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(717) 545-8422

5501 Allentown Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17112

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • The people at this location were helpful and got the tires installed in a reasonable amount of time. The price was also fair and there happened to be a sale at the time, too.
    Jason - March 2018
  • I think I'll be getting another front tire and will get the same brand as I just got.
    Tom - February 2018
  • They can always get my car in and done on the same day that i call. Have never once had bad service, always friendly and smiling!
    Shelby - February 2018
  • Car was taken in a few minutes after I got there and was finished soon.
    Stewart - January 2018
  • Great service, no complaints. Found them when I moved to Harrisburg a year ago, and plan on continuing business there.
    Victor - January 2018
  • On 01/07/2018, an appointment was made for a full synthetic oil change also tires rotation as announced on Monro website . The coupon announced full.synthetic oil change for$39.99. The store did not honored customer coupon also not honoring coupon as website announces constitute a deceiptful practice. I feel sorry for customers who have been mislead in this way. A charge of $ 61.36 was made to my credit card. This deceitful practice will carry as a result the lost of potential customers , me being one of them.
    William - January 2018
  • Quick oil change
    Mark - January 2018
  • Quick and efficient service...problem was noted and taken care of immediately
    Diane - December 2017
  • Monro offers the best deals on oil changes and routine services. They handle all three of our cars.
    Joseph - December 2017
  • Very professional, and quick.
    Bonnie - December 2017
  • Prompt and professional service
    Mary - December 2017
  • I received a great deal on an oil change. Everyone in the shop was very friendly and helpful. I was informed that my brake fluid needs flushing in which I will be scheduling to have this service done at Monro as well. I liked that I was able to have the oil change done on a Sunday which was very convenient. My appointment was for 4:00 pm and my car was pulled into a bay right away. Overall I was very pleased and I will definitely be back.
    Dion - December 2017
  • price gets jacked up from special offer by charging extra for oil filter and oil disposal fee.. I would have taken the oil with me ( use it as chain saw bar oil) but was NEVER given that option Yet thereciept states I declined wanting the "old parts"
    al - November 2017
  • This Monro is really good about telling me what should be done, and leaving it up to me. They are honest and reasonable, and get the job done in a timely fashion.
    Stephanie - November 2017
  • Oil change, tires rotated. Service done quickly, employees very nice.
    Bill - November 2017
  • Friendly staff
    David - November 2017
  • Fast quality work
    Joe - November 2017
  • New brakes work very well
    Nichole - October 2017
  • Thank you for all you do !
    Tom - October 2017
  • They worked in a timely manner and got the inspection done. Even helped with a failed portion of my inspection to get it corrected.
    Dylon - October 2017
  • I received an oil change on my 2005 VW Passat. The service was done in a timely manner and the manager was very friendly and also had a good sense of humor. He also informed me of information on my car since I'm still new to cars that have turbo in them. I would go to this location again.
    Ejon - October 2017
  • Had my oil changed, tires rotated, etc. Service was fast, mechanic was very nice and helpful.
    Laurie - September 2017
  • Set up my appointment online with no trouble, dropped car off and waited until it was done. Was done in less than an hour on a busy day.
    John - September 2017
  • Easy to make appointments and quick service
    James - September 2017
  • Friendly staff and quick service.
    Jack - September 2017
  • I got a great deal on tires, alignment and inspection.
    Tana - September 2017
  • Monro has serviced my car several times throughout the past year and each time I am able to schedule an appointment time right away. The service is great and I trust the mechanics.
    Sabrina - September 2017
  • The cost was consistent with market value and they were over packed and understaffed when I went for my oil change, but they still managed to complete the job on my car in under an hour of when my appointment was for. I was glad that they moved quickly and efficiently.
    John - September 2017
  • I took my car in for inspection and oil change. Staff was nothing but friendly and helpful the whole time. Definitely a place to return to.
