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3754 William Penn Hwy
Monroeville, PA 15146

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What People Are Saying:

  • They was so behind. Had an appt for 2pm car didn't get taken in till 305 pm.. was just getting an oil change.
    Desirae - February 2018
  • Excellent friendly service
    Saint - January 2018
  • I got my brakes and rotors changed. I was given a ride to work for dropping off my car, and my car was ready for pickup 3 hours earlier than they expected. I was thoroughly explained to about what was done and all my questions were answered. I also learned about a local merchant discount I received and was sure to spread the word around to my fellow employees in the area. Great experience!
    Janet - January 2018
  • I book online appointment at 9:30am and show up, then be dismissed that there was power blackout..Dude, you have my number, you could have called to cancel or let me know. He goes ahead and rebook me at 12:30pm, which I show up 15min to time. After waiting for 45mins, he pulls m y car inside and at 1:10, I ask him if my car would be ready to go to work at 2pm. He gives me attitude and tell me people are in the line there in nothing he can do. Meanwhile, we got to the office two or three people, he attended to all of them. I remember one car was to be inspected to be taken for sales elsewhere which they did in time. I don’t knw why I was treated this way. Was is less human or im black or what….can Manroe explain to me. #572 is the store number.
    Okemba - January 2018
  • Quick and easy. Car ready when promised and the Manager Michael told me what needed done, but wasn't overly pushy which I loved and I will go back to get the things done because of that. I trusted his expertise.
    Joann - January 2018
  • I was very impressed with the capability of your staff and the follow through which was excellent. customer service was AWSEOME
    Mark - December 2017
  • Good friendly staff, great service.
    Sam - December 2017
  • The service was great
    Michael - December 2017
  • It was very good experience, excellent job.
    Deepak - December 2017
  • Great overall service, nice courteous staff.
    Shay - November 2017
  • Service was good.
    Yatin - November 2017
  • They are always good and Quick and never over charge!
    Micaiah - November 2017
  • It was by appt they even took me early and got me out in a quick manor ! Very respectful
    Kayla - October 2017
  • The service here is horrible and they seem to not care about their customers. I went there in June and they never put oil I'm after my oil change and the store manager only gave me my money back and never said sorry. Told me he didn't remember me and that was that.
    Charla - October 2017
  • No issues great service and customer focus is great as well.
    Josh - September 2017
  • Excellent service.
    Charles - September 2017
  • great service.
    Ken - September 2017
  • The Manager got me in without an appointment and the car was done even before he initially estimated. This oil change and tire rotation was fast, priced right, efficient and has made Munro my "go-to" service dealer for all my cars.
    Michael - September 2017
  • I live in the North Hills and was recommended by a family member to bring my car to store #572, I'm so glad I did! Knowledgeable, friendly Staff led by a great Manager TJ! I've recommended my friends and co workers. My cars will always be serviced here! Thank you!
    Kristen - September 2017
  • Every month Monroeville Muffler Brake step up to the plate and love the website and once there they are prompt courteous and professional very great job done.
    Kenneth - August 2017
  • Was treated well and inspection was quick and accurate.
    Martin - August 2017
  • The customer service was excellent. Noodles the mechanic was very thoughtful. My car is running great and I'm very happy. I will continue to use that particular Monroe.
    Anita - August 2017
  • So glad that I made the appointment. Was seen and helped right away and the service was exactly what I needed. Thank you.
    Kenneth - July 2017
  • Your email states "5 minute online survey.", then clicking the red button takes us to this review page. That's misleading.
    Shawn - July 2017
  • As usual, they forgot to put air in my tires. Two tires were several pounds low and two tires had air put in them, but they forgot to put the caps back on. At least they got me in last minute.
    Erica - July 2017
  • took our truck right away no problems
    Dominic - July 2017
  • Where's the satisfaction survey? Why must I type this review? The guys in Monroeville didn't do anything special, and they didn't explain anything at all. I'm thinking of going elsewhere for my next oil change. Firestone is right across the street.
    Shawn - June 2017
