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(330) 345-6310

2781 Cleveland Road
Wooster, OH 44691

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Great service. In and out right away. Everything was phenomenal from a service standpoint. Went back the next day as requested to have the lug nuts retorqued and was in and out as well. Bummed they didn't have wiper blades for my car in stock, but will call ahead when I schedule my appointment for my next oil change to make sure.
    Kevin - March 2018
  • I bought a muffler and a tail pipe
    Donald - February 2018
  • the tech that actually worked on the unit seemed very knowledgeable and were friendly
    Richard - February 2018
  • good service reasonable prices on oil change with drive card
    mark - February 2018
  • Fast Friendly Service - they made sure I was getting the best deal
    Jordan - February 2018
  • I continuously visit this location and everyone is always so polite and gives wonderful customer service! I work in customer service and I appreciate giving my business to companies that make great service a priority.
    Jill - January 2018
  • What a great place. Quick, efficient and honest. I won't go anywhere else.
    Angie - January 2018
  • Well worth the money
    K - December 2017
  • They were very personal in the area of my brakes and tires.
    Janice - December 2017
  • I made an appointment on line for an oil change. I did not have to wait, I was in and out in approx. 20 minutes.
    G - December 2017
  • The tires I bought ride nice with no road noise
    Ken - December 2017
  • Went to my local Monro for the tire sale on Friday and set my appointment up for Saturday to get the tires put on. I smelled fuel pretty strong Saturday morning and when I got to Monro and they put it up on the rack I asked James if he could check for a fuel leak and he found it. Turned out my fuel pump was shot... saved me from sitting on the side of the road again! Thanks guys.
    Christopher - November 2017
  • No more slippin and sliding
    Chrissy - November 2017
  • I typically take my vehicle to Monro for oil changes and tire rotations because they are kind, do a good job, provide competitive prices, and have a trustworthy inspection of other issues during the general inspection. This last visit, I thought that everything was the same as usual. However, the next day a co-worker told me that my hood was not fully latched. I had driven about 90 miles since the oil change. Thankfully the hood stayed latched with the second hood latch. I called Monro, who looked at it and lubricated the spring so it would latch again. They did not charge, which was appreciated. However, the manager didn't express the type of concern that I would have expected. My hood could have flew open on the highway. It would have smashed my windshield and potentially caused a wreck. After the technician fixed it, he returned the vehicle. He was kind and said that it was good to go. The service manager did not say anything to me after initially taking my keys to the back. There was no apology for this huge oversight. While Monro isn't responsible for the latch not being well lubricated, they should have noticed the hood not fully latching. This is a serious safety concern. I will never go back to Monro after this incident. Thankfully nothing happened, but the results could have been disastrous.
    Matt - November 2017
  • I have had Monro perform regular service for many years and have replaced tires, brakes and battery there also.
    Judith - November 2017
  • I have been going to Monro since 2010. I started going there for oil changes but quickly found out they do so much more. The guys never push extra service but do alert me when there are signs of wear or damage that should be taken care of. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and will keep you on the road and safe. My truck is pushing the 200K mark and I am hoping for another 100K.
    Christopher - November 2017
  • Felt like the staff went the extra mile to get my vehicle taken care of and did an excellent job!
    Ali - October 2017
  • James greeted me with a friendly smile and ask how he can help. I told him my wife came in with a flat tire and someone up here changed it for her. He said it was him and I thanked him. Then I explained that I have the fixed tire and the car will not be safe to take back to Mansfield were my mechanic is. So he said as soon as he get a minute he'll put it on for me. Then he did!!!!!!
    Brian - October 2017
  • My 2012 Madza 3 was serviced by the employees at Wooster Monro. I received 4 new tires, an alignment, an oil change and a new rotor.
    Lauren - October 2017
  • I’ve been going to this locations for a couple visits now. They don’t try to over sell you stuff you don’t need and they are very professional and quick. Will keep going to this location.
    Michael - October 2017
  • service service
    Irene - October 2017
  • Cost is competitive, but didn't receive a call when vehicle was ready for pickup.
    Andrew - October 2017
  • I need my car daily, because of the paper route.
    Janice - September 2017
  • Tires for my car..
    Eric - September 2017
  • Oil change and tire rotation was done to satisfaction. But the customer representative who both helped me and did the change needs to work on customer service. He did not tell me what oil he was putting in or the cost when I was leaving. His overall responses had the attitude of "I don't care." I've had other better experiences with the company in the past and with the price and timeliness I will continue to take my business here.
    Kim - September 2017
  • I needed my vehicle to be looked at for potential fuel pump problems. It turned out not to be that, and they were able to start my car after I was not. The work was done in less than an hour and they simply handed me the keys when I picked it up. Thanks guys.
    Pat - September 2017
  • I have been to the Wooster location for all kinds of services. Every visit I get prompt, courteous service. The team at Monro Wooster is helpful and knowledgeable, making this location my choice! Keep up the excellent work!
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Brought car in for oil change and noted air conditioner needed to be looked at as it wasn't blowing cold air. Monroe did air conditioner recharge. Three weeks later, air conditioner not blowing cold air. Take it back in and its the compressor. Wound up taking another vacation day as problem wasn't diagnosed first time it was in.
    Kevin - August 2017
  • No Comment
    Nancy - August 2017
  • They are very efficient and fast at there jobs.
    Clifford - August 2017
  • Fast and friendly customer service. Folks in the shop were very kind
