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(717) 925-8545

6045 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • I have been comming to this location for a little over a year now. The guy's there have always been friendly, Steve the manager is the best. No matter what my problem has been he has always with no hesitation told me to bring in my car. Been a cpl times close to closing hrs too.. I would and have recommended Monro above any other.
    Renee - March 2018
  • Have dealt with Munro for “Years”. Always friendly & they bend over backwards to accomadate you. They’ve earned my loyalty for sure!!!
    Bill - March 2018
  • We have used Monro for all of our vehicles maintenance and repair needs, and are very satisfied with their knowledge, communication, and price. They can't be beat!
    David - February 2018
  • Not a good experience, there team wasn’t customer oriented in any way. When they completed my inspection they said a bulb was out. I asked if i could fix it , but he said if i fixed it even on their lot i’d have to pay for two inspections... with that being said i had to pay for them to change my bulb in order to avoid paying a second inspection fee. Safe to say it isn’t a place i will return to.
    C - January 2018
  • It was fine
    samuel - January 2018
  • Waited on the service. Quick and friendly. Reasonably priced.
    Amanda - December 2017
  • The man at the front desk was so polite and a pleasure to work with.
    Lindsey - December 2017
  • The staff was able to squeeze me in for a last minute oil change. Done in 20 minutes!!!!
    Michael - December 2017
  • I typically go to Monro for all of my oil changes and inspections, and I have never had any issues with their services. The staff get the job done quickly, and they are very pleasant to deal with.
    Mary - December 2017
  • Oil change had a coupon for 9.99 but after shop fees it was 18. Great service guys but misleading coupons at corporate level promotions.
    Spencer - December 2017
  • Quick service, friendly employees, fair prices
    Meghan - November 2017
  • The guys that take care of all my oil changes are excellent. Inform me of everything. Always in pleasant moods.
    Bonnie - November 2017
  • I came to Monro Muffler/Brake over my lunch break from work to get an oil change and my wheels balanced. I was in and out in just over an hour and the staff was courteous and took the time to explain all my options to me. GREAT experience.
    Alyssa - November 2017
  • I called to schedule service, and it was done very quickly! The staff are friendly and professional, and I can tell they know what they are doing. This is my go-to shop for all my oil changes.
    Mary - October 2017
  • The staff is always friendly and are very personable. They work with you and usually do a thorough job. They tell you months in advance that you need new tires so you can start budgeting for them instead of the "surprise" during your next oil change/tune up.
    Lauren - October 2017
  • I give this a 4.5. I would have given it a five but one tire was defective. However after calling you responded immediately and sent me a new tire and a UPS return voucher Thumbs up!!
    Linda - October 2017
  • I’ve been going to the Carlisle Pike Monroe since 2014. Steve and his team have always taken care of me.
    Steve - October 2017
  • very thorough
    Susan - October 2017
  • We were out of town and needed to use our car all weekend. My brakes started to make a lot of loud noises and it was 5PM on a Friday night. We called and went to the Monroe shop and they installed new brakes while we waited and even stayed there about 15 minutes beyond closing to make sure we were back on the road. No appointment and last minute service that is hard to find today...
    Ron - October 2017
  • I will definitely make appointments with this Monro location again. Prompt and courteous service. Very clean location. This is much more convenient than appointments with my car dealership.
    Linda - October 2017
  • I get great customer service, they explain everything to me and I don't take my car anywhere else. Steve is the best!
    Jamie - October 2017
  • Our son blew a 5 month old tire against a curb. Monro was able to fit us in to replace it, and did it quickly. They offered us the warranty on all the tires again since the other 3 were only 5 months old with very little wear. We took it this time.
    Richard - September 2017
  • Friendly service, fair prices
    Meghan - September 2017
  • No way would I EVER bring my car back here, not even if the services were free. I brought my car in for a simple oil change. At the end, I paid and exited the building to see the technician backing my car out of the garage and part of the undercarriage dragging on the ground and pushed out from under my car. This was all due to the incompetency of the technician that thought it'd be necessary to mess with the air bag suspension system that I had on my car. Mind you, this was absolutely unnecessary, and they did not ask for permission. On top of that, Timothy McFarland, the "manager" of this establishment, had the audacity to drop the efbomb on me when I asked for my money back after having paid ~$50 for them to essentially annihilate the underside of my car and telling me that his technician "did not" mess with my air ride system, before even having seen the problem that was going on. I shuld have figured from the beginning that this place was a joke when they told me they don't "touch Volkswagens" when I enquired about the price of a transmission flush, meanwhile people are sitting in the parking lot in janky hondas bouncing them off rev limiter. Needless to say, they are now ordering me a new splash guard straight from Volkswagen in which I will be putting on myself. This place is a joke. If you care at all about your vehicle you would stay far, far away.
