth experience with the guys at Monro in State college, I felt at ease. Whenever there was work that needed to get done, it was made clear to me why, and the technicians and manager all gave me their honest opinions.
    Matthew - October 2017
  • I had my car inspection and service was good.
    Sunghoon - October 2017
  • This is my mechanic shop for day to day maintenance due to their excellent and timely service
    Chowdhury - October 2017
  • went in with a check engine light and misguided directions, the staff took their time with me and explained everything to me so I would understand how to prevent future problems. Dropped my car off in the morning when I picked it up running better than ever its been about a week since and still going strong thanks to Monro!
    Dominic - October 2017
  • Got a mixed blend synthetic oil change. The auto service was great but even more so the customer service with Chris and Josh was exceptional.
    James - October 2017
  • My car drives smoothly, the tire was replaced properly and I haven't had any issues.
    Caitlin - October 2017
  • Was out of town when my alternator broke, the team got us in right away and had the car fixed so we could get back on the road.
    Matthew - October 2017
  • The guys in the shop are well informed and take good care of my car. I've trusted them to take care of oil changes, tire repair, muffler repair and go to them for advice on what services are needed. They never try to talk me into doing something that is not needed. I'll be going to them for as long as I live in State College
    Gregory - October 2017
  • Helped me with my car troubles.
    Vince - October 2017
  • Have been coming to this State College store for years. Never had any issues. They have always treated me right and got my car fixed on time. They are honest, I have never left the garage thinking I was overcharged for anything.
    Mohammed - October 2017
  • Had no slots but Chris worked me in when they had time. Very appreciative since it was my only day of work that week
    Andrew - October 2017
  • We have four vehicles. Our mechanic retired so I tried Monro due to a coupon they had sent in the mail.
    Daniel - October 2017
  • Easy online booking and inspection was done at the scheduled time. Staff were very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
    Lauren - October 2017
  • I went in for inspection and I needed new tires and new brake pads in the near future. The mechanic explained to me in details everything I needed and was very kind .
    Amanda - October 2017
  • Very polite staff who were easy to work with. Relatively quick service and no hassle.
    Alexis - October 2017
  • Very helpful and solved my issue in a timely manner
    Matt - September 2017
  • I had an inspection and oil change, staff is friendly and welcoming.
    Amber - September 2017
  • Economical and reasonable
    Nitin - September 2017
  • I took my vehicle for state safety and emissions inspection. The job was done quickly. The location is conveniently located near a bus stop.
    Jose - September 2017
  • Chris was hands down the most patient and helpful mechanic I've ever let touch my car. Most mechanics are hesitant or completely unwilling to touch modified cars but he didn't turn me away right of the bat like most places do. I'm extremely picky about who I go to and he took the time to understand what I wanted, how I wanted it done, and did his best to fit it in my time frame. I wanted some exhaust work done and his craftmanship and knowledge was by far the best I've seen. I'm the Vice President of the local car club and he even extended a hand to help the rest of the club with any and all needs to the best of his and his teams abilities. Standup guys, very friendly, and incredibly good with customer service. I will not go anywhere else in town anymore but Monroe from now on!
    Robert - September 2017
  • Thanks for your good work
    Sung - September 2017
  • My vehicle has been through the wringer this past year with repairs that it has needed done to it. Monroe has been there through it all and has completed all the work that I have needed done with ease, affordable prices, and great care. They are always honest with me about is wrong, what needs done, and how urgent the situation is. I've never been disappointed with my service at Monroe.
    Kevin - September 2017
  • I get my oil changed here every time I need it done! I've gone to other places before and no place compares with prices and quality of service. I would highly recommend going to Monroe!
    Ali - September 2017
  • Charged me nothing for a check on my engine that's awesome.
    Nicholas - September 2017
  • Got a tire replacement- Ordered and replaced the next business day.
    James - August 2017
  • I ended up paying more than anticipated, but needs were well explained.
