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(216) 291-5460

4311 Mayfield Road
S. Euclid, OH 44121

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Great oil change experience! I will be back for my next oil change!
    Amelia - March 2018
  • They were very quick and good
    Randi - February 2018
  • I purchased tires from a larger internet company who ships to local shops for installation. I called the day they were scheduled for delivery and spoke with Tom, the manager. He was very polite and professional. I scheduled an appointment for later in the week. The day of my appointment I dropped my car off early, and to my surprise, it was completed earlier than quoted. Tom did a great job explaining the charges to me, and his team did a great job with the work. I will be coming back in the future!
    Paul - February 2018
  • I bring my cars to have oil changes and they are nice quick informative would do refer my family and friend to your business
    brenda - January 2018
  • They did a great job on my exhaust system. Tom and his team are the best!
    Yolanda - January 2018
  • Great mechanics, very helpful
    Victress - January 2018
  • I have had service done at Monroe and the service has been superb every time. Dave has always taken care of setting everything up. He is very thorough in explaining the process and what to expect, he is very honest I that.
    Rosanne - January 2018
  • All was good and taken care of.
    Eric - December 2017
  • Friendly store manager (Thomas). Good oil change package for reasonable price
    Valita - December 2017
  • I had a wheel alignment.
    Sandra - December 2017
  • Efficient, excellent work, good prices on tires, alignment and oil change.
    Darrell - December 2017
  • Very easy to make appointments, work is always done in a timely manner. Prices are very reasonable for me.
    Maya - December 2017
  • I think they did a very good job. My only problem is how much money it takes to fix a car these days.
    Cynthia - November 2017
  • The Monro Muffler and Brake, located on Mayfield Road (I believe that is South Euclid, Ohio) is simply the best. Excellent counter technicians, service technicians and some of the better prices around.
    Who - October 2017
  • Always quick and easy service! Love getting my oil changed here but only 4/5 This time because my tires didn't get rotated this oil change. I guess it's my fault I didn't specify I wanted this done but last time it was done automatically. Oh well, next time.
    Brianna - October 2017
  • Great customer service and honesty with fair pricing.
    Dontre - October 2017
  • Tom wasso nice and theyfit mein thenextday foran appointment. Everything was done that I asked for and needed help with.
    Katie - October 2017
  • I had an oil change and tire rotation. The person up front was friendly. They were fast enough to complete it over my lunch break.
    Jen - October 2017
  • Friendly, fast and efficient. I love this place! Especially the Sunday hours. ??????
    Marian - October 2017
  • Jus the overall tire rotation and oil change they did a great job
    Michael - October 2017
  • One of our tires was not tightened after it was rotated. I left the store and came back after something sounded strange. They realized one of our tires wasn't tightened. It could have literally fallen off.
    Kristin - October 2017
  • Very professional staff. Helpful and good customer service
    Michelle - September 2017
  • Oil change
    Riki - September 2017
  • Tom is always very helpful and straightforward when I go. But when I came in for an appointment for a repair he and I had discussed, the other person working the desk was disorganized and was quite rude to someone who called in with a question while I was waiting for him to figure out where my paperwork was. Also insisted on referring to me as "miss" or "young lady" rather than simply using my first name, which I found off putting and condescending. All that said, the care of the car itself was excellent as usual.
    Colleen - September 2017
  • Prompt and honest. Thank you!
    Colleen - August 2017
  • Tom at the mayfield location was awesome. The whole team was professional and kind
    Philip - August 2017
  • I moved and this Monroe is close to my job. I had a good experience at the other Monroe, so decided to try this one when I needed an oil change.
    Barbara - August 2017
  • You guys are the best ! Honest straight forward and do the job right !
    Rose - August 2017
  • Came in on Saturday afternoon and they were super busy, but I was able to get a convenient appointment during the week that day. The staff was super friendly, I was in and out in a half hour, plus I paid about half of what those quick lube places charge.
    Mike - August 2017
  • Great tires.
    Renee - August 2017
  • Love my tires! These guys are great at giving me exactly what I want and with the right price!
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • n/a
    Mark - August 2017
  • Caring team
    Leo - August 2017
  • I like how they always get my vehicle in & out doing my oil change. They always let me know what services are needed to keep my vehicle up & running smoothly. I love how they don't pressure me into getting any repairs if any needed.
