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What People Are Saying:

  • I needed an oil change asap, I stopped in and they fitted me in. Upon rotation of my tires, they noticed they were wearing differently between the back and front. So they did a free alignment check, sure enough my tires needed alignment. The saved me some money because if it went unnoticed I might have had to buy new tires AGAIN.
    Christel - March 2018
  • The best part of the service I received at Monroe in Sayre was the manager Scott had great customer service skills and is a great mechanic. Explained everything my vehicle needed and did the work in a timely manner.
    Melissa - February 2018
  • I really appreciated being able to walk in and have my vehicle worked on immediately. I was traveling from out of town and did not have the option of leaving the vehicle overnight. Dennis and his staff completed the service by 12 noon and had me on my way.
    Vinnie - February 2018
  • They got me in quickly and had my service done within the hour.
    Rachel - January 2018
  • Great service, very friendly and honest
    Ashley - January 2018
  • I would recommend this place to anyone I know. The employees are detailed in explaining current situation and have you leaving feeling confident that you understand about your vehicle.
    Lisa - January 2018
  • a bit expensive
    Melvin - January 2018
  • Very quick at setting up appointments as soon as possible. They look over everything to make sure your car is reliable.
    Justess - January 2018
  • I came to Monro in Sayre,PA to get new tires on my 2006 Chevy Malibu and I’ll be honest I have heard horror stories about many mechanics taking advantage of woman, and I have had my share from the dealership I bought this vehicle from. So I did have my doubts but as I handed my keys to the nice gentleman, my nerves began to ease up and I was able to relax while waiting. When my vehicle was done...the nicest thing ever was when the technician was concerned about my wiper blades as well, I knew they needed changed but for them to see that and do it for me was an absolute blessing! Specially with the impending snow storm and the technician was nice enough to fill my wiper fluid as well. So I can this place restored my feelings about garages.
    Hannah - December 2017
  • Engine oil needed to be changed,winter tires were installed and they also noticed my wipers needed changing. All this is necessary for proper running and driving my vehicle!
    Janet - December 2017
  • Not satisfied with diagnosis for failed inspection. I feel that I was being taken advantage of, but little did the shop manager and mechanic know is that I am knowledgeable of automobiles. The mechanic kept the front tire off the vehicle with the hope that he would be replacing the tie rod. The inspection was thorough, but it took over an hour to get my car back. I had an appointment, and the previous manager would have at least assisted in the inspection. The problem I have is that they, mechanic and manager assumed that I would just say yes to repair and purchase of 2 new tires. After my inspection of the tie rod myself, I could not find any tears in the rubber, or movement in any direction. Since the vehicle did have 130K miles on it, I decided not to get a second inspection elsewhere, and replaced it myself. I have been a good customer for Monroe over the years. I have now 4 cars, and recently had 5 and was a customer who trusted Monroe until now. I have heard stories from others about the high price that Monroe has quoted them. I realize you want to give total quality parts, and you do not want customers to second guess Monroe, but they do. Your service reps are not asking the right questions to their customers that would gain their trust. Since Monroe now wants to have appointments, you now have begun to act like the local mechanics shop. If that is how you want portrayed, then you need to have managers understand their customers more. Your manager and mechanic was surprised that I did not want them to do the repair. I am capable of all mechanical work myself, and have all the tools necessary. I realize you go through managers often, I therefore recommend that you hire and compensate managers so they are off commission completely. Sincerely meant, Rich Reilly
    Richard - November 2017
  • Good service
    Mike - November 2017
  • The team at both the Monro Muffler in Sayre and Ithaca are great! Always there to help us
    Joshua - November 2017
  • The manager tried to sell me a battery explaining my battery was not charged fully anymore. Mind you my car turned right over that morning in 20 degree temperatures. Turned right over them 2xs. The 3rd time after the mechanic fixed my brakes , the battery was dead. Took them 30 minutes to recharge it. I don’t know what the mechanic did , that killed my battery . That I had to replace it the next day. Because of the mechanic carelessness .Very disappointed in the service. Awful way to try and advantage of a customer.
    Julie - November 2017
  • The gentlemen at Monro were great! Explained what was needed for my car in simplistic terms. They were very approachable and not intimidating. I know where I will be taking my car for service. It was a great experience.
    Heather - October 2017
  • I called just an hour before I wanted to get in and Monroe was able to accommodate my needs. Monroe was then quick changing my oil and filter.
    Devan - October 2017
  • Great guys polite and get the job done for a price you can afford
    Doreen - October 2017
  • Very friendly and helpful
    Lisa - October 2017
  • Poor customer service and bad pricing
    Joe - September 2017
  • They assessed our car let us know what it needed and what could wait they were very professional and got our car back very quickly.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Great and very kind people that work here. They remember who you are and make you feel welcome. Dennis is a great manager. Only complaint is waiting a few hours, but I do know things come up when vehicles are worked on.
    Angel - September 2017
  • Monro did a great job at handling my state inspection and oil change. They also discovered that one of my tires was damaged and were able to replace that as well, all relatively quickly.
    Damiem - September 2017
  • Yup
    Allen - September 2017
  • I recently visited Mr. Tire in Sayre, PA with a leak in my tire and the problem was diagnosed and fixed immediately.
    Laura - September 2017
  • I went in for an alignment & the service was impeccable!