    Dr. - August 2017
  • The guys at the state college office were very courteous and would gladly explain anything they were talking about. I felt confident in their abilities and also that they weren't going to try and take advantage of me.
    Kevin - August 2017
  • Had the work done quickly
    Anthony - August 2017
  • Chris and the crew are exceptional to work with. Highly knowledgeable and understanding. Specially with the gremlin in our car.
    Matt - July 2017
  • I needed to get my 2012 Subaru Impreza inspected so I originally went to Lohr's Auto down the street. They couldn't get me in for about a week and then failed my 5 year-old car and said it would need $1700 of work. I called Monro's and they were able to see me within 12 hours and had my car inspected and fixed the same day for less than $500. Plus, they were incredibly kind and explained everything to me. I truly appreciated their customer service, speedy turn-around and VERY affordable price. Will definitely go back for any car repairs/service!
    Daryl - July 2017
  • Car ran and works great now at a fair price
    Brad - July 2017
  • I have gone to the Monro in State College since i moved here about 16 years ago. I enjoy going there because they are quick but efficient and friendly.
    Susan - July 2017
  • My car runs well.
    Britney - July 2017
  • I got an appt at a good time, they had a tv in the waiting room that they let my children switch to a kids show, they were honest about what looks good on my van, weren't pushy about services.
    Stephanie - June 2017
  • Service was great josh is an awesome dude
    John - June 2017
  • Very Good service
    Saud - June 2017
  • Guys were nice and answered all questions with great enthusiasm.
    JD - June 2017
  • My new rims were put on in a timely manner. I am definitely getting my car serviced here again.
    Justin - June 2017
  • I brought in my Hyundai Elantra because the brakes were making noise. Both the manager service clerk were professional and inspected my car. I had to replace the rear rotors and break pads.
    Adam - June 2017
  • I've been going to Monro for all of my car problems and maintenance ever since I got the car 5 years ago. Not only do they do great with oils changes and tire rotation, but they've also done well in replacing brakes and rotors for both my front and back axels. Great company and would highly recommend. The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because some things are overpriced, and sometime they don't inform you of coupons that could save you money if you didn't look ahead of time.
    Ali - June 2017
  • Replaced alternator & battery
    Dan - May 2017
  • I got there early, and they still worked on my car right away. Staff there are always friendly too.
    Janet - May 2017
  • Very professional and customer friendly
    Sam - May 2017
  • Kind and outstanding with reasonable price.
    Sung - May 2017
  • Kind and outstanding with reasonable price.
    Sung - May 2017
  • Kind and outstanding with reasonable price.
    Sung - May 2017
  • Kind and outstanding with reasonable price.
    Sung - May 2017
  • Kind and outstanding with reasonable price.
    Sung - May 2017
  • Kind and outstanding with reasonable price.
    Sung - May 2017
  • i was able to call and get a same day appt for the time i wanted i was in and out in no time!
    Kevin - May 2017
  • I scheduled an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation, and the mechanics took my car in immediately and had the job done in about 30 minutes. The price was great, and the staff members were friendly and professional.
    Stefan - May 2017
  • My car needed a new master brake cylinder. The repair was particularly tricky - Chris did a great job troubleshooting a difficult issue and treated me with wonderful customer care.
    Chris - May 2017
  • Service was efficient and fast work excellent value/cost the best
    John - May 2017
  • I was able to schedule a weekend appt with only a few days notice. Inspection takes minimum 60 minutes and that was with absolutely nothing wrong with my truck. I waited in lobby. Convenient
    Shawn - May 2017
  • easy fix for my oil change problem
    Elijah - May 2017
  • The guys are real nice they do what ever it takes to fix your problem
    Anthony - April 2017
  • I have been having my oil changed at different Monroe's and will continue to go back.
    Denise - April 2017
  • Was in from out of town when my exhaust pipe broke in the middle due to rust. They fixed the pipe so I could drive home safely the next morning. Very nice and very competent staff.
