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(215) 831-1131

3650 Aramingo Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Been going here for years good service very nice people a little $$ but ok
    Mike - March 2018
  • The service is fast and the pricing is reasonable. Will need new tires soon and was quoted a good price on them as well. I appreciate the email and mail reminders for when I'm due for an oil change (those stickers with the mileage fall off.. Lol).
    Nicole - January 2018
  • The manager Joe, took the time to wait on hold trying to contact my extended warranty company. Even though the shop was very busy he showed patience and professionalism.
    Shawanda - January 2018
  • Very fast service
    Melvin - January 2018
  • they looked over my car without charging and asking me to make a purchase after.
    Crystal - January 2018
  • Everyone was super friendly and they took care of my car super fast considering how messed up it was!
    Amanda - December 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and even though there was a wait I was in and out in less time then I thought. The price was great and the work done is always amazing.
    Angelique - December 2017
  • Went to get an oil change and based on the coupon I was supposed to get my tires rotated, my brakes inspected, tire pressure checked, and battery checked. When i askes the service manager on the day I went he stated it was done,however, I did not see my tires get rotated, anyone look under my hood or inspect my brakes. If they had done, they would have told me I needed bake brakes, which I already knew, and that my battery was good, which I already knew bc I just got it. My tires were not rotated because I just got a new two days before amd it was still in on the rearrl driver side. In my opinion, don't advertise services that comes "free" with an oil change and don't do it. I was in and out of that oil change real quick, too quick for such services to be done.
    Super - December 2017
  • The oil change was great and fast. They even recommended a part my vehicle needed.
    Joy - December 2017
  • Wait time is long for an oil change even after calling and scheduling an appt time.
    Tiffany - October 2017
  • I like my oil change services from monro
    Neidalina - October 2017
  • Very warming the way that the recive us.
    William - October 2017
  • My family has been going to this location since they opened over 30 years ago. The service is always excellent.
    Steven - September 2017
  • My car is running great :)
    Tyheed - September 2017
  • Monroe does a greata job on everything only reason I give four stars is because the wait is sometimes longer than usual
    Dan - September 2017
  • I arrived close to closing time for an extremely necessary oil change and instead of sending me away they completed my oil change with no complaints in less than 20 minutes
    Angelique - September 2017
  • Employees were very friendly and professional!!
    Haneefa - September 2017
  • I got an oil change
    Debra - August 2017
  • They were very fast, i was in and out.
    Carlos - August 2017
  • Dropped off car, got something to eat found out brakes were fine except for one. Car had statement o. Dashboard saying tires low please add air and when I left it was saying the same thing. They said well I can see if mechanic can reset it if you wait. Duahhhh that's why I came in the first place. I will get it seviced at Chevrolet dealer
    Myra - August 2017
  • Manager was friendly..No wait for an oil change
    Barbara - July 2017
  • Great customer service and the guys have you in and out answering any questions you have.
    Marcus - July 2017
  • I feel I did not receive great service,the mechanics did not provide basic service that is required for an inspection, and I had to return my vehicle due to their neglect. My vehicle also makes noise that it did not before.
    Lavanne - July 2017
  • Great service done time in a timely manner. I went in for an oil change and the service guy fixed my windshield wiper. Will definitely bring more business. Thank You!
    Nicole - June 2017
  • Reasonably priced services with good technicians in house. 100x better than that place next door...
    Mike - June 2017
  • Oil change
    Margarita - May 2017
  • Joe made sure to fit me in last minute. I called all over and no one could fix my muffler for me. He told me to bring my car in and they'll see if they will be able to do it. Without a doubt the best place to go in Philadelphia. These guys care about their customers which is rare to find around here. I will be back 100%. Thanks to Felix the mechanic I have a car to drive this week.
    Riley - May 2017
  • I needed to get my car inspected .it was the end of the day. The staff did the inspection and gave me some helpful hints on my car maintenance. They made my night.
    Jennifer - May 2017
  • I'm bringing all my vehicles there
    Andrew - May 2017
  • I have always gone to Monroe for tires. I honestly believe they give me to proper knowledge when my tires need to be replaced and the type of tires that are best for the amount of driving I do.
    Lisa - May 2017
  • Speedy service
    Aisha - May 2017
  • gets you in and out fast knows how to trat his customers and his workers
    Michael - May 2017
  • I called to see availability and was told to come in there was no wait. It took less than an hour and i was out on the road again. Everyone was nice and answered any questions i had.