    Sunceraye - August 2017
  • this store gave my car a good price for the amount of work they did.
    William - August 2017
  • I have been using this store for the past several years. Tires, Batteries, Oil Changes ... Always a competitive price and great work.
    Ted - July 2017
  • Oil Change
    Markita - July 2017
  • My car goes no where else for service.
    Debra - July 2017
  • I've never had a problem with Monro. They are straight forward and get the work done right and in a timely manner.
    Carol - July 2017
  • I would highly recommend Monro for anyone needing to service their vehicle. I had a full brake job done on my SUV, I was finished in a few hours, done right and they even provided transportation service to and from my home so I didn't have to wait in the shop during repairs since I live close by. All staff are friendly and went above and beyond for satisfaction.
    Lisa - July 2017
  • The Customers Service reps for the credit accounts should be able to do adjusts the amounts charges when error occur especially the errors related to coupons and promotions.
    Chris - July 2017
  • Dave was wonderful and took very good care of my car.
    Theresa - June 2017
  • The staff was very nice to squeeze me into their schedule and get my oil change done quickly on that day.
    Jakey - June 2017
  • I always love going to Monroe's for my oil change. Efficient, good work. Great customer service and cheap!
    Brianna - June 2017
  • Service was friendly, efficient, and did not have any 'hidden' fees
    Ellyn - June 2017
  • Fixed several major problems with my Santa Fe
    Sean - June 2017
  • Tom is great, helped me out when I got a flat
    Brandon - June 2017
  • The staff is prompt and friendly
    Zacresha - June 2017
  • I have 4 cars and I trust all of them to Monro on Mayfield Road in South Euclid, Ohio. Whether the job is short (oil changes) or long (brakes, etc.), the service always is done well and finished on time. Frequent specials and coupons keep the cost reasonable. Talk to Tom for a great experience!
    Jeffrey - May 2017
  • Friendly staff. Easy to schedule.
    Phil - May 2017
  • Alignment went very smoothly. Good job, good rate.
    Len - May 2017
  • my car was finished on time as promised and for the agreed upon price. i need new tires and will not hesitate to make my purchase from Monro.
    Maureen - May 2017
  • Always pleased with the pricing and service at Monro's
    January - May 2017
  • I purchased a muffler there along with a lifetime warranty
    Yolanda - May 2017
  • The repairs turned my engine light off & I passed the e check.
    Dana - May 2017
  • My car is finally fixed! I'm happy it was done so quickly, but didn't like spending the money to get it fixed.
    Rebecca - May 2017
  • My car is finally fixed! I'm happy it was done so quickly, but didn't like spending the money to get it fixed.
    Rebecca - May 2017
  • I've been coming to Monroe ever since I had my chevy sonic great service plus everyone is friendly
    Stephine - May 2017
  • Very congenial staff and would go back for additional services in the future.
    Sandra - May 2017
  • We always take our vehicles to this Monro dealer. They take very good care of us.
    Charley - May 2017
  • Store staff is very friendly and go out of their way to be very thorough in explaining the services needed and costs in a courteous and common sense approach.
    Mark - May 2017
  • Tom was great . My car was done right in time
    Brandon - May 2017
  • The guys there are great! They always help me out when I need it. Mike Lawson really bailed me out when my car died down the street. He came and jumped it and fixed the problem. I wouldn't go any where else.
    Chris - May 2017
  • I always get oil changes at Monro. They not only change the oil, they give me a full report on the status of my brakes, tires and any other issue my car might have. They never push more sales and they're straightforward about issues that could wait. They are always polite and informative.
    Gloria - April 2017
  • I had a nail stuck one of my tires and also my tires were filled too much.
    Donyelle - April 2017
  • Good friendly and knowledgeable staff
    Sean - April 2017
  • Tom and his crew are amazing and honest. I've been coming here for at least 13yrs and will keep coming here.
    Shannon - April 2017
  • Tom and his crew are excellent
    Kenneth - April 2017
  • I brought my car in to get my exhaust checked. The mechanics showed me exactly what was wrong with the car and fixed it promptly. They also repaired my connecting pipe free of charge.
    Alex - April 2017
  • friendly and respectful service and always go the extra mile.
    Anthony - April 2017
  • I walked in and out in and out in an hour with my car fixed. Very satisfied!