  • On June 17, 2017 10:38 I got my oil changed. The sign on the marquee read $19.99 oil change. And I have gotten my old changed before for that special price at this same location. Well I was charged $33.36. And I asked the Manager: Thomas Coleman, why so high? He said they forgot to change the sign! I said you have to honor what you advertise. He refused to give me that price that was advertised! I didn't want to make a scene, so I paid and left! Good customer service, says the Customer is always Right! I have worked, and been a Manager in retail for over 20 years! I know what it takes to keep a customer coming back! Well you all just lost this customer! I was going to come back and get my brakes changed, but I'll go to my regular mechanic. NO thank you Mr. Coleman!
    Marie - June 2017
  • I know very little about cars so am always intimidated when going into these types of places, but this time was different. The process was very simple and the people made me feel much more comfortable than usual! Will definitely come back!
    Joshua - June 2017
  • I was in and out quickly. Service was friendly. The wait was comfortable
    Devin - May 2017
  • Quick and easy when you make an appointment. Quality service and friendly staff.
    Kiera - May 2017
  • Went for oil change and tire rotation. When I got home I saw that he only did one side of truck. Front tire with brake dust was never rotated.
    Richard - May 2017
  • I am satisfied with the work done on my car which was an oil change and replacement of two rear brake light bulbs. However, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the condition in which my car was returned to me. There was grease everywhere; door handle, steering wheel, front and back of car and worst of all, the driver's seat and floor! I could not sit on the seat. I asked for them to put something on the seat so I could sit down which they did. The manager, I think, said I could return on another day and he would completely detail the car for me at no charge. I appreciate the gesture, it's just that now I have to return there and be without my car. I cannot be without a car.
    Anita - April 2017
  • I got my oil changed on Sunday, April 9. I had an appointment, and they got my truck in pretty quick, and I was completed within an hour. I got in and drove home to get some things, then leave to go run a few errands. My truck was facing the road, so I didn't see the front hood area when I got in to leave Monro. When I came out of my garage to get in my truck to run errands, I noticed a bunch of black grease marks on the hood and driver side panel. I looked more closely, and there were a bunch of grease marks and hand prints on my white truck. I drove to the Monro location that changed my oil, and showed the manager. He was apologetic and got a rag and wiped my truck clean. I hope he mentioned to the person that changed the oil, to be more careful, and clean the vehicles exterior if there are grease mark on it.
    Les - April 2017
  • The price was great for the oil change
    Richard - April 2017
  • great service
    Tina - April 2017
  • I had my tires rotated....apparently they did not check the tire pressure because the check tires light came on the next day.
    Lydia - March 2017
  • You're misleading customers; I thought this was just a survey, not a review. Your email said that the link would take me to a survey.
    Shawn - March 2017
  • very good
    Biswajit - March 2017
  • I got an oil change and wiper inserts, service was quick and efficient. They wrote the wrong mileage numbers on my receipt. T.J. said to call about new tire info, very helpful and pleasant.
    Thomas - February 2017
  • Great people and service
    Adam - February 2017
  • I called Monro in Monroeville, PA 2/1 a little after 6:30 pm and said to the young man, my oil is at 7% can you please squeeze me in tomorrow evening around 6:00 pm. He scheduled the appointment, I came in at 5:30 and was out by 6:00 pm. Had I called anywhere else, I would have been told they're all booked up. Monro is extremely accommodating, customer focused and passionate about the work they do. Thank you guys for an AWESOME experience.
    Belinda - February 2017
  • Good offers and prior service experience was wonderful. Good service track record for my car at Monro.
    Deepak - July 2016
  • Very friendly, professional and gave me feedback and recommendations. I will continue to go there for great customer service and will refer my peers, family and friends.
    Sebastian - April 2016
  • The manager was able to get me an appt sooner than my dealer, was able to determine the reason for my check engine light & explained the repair process & answered my questions.
    Dave - September 2015
  • I always feel like I am being well taken care of. They never talk down to me and explain everything thoroughly.
    Peg - September 2015
  • Chuck was awesome! Great personality, welcoming and compassionate.
    Belinda - August 2015

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