    Beksy - May 2017
  • mike and his staff are the best put new tires on my truck everthing was good he is a very goog supervisor
    Michael - April 2017
  • bought 4 new good year wrangler truck tires sra 245 70 r17 truck shakes going 50 miles per hour worse at 55 60 65 miles per hour have 90 day warranty will be going back one week later to resolve this matter mike dadak store manager took my order yhe men who did the job was on the phone more then working I will be there Saturday 4 22 17 am
    Michael - April 2017
  • This was a oil change
    Coleland - April 2017
  • Did not fix what I asked to fix in my brake system paid for extra $140 for nothing and did not even say what they fixed on the receipt
    Jesse - April 2017
  • When I first start coming to Monro, they would take the time to explain to what was wrong with my car and what need to be done to have it run good. My last two visit was disappointing to say the less. In February 2017 I came in to get an alignment, driving home my car started drifted to the right. I called and was ask to bring it back in, could not had to work (on the road) a lot. I was told, when I did come back I would get a free Oil change, no one knew about it when I return on April 12,2017 for an oil change. I paid $47.97 for the oil change. Only now after asking questions and explain to them something more has to be wrong with my car, that I learn my Hubs (front) need to be replace. During my oil change I ask to see the car while up in the air to talk about what happen to me on my last visit; I received a incomplete service job. Monro has been my shop to visit for me when I needed service(s) to my car. The location I usually going, Aramingo, Philadelphia, PA, more than 16 miles form my home. They need to get back to talking care of their customers, take a few minutes to tell the customers what is going on with their car and what need to be done and first if fit the bill. I still need that wheel alignment.
    Bentorra - April 2017
  • I had tire mouth and balance service. I paid almost double price than what it was written on the simpletire website. After i picked up the car, it was shaking on high speed. I took it back to the shop but they denied to check it again their bad work. After 1 hour talking on the phone with customer service and district manager next day i took it to the different location. And they even complained about bad balancing work. I left my car to the shop with no shake and pick up with new tire and its still shaking... so it was the worst service i had ever.. never again
    Hayri - April 2017
  • If there were any problems they take care of them right away with no questions asked, you can not ask for better service. Thank You
    Ernest - April 2017
  • I had an appointment at 10:15am on a Monday which I know is normally a busy day. I got there at my scheduled time and they took my car right in and I was done within 30 mins. Service guy let me that my car took a different kind of oil that was going to cost a little more before he put it in. Service was absolutely perfect.
    Tawanda - April 2017
  • Had some problems with the other location waiting 6 sometimes 8 hr for inspection and oil change. I went to another location and would come back. Very nice manager and honoured my coupon from another store.great service
    Cathalina - March 2017
  • Had some problems with the other location waiting 6 sometimes 8 hr for inspection and oil change. I went to another location and would come back. Very nice manager and honoured my coupon from another store.great service
    Cathalina - March 2017
  • The people at that store are friendly and polite
    Raymond - March 2017
  • They were quick and efficient
    Alexis - March 2017
  • I've coming here for a while now, for inspections,oil changes and last year i bought new tires on line and had this shop intall them for me on my SUV Never had a complaint always great service and quick for any busy life. last week went to get my oil change and it was done on time when they said it was going to be ready. I will continue to service my car here for as long as i have it and of course if i ever have a bad experience i will let them know just as quick as i give them compliments. thanks
    Luis - March 2017
  • Always gets me in as soon as possible usually same day...
    Katherine - March 2017
  • The service was speedy aswell as confident that the work was being done efficiently and properly
    Marvin - March 2017
  • I've been taking my car here for 8 years and have always been very satisfied.
    Kathy - February 2017
  • They did my brakes recently. The wait time was over 2 hours but they also replaced a wheel stud. They convinced me I only needed to replace my rear brakes for now. I went to them for a grinding noise when I brake. Since I didnt do the front brakes I still hear the noise and they didnt say if it could be something else
    Jake - February 2017
  • I got my oil change with free tire rotation and had my tire balanced. They did the work right away and a good job.
    James - February 2017
  • Great service.!!!
    Chris - February 2017
  • They fixed my issues on my suv and told me issues I had with my suv. They didn't even pressure me to fix the issues that I didn't even know I had on my suv.
    Thomas - February 2017
  • The customer service was fantastic!! I stopped visiting this location because of the employees. They now have new staff that went above and beyond to ensure my repairs were done in a timely manor and that I would not have to pay an arm and a leg. Thanks Mike!!
    Rakeeta - February 2017

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