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(513) 942-5007

5900 Muhlhauser Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Went to have an oil change and Kevin and Nate did a good job checking out the car to make sure the car was running in good shape. They gave me some items to be aware of as well as pricing.
    Edward - February 2018
  • Kevin was great, I came in for an oil change he made a few suggestions, air filter, cabin air filter, but he wasn't pushy. Real nice guy.
    No - January 2018
  • My husband called the day before and made an appointment for my oil change. I work right around the corner. I dropped my car off at 10 am. Hadn't heard anything by 2, so I called myself. The guy on the phone said my car was not even close to being done and he would have to check on it and call me back to let me know what is going on with it. After waiting for an hour, my husband finally called the shop. I assumed an oil change wouldn't take long at all. Considering most places I go to is less than an hour. After six hours, I was able to get my car. Their excuse? They were very busy today. Although, they did not tell my that when I dropped it off or when my husband made the appointment. Or even called back to give me an update. I had errands to run on my lunch break that I couldn't even take because my car wasn't back. When I got there and complained about the time the guy said well it was only 5 1/2 hours not 6. They also didn't have my filter in stock. Which I said wouldn't of been a big deal if someone would of updated me. Guess I will be going back to the normal places we visit, even though this would have been super convenient to go during work hours.
    Danielle - January 2018
  • Great job in timely manner. I will be back.
    HAROLD - December 2017
  • Very good service and huge quality parts. Highly recommend
    Fadhel - December 2017
  • I was treated fairly and have been a loyal customer for over 12 years. Keep up the good work. Jack Morgan 8610 Rupp Farm Drive West Chester, Ohio 45069 5132350854
    jack - December 2017
  • Everyone was great
    Ken - December 2017
  • Well it's a battery for a car, so for a car...
    Beth - November 2017

  • O - November 2017
  • Only complaint is that I don’t think they did the free rotation and alignment.
    Duane - October 2017
  • I took my car into their shop, and they had me in and out in under an hour with new rotors and and oil change.
    Shaun - October 2017
  • I always receive fast, friendly service when I use Monro for my oil changes!
    Vanessa - September 2017
  • I went into the shop close to me to buy 2 brand new tires. The shop manager ordered the wrong 2 tires charged me 200$ for the wrong tires, threw them on my jeep and cause my jeep to mess up... so I come back to the shop and they couldn't give me a refund for the wrong tires then charged me 240$ for 2 more tires and made me come the next day to pick up my vehicle due to the late timing and the distributor was closed. I come back the next day at 2pm and my tires had not shown up, even though the distributor was a mile down the road. I missed my exam at 330 and did not get my tires until almost 5pm ... so at this point I'm out 440$ for 2 tires and an exam because of bad workers. I get it sometimes work sucks but no way does it take 24 hours anywhere to buy and put on 2 tires. This shop is terrible, so if you decide to give me the 500$ cool.... the location in Westchester Oh, 45069.
    Cody - September 2017
  • I got an oil change
    Jade - September 2017
  • This particular store, always gives excellent service, I feel that I can get honest feed back with out being taken advantage of. Keep up the good ?? work! Thank you.
    Cheryl - August 2017
  • Showed up at 12:25 for a 12:30 oil change. Took a full hour. Only 1 guy working the front desk, answering phones, and performing service. Other people waiting were not happy either. Won't be going back
    Matt - August 2017
  • The person doing my oil change drained my transmission fluid instead of my oil, and added oil to engine. Engine had x2 oil and down a quart or so of transmission fluid. Situation was handled well by the manager, Jeremy, but I would not recommend anyone go to this location for an oil change. Monro appears to be cutting corners and allowing untrained people to do their work.
    Mike - August 2017

