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(937) 999-3202

4 Remick Blvd.
Springboro, OH 45066

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What People Are Saying:

  • Got me in early, did expected work. Did not make me feel obligated to do extra work like most shops do. Fair pricing
    Conno - February 2018
  • My Durango started smoking on the interstate and we got off and pulled in at speedway. Being totally petrified and an hour away from home we called the nearest body shop. We called Monro and the nice guy told us if we can drive it over he would look at it. So going 20 mph we make it and they took it right in. We found out that the rear differential went out, that being said we could not drive it home. They were so kind to alllow us to keep it their a few days until we got it home. I am not only blessed to be alive but the exit we got off found us Monro who took such great care of us and our car. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
    Tiffany - February 2018
  • It keeps my engine clean and young. The tires wear heavenly when rotated with each oil change.
    Tim - January 2018
  • price is very good
    Robert - January 2018
  • Instruments were also reset
    Gerald - January 2018
  • Best service I’ve received in a long time!!!
    Christina - January 2018
  • We had my brakes replaced three years ago. The back brake pads needed to be replaced. I went in and they pulled up my info said no problem. The warranty saved me about $100 off the cost of replacement!!!
    Angela - January 2018
  • They did a great job and made sure to get it right. Thanks for the great job and the great customer service. I will definitely go back here
    Joseph - January 2018
  • Service is excellent! They care about me and my vehicle!
    Sarah - January 2018
  • Professional, kind, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Excellent customer service!
    Renee - January 2018
    DOUGLAS - January 2018
  • Hats off to the service manager (Brandon) and mechanic who bailed me out of a jam on Christmas Eve morning! I discovered my car battery was dead around 10am. By 11am I had received a jump start and had gotten my car to the local Monro shop. By noon, the folks at Monro had received an upgraded battery from another shop and had it installed. I'm so grateful that Monro was open on Christmas Eve and that they were able to quickly work me in to their schedule! Many thanks again.
    Joel - December 2017
  • What a great, professional experience. Tech was very knowledgeable about my car and pointed out some things that need looked at. Didn't pressure me into trying to upsell, was more interested in me knowing about the issue. Great sale made my oil change very affordable.
    Dan - December 2017
  • The Michelin Defender tires are great so far and we're hoping they last 100,00+ miles like the last set. Can't beat the 1-stop shop for all your car needs!
    Mike - December 2017
  • I was very happy with my experience and will be back.
    Ashley - December 2017
  • Workers Are PROS
    Richard - December 2017
  • Guys at this location are great!
    Brian - December 2017
  • Got started right at my scheduled appt time. Showed me another issue that I was unaware of.
    Tim - December 2017
  • I was supposed to leave my car but they worked it out to get me in & out. They were even having major computer problems but stayed calm, patient and kind.
    Alisha - November 2017
  • My car works great now! Bill helped me every step of the way and truly had my best interest at heart. The person who worked on my car introduced himself to me and even installed my hubcaps as an additional service. Everyone was truly pleasant and will be back!
    Hallie - November 2017
  • Got 3 oil changes over the weekend; didn’t have an appointment and was helped right away on all 3 occasions
    TJ - November 2017
  • Bill and Brandon were superb!!
    tom - November 2017
  • I went to Monro for my first oil change for my 2017 Honda CR-V... they associates were very helpful and friendly and the service was performed in a very reasonable amount of time. The only tiny complaint I had was that I normally have my lights switched to "auto" and they must've turned them off for the oil change, but didn't put them back on auto... I didn't notice I was driving in the dark with no headlights after I picked up my car for about 15 minutes until I got onto a darker road.
    Stephanie - November 2017
  • Service was performed satisfactorly - minor miscommunication when completed
    mike - November 2017
  • Needed for new tires
    Glenn - November 2017
  • We could not be happier with our customer service and repairs. The staff was amazing and very professional. They fixed our van and we will return in the future for further service. The store manager went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of.