    Jordan - August 2017
  • Went in for an oil change and tire rotation. Excellent service. Quick and Friendly
    Jordan - August 2017
  • This is the second time I've gotten my oil changed at this Monro location. The service is excellent and the prices are very fair.
    Jeff - August 2017
  • I called to get an estimate, they got me in that day! Was very friendly and professional!
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • Nice girl works there
    Lori - July 2017
  • - very easy to get in for convenient appointment - very friendly staff - very knowledgeable staff - air conditioning tune-up works great
    Kevin - July 2017
  • James was able to repair a tricky issue with my engine and the cost was very reasonable. The staff are great at staying in contact and communicating things clearly.
    Jacquelyn - July 2017
  • Super fast pool changes, amazing mechanics. It's the only place I'd get my oil serviced! Amber is so awesome at the Wooster Ohio location
    Courtney - July 2017
  • workers are nice smart and know what they are doing the mech knew exactly what was needed for my truck and did not try and sell me anything I did not need
    Bill - July 2017
  • fast and friendly service. convenient location for me persoanlly.
    Debra - July 2017
  • prompt scheduling and did work fast and efficient
    donald - July 2017
  • Charged me an extra $20 to tighten one bolt
    Brandon - June 2017
  • The techs were very knowledgeable, determining the problem before getting the vehicle on the rack.
    Jeff - June 2017
  • Very professional and prompt service. Everything was thoroughly explained to me and service was outstanding.
    Michael - June 2017
  • I took my car in to get serpentine belt changed. It was done quickly.
    Shanta - June 2017
  • Best and honest repair shop in town
    Steve - June 2017
  • The guys there were very helpful
    Ed - June 2017
  • Amber was very helpful in diagnosing and fixing my recent repair
    Shelley - June 2017
  • The staff was very friendly and were able to get my car in quick.
    Charlene - June 2017
  • I needed a new muffler bad. It was taken care of quickly and was done very well.
    Joshua - June 2017
  • I liked how they inspect the car. I didn't like how they tried to do a balance of my tires which I didn't think was necessary. So I didn't get my tires rotated. The price of the service was reasonable.
    Robert - June 2017
  • great job!
    Tina - June 2017
  • Very disappointed in price and options offered. Felt I was pushed into parts that were unnecessary and the "boss" blamed it on someone else when he was the disrespectful person.
    Robert - June 2017
  • good people
    Frank - June 2017
  • Had oil & filter changed
    Rachael - May 2017
  • Car drives so much better since the tire balance! Thank you!!!
    Dana - May 2017
  • I like the quality of the service and the friendliness of the people who work there.
    Judith - May 2017
  • Excellent and friendly service - I have used them twice in the last coupleof weeks and both times they were excellent - got both cars back on the road very quickly
    Katrina - May 2017
  • They quoted me a price for brake pads & roters and they stuck to that price. They didn't try to sell me something I didn't need.
    Joan - May 2017
  • The team at the Wooster Ohio location are always prompt and on top of things. Awesome.
    Ryan - May 2017
  • Got new brakes, work really well. No more squeaking.
    Charles - May 2017
  • Prompt, courteous service.
    Roger - April 2017
  • Professional and affordable service. Record travels with vehicle, so is on file if service is needed in another city.
    Matt - April 2017
  • Brian and the team at Monroe are always friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them.
    Roy - April 2017
  • Fast, friendly service
    Jenny - April 2017
  • No issues
    Leanne - April 2017
  • very fast and curtious
    Judy - March 2017
  • Service was good
    Karen - March 2017
  • Everyone was very friendly. The service was great !
    Martha - March 2017
  • The employees at Monroe always treat me fair and honest. And I appreciate that as a customer
    Andrew - March 2017
  • I get all my oil changed and other services done here.
    Tina - March 2017
  • I would recommend to family & friends.
    Amy - March 2017
  • Great communication. Knowledgeable and fair pricing to reseal tire.
    Linda - March 2017
  • I went in for an oil change because I found a coupon for a really good price. They did tell me though that I need new brakes and I told them how much and they gave me a ridiculous amount. My total for the day would have been $398. We can by brakes for $30 and my husband can put them on.
    Anastasha - March 2017
  • Was a speedy, but nice visit. People are friendly.
    John - March 2017
  • It's working
    Mahdi - March 2017
  • Oil changes prolong engine life and save bigger expenses. It's a good time to find other issues while they are small.
    Joyce - February 2017
  • Friendly and fast service on car
    Dianna - February 2017
  • I would go back!
    Ray - February 2017
  • Asked to look for reason for clink noise when pushing on brake pedal. Nothing found that would do it. Still have the noise, but a thorough inspection was performed.
    James - February 2017
  • I love Monro Muffler!
    Angela - February 2017
  • All good
    Paul - February 2017
  • We had gotten a flat tire on our way to get groceries in a Sunday. They got us in right away and the two men working had us back on the road in a couple hours.
    Vanna - February 2017
  • I would highly recommend this to others, because their technicians were highly skilled and conscious in the service they provided.
    George - February 2017
  • Very professional and courteous
    Dave - February 2017
  • I was able to take my truck in and have it repaired and ready with in a few hours.
    Bill - February 2017
  • I always appreciate it when I take a vehicle somewhere for service and I'm not given a hard sell on items or work that are probably not necessary.
    Greg - June 2016
  • I had a very minor problem but it took a while to discover the issue. It didn't require a part and simply required plastic to be trimmed. They completed the work without charge.
    Tyler - May 2016
  • Staff is FRIENDLY and talks to me as a person, not talking down to me. Always courteous and follow through on promises. I trust them.
    Jessica - April 2016
  • The mechanic explained everything in terms that I understood and was able to give me an idea of the cost I could expect. The gentleman that made my appt and handled my checkout was kind and courteous.
    Lori - September 2015

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