  • Doug - August 2017
  • Quick service but expensive
    Jodi - August 2017
  • I had never been to Monro before but found a coupon for an oil change so I decided to drive a little out of my way for a visit. Not only did I get a great deal, but the staff was very friendly and finished faster than I expected.
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • Schedules an oil change and headlight replacement. I was told after one hour that the pigtail needed to be replaced and they could get one from the Auto Zone 3 miles up the road. Auto Zone's driver was not available immediately. We were in the shop for over 2 1/2 hours. I would have been happy to get the part myself and bring it back for installation.
    David - July 2017
  • We had an emergency as we found several nail in our Cecile, but they were so willing to help and accommodated us tremendously. My wife is 38 weeks pregnant and the Manager on Duty made sure our car was in "tip top" shape and she was driving safely. I highly recommend using this particular location.
    Byron - July 2017
  • Manager was helpful in diagnosing a service engine light and confirmed the exact problem. Treated every customer with respect .
    Jim - July 2017
  • I took my car into this store for an oil change and was informed that my brake pads were borderline needing replaced. The storefront staff were very flexible and informative with my service options and gave me as many discounts as possible to lessen the burden. I had a great experience at this store.
    Jacklyn - July 2017
  • The brakes are working well, but I consider completely dishonest that you send me a quotation for USD2000 if the reasonable price was I was way lower than that. The reality is that this is your business and you do whatever you want but I'm not going back to Monro and I am telling every single person my experience
    Andres - July 2017
  • Everyone there was awesome
    Sheila - July 2017
  • Work was done as expected.
    Edward - July 2017
  • I love this store. The managers and assistant managers are always kind and courteous. I am never talked down to and they are extremely helpful with whatever questions I may have.
    Coleen - July 2017
  • Thank you for servicing my vehicle. Staff was efficient and pleasant
    Jason - July 2017
  • I came in from out of town and my muffler was making loud noises and came in without an appointment and Steve helped me right away and got my car in to diagnose it. We could not get the part in time before leaving town but Steve let me know what part I needed and price
    Patrick - June 2017
  • Very accommodating to my time schedule. The only problem which is not a store problem but a corporate problem your receipts are very hard to read.
    Christopher - May 2017
  • Good and thorough job servicing my car. Very friendly Work and waiting area clean and neat Bathrooms clean
    Alice - May 2017
  • Helped me out, was nice even when overwhelmed!
    Beth - May 2017
  • We always get fast and excellent service at the West Chester location.
    Vanessa - May 2017
  • Yes I have used this product before
    Jeni - April 2017
  • I had a transmission seal leak. I got the diagnosis and was given the choice to fix it. He told me the severity of the problem. I told him i wanted to get it fixed. They fixed before the estimated time and i have had no issue.
    Gene - April 2017
  • I would like to commend your "new" manager at this particular location for his obvious knowledge ( 15 years as a master mechanic) and his ability to adjust and problem solve as the situation dictates. We found him to be a very personable, non assertive, and effective in his new role. He made sure that our particular needs were handled in a very clear , concise and expedient manner. People with this young mans abilities, knowledge, people skills, and motivation are a scarce commodity in this high paced high pressure society. He was given a challenge and as we noticed during our interaction, he has responded quite admirably. Did not catch this young mans last name, but his first name is Steve.
    Martin - April 2017
  • Manager is very friendly and had a great sense of humor. He gets the job done in timely basis.
    Diva - April 2017
  • I had a coupon for a $15 oil change with a free inspection and the mechanics were really helpful and honest with me about my car. I recommend this place for any car needs.
    Keely - April 2017
    mark - March 2017
  • Special thanks to Robert at the Fairfied location for taking customer service far and beyond. Although he was unable to see me due to inconvenience, he referred me to the Mason location where Christoper and his team took awesome care of me. It was truly hassle FREE! Robert had already called ahead and spoke with Christopher who was expecting my call. Thank you both for an awesome experience. I didn't want this to go unnoticed. Tracey C.
    Tracey - March 2017
  • They tried their best to find reasonably priced parts for my car
    Christopher - March 2017
  • I have been to this Monroe place before and enjoy the service. The workers are friendly and the car felt pretty good after the oil change. I used a $14.00 oil change special coupon which the person who checked me out said they didn't have the code for so he had to manually enter the discount. However after I left and looked closer at the discount, it appeared he did not take enough off the bill. It was not enough to go back and argue though.
    Edward - February 2017
  • Came in for a $14.99 oil change. Ended up costing over $26. I understand 1 extra quart of oil, but also had a few extra misc. charges.
    bill - February 2017
  • The associates never talk down to the customers. They have always taken time to answer any question I have.
    Nick - April 2016
  • Steve does a good job of explaining the work that needs to be done.
    Mark - September 2015
  • Everyone was trustworthy and upfront about what was happening. Their recommendations were spot on. now both of our cars run smoother and quieter than ever before. It's nice to find a mechanic you can trust. difficult also. They even said if they can't do
    Jeff - September 2015
  • Service done with a smile and on time. Have all service on this car done at this Monro.
    Richard - August 2015

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