    Jeni - October 2017
  • I've been coming to this location for oil changes for the last 4 years. In recent past I was not pleased with the service i received, but it seems that the new management enjoys the job and my last interaction went very well. Keep it up!
    Tim - October 2017
  • I have had my new car serviced twice at this location. Employees very efficient and polite.
    Monkey - October 2017
  • I had an oil change appointment early in the day. Was able to quickly drop off the car, go to Boston Stoker for a coffee, and make a phone call. I had my car keys and had checked out within 45 minutes! They were nice and efficient.
    Hanna - October 2017
  • I received a new battery that seems to be working great. The Service was very pleasant and efficient. Very happy with my experience.
    Teri - September 2017
  • I came for brake service and met with Bill asst. store manager he took care of us and done a great job . Then decided to come back for tires. I talked to Store manager Brandon who went above and beyond to take care of us . Great job guys . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STORE.
    Peggy - August 2017
  • They took care of me in a fast and easy way.
    Ben - August 2017
  • Dropped off my truck without making an appointment for a brake inspection, oil change and tire rotation. WIth 75k on the odometer, I assumed brakes were getting close. Manager called a short time later stating brakes were not needed yet and my truck was ready to pickup.
    Doug - August 2017
  • Brandon was great to work with! Great customer service and an honest appraisal
    Trey - August 2017
  • This was a regular oil change and maintenance visit. I take my 4 vehicles to Monro and always get a great service
    Sunny - July 2017
  • They were good at checking my truck and telling me what needed fixing and what was coming down the road.
    Phillip - July 2017
  • I did not have an appointment when arrived at 7:50 am on a Saturday. The manager said he could get me in a 2:30 pm. I said no thanks. He then called another store to see what was available. They had nothing either. The manager said "tell you what. You are now I will get you going and one of the three 8 am appointments will have to wait." I found this to be exceptable, By the way only one of the 8 am appointments should up.
    Bob - July 2017
  • Oil change based on the 14.95 sign. Didn't clearly see the conditions on sign. (Impossible to do so). Work was completed timely and professionally.
    Sean - July 2017
  • svc mgr was very helpful!
    Tim - July 2017
  • They got me in for an oil change the next day and had my car done quicker than they promised..also recommended new air filter which I hadn't changed in a while so I know not Needed done.
    Erika - July 2017
  • Great service, from start to finish. Will continue to return for routine maintenance and repair, thanks.
    Tim - July 2017
  • I had my car redone by another company. After they changed all the needed stuff they couldn't even get the front brakes to bleed and start working. It being Sunday I was stuck and couldn't find a company open. Drove past Monro and they were for sure open. Took my car in there and they had it fixed and ready to go within a couple hours. THEY SAVED THE DAY!!
    Cortni - July 2017
  • Very good service, explained everything and got us out the door.
    Stephen - June 2017
  • My daughter's car needed a tire pressure sensor replaced. The manager said they could get the job done within the time constraints of needing the car back by late morning. By 10:00 the manager called me to inform me that they had found the bad sensor and provided a quote to replace it. The work was completed, the TPS system was working again, and I had the car back by 11:00.
    Roy - June 2017
  • I made the appointment and they were on time.
    Donna - June 2017
  • First the front desk person was horrible with poor manners and unfamiliar with the store offers. He also failed to tell me the hidden fees and thus my bill was more than I would have paid at the dealership who when they tell you the cost it is the true cost.
    Mike - June 2017
  • Service was great. Crew was quick and courteous. I paid a little more than I wanted to for a new muffler and exhaust but I can't argue with results.
    Sidney - June 2017
  • I like the discount coupons for oil changes.
    Nancy - June 2017
  • It was an oil change.
    Glenn - June 2017
  • Like this process very professional team.
    Robert - May 2017
  • Personnel was helpful honest and service performed timely
    Russ - May 2017
  • They do a good job and are normally done in any hour.