    Sabrina - August 2017
  • I am very satisfied with my trip to Monro - both the service and the work that was done
    Leslie - August 2017
  • Waited extra 15 to 20 min to pay and leave while clerk took one call after another instead of asking them to hold and cut me loose
    John - August 2017
  • They do great work in a timely manner
    Dustin - August 2017
  • I got my car looked at and they were very caring due to my bad tires. We're willing to do what they could for me to be safe.
    Casandra - July 2017
  • I get my oil change here every time, and when I get work done this is where I go.
    - July 2017
  • Took vehicle in for a inspection after having it checked out prior to inspection to make sure would pass. Monroe wouldn't pass it without me buying 2 new tires and a $75 alignment is way too much!!
    Cassie - July 2017
  • Happy with the work performed to my Gas line.
    Rich - July 2017
  • Waited about an hour for an oil change and tire rotation. Staff was friendly.
    Charles - July 2017
  • On June 30, 2017 I went to Monro in Sayre, PA for a what should have been a simple brake pad replacement. The very next day I had to return it for an odd sound coming from the front right caliper. I was told that it was "rust" or other debris because they turned the rotors the day prior.... figure that one out. On July 5, 2017 while driving at highway speed, the front right brake line failed. I nursed it to the nearest Monro in Elmira, NY and was informed it failed because something was bent causing too much tension in the line. The underlying cause was stated as "technician let caliper hang by the brake line". They put a block on the line and I drove for 2 days with only one front brake. Not bad if you want to make a left turns really quick. Which brings us to today.... a bolt fell out of the caliper (I'm sure you know which caliper, but just in case...right front!). As a result the caliper raised when the brakes were applied and it commenced to gouging the hell out of the aluminum rim. Well, I go to pick it up and the kind gentleman informed me that they would replace my rim! Well no s%#t! They were the reason it needs replaced at all. I paid $583.00 and have been broke down, cobbled together or have had my vehicle down for repeat maintenance 3 times not including the initial visit. In return I get to have my rim replaced? They have got to be kidding me. He mentioned a certificate off future purchase? Seriously? I should have given him an certificate for me to pay on my next visit. That is insulting. The manager stated he needed to call corporate to get permission for the certificate, but unless there is a monkey dialing the phone for him.....I'll believe it when I see it.
    Richard - July 2017
  • Fast and very pleasant service. Always great do do business with.
    Alicia - July 2017
  • Appointment on time. quick service Happy camper
    Leo - July 2017
  • Very friendly staff
    Brody - June 2017
  • I came for new tires and an alignment. Dennis helped me out and made me feel welcome in the store. He got me the lowest price possible and made my visit a pleasure. I'll be back. 100%
    Chris - June 2017
  • Everyone was very nice. They were fast, thorough and super friendly.
    Jenna - April 2017
  • The oil change was fine but the technician ruined at least a couple of my lug nuts that I know of. I tried to remove a tire to replace the serpentine belt and it's impossible now.
    Shauna - March 2017
  • Got in and out quick
    Shane - March 2017
  • I stopped in without an appointment to get my tires mounted. The gentleman at the counter was very friendly. I only had to wait about 10 minutes and my car was ready to go.
    Kyle - March 2017
  • I had an alignment done. The guy that did the work on my car answered all my questions and had my vehicle fixed within a reasonable amount of time. No problems at all.
    Matt - February 2017
  • They tell you things that they think is causing your heat not to work and you have them fix it and it's not even the problem.
    Thomas - February 2017
  • Quick service. Friendly staff.
    Shauna - February 2017
  • Timely
    Donna - February 2017
  • est was created 2 Jan 2017, for replacing both front wheel bearings & checking alignment. total w/tax as $527.06. just over a week later rec'd a coupon in mail for additional 15% off, that would bring total to $447.95. est# 252857 6 Feb stopped in to make appointment for Fri 10 Feb 2017. bring vehicle in on Fri a.m., once it's in air on lift, tech begins to remove rear tires. I asked the Dist Mgr who happened to be there covering the counter why the rear tires were being removed when front bearing were to be replaced. He checks with tech & paperwork, finds out that work order was entered as rear bearings. Would appear that rather than pulling up original estimate & converting into work order, a whole new process was started and entered for wrong wheels. was told Monday when scheduling appointment that aprx time would be an hour to hour-half. as it turns out, it took 3-1/2 hrs. Inv# 165537, Est# 253797, 02/10/17, 11:53:18 time. appointment was for 8:30am, was brought in shop 8:20am. after work was done, and finalizing bill, was told the total was well over $650.00 work done was both front wheel bearings, rotate tires (since rear were already off by clerical error) & check alignment. the alignment consisted of turning 2 nuts 5 turns. took tech another 20 minutes to redo dollar amounts from original estimate to get pricing corrected. attention to detail is very lacking!! admin process is in total disarray. just a bad situation all around.
    Dave - February 2017
  • I've been going to Monro for a while. Your current manager is very knowledgable and explains problems well. Also he doesn't try to push unneeded repairs.
    Dick - June 2016
  • Ken made sure that I knew what components of my truck were likely to need service and in what order I should take care of them. He was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable about my truck.
    Ariana - September 2015
  • The employees are friendly and helpful and they do exceptional work.
    Stacy - August 2015
  • The manager was very great! He explained everything to me so I could understand and conversed with the customers.
    Heather - August 2015
  • Their knowledge of the service needed, and their attitude for helping was great.
    Doug - August 2015

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