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(610) 479-7953

4692 Broadway
Allentown, PA 18104

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • I am not familiar with these products.
    arianna - February 2018
  • Always great customer service. Nice when the staff remembers you.
    Patricia - February 2018
  • Thank you
    Gale - February 2018
  • Fast , easy , front desk guys are awesome
    Sharon - February 2018
  • Scheduled an oil change online. Got the time I wanted. Brought cat in and oil change was done in 30 minutes. Quick and efficient service!
    Cori - January 2018
  • This location was ok and would maybe go back again.
    angela - January 2018
  • Outstanding service. Friendly, courteous and quick.
    Walter - December 2017
  • Good service, quick to make appointment, no hassle
    Maryann - December 2017
  • Preferred appointments are easy to get! Friendly, honest and knowledgeable staff
    Scott - December 2017
  • Service attendant was friendly and service was done in a reasonable amount of time. They even replace the drain plug once when they noticed it was almost completely stripped
    Darryl - November 2017
  • My Monro always gives me 100% service, quality and trustworthiness. Great experience getting new tires!
    Jay - November 2017
  • I took my car in for an oil change. It was one of the best experiences I've had in the Lehigh Valley. It was fast, the people were helpful and courteous, and I was all around pleased with my experience.
    Tara - November 2017
  • I do not understand the upcharges on the bill. I print out a promotion for oil change @ $29.99, but the bill is always around $39.00 why not just include the extra charges in the original price.
    Ed - November 2017
  • I recently had my first service at Monro Muffler/Brake, the team was friendly and knowledgeable. There were no hard sales or upselling of product I didn't come in for. Explanations were easy to understand and reassuring. I made an appointment online and waited while my car was serviced. One of the best oil change experiences I've had! Thank you!
    Cari-anne - November 2017
  • Excellent Service, very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
    Louis - November 2017
  • good and quick job!
    xiaojing - October 2017
  • The staff know me by name and by my SUV. Always a pleasant experience for my regular oil changes.
    Bob - October 2017
  • I have always had a great experience at this location, awesome service...always friendly!
    Terri - October 2017
  • Have been going to this location for years and have always had good service.
    Martha - October 2017
  • Honest work done on my car. Will definitely come back
    Hannah - October 2017
  • Use Monroe for oil changed and general maintenance and always get fast and efficient service. Friendly and more than competent customer service.
    Jacqulin - October 2017
  • I was able to drop off my car with little notice, and car was ready very quickly. $27.00 for quick and through service. great deal.
    Kathy - October 2017
  • I always use Monro for my oil changes because they get the job done in a timely manner.
    Jen - October 2017
  • Great service and employee
    Barbara - September 2017
  • They always take care of you and your car. They don't take advantage of recommending unnecessary services to get money out of you.
    Christine - September 2017
  • Cant remember guy at desk, but he's always there when I drop off and pick up my vehicles.... nice guy !!
    Sharon - September 2017
  • I have been using Monro for the past 5 years and I have always been very happy with the service on all my cars.
    Mark - September 2017
  • Everything went fine and the people were very friendly and professional
    Maryann - September 2017
  • Quick service great price!!
    Joel - September 2017
  • The guys are always friendly and have helpful suggestion
    Elizabeth - September 2017
  • I have been bringing my cars to Monro for 20+ years...and have never been let down or disappointed. The staff here are friendly, expert...and unfailingly HONEST. Never have I suffered a doubt, hard upsell or bit of bad advice. I trust my Monro team 100%, and am ALWAYS proud to refer friends and family.
    Jay - September 2017
  • Monro has always been good to me and my vehicles. Fast service, good price, friendly customer service.
    Jason - September 2017
  • Always friendly never pushy.
    Cheryl - September 2017
  • I was able to easily make an appointment that fit in my schedule. I received an accurate estimate and the work was done quickly and well.
    Michelle - August 2017
  • The staff is what makes this specific location amazing. ALWAYS helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. The work done on my car has always exceeded expectations.
    Ronnie - August 2017
  • As usual, efficient and complete work done in a timely manner.
    Craig - August 2017
  • These guy are always there when something goes wrong and they fit me in no matter what.
    Elizabeth - August 2017
  • Great personnel and service
    Gary - August 2017
  • Drive card discounts are awesome.
    Chris - August 2017
  • As usual, they were able to accommodate me for an oil change even as a walk-in. They were also helpful when I inquired about other issues with a different car.
    Craig - August 2017
  • the service is good. I did state inspection, oil change. They also found that the front brake pad needs to be replaced. transparent price. good!
    Liang - August 2017
  • Called for a quick check on my car before vacation, Scott got me in the same day and reminded me I needed an oil change.
    LuAnn - August 2017
  • I enjoy going to this store for my inspections. The staff is always helpful and answer my questions when i have them.
    Kalinda - August 2017
  • I always get my ould changed here. Never have any problems and they never try to upsell.