    Eric - May 2017
  • We needed new tires, and the people at Monroe were able to find them for us quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful and were able to point out an issue, while we were there, that we needed to fix at our dealership to keep us safe on the road.
    Megan - May 2017
  • The staff was extremely nice and personable
    Courtney - May 2017
  • I gave four stars instead of five, only because the person who greeted me was not friendly. It was as if I was bothering him. However, Bill, the person who serviced my car, was so nice, so friendly and helpful. He gets five stars!
    Barbara - May 2017
  • I needed my car serviced for a long trip to Texas. I stopped in, made my appointment, and dropped my car off. It was ready on time. The front desk staff member was very friendly and answered my questions. Also, I never had to leave my neighborhood.
    Carmela - April 2017
  • Make sure customers are happy before leaving
    Kelly - April 2017
  • I have already sent an email regarding my experience with no response. I normally go to my ford dealer for half the price, but this location is closer so wanted to try it out. It was my first visit and was not aware that the tire rotation was part of the already expensive oil change price. I declined the rotation when asked if I wanted one not wanting to add to the cost. I was not informed that it was included in the price. When I returned I noticed on the desk price sheet that it was included so I asked that since I didn't receive that service if it could be deducted from my bill and I was told no. I then asked if they could rotate my tires at a later date since I wasn't informed of what the package included and I was told no. He said I would have to leave the vehicle for the rest of the day and they would try and work it in, but if I drove it away and came back they would charge me again for the rotation that I had just paid for. If you look at this locations Facebook reviews which I should have done first you will see they are all 1 star reviews and a poor example of customer service. I will not be back and nor will my family. Thanks I hope this helps and have a good day!
    Jason - April 2017
  • Fair price.
    Gerald - April 2017
  • The guy I spoke to in the store is less than friendly. Can't seem to joke with them about anything. They just want to push you out. I recently purchased four new tires and had some extra stuff included without my knowledge and without an explanation of what it really is. While my vehicle was being serviced, I received a call with a quote for some other service on my vehicle. That quote was ridiculous. Sounded like they were putting the top quality gold on my car, but I knew it was the cheap generic parts. Didn't feel like paying nearly triple for something I could easily have done somewhere else for a third their price. Probably won't go back there for service in the future... would rather go to Grismer. Better pricing and better customer service.
    Anonymous - April 2017
  • It was my first and last time. I won't go back.
    Na - April 2017
  • $24 per wsw blade. High. $750 for rear struts - nearby place charged just over $500. Looked up average: between $500-$600. Pretty inflated, and frankly, a pretty significant turn-off.
    Jason - April 2017
  • I chose to get a estimate because you are right down the street. They said the car needed calipers, brake pads, and rotors for the back. That I agree with. The quote was over $1,000 which is a little crazy. I called the place that normally does work for me (Centerville Automotiove) and they quoted $660 including tax which is reasonable. I was in a hurry to get it done so I ended up doing it myself. I bought high quality parts at NAPA and the cost was $260 for the calipers, brakes, and pads (includes both sides). It took me 2 hours (one hour for each side). I have no idea how they justify quoting over $1,000 so I would never take my car there again for an estimate. I did pay Monroe $58 for the estimate and a tire rotation which was reasonable
    Styeven - April 2017
  • I made an appointment, they were ready for me and got the job done in a timely manner.
    Ken - April 2017
  • The personnel at Monro are so interested in making you feel comfortable and welcome. I used to go to a dealer but feel important as a customer at Monro. They never try to over sell me. This is my safe go to business.
    Bernice - April 2017
  • Better gas mileage.
    JOSEPH - March 2017
  • Had a great experience with my oil change
    Sue - March 2017
  • Have used this location for a few years now. Never felt pushed or oversold. Always helpful and suggestive. Very experience different than with past companies (e.g. Grismer).
