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(570) 743-6620

1817 N. Susquehanna Trail
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

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What People Are Saying:

  • Had to pay $53 for an oil change during the $20 oil change promotion
    Randy - March 2018
  • Replaced my wife's SUV exhaust it's quieter now then when it was new.
    Jerry - February 2018
  • Information provided about needed services, some of which were performed that day and arrangements made for appointment in near future to complete services. Costs discussed and applicable discounts included.
    Fred - February 2018
  • Noticed a problem with my tire wear shortly after new tires were installed. Stopped in on a random Friday 150 miles from home and the entire team was great. Got me in, fixed the problem, and got me back on the road in 2 hours. A+
    Paul - January 2018
  • Resolved the problem
    Robert - January 2018
  • No problems at all
    Bonita - December 2017
  • Ok
    Kevin - December 2017
  • On 12/17/17 I had an oil change and tire rotation done. My appointment was for 11 and I did not get out of there till almost 1. The hours are convenient at Monro and the prices are reasonable. Main reasons for choosing this location. However, if service continues like that I may have to choose a different location.
    Leticia - December 2017
  • Everyone was very helpful and I was taken and shown why the recommendations were made on my vehicle. It really helps to see why someone is telling you that you need to have new bushings in the control arm, when you had no idea what the control arm was.
    Amy - December 2017
  • Came in, with no appointment, and an almost-dead battery. In fact, they could not even get the car to start, to move it from the parking lot to the service area! They took the car right in, put in a new battery, and I was on my way in less than an hour. The gentleman at the service desk was courteous and helpful.
    Carol - November 2017
  • The local service crew did everything they could to help, but corporate made the decision to offer a really awesome deal on a set of Goodyear Triple Tread tires ($250 rebate) which was in short supply an being discontinued. Though the offer runs to the end of December the limited supply ran out in November leaving excited customers excited to set up appointments, get in the door, and then left with other less stellar options. I give the local crew 5 stars for their help, but corporate only 2 stars for falling into the typical money schemes. I would give 1 star, but Monro is not alone in using this tactic against consumers. Most do not realize it until it is too late and front-line workers do their best to appease those who get caught. Also, I was trying to sign up my new DriveCard with Upromise, but it appears corporate decided to not participate which cleverly blunts the heavily advertised customer incentives with the DriveCard (maximize corporate profits) without many people realizing.
    Bryan - November 2017
  • Service for a flat tire was done quick and easy
    Conor - November 2017
  • Great customer service, no pressure, fixed only what needed to be fix.
    James - November 2017
  • I took my vehicle to Monro for a brake inspection because the brakes were beginning to make a scraping sound. I don't doubt I needed work on the brakes despite the vehicle having only 27,000 mi. on it. I object to what seems like "bait and switch" pricing or at least deceptive pricing (as the price you pay is NEVER the advertised price) and you seem to save very little even with the Drive Card (the Monro credit card promising savings). In addition, I was phoned and told my rear brake job and system flush would cost a total of $505. I confirmed that was the total price - no additional costs. The next day, the shop called to tell me my vehicle was ready. I again asked for the total cost and was told $505 was the total. It was late in the day and I could not get until the following day to pick up my vehicle. I phoned the following day to check their hours and to let them know what time I would be coming in. When I phoned, I once again asked for the total and was told $505. I even questioned it, and asked, "Is that the total for everything?" and was told, "yes". (I have in the past paid by check, so I always ask in advance in case I want to fill out the check before arriving.) This time, however, I planned to pay with my Drive Card I got earlier this year. When I arrived, the technician handed me my keys and stated a total figure much higher than $505.00. I immediately questioned the amount and stated that total I had been given 4 separate times. He then told me he would take $20 off because I was paying with my Drive Card. When I got my Drive Card bill a week later, the total was $555.40!...That is $50.40 more the total I was given on the phone over three different days. What really angered me was a $39.00 shop fee stated as "...This charge represents costs and profits to the motor vehicle facility for miscellaneous shop supplies or waste oil". Should the cost of the work be the cost of the work? You don't order a dinner at a restaurant and pay a fee for the napkin.
    Unhappy - November 2017
  • I liked the oil change service. The let me leave my car there as long as I needed to because I didnt have a ride. But they called me with 5 things that my car "needed". I hate when they do that. I never know if they are truthful.
    Emily - November 2017
  • Fixed a brake issue the dealership said wasn't there. Will definitely go back for additional services.