    Rick - August 2017
  • Have always had a positive experience at Monro for my oil changes and tire rotations.
    Andrew - August 2017
  • Guys always treat me with respect and show me courtesy.I recommend this location to my friends.
    Scott - August 2017
  • Always have done a good job, never up-sell unless necessary. Work is done in a reasonable amount of time, too.
    Ben - August 2017
  • The guys at Monro are always helpful with their service and advice. I stopped in for my oil change and tire rotation. They provided helpful advice (along with their quote) on an upcoming service item to monitor.
    Doug - August 2017
  • Everything was done right and fast
    Phil - July 2017
  • Oil change tire rotation
    Brian - July 2017
    Wayne - July 2017
  • Excellent service and very trustworthy.
    Terrance - July 2017
  • Excellent staff, and awesome work everytime.
    Ronnie - July 2017
  • Service is number 1
    ELEANOR - July 2017
  • Prompt, reliable service. I always take my 2 vehicles to Monro. Great specials
    Tom - July 2017
  • The guys at the Allentown store are amazing, always have a good experience there.
    Tim - June 2017
  • Good, quick service. Easy to make appointment. Have used their services several times without problems.
    Maryann - June 2017
  • Fast prompt service and right on time
    Bill - June 2017
  • Quality service, quick and easy drop off! Everytime I go there everything goes smoothly
    Jessica - June 2017
  • no complainits
    Dennis - June 2017
  • Excellent service. Stephen answered my questions and the service was done in less than 40 minutes.
    Diane - June 2017
  • Got car inspected
    Ryan - June 2017
  • Never had any issues, very fair shop, honest shop.
    Clarence - June 2017
  • quick service, nice staff, quick with quality
    Eleanor - June 2017
  • Friendly staff and quick appointments. I went to have my inspection done and also asked that they change the oil. They forgot to change the oil but their customer service made up for it.
    Liz - June 2017
  • Great staff and service every time! Make everything comfortable, and convenient. Thanks to the staff! They are what make this place the best.
    Ronald - June 2017
  • Very fast, accurate, friendly. I went in for oil change and I also wanted them to check out my tire, thinking that it was the stem valve. They found a nail in the tire and patched it.
    Esmir - May 2017
  • I have always received excellent service along with customer service.
    Andy - May 2017
  • Great !
    Tara - May 2017
  • Great service, and everyone is always friendly!
    Torie - May 2017
  • Easy to get in for an appointment, really nice employees. Fast, honest work at reasonable prices.
    Beth - May 2017
  • I get my oil changed here all the time I love it because they always remind you via email when to get it changed and they also always end you a coupon! The Service is fast and the employees are knowledgeable and kind!
    Peter - May 2017
  • Always get in and out quickly for an oil change as I stop in on my way to work
    Mary - May 2017
  • I have been taking my car to this Monro for years now. They've only gotten better. I always wait for my car during an oil change and it takes less than 30 min. They always let me know what might be needed at the next visit so that I'm not taken off guard. They've even taken care of my MG.
    Darci - May 2017
  • State vehicle inspection took only a few minutes. Shortest visit to a garage I have ever experienced.
    Walter/Susa - May 2017
  • Quick Service & friendly staff like Steve!
    Florendo - May 2017
  • This visit I had a tire with a slow leak repaired. The manager explained to me that the leak was caused by corrosion between the tire and aluminum wheel.
    Glenn - May 2017
  • The staff was very friendly and helpful.
    Ching - May 2017
  • I had my break pads and rotirs changed at the store some time ago. When I took my car for inspection I was told that I needed rear break pads due to uneven wear of the pads. I think the unrven wear is the result of the improper instalment of the pads before. The breaks were making noise and i took my car to store and complained about it. Yhey checked it out and said they did not find anything wrong.
    Hakan - April 2017
  • Friendly knowledgeable workers
    Elmer - April 2017
  • last manager would look for ways to save me money like coupons or other discounts, sadly no longer.
    Luann - April 2017
  • I called for an estimate on service I needed. Steven was very helpful and knowledgeable. After calling back to schedule an appointment he answered additional questions. The staff called and kept me up to date on what was happening and when the car was finished. great experience! Very professional!
    Nicole - April 2017
  • I always have a good experience with these folks. The service is reasonably priced, the work is done fast and everyone is very respectful.
    Lisa - April 2017
  • The staff at this location is great and very helpful.
    Angela - April 2017
  • Best customer service. They all do amazing work, I highly recommend them to anyone.
    Ronnie - March 2017
  • I was in and out in no time, with the service I needed and no pressure. Thanks!
    Michael - March 2017
  • Went in for a synthetic blend oil change with brake check, tire rotation, and air pressure check. Was told about an hour but was done in a little over half an hour. Very satisfied with the speed and quality of the service.
