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178 New Castle Rd
Butler, PA 16001

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What People Are Saying:

  • I had the oil changed in my 2016 Jeep. I realized my other vehicle also needed the oil changed in it. Store manager Joe told me to take the Jeep home and bring my 2016 Ford back and they would change the oil in it quickly. It only took about 90 minutes to do both vehicles. Great customer service and great people at Monroe !!
    Paul - February 2018
  • In my car
    Marnie - February 2018
  • There were no other customers and it took 2 hours to change 4 tires on my F-250 and then was charged $4 more than the said price for installation from TireBuyer.
    Wayne - February 2018
  • Got my oil changed and the service was quick and professional. Thanks for great service.
    Michael - January 2018
  • John does a great job getting my car in and out and never tries to sell me something I don't need.
    Tricia - December 2017
  • Everything was fine. New easter works done
    Minnie - December 2017
  • It did take some time but Monro was very efficient in every aspect of their service.
    Joseph - November 2017
  • Jon and his crew always do a great job & are so pleasant to be around. They are why I keep coming back! Work is done in a timely matter and always done right. Thanks guys!
    Alysha - November 2017
  • They did everything to the best of their ability and I am very pleased with the results.
    Victoria - November 2017
  • Had good service but was told I had a bunch of other things wrong with my car that wasnt bad
    Ashley - November 2017
  • The staff is friendly and helpful
    Lisa - October 2017
  • I believe they are a rip-off company things that dont need fixed they said did and since i took my vehicle there it has been running worse
    Christina - October 2017
  • After 50,000 miles the A/C in my Tacoma went out. 1st major repair. After Toyota quoted me some ridiculous price, I took my truck to Monroe where they took care of it for a reasonable price. They explained everything and guaranteed the work. I was referred to Monroe by another veteran when I moved here two years ago, and been a loyal customer ever since. They quickly became a friendly face in an unfamiliar place. I trust the knowledge, competence, and honesty of the shop. The only shop allowed to perform work on my beloved pickup is Monroe.
    Thomas - October 2017
  • I use the oil change in my car every day
    Alisha - October 2017
  • Fixed my brakes. Car runs like new.
    Nathan - October 2017
  • I went in for a routine oil change that had to be rescheduled because of a service being performed at the shop. The manager was very apologetic and made sure I was treated right. Mechanic that was working on my car even forewarned me of the need for brakes and rotors in the near future so that I could save accordingly.
    Morgan - September 2017
  • I've been going to this same store for years. They always ask what I want and my response is always the same, "treat it like it's your mom's car. I don't want anything extra, but if I need something, go ahead and do it." I trust them to not take advantage of me, because they know I don't understand everything they say, and they don't!
    Tricia - September 2017
  • I was given an oil change when i only wanted my tires balanced and rotated, upon completion they were going to charge me for the oil change and tires but I told them i only asked for the tires to be done. They promptly took the oil change off my bill and appologized for any inconvenience.
    Zack - September 2017
  • They helped me get my tire off and let me know what my problem was without charging me an arm and a leg.
    Amanda - September 2017
  • John got my vehicle in the shop in a timely manner and the staff worked quickly to get the work done. Will continue to recommend to all my friends and family.
    Adam - August 2017
  • I needed brakes and rotors in the rear of the vehicle. Service was quick and friendly. Didn't expect to pay $450 but it got done and it was efficient.
    Jeremy - July 2017
  • They take good care of my car for me
    Barb - June 2017
  • Resonable pricing.
    Mike - June 2017
  • very satisfied
    Jane - June 2017
  • Great service
    Wolfgang - June 2017
  • I get my jeep service at Monroe because the staff is wonderful so polite and pleasant. The prices are great!
    Sharon - June 2017
  • This Monroe Muffler location's employees are very professional, friendly and willing to go out of their way to assist their customers. We love them!
    Jean/Joe - May 2017
    JOHN - May 2017
  • Timely and a job well done. Thanks.
    Sylvia - May 2017
  • Friendly, quick service. Definitely coming back
    Quentin - May 2017
  • I was in a bind with my battery and they managed to fit me in immediately and get me and my kids on our way with no more jumper cables.
    Stephany - May 2017
