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410 Home Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • My sensor failed in an older car and they were able to diagnose the problem and fix it in a timely manner, including ordering the part so that my car can pass inspection.
    Kristin - March 2018
  • Had to get new tires...but explained everything properly, were very compassionate, and helped with a good price.
    Justin - February 2018
  • A top-notch service, staff was friendly and answered all my questions. The speed of their service was especially appreciated, as I had a 1 year old with me who was growing rapidly unhappy.
    Michael - February 2018
  • Got an oil change at the location, but I was somewhat misled, I believe. I offered a coupon for an oil change for 14.99, and ended up paying well over 30 dollars. The coupons need to be a lot more specific! The service was also incredibly slow, I waited up to close to 45 minutes. I thought it would be worth it since I thought I was getting a good deal, but I was very disappointed. However, I thought the friendliness of the staff was fantastic and unmatched. Not sure I will return.
    Shawn - February 2018
  • Great service- Brakes are good now and no shimmy when cruising at 70 mph.
    Chris - February 2018
  • Service was timely and fair priced
    Brett - January 2018
  • How was super friendly and accommodating. I had coupon and sometimes they will treat you differently...nope... they were awesome!
    Brandi - January 2018
  • Friendly prompt service ??
    Karen - November 2017
  • I called Monroe last minute spoke with Dave he conveniently work me into their schedule
    Gregory - November 2017
  • Every one at monro is always great! They treat me with respect and don't treat me like I don't know what I'm talking about. Their service is always top of the line.
    Joey - November 2017
  • I will continue to come to this Monro because every time I come there they are always honest with me I appreciate it cause I feel when they see a WOMAN coming they see SUCKER so I am very thankful for them at this Monro
    Carmen - November 2017
  • Got rear brake drum replaced.
    Khalique - October 2017
  • Got rear brake drum replaced.
    Khalique - October 2017
  • Joe was great! He was really able to help me out and explain the details of what needs done to my truck. I love coming here and getting dealing with these guys.
    John - October 2017
  • oil changes excellent. tires too new to evaluate.
    Jack - October 2017
  • The were a lot of additional items identified that need to be done, but they all were expected. They did a good job.
    Khalique - October 2017
  • Went to Monroe for an oil change, upon calling the same day for an appointment, they were able to schedule me within an hour. Once I arrived, my car went straight back for work to begin. Wh Ile changing my oil, the service manager informed me about my battery, did a free diagnostic test, and sold me a new battery. Very good service, excellent sales tactics, and an all around great experience. Will always go back for preventive maintenance.
    Zach - October 2017
  • Quickly done
    Daniel - October 2017
  • My son got sick the second we walked in the door for my oil change and they were very kind and understanding. They even inquired how he was when we came back for the car.
    Triss - September 2017
  • Went for an oil change, and also asked them to take a look at a noise coming from underneath my car. They figured out the noise for free. Honest people.
    Yash - September 2017
  • Super convenient and got the job done. Pleased with my service.
    Amanda - September 2017
  • Employees were fast, efficient & knowledgeable! They treated me politely & respectfully!
    Anjelica - September 2017
  • I liked the fact that the techs didn't suggest a ton of things that needed done in addition to what I was there for, and had me in and out as quickly as possible (given the circumstances - I was there for a couple hours)
    Erica - September 2017
  • quick and efficient -- seem to have a high turnover of managers
    Laurie - September 2017
  • I was able to schedule my appointment via the website the afternoon prior, and when i arrived twenty minutes early the staff saw to me and had me finished before my appointment was even to begin! While sitting in the waiting area I saw the assistant manager go beyond his way to help another customer with pricing tires and some other work they were looking to have completed. Just a great group of guys running a wonderful shop! Glad to know that in my new city I have a shop that I can go to and not have to worry a second about being taken for a ride.
    Buzzo - August 2017
  • They were ok and I had to get new wiper blades but they had a special and I was able to get this done on a Saturday which was very convenient since I work Monday through Friday.
    Jonathan - August 2017
  • Had some free time between appointments, and my company vehicle was due for an oil change. I have heard good things, so I decided to give Monro a try. Went in with no appointment and the old change was done very quickly! I know where I will be going from now on!
    Beagle - August 2017
  • Inspection visit. Quick, honest, and painless
    Rick - July 2017
  • Quick inspection. All went great!
    Rick - July 2017
  • Service
    Vincent - July 2017
  • The staff was very knowledgeable and showed me exactly what's was wrong with my car. They were able to get the parts in and fix it for a reasonable price.
    Jessica - June 2017
  • oil change inside 30 minutes
    Dorine - June 2017
  • Took both my wife's car and my car while we walked around the area. Very professional service and staff.
    Zac - June 2017
  • Brought my car in to fix my broken tailpipe. Was expecting to have to buy new muffler/tailpipe and spend a couple hundred buck, but the guys in the shop were able to work some magic and fixed my broken tailpipe for under $100! They were straight forward with me and I would do business there again.
    Frankie - June 2017
  • I would return for this service again
    Justin - June 2017
  • Oil change the way they should be. in and out .
    Ron - June 2017
  • Ok, no problem
    George - June 2017
  • Rick is phenomenal. He is very helpful and informative and doesn't treat me like a young stupid customer.
    Joeylynne - May 2017
  • Both gentlemen at the store were very nice and explained everything to me to help me understand better. My fiance and father have both brought their cars here before. Tire promo buy 3 get 1 free with free installation can't be beat!
    Suzanne - May 2017
  • I went to change brakes to my car, I have never visited Monro before and I got surprised about the quality of the service and products and professionalism of the associates. Good quality and service, reasonable price, car was ready on the scheduled time.
    Enrique - May 2017
  • Easy to make an appointment and the oil change was quick. The service was the friendliest around. The the gentleman at the front desk was extremely nice and seems very knowledgeable.
    Kelly - April 2017
  • I scheduled the oil change that morning for 6PM the same day. After the appointment was confirmed, I got two phone calls. One telling me they were running behind schedule and would I be open to moving to 6:30 or another time on Saturday. The other saying the schedule had freed up and that 6PM was still available. Both these calls went to voicemail, but I appreciate how thoughtful the technician was with regards to my time and convenience. I arrived at 6PM and they got my car started immediately. Was out and driving in less than an hour.
    Anjuli - April 2017
  • I received an oil change at this location and everything went very smoothly. Additionally, I received feedback regarding my vehicle.
    Chad - April 2017
  • All the mechanics are always upfront about costs and what you need to know about your vehicle. My car takes more expensive oil and they always make sure to tell me ahead of time. The manager is great too!
    Joey - March 2017
  • Rick was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to explain and show me what was going on. I'll definitely be back!!!
    John - March 2017
  • Excellent service
    Rich - March 2017
  • The Manager was very professional and upfront about the turnaround time and how and why they patch a hole in the tire (nail/screw) instead of using a plug. I work less then a mile from the shop and the manager offered to drop me off at work. I was blown away by this offer. I received a call a little while later letting me know my car was ready for pickup. It had been awhile since I had used this shop as I previously had a poor experience with a different manager. Seeing how that he is gone I will definitely be back.
    Kent - March 2017
  • I was able to book an appointment for an oil change on Thursday and go to it on Sunday. I even found a coupon on the website for a few dollars off my oil change. The process took less than an hour and the staff was very helpful and accommodating. I will most definitely be back!
    Anjuli - February 2017
  • This was just a standard oil change
    Jill - February 2017
  • No frills. No fuss. Mechanics doing their job and trying to do right by their customers
    M.G. - February 2017
  • Nice pricing on work performed.
    Rick - January 2017

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