    Jordan - March 2017
  • Had a repair done on a Sunday when the following Saturday the same problem occurred. The fix was completed in a day and there was no charge. The staff explained why there was a second problem (which was not detected at the first repair).
    Patricia - March 2017
  • We have been taking our cars to Monroe for years now. They take car of our cars and our daughter's cars. We have been happy with the service
    Jenney - March 2017
    Wayne - March 2017
  • Had oil change and inspection. They were able to accommodate my date and close to my time.
    Diane - March 2017
  • work done on time as promised.
    terrance - March 2017
  • no problem
    terrance - March 2017
  • Ok
    Jim - March 2017
  • Good service,personable staff. Would recommend.
    Maryann - March 2017
  • I always have a pleasant visit at Monroe. They are very knowledgeable about everything to do with cars and trucks. They always let me know if something is wrong or needs to be addressed. Great place and I will continue to go there for service.
    Kristal - March 2017
  • Full synthetic oil change. Almost $90. Too expensive for the service provided. Luckily I had a coupon for the service. Staff was professional and courteous.
    Jason - March 2017
  • Took my car in for inspection and was in and out in 30 minutes.
    Chad - February 2017
  • Was overdue on inspection and given warning by police. When I arrived the day had already been booked, but I was able to fill an appointment cancellation.
    Dave - February 2017
  • Quick service at the right price!
    Conrad - February 2017
  • I am pleased with their courtesy and service. It was late in day when I found my tyre ran out and was destroyed by the time I reached out to their shop. Store manager showed me problems and they fixed it next day. I would visit them if I need any service again. I ordered from tyre rack as they had higher prices on replacement though.
    Rohit - February 2017
  • great and honest service
    Andrew - February 2017
  • Tires replaced before inspection. One tire was damaged and other one worn.
    Janet - February 2017
  • I would highly recommend Monro. The guys are knowledgable and courteous
    Claudia - February 2017
  • I called for an oil change, the guy got me in the next morning. When I got there, they were ready for me, took my keys, took the car right into the garage before I even sat down, they were moving my car. I was watching the news on TV, a few minutes later, they were pulling my car up to the door it was done. Awesome!
    Tim - February 2017
  • Overcharged for new tires.
    Alex - February 2017
  • Easy to make an appointment online. Timely service. I took one coupon to use, and the salesman applied an additional coupon that was available to me but of which I was unaware. The best was that they cleaned my hubcaps when they installed the new tires. That was an added bonus that I really appreciated.
    Michele - February 2017
  • I got an oil change, tire rotation and they filled my windshield fluid
    Michele - February 2017
  • Very nice, quality service.
    Dale - February 2017
  • Great job- Out when promised
    Greg - January 2017
  • Regarding making my appointment on-line: Easy to do, rec'd first choice date, appointment confirmed by e-mail. Regarding store experience: Front desk needs to be a bit more enthused (there are other places to have my vehicle serviced). In the Comment section, of my on-line appointment, I stated that I wanted all replacement parts returned to me, if warranted. My appointment was for an inspection and emission's test. Fortunately for me, my vehicle passed both tests without occurring any work being done but on the invoice that I received there was a comment that "Customer Wishes To Discard Old Parts". This is not what I requested. Please read, more closely, comments section of on-line appointment form. Do not like the "Shop Supply Fee" of an additional $6.68 without any explanation of, specifically, what that cost was for. It is a nuisance fee and your explanation of that fee is too vague and open to skepticism. I would like to take my 2 vehicles to one auto service business, (and perhaps recommend that business to others) on a regular basis, but that Shop Supply Fee, the lack of a good explanation for it, and the lack of feeling that my business is appreciated are all points against this Monro location. I would return to this Monro location but I feel that I wouldn't make it my first choice because it doesn't stand out.
    Jim - January 2017
  • All the staff are friendly and professional. Service is completed in a timely manner.
    Patricia - January 2017
  • This location has always been very consistent. Excellent service.
    Joseph - December 2016
  • They showed me the brake pads when I went in, explained how worn and rusted they were.
    Terrance - November 2016
  • The gentleman at the counter was very helpful and personable. He explained everything very thoroughly.
    Rochelle - August 2016
  • I was there with my 2 year old and as soon as I handed my keys in, the service rep came from back behind the counter and offered my son a coloring book and crayons. I was very pleased with the service and even more pleased with their courtesy towards my s
    Joe - August 2016
  • We have 4 cars that are regularly serviced at our Monroe. I almost always forget the coupons, but they always give me the discount. They are always friendly.
    Philip - June 2016
  • Always helpful. This was a followup. I took their recommendation from a recent service/ oil change and decided to replace 2 tires now.
    John - May 2016
  • Willingness to get us in as soon as possible. Called when work was completed and explained work done.
    Linda - September 2015
  • Everyone likes to save a buck. I like they way Monro offers coupon discounts and readily honors them.
    Edward - August 2015

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