    Karley - August 2017
  • I got a state inspection there. Took a little while and I didn't get the free auto check like I requested online. When I arrived for my appointment, they acted like I was a walk in even though I booked an appointment online. Thankfully I didn't have to watch to be seen! It's close to home and I'll give it another try there
    Lindsey - August 2017
  • Best product and service
    Harrisburg, - August 2017
  • Good deal on brakes
    Matt - August 2017
  • My husband and I have gone to Monroe for many years. They are extremely flexible and very prompt with anything we ask of them. Greg, at the front, is a gem. He is easy to talk with and addresses our concerns quickly. All the staff is kind. We are thankful we live so close to them.
    Amy - August 2017
  • I missed my appointment for inspection, and even though they were swamped, they got me in the next day. I always get good service and reasonable prices there.
    Stephanie - August 2017
  • Did not have to wait long for inspection
    Sheila - July 2017
  • I have three vehicles and they all get oil changes and routine maintenance at Monro. If anything is discovered outside of what was requested they are always polite and courteous and never try to push anything on me or my wife. They have done some more extensive repairs and they were performed quickly and within the quoted amount so I have no trouble with anything they suggest. The store I deal with has good honest people working there and I'd recommend them to anyone.
    Joseph - July 2017
  • I am always satisfied with this shop. Their recommendations are never over done and their prices are always competitive. I am glad they do the diagnostics to keep us safe.
    Angela - July 2017
  • Well done on time without problems
    Tom - July 2017
  • good service
    Albert - June 2017
  • Always will use this Monro location
    Steve - June 2017
  • Had the car there for state inspection and was the car passed but it would soon need the rear brake pads changed. I schedualed to have the rear brake pads changed and brought the car in. Hours later I got a call informing me that the rear break pads were worn out and needed to be replaced. I explained the above to the caller and retold him that is why the car is there. Seems like no one is paying attention to what they are doing
    Albert - June 2017
  • I would like to take the time to compliment the mechanic staff at Monro on Jonestown Road in Harrisburg. They are excellent in providing quality service. Professional, honest and patient. I recommend them to my families and colleagues whenever someone is looking to have their vehicle serviced or repaired.
    Angela - June 2017
  • Wonderful customer service
    Samuel - June 2017
  • Gave discount
    Samuel - June 2017
  • I normally go to the MONRO in Lemoyne Pennsylvania, they were not able to service my air conditioning and suggested the store on Allentown Boulevard. The technicians did an excellent job in a timely manner. I will return in the future if services are needed.
    Holly - June 2017
  • The crew at this shop are always thorough and honest.
    Mike - June 2017
  • Lousy gas mileage
    John - June 2017
  • Vet knowledgeable, and not pushy. I appreciate this staff whomembers I trust with our family vehicles and a good price/value.
    Angela - June 2017
  • Went in for an oil change and tune up. Was told I needed breaks because they were completely rusted through, among a few other things. I was told my total would be 2400 for the total repairs. I didn't have that kind of money, so I left it for just the oil change and ran some errands with my wife. I called around and made an appointment for a second opinion. I was told that my breaks are completely fine on both sets of tires. I was also given a price of half what I would have been charged had I stayed with Monro. While waiting for my wife to pick me up, I was talking to one of the other patrons. While we were chatting one of the service people told her she needed breaks as well. She told him that she was going to make an appointment at her dealership to get them done. He was very rude with her then. Did she really need breaks or was she being gouged too? I will definitely NOT be returning to your business.
    Benjamin - May 2017
  • Had to get Stabilizer Link replaced & need new RF axle. Very efficient work. They told me exactly what needed done.
    Lynne - May 2017
  • Scheduled an oil change and a check of my AC and a noise I the front end. I arrived on time and my car was brought in soon after. The oil was changed, there was nothing wrong with the AC and they found some links in the sway bar which will have to be replaced.
    Stew - May 2017
  • Flexible with dropping my car off
    Johanna - May 2017
  • Good guys
    Kurt - April 2017
  • The manager of the store was very courteous and told me it would be about 10 minutes till he could do an oil change
    Diane - April 2017
  • It was a bit pricey.
    Kathleen - April 2017
  • Muffler is staying in place !
    Tom - April 2017
  • Greg is a great manager who knows how to service the customers.
