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(570) 662-0920

1409 South Main Street
Mansfield, PA 16933

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • The oil change and tire rotation was handled quickly. I trust this Monro
    Leroy - March 2018
  • I needed a muffler and, being new to the area, didn't know where to go. Monro was close by so I made an appointment. The experience was great - the staff was courteous and informative and the service was prompt. I will not hesitate to use them again for service. Highly recommended.
    Rich - January 2018
  • Friendly, honest and able to get in quickly.
    Kristin - January 2018
  • Friendly and quick service.
    Wendy - January 2018
  • I had my oil change and they were fast and did a great job.
    Randy - December 2017
  • Service there is awesome. Great workers.
    William - October 2017
  • Very friendly and fast
    Patricia - October 2017
  • I had a state inspection and oil change performed. The main person to check me in and talk to me was fine but there was another mechanic working there who was not so pleasant. Even in the waiting room I could hear him yelling and swearing, using the most filthy language. I wasn’t personally offended but I thought it was pretty ridiculous and unnecessary. Even worse - when I drove the car home, I noticed it seemed very loud and I soon heard a loud knocking sound. Luckily I only live 1 mile away so I was able to drive home. When I got there I realized that they didn’t tighten the lug nuts on the rear driver’s side wheel.
    Karri - October 2017
  • My car runs much better and is legal now. James is amazing. He is great with customers and staff. Always willing to help and gives honest opinion and talks you thru the necessary repairs. I was just there and it cost me almost $1000. Jim worked with me to make the repairs that were needed and I also had some coupons. I will always go there!!!!
    Angie - September 2017
  • Great service, very nice Manager and employees and very accommodating and thorough
    Gina - September 2017
  • While on a vacation trip to Mansfield, the brakes on our truck went out. I googled a location and found our God-send Monro in Mansfield. Upon our arrival we were shown much concern for our safety and our vehicle was put on the lift in a matter of minutes. We were given several repair options, which our choice would take around 3 hours. Fortunately for my husband and I, the location was across the street from shops we could visit while we waited. Upon returning, we had additional issues that would take our repairs into the next day. Being over 150 hundred miles from home our only option was to stay overnight, in hearing our dilemma the manager offered us the company car for the duration of our visit. The next day our truck was repaired and we were able to return to our vacation plans. My husband and I want to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to everyone...the manager (James), assistant manager (Dustin) and technicians for their services on our truck. We were treated with utmost professionalism, politeness, and concern from everyone involved. Your location and dealership is #1 in our eyes and we would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you again for making an inconvenient and BAD situation into one of being tolerable and enjoyable.
    Jack - September 2017
  • I was treated very good at Monro, but this survey is terrible , who every set it up needs to be replaced,on the next page you want my invoice number, you should have it, I have filed my paper work away, right after my service,
    David - September 2017
  • I always have a great experience getting my car serviced at Montoe
    Kim - August 2017
  • They always take care of me at this location. I call ahead and set an appt. Arrive and the service is fast and precise.
    David - August 2017
  • Oil Change Service...made appointment, was prompt taking in vehicle and it was ready in the amount of time they said it would be! Very nice staff and happy with the service
    Cheryl - August 2017
  • Great service that is always fast. Prices are very competitive and the quality is better than what you would receive at a dealership.
    Lisa - August 2017
  • Good
    Jacoby - August 2017
  • Very handy
    Ron - August 2017
  • It was super easy to schedule service and th store manager was very helpful! Service was thorough and exceeded my expectations! Thanks again!
    Diane - August 2017
  • made my appointment, was told exactly how long it would take and the work was done on time with a friendly professional staff. i was glad i took my car there as i have just moved here from out of state and did not know where i should go.
    Brian - July 2017
  • I called in the late morning, and was able to get an appointment for that afternoon. Showed up late by about 15 minutes, and still was put right in.
    Floyd - July 2017
  • Very efficient and on time. They did exactly what I wanted done and within a timely manner. Also, they were very pleasant and the manager was nice and easy to talk to.
    Miranda - July 2017
  • Scheduled an slog meant & oil change. Turned out that my vehicle did not need an alignment, needed a different repair. Was informed upon discovery and did not have to spend money on a service that wasn't needed. Always pleased with the service at this location
    Donna - July 2017
  • I have always taken our cars to this location but with the policy about being forced to used your credit card to get a better price is very disappointing.