    EH - September 2017
  • Great customer service, reasonable prices, car was ready to roll very quickly. I will be using this location for all my car maintenance needs
    Brandon - September 2017
  • always my oil change shop
    Ray - September 2017
  • The service was great! I was able to make an appointment very easily and on short notice, my car was taken care of in an expected amount of time, and the customer service was excellent. Thanks!
    Hillary - September 2017
  • I've used Monroe in Mechanicsburg for many years for oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections. Appointments relatively easy to get on dates/time frames needed. Our son now takes his car for the same type of services.
    Linda - August 2017
  • In the past i jumped from place to place but for at least the last year we have been taking our car to Monro on the Carlisle pike. The guys are kind anf hard working. They never try to pull one over on me and explain things in a way I can understand.
    Sherry - August 2017
  • Manager Steve & his team provide the best customer service & care for any needs regarding your vehicles.
    Harry - August 2017
  • Always can get a timely oil change. This particular 1 didn't even check to see recommended oil though. Didn't really do anything beyond oil change unlike other Monro shops I've been to.
    Richard - August 2017
  • I had my Honda in for an inspection and was pleased with the service and professionalism shown by the staff. I also got my car back in a timely manner.
    Emily - July 2017
  • Steve is always so helpful
    Tonia - June 2017
  • Service was quick and worth the price. Much cheaper than going to the dealer for the same service!
    John - June 2017
  • The guy that checked me in and out was very nice. They were super fast!
    Breanna - June 2017
  • Steve was so helpful and nice! I know close to nothing about cars and I'm usually very hesitatant about asking for help about my car because i hear horror stories how some places will scam you into buying things you dont really need. Steve was very informative and was looking out for my best interest for my car and my wallet. I've always liked going to Monroe to get my oil change but now I like it even more because of the deals and the customer service.
    Tina - June 2017
  • I'm extremely forgetful when it comes to oil changes. They always make an appointment for me around my schedule and get it in quickly. I have to wait on it and they make sure I'm in and out in no time!
    Charlotte - June 2017
  • Great service & fair price as always
    Harry - May 2017
  • Monro is wonderful! They do a great job.
    Amanda - May 2017
  • Always great service. Up front with any additional costs and gets me in and out the door fast!
    Steve - May 2017
  • Very nice to work with. My only "complaint" is that my tire light is still on. They said it would eventually turn off but a week later it still has not. Would have liked a better solution if possible
    Julie - May 2017
  • The customer service here is above and beyond. Its all the small things that keep me coming back here.
    Melissa - April 2017
  • I had a 3:00 appointment. I arrived around 2:45. All 4 bays were empty. But the Snap-On truck was there and the place became a ghost town. 3:45 rolled around and my car sat untouched in the parking lot. All of a sudden like 5 employees appear out of nowhere and proceed to NOT work on my car. They all yucked it up amongst themselves without a care in the world. Meanwhile, I sit in the filthy waiting room where an old TV sits in the corner struggling to play old 1950's Westerns but the cable is so bad, even that is a muddled mess. So around 4:15, it's like someone actually woke up and realized I was there. Never again. Edit: They made me give 1 star to proceed.
    Tony - April 2017
  • Had 4 new tires and an alignment. Helped pick a comparable quality tire to save money. Fast friendly service.
    Amanda - March 2017
  • Your staff is very friendly. Your cost is very reasonable. Thank you!!
    Becky - March 2017
  • I had a great experience. They completed the appointment quickly and did a thorough job. Very friendly!
    Amanda - March 2017
  • Fantastic customer service and always pleased with the work done.
    Jamie - February 2017
  • Monro provides good service with friendly and prompt customer service. I have never had to return my vehicle because of shoddy or incomplete work.
    Steve - February 2017
  • I had my oil changed. Seems to be fine so far!
    Jenn - February 2017
  • I%20booked%20appointment%20online%20for%20brake%20line%20repair.%20%20Showed%20up%201%2F2%20hour%20early%20and%20was%20told%20they%20thought%20I%20was%20just%20dropping%20off.%20%20I%20had%20called%20after%20you%20opened%20to%20make%20sure%20I%20had%20appointment.%20%20Had%20to%20go%20to%20pep%20boys%20to%20get%20my%20car%20repaired
    Lyle - January 2017
  • The guys at Monro are always great! I go there often and one time, they replaced a headlight for free. This really made my day because I had gotten pulled over for this reason.
    Cadi - October 2016
  • Was on a trip and got a flat tire and dealer wouldn't help us. Saw Monro next door and went over to see if they could help. Associate went above and beyond to help us. Found the correct tire for our vehicle and had it delivered.
    Travis - September 2016
  • Very friendly, prompt service, excellent price.
    Richard - August 2015

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