    Steven - April 2017
  • I am a loyal customer of Monro and have been for years. Always taken care of my issues correctly the first time. Will keep coming back
    Ivan - April 2017
  • I was having problems with my car. They were able to get me in within a day or two to have it checked out. It ended up being a simple fix with my oil consumption. So not only did they fix my car faster than any dealership would have but they also provided me with literature to help me understand what was going on
    Kristen - April 2017
  • was able to get the hard to get parts for my car and gave me options on the repair Part was actually delivered days early
    Jim - April 2017
  • Good service, no complaints. I was able to schedule an appt. on-line the same day!
    Kim - April 2017
  • Had a coupon for $20 oil change, so had that done + snow tires mounted and balanced on old tires. Ended up costing $67, which was probably $15-20 more than I would have expected. That was a little disappointing. But they got me in for when I requested and I can't say anything bad about the service, so we'll call it even.
    Jeff - April 2017
  • The manager is very professional and helpful.
    Sam - March 2017
  • The State College location is an A+ location, Manager Chris and Asst Manager Josh are very professional, courteous, and accommodating. But more importantly, are honest. This is the reason I have continued be a customer of this location for over 25 years. The best move your company made was to hire Chris as the manager since the passing of Alvin Knepp. He has the same high standards and ethics as the previous long time manager Alvin Knepp (who passed away from cancer). Al Knepp was the only reason I was return customer then and Chris is now. The managers in between sucked. Chris came along just as I was about to take my business elsewhere. Monro is not the cheapest but this location is the most reputable that has earned my trust. My only fear is that Monro will move him up the corporate ladder and not replace him with someone of equal caliber. Hopefully Monro is paying Manager Chris his actual worth to keep him. As long as honest, ethical, and courteous customer service continues at this location, Monro will continue to get my business for many years to come.
    John - March 2017
  • Best oil out there
    Audrey - March 2017
  • Good explanation of inspection results. I particularly liked the pamphlet detailing brake and tire wear.
    Jon - March 2017
  • I love this place. I feel very comfortable with the service and advice.
    Marjorie - March 2017
  • Chris and his team at the State College, PA Monro are communicative, professional, forthright about work that may need to be done to your car and always a pleasure to work with.
    Gabriel - February 2017
  • Excellent service and friendly and knowledgeable staff. My vehicle really appreciated the care!
    Jacob - February 2017
  • the recommendations, the prices, and the serves are all great and the best in the area. no worries about prices because they give the best deals and do care about their costumers
    Satmah - February 2017
  • I went to Monro to inquire about an oil change and they were able to do it almost immediately. It took a little longer than expected (I really didn't wait that long) and the mechanic apologized and gave me some % off to compensate for it. They were excellent and allowed my service animal to wait with me. Will definitely be coming here in the future!
    Elizabeth - February 2017
  • I always have a positive experience going to the North Atherton Monro. Guys there are really nice and get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. No complaints!
    Karly - February 2017
  • Timely oil change
    Craig - January 2017
  • I've%20been%20visiting%20%20this%20Monro%20since%20last%20year%20and%20the%20manage%20(Chris)%20there%20is%20so%20nice.%20He%20always%20spends%20his%20time%20to%20explain%20every%20single%20thing%20I%20need%20to%20know%2C%20and%20if%20I%20dont%20get%20it%2C%20he%20never%20hesitates%20to%20explain%20again%20with%20smile%20on%20his%20face%20all%20the%20time%2C%20which%20makes%20customer%20(me)%20very%20comfortable%20and%20easy%20to%20understand.
    Sewon - January 2017
  • The explanation was so thorough. I very much appreciated it!
    Jenna - January 2017
  • The staff was very polite. You guys were able to work me in on the weekend when most people wanted to schedule me for the next week, which wouldn't have worked well with my schedule.
    Codi - October 2016
  • Really good customer service and I was given an explanation of what was wrong with my car in a way that I actually understood.
    Catherine - May 2016
  • I really trust the manager Chris. He listens carefully and does good work.
    Ben - April 2016
  • It's fast the price is good.
    Qi - August 2015

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