  • Simply enough, I needed an oil and filter change. Said service was done within a reasonable amount of time for a decent price.
    Chris - May 2017
  • Everyone there is honest and nice to deal with especially John
    Jordan - May 2017
  • Courteous service had an appointment got right in
    Jeffrey - May 2017
  • This was my second time having services done and all the guys are great. They did a great job on my car as well.
    Amanda - May 2017
  • I always come to this location. The staff are so nice and get the job done in a timely manner. A++ team
    Alysha - April 2017
  • Car needed a bit of work for passing inspection. New tires, new brakes etc. Work was done very efficiently.
    Gordon - April 2017
  • I trust the place...and that says a lot because many car places really take advantage of a woman.
    Mary - April 2017
  • We have always gone to Monroe but for some reason this time has been a disaster. Took it in for brakes a few months ago, and still something is wrong. Originally they were put on backwards. Ok fine, said they were fixed. No, still not fixed. There is an incredible grinding sound in the right front side that they just can't seem to fix. Dropped the car off Sunday... today is Wednesday and it still haven't been looked at - it is still sitting there! I am very disappointed to say the least. We have gone to Monroe for all our needs for our late model new cars and this time it just isn't doing it for us. Not sure if we will return after the car is finally fixed or not. I have even contacted the regional manager, Jason and he hasn't even called me back after contacting him the first time after learning the brakes were put on wrong! Definitely need a revamp of this business because no one seems to care.
    Jim - April 2017
  • Great service by experienced staff. Got greeted and checked in, and the work started and finished on time, and at the right price. Can't ask for more than that.
    John - April 2017
  • Oil change was professionally done, like always
    Mike - April 2017
  • John, the store manager, is like dealing with a long-time friend. He is very courteous, friendly, and helpful. He always tries to get me in and out as quickly as possible.
    Don - March 2017
  • Great people, great service, at a great price
    John - March 2017
  • I brought my car in for an inspection and oil change only to find out that my car would not pass unless I paid an exuberant amount of money for a headlight because a plastic clip broke off. Turns out, the station I brought it to is not an official inspection location, and they had to take it somewhere else which was closed by the time all was said and done. So I had to bring my care back a second day. That's what was the most frustrating since I do not have family in the area having to rely on co-workers for rides.
    Morgan - March 2017
  • Awesome, very friendly, fast and efficient crew. Thanks guys.
    JACQUELINE - March 2017
  • after everything extra you charge for there is never really a discount with a coupon.
    Michelle - March 2017
  • Went in for a routine oil change. I knew I was in need of a state inspection, but didn't have the time to leave the car all day. Upon checking out, the technician mentioned that in order to pass a future inspection, the car was going to need a rear caliper and quoted a price of over $900. He wanted me to apply for a "Drive" card (Monro credit card) to pay for the work. I declined his offer, and took the car elsewhere for a second opinion. The dealership that inspected the car saw no need for the costly repair that Monro had suggested. My experience makes me suspect that I could have been taken advantage of, had I not searched out a second opinion. As for the oil change, they were quick and able to fit my car into their schedule on a short notice. With fees and other surcharges, the cost ends up being quite a bit more than the advertised "$19.99 oil change".
    Carrie - March 2017
  • Called before I made appointment for oil change. Was quoted a price of $27. When I went to check out the price was $44. That being said.. very friendly service. I was right in and right out. I will go back.
    Judy - March 2017
  • I am very pleased with service and the guys who work there.
    Teresa - February 2017
  • Online scheduling tool was effective
    Terry - February 2017
  • They asked me if I wanted my tires rotated I said yes and they didn't do it.
    Ken - February 2017
  • Great place
    Thomas - January 2017
  • I'm a repeat customer and that's cause they care about their customers.
    Alysha - June 2016
  • John, the store manager, was very knowledgable and thorough in his explanation about the work done and future work I would need. I have bad bad mechanics in the past, so I felt like John and his staff were upfront and honest with me, which was a nice change from my previous experiences at other auto shops.
    Sarah - September 2015
  • They are always friendly and not over priced.
    Lisa - September 2015

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