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297 Mt. Lebanon Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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What People Are Saying:

  • Pothole flats suck! That said, the people at Munro took care of me immediately! I had my 95-year-old mother with me, and we were handled with kid gloves. Thank you!
    Debbi - February 2018
  • Great service!
    Thomas - February 2018
  • Sent a survey a few days ago. No response. Brought a 98 Regal to have starter looked at. Was told needed a new one of $400. I declined and was told they could do it for $250 cash. Had it done. Took a 05 Ford Escape in a few days later for service emission light that was on. Charged me $390 for sensor and oil change ($52). Found out later that I could have bought the sensor for half that amount. Was call two weeks later to come pick up my car at Monroe and i informed them my car was in the garage. Was told Jeff was new manger and other clowns were fired. I relayed the above story and was offered two free oil changes to stay a customer. Brought the 98 Regal back to have something checked that cost $50 and I tried using the two free oil changes for payment and was looked at liked nobody knew what I was talking about. I'm done. Thanks
    Paul - February 2018
  • Excellent service.
    Stephen - February 2018
  • Outstanding service during a very busy time. Jeff and Mike helped be get 4 new tires and received the price match. The install was also done two days earlier than expected. A+ This location has been taking care of my family's cars for over ten years now. Looking forward to 10 more years.
    Dayna - January 2018
  • Was a great customer service experience
    Palmer - January 2018
  • I headed to Pittsburgh for the weekend and noticed a knocking noise halfway into my trip (4 hrs). Pulled over and nothing was out of the ordinary. Continued on and things didn't change. Visited Mike at the Mt Lebanon Blvd location and he got me in first thing on Saturday morning. He was able to diagnose and fix the issue that day. His willingness to help kept my plans on track. My return trip was on time AND uneventful. Thanks, Mike, and the Mt Lebanon Blvd team! I'll definitely be back!
    A - January 2018
  • I called at 11 & they were able to squeeze me in at 1 the same day for an oil change, which was great. The technician who did my change noticed that my headlights were very clouded over. He had some time, so he polished them for no charge. Due to this little act of kindness, I chose Monro to do a $500.00 brake job later in the week.
    Josh - January 2018
  • Very good service at Monro. They provided everything I needed.
    Stefanie - January 2018
  • Slow service, disregarded my appointment time, expensive, and lack of knowledge.
    Melissa - December 2017
  • I called for an appointment for someone to look at my brreaks as the breaklight kept coming on when temperature dipped below 37 degrees and I was going up a hill. Munro got me scheduled same day, analyzed my car and decided that I only needed brake fluid vs actually purchacing new brakes. They didn't even charge me a dime, which really made my day.
    Greg - December 2017
  • After years of going here, I'm seriously considering not coming back.
    Thomas - November 2017
  • Ryan Henie is absolutely wonderful! He walked me through everything that needed done with my car. Explained everything to where I could understand it. Not only is he great, but the entire shop is as well. I wouldn't trust my car with anyone else! I have never felt like they took adventage of me and I always felt the work was done to the best it could be. This shop come with my highest recommendation!
    Leah - September 2017
  • Been going here for years for service and state inspection but no more. Twice I scheduled service for state inspection and oil change and twice while showing up to drop off car I was told they wouldn't be able to meet the appointment. The first time the manager said "I probably should have called you, to let you know they inspector is off this week". So, then who approved the appointment if there was no capacity available? No apology or even a, "let me schedule" a new appointment for you, Nothing, just let me walk out the door. Second time, again made an appointment online and when I show up to drop off I'm told they may not have time to get to it as they have 7 other inspections lined up. It was like oh well, you're problem not mine. No apology or offer for a solution even when I reminded him that this was the second time they've wasted my time. Tell me you're sorry, work on a solution and maybe throw in a free oil change and you will have not lost a customer. I felt like he was saying it was my fault for using their online scheduler. My feeling is if you're not going to take responsibility for simple customer service and communication, how can I trust you to take responsibility for servicing my vehicle? Disappointed.
    JB - August 2017
  • Excellent customer service. I brought my highlander in for a variation of services and the guys made sure that I was completely satisfied with the repairs. They also gave me detailed explanations to set my mind at ease. Would really recommend sending anyone there. Thanks Dave, Ryan, and Jim!
    Vanessa - August 2017
  • Friendly manager and all work was completed in a timely manner. I'll be back in a few thousand miles!
    Jeff - August 2017
  • The only reason I went back to this location is because they ordered me a new splash guard for my vehicle that got destroyed while driving because they failed to put it back on right to begin with. I didn't want to go back here, but the manager who called me after my first bad review said he'd appreciate it if I gave this location another chance. When I went back in I felt like they resented the fact that I was back. Really had the attitude they were doing me a favor. I can't say enough bad things about this location or I'd be here all day long. I WILL NOT GO BACK. EVER!
    Heather - July 2017
  • Friendly service at a very reasonable price.
    Edward - July 2017
  • Had an appointment but had to come back in half an hour. It still took 1 hour for oil change/tire rotation
    Cathy - July 2017
  • Good Service.
    Steve - June 2017
  • Take it here now ONLY for convenience. Since the former manager Bob left things have not been the same sadly.
    Heather - June 2017
  • I enjoy getting my car serviced at the Mt. Lebanon Blvd. Monro Muffler. Great, personable, and knowledgeable staff.
    Sam - May 2017
  • Whether I'm looking for new tires or brakes, or just getting my oil changed I always come to Monro Muffler where the service is fast, high-quality, and professional.
    Sara - May 2017
  • I dropped my car off at 125pm for an oil change, came back at 230pm to pick it up and it was still parked in the same spot I left it at 1:25 p.m.... as I was waiting in line to pick up my car and the guy at the front desk sent a guy out to pull my car into a bay to just start the oil change. I actually just wanted to take my keys and go and they started the oil change without asking me if I wanted to wait, it took them 15 minutes to change the oil and another 15 to get my keys to me I did not get out of there till after 3 p.m. I think it was very unprofessional.
    Shawna - May 2017
  • The employees at Monro explained everything to me and tried to help me out if possible by explaining why certain things need replaced and what would be in my best interest. I felt like they were not trying to rip me off like I told them had happened previously at a Hyundai dealership.
    Michael - May 2017
  • The product and service was great and I would definitely come back in the future.
    Edward - April 2017
  • I called to schedule an oil change and they were able to get me in right away. They noticed my inspection was due in a month and offered to get that out of the way too. They even saved me some money. I've been going to Monro for years but this was my first time at this location. I'll definitely be back.
    Kayla - March 2017
  • Good work done on time
    John - March 2017
  • I had an oil additive I wanted put in and they did so and showed me the empty bottle as proof that they had done it. I had additional questions about my car problems and they were able to answer them for me.
    Herbert - March 2017
  • They were easy to schedule and my car was done promptly!
    Lisa - March 2017
  • Employee went out of his way to assist me
    Seandria - March 2017
  • everything done well and on time
    Phil - February 2017
  • Staff was very helpful, seemed honest. Repairs done quickly and efficiently.
    Michael - January 2017
  • This was just a visit for a burned out stop light bulb, and they told me I could come in and they would do it while I waited. I think I was out in under 10 minutes. Now that is service.
    Carl - June 2016
  • Everything is always explained to me and everyone is always very friendly.
    Carol - April 2016

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