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191 Rohrerstown Road
Lancaster, PA 17603

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What People Are Saying:

  • I had my car there a couple of times, while the service is fine. They seem to be highly over-priced. Their bills do not give a breakdown of the costs of labor and parts. I probably will not go back. Unless I have an emergency and are close to them.
    roger - March 2018
  • Coupons or no coupons - it will make little difference. I listened and watched each individual come in and get upcharged and gouged for service. Then I had the same hidden fee fiasco that doubled my actual cost. I’ll never return for any type of service again.
    Josh - January 2018
  • Went in for an oil change and I was in and out in no time!
    Ben - January 2018
  • Took my Toyota Highlander for oil change service. Making the appointment was easy, they did a great job and even offered a coupon to save me money. Very satisfied !!
    John - January 2018
  • To be honest, I probably will not come back to this store. I brought my car in for an oil change, and also requested that they change the air filters if needed. They did the oil change and put in new air filters (after asking me for confirmation); but they forgot to change the sticker on my windshield, stating when the next oil change would be due. I did not notice this until I was already home, about 15 minutes away from the location. The store is ok, and the employees seem to do good work, but nothing about my experience would cause me to drive back to the location.
    Nathan - December 2017
  • I only bring my cars here. They do a great job and my car is finished at the time requested.
    Victoria - December 2017
  • Came in for an inspection, and was surprised by several additional requirements; some of them were probably needed, some were probably not. However, these guys do good work, are friendly, and have a clean shop. Overall, I don’t feel like I got a “deal,” but I don’t feel ripped off either
    Dan - November 2017
  • Yes
    Talonda - November 2017
  • They changed my oil very quickly and answered all of the questions I had, efficiently and thoroughly.
    Connor - November 2017
  • paid for oil change special including free tire rotation,was told rotation was done,but after checking tire I marked the rotation was not done.
    walter - October 2017
  • THE RATING IS NEGATIVE 500 STARS!!! I HAD TO GIVE IT AT LEAST A 1 star rating IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY...I took my car to one Monro 2 weeks before my inspection for an oil change where they are supposed to rotate tires, check brakes, etc. I did that so that if I needed anything done I could get it taken care of before I got the inspection done. At that time, they replaced the oil filter. According to them everything was "fine" with my car....I distinctly remember them saying that the brakes were fine and so were the tires....I called the same store for an appointment for my inspection 2 weeks later and they reluctantly told me that they did not have an in inspector on site and that they could drive my car to another store for the inspection....I decided that I would go to the other store directly because I did not want someone needlessly driving my car....When I got there, I was told that I needed brake pads and rotors as well as wiper blades....Needless to say, I was livid!!! The manager there told me that the other store has no one qualified to check for brakes, etc....Supposedly, I got a few discounts but the Grand Total was around $472 for the inspection, wiper blades, brake pads, rotors and the labor. There was some bs disposal charge which no one could explain to my husband when he called about it the next day. I WILL NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, GO TO MONRO AGAIN AND I DESERVE THE $500 BECAUSE I WAS RIPPED OFF BY ALMOST ABOUT THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY....I plan to take further action because I am sooooo sick and tired of being taken advantage of by auto repair chains because I am a woman seeking auto repairs from a sexist based company!!!
    Corinne - October 2017
  • Great customer service
    Robert - October 2017
  • I received an oil change and had a headlight fixed and it was a smooth process. Customer service was professional and helpful, the pricing was excellent, and they worked around my schedule. I'd definitely go back!
    17603 - October 2017
  • Everyone is very friendly and they do not pressure you for additional services or parts that are not necessary.
    Karli - October 2017
  • Car is working a lot better and the young men who assisted were helpful. They explained everything when I asked questions and provided me with a great deal.
    Jess - October 2017
  • spur of the moment inspection and they got me right in and didn't take long
    Tina - September 2017
  • After my car was hooked up to the computer, I was told the part could be ordered and the car fixed by the next day depending on the delivery of the part. The part arrived the next day but I was told there ended up being one issue after the other. I did not get my car back for a week and had to use a rental car in the meantime. Once the car was supposed to be fixed, my check engine light came back on less than 3 weeks later. I had to trade my car in for a new car because it was not fixed correctly and I was uncomfortable having my family ride in it on a daily basis. I was thankful the shop helped out by paying my rental car fee but was disappointed that they kept promising the car to be done the next day but it wasn't.
    Tanya - August 2017
  • Great service, honest, and helpful.
    Brett - August 2017
  • Young man greeted me at the door. Was very helpful and curtious.
    Tim - August 2017
  • They did an oil change for me. My husband applied for the drive card the night before and was approved and the paper told us to bring it into the store to use it. The guy at the counter didnt know how to use the card or what was supplied on the paper. He at least tried a little to figure it out but had to pay out of pocket, which we werent expecting.
    Sara - August 2017
  • High prices. Tried to have parts replaced for inspection that did not need to be replacrd. Took vehicle elsewhere and saved over 50% off their price, and passed inspection without changing the parts that monro said needed to be done. Rip off.
    Jim - August 2017
  • Prompt and effiient as always
    Warren - July 2017
  • Have been coming here for about 3 years now and haven't been disappointed.
    Richard - July 2017
  • Always careful to give us the best economy along with good service
    Linda - July 2017
  • I've never had a problem, pricing and what needs to be done is all up front. Nothing hidden and you don't feel like they're ripping you off
    Jason - July 2017
  • Had my daughters car checked out just bought it for her in college told them it had a noise told her the wrong thing noise is still there spent a lot of money there to get bamboozled
    Rafael - July 2017
  • Great price and got me in fast!
    Michael - July 2017
  • I got an oil change and a cabin air filter replaced. Making the appointment was very easy online, the service was completed very quickly, and the staff were all very friendly.
    Melissa - June 2017
  • I rate this place a 0. Poor customer service. Refusing to rotate tires. Lying to your face on multiple levels within one hour time frame. Over booked, not enough employees, someone over slept. Turning elderly customers away as walk ins, very arrogant, ride, condisending, unprofessional, not clean. Didn't check fluids or top off, didn't check burned out lights, didn't place air in my tires, didn't check wiper blades. Attempted to refuse to use my coupon that was very valid. Excuses from main manager, ref haired guy... Awful experience! Will never return.
    Gottschall - June 2017
  • Straightforward info. on work done. On top of discounts being offered.
    Mark - June 2017
  • Customer service was great honest and upfront
    Shannon - May 2017
  • Knowledgeable, honest, and caring. The group of guys that are there are great. They are a wonderful team.
    Brett - May 2017
  • Great service. Car done on time!
    Gary - May 2017
  • Scheduled an oil change and the service guys are so helpful in getting the work done while I teach a class nearby. They did what I asked and pointed out things that will need upcoming maintenance so I can prepare. I trust them and am grateful for them.
    Tracy - May 2017
  • Greeted very promptly and pleasantly at check in and had all questions answered! Also, the price point for an oil change was wonderful.
    William - May 2016

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