    Philip - April 2017
  • First of all when the Assistant Manager came out to advise me that I needed front brake pads soon, I asked him about how long until I really should have then replaced and he just laughed and Said to me I don't know. Well your the mechanic not me so he should of been a little more informative concerning the brakes. Then when the car was finished I had an oil change only, I go to get in my car and there is grease on my seat. I brought this to the attention of the Assistant manager who had the young man who changed my oil come out with a dirty rag to clean the seat, it did not come all the way clean, So I asked the Assistant manager to please come look at the seat, he came out and again just laughed and said I don't know what your looking at I don't see anything. Well my seats are Tan in color and grease is Black. Again the Assistant manager was not very professional at all. I had to clean my seat when I got home because I did not want to get grease on my work clothes. When you have mechanics working on cars all day and they have grease all over there uniforms, why would you have them pull the cars into the bays without putting a piece of plastic over the seat to protect it. They put a paper on the floor to protect that, I would rather the seat be covered not the floor. I was very disappointed in the customer service.
    Denise - April 2017
  • The guys at this Monroe Muffler have been great! Especially the manager, Greg. He is always willing to make sure we are pleased with the work that is done. We use the discounts (which we regularly get in the mail) for the oil changes. They have been so great, that we take our cars there for almost all car needs.
    Rebecca - April 2017
  • This improved the safety of my vehicle
    Tom - April 2017
  • I just needed one tire replaced. They got me in right away and finished quickly. Even gave me an unexpected discount!
    Kristen - March 2017
  • I have my car inspected, oil change, and bought all 4 tires. The next morning my front drivers idea tire is flat. I called and they said to bring it in and they will fix it. I am too old and have medical challengeschool so I can't out the spare on to drive it in. I have been getting a ride to work and I don't know how I will get my car to the shop for it to get fixed. Why can they come put the spare on and take it in to be fixed. It's their fault for not replacing the stem I guess. Stuck with no car.
    Debra - March 2017
  • If you're looking for a coffee and fresh scones in their waiting room forget it. There's a lot of people that will write negative reviews because they don't have the up-to-date magazines or there may be a little bit of dust on one of the displays. I say who cares about the little petty things what's important to me when I take my vehicle in for a service is MY VEHICLE's SERVICE!!! They spend their time more concerned with the vehicle that's in there bay providing the best service they can! You have to respect that!
    L - March 2017
  • Great price for oil change and tire rotation
    Mark - March 2017
  • I have been dealing with the Monro Muffler on Allentown Boulevard in Harrisburg for many years. While I go primarily for oil changes I have had inspections done and even had some more extensive strut and steering work done on one of my vehicles. I've received written estimates for the work and when presented with the final bill the bill and estimate have always been within a couple of dollars of each other. All work is done professionally and I've never felt like I was being pressured to have something done that wasn't necessary for the safe and efficient operation of my vehicle. I will continue to have work done at this store because I am confident in their work and their recommendations.
    Joseph - February 2017
  • .
    Rachel - February 2017
  • Can't remember the employee's name, but he was knowledgeable, quick, and courteous. Would highly recommend
    Chris - February 2017
  • the service was great I didn't have to wait long and they was very helpful with the car to let me know exactly what was wrong with it. that is why I gave them a 5 star rating
    Daisy - February 2017
  • .
    Rachel - February 2017
  • Good Work, for a fair price.
    Rachel - February 2017
  • I always use the Monro on Allentown Blvd in Harrisburg, PA. Honest service.
    Stephen - February 2017
  • I feel that a good value and good advice without overselling is always given.
    Angela - January 2017
  • The manager Greg made sure that the work was completed in a timely manner and to my satisfaction.
    Brian - October 2016
  • Greg was very generous to work our car in for oil change and state inspection two days early when we ended up with a flat tire. I have been extremely satisfied with the recommendations, timing, and work done at this location.
    Angela - August 2016
  • Most places just do the work then they are done but I was involved and given details about what was going on and what needed done.
    Samantha - May 2016
  • Every time I go there everyone is helpful and very respectful. Never any issues. I appreciate the service I get on my truck.
    Rob - September 2015

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