    Joshua - November 2017
  • buy three get one free deal
    arlen - November 2017
  • Very pleased with the professional job and affordable price.
    David - October 2017
  • Ran out of oil. Had to go buy some. Running a bit behind. But guys were nice about it.
    Chad - October 2017
  • I went in on a Sunday afternoon with a slow tire leak and was taken care of and out in 30 minutes.I was won over with the kindness and punctuality.
    Chuck - October 2017
  • The people are always nice and they help you when you need it and even check other things for you even when you do not ask.
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • Saved my tire, and quoted me on some new ones for a very reasonable price
    Ryan - October 2017
  • We stopped in on Sunday afternoon to get a quote for an exhaust leak caused by the flex pipe separating from the mid pipe. The installer didn't seemed like he really wanted to do it. I said I would like a quote before leaving the car to be repaired. He made an excuse that he might need to remove parts to see the leak. I told him I jacked up the car and I could see laying next to the car. He decided to go out and lay next to the car. He stated if they can cut and weld a new flex pipe in it would be $125. I said that fine because I could get a brand new mid pipe for $80 plus $20 for shipping. When I got a call in the morning the technician stated it would now be $241. I stated that I was quote $125. He stated he needed to talk to his manager. After a couple minutes on hold he came back on the phone and said we will match it, then tried to tell me I should replace all four tires. I explained the two front tires are not even at half their tread life and the back tires are not even at the wear bars. It just seemed like they were trying to make up thier profits. I have lost faith in this location being a fair and reputable repair shop.
    Rahn - September 2017
  • I have always gotten discounts when I had work done by Monroe in the Harrisburg PA area. Saturday, at your store along the "Billion Mile" Susquehanna Valley, I received no discounts on my parts. Further, I applied for a card and was not able to receive at the store??
    Ann - September 2017
  • I recommend Monroe to all my friends because no matter what I get dependable, honest service. Everyone is always respectful to me and gives me honest answers and options. Thank you
    Kim - September 2017
  • Service was excellent
    Sarah - September 2017
  • Daughters front brakes on her car were significantly worn. Received very good service. Brakes and rotors replaced in about an hour an a reasonable cost
    Bill - August 2017
  • good shop, helpful people
    Steve - August 2017
  • Quick service friendly staff
    Shari - August 2017
  • Oil is good. I like how they offer to do other services and tell me some issues that should be addressed with my vehicles.
    Becky - August 2017
  • Got in at my scheduled time. Didn't wait long. Paid and left. Not too pushy and were very upfront.
    Jason - July 2017
  • We've been doing business with this location for the last year. This visit I sent my 18yr old daughter with the car for an oil change. I feel she was unfairly taken advantage of as I gave her a $10 off $50 coupon from the Monroe website, but at the time of checkout, the cashier told her he couldn't use the coupon because he already gave her a discount. The normal price is $64.99 plus fees and tax for a synthetic oil change. Our bill came to $73.68. There was no discount given and that's the most I've ever load at this location for an oil change. Very shady and I don't appreciate my teen daughter being taken advantage of.
    Cassidy - July 2017
  • Oil change was fast and car runs great
    Matt - July 2017
  • I was not asked about having the credit card for the discount on the oil change. They also asked about doing other items to my vehicle that I did not ask for (and was not interested in)
    S. - July 2017
  • I had an oil change and they fixed a burned out back up light.
    Donna - June 2017
  • I purchased 4 tires and had an alignment done. Car drives much better.
    Mary - June 2017
  • I bought four new tires and they were very helpful.
    Colleen - June 2017
  • Your people did fast work and your management was helpful and courteous.
    Alan - June 2017
  • Quick and excellent service.
    Jordan - June 2017
  • I think the price of the oil change keeps going up. It is advertised as $24.99 and it came out to over $31 and they didn't rotate the tires because they said I needed new tires. I went some where else and they said I do not. I am told they work on commission and that is why they do that. They said I would need a new muffler and it is just apart at the muffler and tailpipe.
