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What People Are Saying:

  • I can't say thank you enough for the great work done on my brakes and flushing the power steering fluid.
    Alice - November 2017
  • The manager Rick and his crew were great. They were very understanding when you are on a budget and didn't push me to fix anything other then what I had originally taken it in for but still letting me know what was wrong.
    Shay - November 2017
  • I will for sure be back for another oil change and tire balance. Great employees and very friendly.
    AJ - October 2017
  • Went for routine oil change. Was told I need wheel balance and air filter. Told them I wasn't interested. Was then badgered to purchase but I still denied. Was promised anti freeze top off but after I denied the extras I didn't get it. Also they rotated my tires and they didn't need it so now my back tires are on the front with worse tread. Pretty sure I'm going to go elsewhere next time.
    Chris - October 2017
  • Went for routine oil change. Was told I need wheel balance and air filter. Told them I wasn't interested. Was then badgered to purchase but I still denied. Was promised anti freeze top off but after I denied the extras I didn't get it. Also they rotated my tires and they didn't need it so now my back tires are on the front with worse tread. Pretty sure I'm going to go elsewhere next time.
    Chris - October 2017
  • I went in for a simple oil change. My car was the only one being worked on and I sat for an hour and 1/2. Apparently the first hour was spent going over my car making a list of every thing that was wrong with my car. 15 minutes was spent trying me to spend over $1000 in repairs that evening and the last 15 minutes was spent actually doing the oil repair I originally asked for only after I declined all of the recommended repairs. I originally went there for the advertised price, but I will never go back. I will say that the staff, particularly the manager was very friendly and polite, but that doesn't outweigh the hour plus of my time that was wasted.
    Laura - September 2017
  • They do a very good job and they do it in a timely manner. Great communication!
    Laura - August 2017
  • I feel like everytime I take my vehicle in for a oil change they are under pressure to find extras things in addition to the service you had appointment for. Its not customer service but lets get our sales up to make corp. happy.
    Joyce - August 2017
  • I took my car in for a oil change also a thorough inspection of the vehicle.
    Michael - July 2017
  • If they had a zero, they would get it from me and other people that I am sure they have screwed. They are liars and do not honor they're warranties and charge outrageous prices for sub standard parts, the manager there is a jerk and not friendly at all. They especially try to take advantage of women, thinking they are car stupid. I got front brake pads and new rotors there less than 8 months ago and they already are rusted and sqeeking, hell my old ones looked better when they took them off than the ones that are on there now, bottom line is they are liars and thieves and I would not recommend this place to anybody for anything.
    jan - July 2017
  • Rick Allen agreed to undo bake line damage done by their shop and fix my vehicle for free. At his request I dropped off the vehicle early Saturday morning. 10 hours later I contacted Monro and Rick stated that one of his technician’s had left early that morning because of a family emergency, and that the other tech had stripped apart my vehicle and left it “in pieces” and just walked off the job and never came back. On Monday Rick stated the tech did not know how to cut and flare brake lines so he would have to order a special flaring tool to do the job and they would have to keep my vehicle since it was still on the lift and taken apart. On Tuesday morning Rick stated that they were still having trouble getting the rear line to flare in to the split, and in the process they had broken other brake lines and would need to repair those also. Rick stated that it would be upwards of $700 to repair and that he would use substandard steel line which had rusted in the first place and caused the problem. I informed Rick that Dale’s Goodyear had already evaluated the entire brake system and quoted me a price of $465.47 if I wanted to replace the entire brake line system with NiCad or NiCopper, which was much easier to cut and flare, was more flexible, durable, resilient and would never rust. I asked Rick to reassemble my vehicle, refund my initial $200 for a repair that was never done, and petition corporate for reimbursement for my loss of vehicle for weeks and constant purchase of brake fluid when it was marginally drive-able. Finally Wednesday afternoon Rick informed me that the vehicle was ready for pickup. When I arrived and expected to pick up my vehicle for free, Rick printed out a bill for $737.18. I asked what the charges were for and Rick stated that they had replaced the other brake lines without my consent with substandard steel line because it was the only way they could get it off the lift, and that he was “tired of looking at my vehicle”.
    Adam - July 2017
  • Great customer service. Honest and efficient
    Emily - June 2017
  • This is only place I have ever taken my SUV. The service has always been great. Techs always explain what is needed done.