    Erin - March 2017
  • I was treated wonderfully at this store and felt very comfortable making my decision to have repair taken care of by the staff Thanks MkZ09
    Tiffany - March 2017
  • I've always had good experiences at this Monro location. But this time, the guy at the desk was distracted, didn't listen, and complained about his job. The repair took longer than estimated and, when the car was "done," they hadn't done the oil change. He didn't pay attention to the fact that the oil change was also scheduled and didn't listen when I told him what was supposed to be done during my visit. This ended up costing me more time.
    Carol - March 2017
  • Monroe gives me the service that I request, let's me know if anything else is needed (without pressuring me to do it now), and completes there work quickly and professionally.
    Will - March 2017
  • Monroe gives me the service that I request, let's me know if anything else is needed (without pressuring me to do it now), and completes there work quickly and professionally.
    Will - March 2017
  • I went in with exhaust issues, they took care of the problem, prices was reasonable. staff was very nice.
    Darlene - March 2017
  • I truly forgot what great customer service felt like until I meet the service men at Monro in the South Euclid store!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! For being a female customer these guys walk me through what repairs I needed for my car!!
    Tiffany - March 2017
  • Keep up the great work
    Gayle - March 2017
  • The people there were very helpful and friendly to us.
    Carol - March 2017
  • I received an oil change and as usual was quick and great
    anthony - February 2017
  • Was in for an oil change and all went smoothly. Had an appointment, everything was on time, and the service was friendly.
    Joe - February 2017
  • Reasonably priced and quick service
    Paul - February 2017
  • The service men are always courteous, professional and pleasant. Their answers to any question I've ever presented to them are specific and thorough.
    Rev. - February 2017
  • Very Good Service - Car come out great!
    Jerry - February 2017
  • I was pleased to hear from a Monro representative a day after I left a negative review. He wanted to make it right, and was able to have me seen the same day I called back. The issue was resolved, but that doesn't change the fact that it was my 5th visit in 6 months for the same issue. Women in my situation, who are unfamiliar with car repair are at the mercy of men who tell us what is wrong - we have to believe them. Do I think that it was really a heat shield for the third time? Not really. Do I think the original muffler was oversold in terms of the guarantee. Yes. I was always treated with respect and good humor, but I want to have a repair location that is more reliable in fixing things the first time.
    Eileen - February 2017
  • I bought a new lifetime warranty $400 muffler in July 2016. A month later it made noise all over again. They gladly fixed a "loose heat shield" at no charge. Then in January it started making noise again. It wasn't covered under the lifetime warranty muffler, now it was the pipe that cost another $400. Then in February it started making noise again. They gladly fixed it, a "loose heat shield" again? Really? And the next day. Noise all over again. I AM DONE. No muffler should require 5 visits in 6 months. The men are always smiling and jovial but the quality of service is unacceptable.
    Eileen - February 2017
  • test
    test - February 2017
  • Always reliable and helpful
    Juan - January 2017
  • Tom always looks out for me and I have complete confidence in his advise.
    Barry - January 2017
  • Great customer service.
    Charlene - January 2017
  • Everyone was nice and friendly. I use to take my car to the dealership to get my oil changed and to get my brakes done, but one trip to Monro and everything changed . Needless to say I haven't been to the dealership in over a year and I saved money.
    Brienna - August 2016
  • I needed work done but wasn't peer pressured into getting it done then and there. I was offered a fair estimate as I compared it to other shops around me town. I will be back for more work!
    Christain - June 2016
  • Everyone really seemed genuine. I didn't feel like people were trying to sell me things I didn't need or taking me for a ride. Everyone was really nice and personable. I plan on going back. Thank you!
    Kristin - May 2016
  • I always receive excellent service. This time was no exception. I know I can trust them to fix my car and do it right.
    Ingrid - May 2016
  • I had some extenuating circumstances and could not get my car home that day. One of the mechanics actually took the time to drive me home in his own car. Absolutely above and beyond what I could have asked for.
    Juan - May 2016
  • The guys were very friendly and very helpful. I will definitely be going back.
    Carolinn - May 2016
  • Monro always provides quality services at reasonable prices.
    Ted - September 2015
  • They are always thorough explaining the work that needs to be done; and whether or not the work needs to be done immediately or can wait until a certain time period.
    Sondra - August 2015

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