    Denise - June 2017
  • Wonderful service
    Karen - June 2017
  • No comment
    Carla - June 2017
  • I went to explicitly get an oil change and a wheel alignment, that was it. I got a call half an hour after dropping my car off that told me " your air filter needs replaced, you have a huge oil leak, and your brakes are 5/32..." First of all, he exaggerated all of my problems so he could charge me more for extra services, the problems he mentioned had already been addressed by my mechanic days earlier. Second, when I went to pick up my car, I paid for it and drove it home to replace the air filter myself. I opened the hood to find that Monroe muffler dissembled my air ventilation system and NEVER put it back together. I called them up and they literally had to try and find the bolts and pieces to my car they had lost. They couldn't find these pieces so they had to order new ones, which required me to make three more trips there. After I explicitly asked for only two services, they ripped apart my car to find ways to nickle and dime me and then never put my car back together. I will never go here again, they are unprofessional and quite frankly incompetent.
    Maria - June 2017
  • I took the van in to be inspected for 10:30am the morning I called in. The team was friendly and very efficient in getting the job done in a timely manner while also making sure my van was safe for my family.
    Teresa - May 2017
  • Damien was friendly and knowledgeable. GOT a discount and 6 months free interest with the Monroe card. Saved on tires, alignment, and brakes. Even got two big REBATES on two sets of tires. Thank you Monroe.
    Peter - May 2017
  • Very friendly and helpful if I ask questions about what was done to my vehicle they take the time to answer my question
    Mary - May 2017
  • My car got in right away and didn't take long to get done.
    Kirsten - May 2017
  • brought the truck for an oil change
    Barry - May 2017
  • My Acura TL was telling me that it was time to change the oil. You were able to fit me in that afternoon with no problem. Thanks for also rotating the tires.
    Fred - May 2017
  • Took 2 hrs for oil change, brake fluid flush, and light change. Ridiculous. Also needed 3 technicians to accomplish this
    Abel - May 2017
  • Very professional and "On Time"
    Greg - May 2017
  • n/a
    Barry - May 2017
  • Took car for an oil change. Walked out with inspected vehicle and everything taken care of
    Terry - May 2017
  • Service performed on time. Good customer service
    Bill - May 2017
  • I always go to Monro for my State Inspection. I trust them and the work they do.
    Dawn - May 2017
  • Great service but... the 9.99% service charge didn't add up to 9.99 %. What's the story???
    Gregory - April 2017
  • Quality product Quick service Disappointed manager could not match local competitors price (difference of $10)
    Matt - April 2017
  • Quality product Quick service Disappointed manager could not match local competitors price (difference of $10)
    Matt - April 2017
  • I stopped on my way to work in the morning to have them check out a noise my car was making. They got me right in and repaired the problem super quick . They took time to answer my questions and also kept me aware of what was going on. Great job guys!
    Heather - March 2017
  • I am happy with my experience.
    Beau - March 2017
  • Was in and out very quickly. Rotated tires and inform me of repairs that will soon be needed.
    Charles - March 2017
  • Needed new brakes. Called and was able to get them replaced the same day .
    Matt - March 2017
  • Excellent treatment
    Daylis - March 2017
  • Would give 0 stars if I could. Wanted to "fix" problems that didn't exist. Got quoted over $600 for repairs. Took to a garage I trusted for a second opinion. They fixed my issue for just over $100.
    John - March 2017
  • Very fast and friendly service.
    Paul - March 2017
  • It's awesome
    Jason - March 2017
  • Felt pressured to do more and more work to my car and to spend more money. Had a coupon and still paid much more than intended.
    Tiana - March 2017
  • Charged $73. Cost way too much. Will not have another done at Monroe.
    James - March 2017
  • Called and was given a same day appointment, which was very convenient
    John - February 2017
  • Our vehiclenruns smoother now
    Robert - February 2017
  • the manager is always great and so are the employes
    Barbara - February 2017
  • Very nice men working at this Monroe location
    Leena - February 2017
  • Damien is Always awesome and explains everything to me. Always does what is right and trys to give me the best deal.
    Veronica - February 2017
  • What my car needed was explained in a way that was very easy to understand. Multiple options were given to me and I didn't feel any pressure from the mechanics
    Sydney - February 2017
  • Always great service at Monro on the Strip.
    Mark - January 2017
  • I liked that they explained what they found from their various checks of the brakes, tires, etc and provided that information for me to take with me. I felt informed leaving Monro and felt I had received good, thorough service.
    Laina - March 2016
  • Service guy at the counter was courteous and professional.
    Mandy - September 2015
  • Damon is an outstanding employee. Great customer service.
    Eli - September 2015
  • Very prompt service with professional and friendly assistants made the visit quite a pleasant experience.
    Michelle - September 2015
  • The guys there are always friendly and helpful.
    Cesar - September 2015

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