    Anna - June 2017
  • I came for promise oil change at 10 am on 5/26/17 ( for $9.99 with drive card), left paying $773.11. The manager Rick Allen told me that all my tires needed to be changed. I remembered that last time I ch my 2 tires in the same Monro location less than 2 years ago. They definitely couldn't be worn . He could look at the record to see that they were less than 25000 miles. He offered my Kelly tires ( buy 3 , get 1 free) for $150.99 each with 55000 miles guarantee. He never offered me cheaper tires that were only $108.99 each with longer mileage warranty (75000-85000 miles) . He also never said there will be hidden fees involved for wheel alignment and some shop supply fees , total more than $100 . At picking up the car , I even brought the previous paperwork to him , showing the date of the last tires change ( 7/20/15) and mileage taken at that day. I asked him what was the point of mileage warranty ( 40000) written on the invoice if the tires had only 25000 miles and what was the necessity to change them. He insisted that the tires were worn. I also asked him why he charged me for wheel alignment ? Wan't it part of the tire installation ? He said no . I handled him the previous receipt for tire installation where I was charged strictly for 2 tires , without any additional hidden cost . Why does it change now ? On top of it , I paid for filter replacement and valve p/s flush kit . Now, after changing 2 pretty good tires because of my stupidity and great selling talent of the Monro manager , I have my doubts about necessity of changing the filter and flush kit .I wasted almost the whole day without a car. I was promise that it would take then 2-3 hours fir my car to be ready for me. When at 3 pm ( 5 hours later) I finally called the manager myself to find out about the status of repairs he told me that they were about to pick me up. I was a loyal satisfied customer of your company . I am very upset and disappointed with my last visit. I doubt I will go back there
    Larisa - May 2017
  • I love the customer service, and the service is always done correctly and efficiently!
    Megan - April 2017
  • The service and special assistance with specific information was wonderful.
    Peggy - March 2017
  • Haven't had any problems
    Wyatt - March 2017
  • Seemed like everything ran smooth and easy. Kind of annoying that tax and "fees" would come to almost 75% of the total, but I guess that is par for the course.
    Chris - March 2017
  • It was a quick rotation and balance
    Tj - February 2017
  • Called on Saturday for an appointment and price, went to drop my car off and the guy had no clue why I was there just that I was dropping my car off. My husband called and talked to the mechanic and the mechanic gave him an almost $200 higher price than I received Saturday. A lot of excuses were made and we got the price down. a lot of hassle over laziness and lying.
    Nick - February 2017
  • seriously . . I have to give you star to submit my review?? Ridiculous because I can't in good conscious give you a star because the last two oil changes I had done at the Monro in Troy, OH left me with a BIG oil mess in my garage and having to make a trip back to the shop the very next morning because the oil had drained out. I will NOT blame the mechanics who change the oil but will suggest that MONRO is buying cheap or faulty products. The shop manager offered to do my next oil change for free . . you would have thought they would have made that offer the first time the O-ring didn't seal and I left a trail of oil from the store to my house. BUT NO instead I've paid for two oil changes and still have a mess to clean up in my driveway and garage.
    Angela - January 2017
  • I've been using this location for the past several years. It is convenient and they are usually very good about getting my car in and done in a timely manor. They recommend other services that will be coming up for my car, but do not pressure me about it.
    Beth - July 2016
  • All of the work being done to my car was throughly explained to me and discussed before any work was completed.
    Stephanie - June 2016
  • The manager was very nice, explained everything well, and I did not leave feeling like my car was going to fall apart if I did not do all needed maintenance "right now." I will have my needed maintenance done at Monro! Thank you for great service!
    Susan - June 2016
  • Took the time to explain the things that should be fixed immediately and the things that would need done in time.
    Marla - June 2016
  • The technician replaced my exhaust and asked my opinion in lining the tips up. They also finished sooner than he estimated, which saved me money.
    Nathan - May 2016
  • Everything was explained very clearly including problems found during the inspection. The employee who explained things to us was very thorough and even explained what needed to be done soon and what could wait a while.
    Ben - May 2016
  • I was able to understand what was being told to me instead of in auto mechanic lingo.
    Lisa - May 2016
  • The employees explained things and were very informative. They knew I was on my lunch break and completed the work quickly and effectivley. I felt like a person, not just a number or just another car.
    Angela - May 2016

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