    Jason - March 2017
  • Friendly and seemed to be honest, fair and truthful.
    Timothy - March 2017
  • The manager called me & gave me a price. I agreed. When I picked up my car the price was over $100 higher than what I was quoted. That was after I had a 10% off coupon. It was closer to $150 higher than the quote of $480. I wasn't happy about it. The manager knew I wasn't happy but there was a line of people & I wasn't going to cause a scene! I felt he should have called me to clear it up when he wasn't so busy.
    Tracy - March 2017
  • The manager called me & gave me a price. I agreed. When I picked up my car the price was over $100 higher than what I was quoted. That was after I had a 10% off coupon. It was closer to $150 higher than the quote of $480. I wasn't happy about it. The manager knew I wasn't happy but there was a line of people & I wasn't going to cause a scene! I felt he should have called me to clear it up when he wasn't so busy.
    Tracy - March 2017
  • Friendly staff, easy to schedule appointments, always on time.
    Kary - March 2017
  • Great staff the manager is so friendly & explained the service bring done
    Landy - March 2017
  • Very informative and helpful
    Scott - March 2017
  • Arrived at Monro and they were ready. A bit of paperwork and they were underway.
    Roger - March 2017
  • I went in for an oil change with that they are supposed to rotate tires. Tires were never rotated at one point I looked out into the garage an the gentleman was yanking on the bottom of my car as it was in the lift. Not just pulling but yanking around the seat bar area. The manager tried to tell me my wipers needed to be replaced that was false because I jIt's replaced then 3 days before. He wanted to change air filter for $17.99 for the part an charge me $43 to do it. I'm not stupid I was not about to pay 2 1/2 times the amount for his services. The store is unclean bathroom extremely dirty I refused to use it. I've been to the location before when it was under different manager but I can assure you I won't be back.
    Janel - March 2017
  • Priced too high and they had to request oil for me service (took 50 min) while I waited when tjey should know what oil based on my appt details.
    Lee - February 2017
  • I went to this store since it was close to me and my brakes were squeaking. The front rotors were turned and the rear placed and new pads all around. On the 2nd evening, my daughter used it and said the back had rattle-ling sounds and a high pitch squeak. I confirmed the rattle in the rear and the front passenger rotor was deeply scored in 2 places before bring the car back to Monro. They called my back and said the bolts on the rear passenger side caliper were loose and the took care of it. I asked about the front passenger rotor, and they said they would replace it under warranty. I then asked about the opposite rotor since it would not balanced, not the same thickness? they said they would replace it at 1/2 price and charged me labor again for the same rotor job. I did not think this was fair but, I wanted to get my car out of this shop. If only I had the original parts, I would have had them put back in and went to Toyota to have it repaired. I have done my own brakes on other cars of mine in the past. Since just moved to the area and I don't have the tools, I went to Monro. In my lifetime I have never had this problem or heard of anyone who had this problem. Not only will I never go here again but I will share my experience with everyone I know! I gave this review 1 star since there is no 0 rating.
    Charles - February 2017
  • I went in for an oil change before a long trip. I called ahead to see if I could get in for an oil change that day. They went ahead and scheduled me. Once I got there, I asked how long it would be before browsing a nearby shopping center. The response was an hour and they'd call me once it was finished. No call and 2.5hrs later, I went back and they got me checked out in no time. As a regular customer to Monro I know they usually try to see if there is anything else they can do, but this time they didn't even give me the low down on my car even after stating they'd do a quick checkup. While I wasn't too happy about the wait, they appeared busy and weren't unreasonable when I forgot my coupon at home.
    Emily - January 2017
  • First time customer, office personnel was very attentive and informative.
    Jen - January 2017
  • Daniel Manning greeted me and thoroughly checked out my car that had problems and had to be towed in. He and his excellent mechanic did a marvelous job on my car. Top notch facility. I will be back again. Extremely pleased customer.
    Kathy - August 2015

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