    Bonnie - July 2017
  • I always take my car here for a quick oil change/tire rotation. They always get me an appointment asap and are quick at getting it done. Typically I walk out in 15 minutes and always have great service.
    Lauren - July 2017
  • I made an appointment for a muffler. I went on line and entered the make, model and year of the car, all the information they asked for. they responded with a conformation. I drove more then 1/2 hour to get there, my wife followed. When I got there I was told "Sorry, I don;t have a muffler for your car" ! We own a business and time is very limited, this was a total waste of time. 2 people, more then an hour each. They did not make any attempt to help, no offer to acquire the parts needed, just SORRY! Do not trust this place, their incompetence cost me a half a day. What good is a muffler shop that does not have mufflers?
    Ed - June 2017
  • Didn't skip a beat, quick and thorough service. Exactly what I ask for in a service garage. Will continue to do business here!
    David - June 2017
  • I came in for an oil change, and that's the service I received. I wasn't being sold any additional services; which is exactly what I wanted.
    Josh - June 2017
  • The people were knowledgeable and able to help me out. Hard thing to find these days
    Allen - June 2017
  • Made appt for oil change online. Very easy to navigate doing this. Dropped off vehicle a little before appt time. Vehicle was complete and ready to go when I got back. Very nice staff
    Cheryl - June 2017
  • Great service!!
    Mike - May 2017
  • Had to get lug nuts re tightened but it was ok.
    Kelly - May 2017
  • Stopped in needing a quick oil change and they got me in that afternoon!
    Tammy - May 2017
  • Needed a quick (overdue) oil change. Stopped in and was able to schedule an appt for that afternoon.
    Tammy - May 2017
  • It was a slow day, and the crew only had about an hour until the shop closed for the evening. As I waited, the service manager and I talked about future repairs, costs, and general automobile information. I'll certainly be back to this location.
    Josh - April 2017
  • Nor here...
    Mike - April 2017
  • I was able to get an appointment quickly. When I arrived, they took the vehicle directly in, and completed it in a timely manor.
    Floyd - April 2017
  • The guys at the garage where very helpful and knowledgeable about my car. Definitely will be going back
    John - April 2017
  • repairs were needed and made.. vehicle ready next day..
    Bruce - April 2017
  • Friendly staff, clean but could use a vending machine/soda machine.
    Ralph - April 2017
  • long tread life, dependable tires and great deals..wonderful service..
    Donna - April 2017
  • James and staff are wonderful, friendly and very helpful. I had to get new tires, brakes, oil change and inspection and it smooth and on a very timely basis. They are GREAT GUYS!
    Gina - April 2017
  • I was in and out quickly without having other products and services pushed onto me. Simple oil change. It was a great experience.
    Josh - March 2017
  • Fast friendly service at good prices
    Steven - March 2017
  • None
    Foster - February 2017
  • Monroe Mufflers is always honest about what work needs to be done to my vehicle. Other auto shops are always telling about things that I don't need. Usually if another car shop messes up I bring it to Monroe Mufflers and they fix the problem. I have never had an issue from them, and they always do thorough work it's never rushed.
    Taryn - February 2017
  • Monroe Mufflers is always honest about what work needs to be done to my vehicle. Other auto shops are always telling about things that I don't need. Usually if another car shop messes up I bring it to Monroe Mufflers and they fix the problem. I have never had an issue from them, and they always do thorough work it's never rushed.
    Taryn - February 2017
  • I always take my car to monro for an oil change. They are always super friendly and always do a great job.
    Kaitlyn - February 2017
  • The crew at my store were very professional and courteous
    Chad - February 2017
  • The%20shop%20was%20able%20to%20get%20an%20appointment%20scheduled%20right%20away%2C%20and%20quickly%20got%20my%20vehicle%20in%20for%20work%2C%20even%20after%20I%20showed%20up%2015%20minutes%20late%20for%20the%20appointment.%20Staff%20was%20professional%20and%20courteous.%20
    Floyd - January 2017
  • They went above and beyond to explain what was wrong how it needed to be fixed and give me a detailed estimate for the work that needs to be done in the future.
    Angie - December 2016
  • When ever I have a problem with my car, they get it fixed in a timely manner. The Mansfield, PA garage has great service and they are very friendly.
    Richard - August 2016
  • Everyone is very friendly and courteous. Always able to get me an appointment right away. The service is great and everything is always explained to me.
    Amber - August 2016
  • Monro Muffler & Brake is my favorite place to get my car service. All the workers know me and my car. They give me the best deals out there and provide the best work on my car. I'm a college student and they are the only people I trust to work on my car, besides my dad (who is a mechanic). Monro is fast, cost efficient, caring, and overall great! I will come here for the rest of my life.
    Kara - September 2015

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