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(740) 392-8250

1014 Coshocton Avenue
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

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Hours of Service:


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • They are friendly and they know what they are doing.
    Pat - March 2018
  • Had a broken front pipe on the exhaust of my Honda Pilot. They were able to get me in immediately that afternoon, they called with a diagnosis and cost estimate within an hour and were able to get the part and get me back on the road by the next morning. I would highly recommend using this company.
    Ben - February 2018
  • Fast and friendly service
    Alicia - February 2018
  • Had to get a new muffler on my Jeep, it was done quickly and I was very pleased with the service
    Alicia - February 2018
  • The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable I will take my car back to get oil changes and other services done
    Janet - February 2018
  • I always get great service at Monro. It is always fast and they are more than courteous. The prices are also very reasonable.
    Robert - February 2018
  • I am a busy small business owner with 3 foster teens! All of a sudden my battery decides it doesn't want to work. I call Monroe and they get me in within the hour and I am back on the road without worries of being stranded!
    Jennifer - January 2018
  • I was pleased with the quick service to have my rear brakes replaced on a Sunday afternoon. They had started to grind and it was critical to get them replaced in a timely manner. The lifetime warranty is a plus as we keep our cars for a long time. The price was more than I am used to paying but seemed appropriate for the convenience of not having to make an advance appointment.
    Ron - January 2018
  • Great service got us in fixed our problem Jim the manager was great
    Micah - January 2018
  • They fixed one tire and did not find anything wrong with the 2nd one
    Deb - January 2018
  • Just moved to area and they have been the most reasonable cost on two different services thus far. As a result I was there for oil change and ended coming back for tires. The gentleman scheduling my tires seemed genuinely concerned about scheduling me too early being I work second shift in Columbus. Then was even worried about getting me in and out so I can make it to work on time, that was after I arrived 15 minutes late. They have a loyal customer with me.
    Samantha - January 2018
  • Excellent staff who go above and beyond the norm.
    Bill - January 2018
  • Jim went out of his way to be helpful and take care of me.
    Dan - January 2018
  • Love this store the manager is awesome and knows me. Hes trust worthy and they get every thing done fast and right if by some chance its not right they fix it. My company truck was brought in for some work a few months back and then again just friday well he could have charged them for the work that needed fixed again rather though he covered it with the warrenty. He remembers me every time i come in which is every few months. Love this place and the people 100% best place i have ever had work done. I bring my personal cars in and my work truck
    Nathan - January 2018
  • Love Michelin tires, have used them since 1995. My husband and I are pleased with the service we receive st your Mount Vernon, Ohio location. We will be using them for our tires and oil changes going forward. I realize other work is needing done that isn't urgent which we can save up for.
    Alethea - January 2018
  • Oil change
    Dave - January 2018
  • I walked in, dropped the truck off, I got a call when the oil change and tire rotation was done after a couple of hours (they had a full parking lot when I dropped it off)
    Mike - December 2017
  • I scheduled an appointment for a quote, they were able to give me information about 15 minutes later. Within 45 minutes of being there, they replaced my muffler.
    Tracy - December 2017
  • I get valuable service coupons and it is really easy to get in for service. The techs are also good about cleaning their hands so it doesn't leave my steering wheel dirty. I appreciate that very much!!
    Tonya - December 2017
  • Jim and crew are always making things quick and easy for me whenever I need anything done to my aging vehicle.
    Charles - December 2017
  • Fast and good service
    Ed - December 2017
  • Had my battery replaced and is working good.
    John - December 2017
  • I absolutely Love coming to this place, Monroe is always quick and all the workers are very polite. They also are very nicely priced!
    Alex - December 2017
  • Quick in and quick out that's why I come here.
    David - December 2017
  • Great service for my oil change. Efficient.
    Kristina - December 2017
  • Oil change and check up. Informative of things to budget for in the future for proper maintenance. Can't ask for more.
    Daniel - December 2017
  • Jim the manager was thorough with explaining what was needed to move forward.
    Les - December 2017
  • In on time and out in good time.
    Philip - November 2017
  • Checked vehicle out in preparation for trip. Found bad tie rod ends. Could have been a bad road trip!
    David - November 2017
  • 5:30 Appointment Oil Change Got in on time, Finished in good time.
    Philip - November 2017
  • I scheduled an oil change. It was prompt and on time. Additional Jim and Wes go above service with any miscellaneous issues or questions I may have
    Robert - November 2017
  • They did a total brake replacement quickly!
    Carl - November 2017
  • I really appreciate the prompt and friendly service at Monro. Jim was polite and easy to talk to, walking me through everything and explaining the details completely. I'll be back for new tires soon!
    Charles - November 2017
  • Great visit. Work done in a timely fashion. Very friendly associates. My first visit here as I am a new resident
    Kevin - November 2017
  • I am a regular customer because of the good service provided by Jim, Wes and staff.
    Robert - November 2017
  • Excellent customer service and fast
    JORDAN - November 2017
  • Some of the nicest workers I have ever met! They always go above and beyond and are always professional and courteous!
    Brittany - November 2017
  • Manager Jim and the techs have treated me well over the years.
    Walter - November 2017
  • excellant
    Richard - November 2017
  • Great customer service. Jim and the guys always take great care of us
    Rose - October 2017
  • Scheduled my oil change very last-minute (online, morning of) and the service was great! Friendly and helpful staff, quick service, and all at a great price. Thank you!!
    Katlyn - October 2017
  • Did great job
    Travis - October 2017
  • Took car in for oil change requested synthetic oil as this is what has been used prior they put regular oil in my car. They did not catch this I did when I got ready to pay the bill.
    Laura - October 2017
  • I thought the service and employees were super helpful and efficient. Loved how quick they fixed my exhaust!
    Lisa - October 2017
  • Needed to get a repair done and waited until the last minute but the shop was able to get me in quickly and back on the road shortly after. I really appreciate the prompt service!
    Charles - October 2017
  • They scratched my rims and left my key on in my jeep the whole time they were mounting and balancing my tires witch drained my battery!
    Brandon - October 2017
  • It’s an oil change
    Oswaldo - October 2017
  • N/A
    Robert - October 2017
  • N/A
    Robert - October 2017
  • Manager was able to work me in several times on short notice
    Dan - October 2017
  • Have used this location for a few years now, and have never had bad service.
    Lori - October 2017
  • Regular oil change
    Nuh - October 2017
  • I would have given a 5 but it is hard to get your vehicle in due to so many other customers enjoying the great price. I feel Monroe needs another service tech or two.
    Jennifer - October 2017
  • There are two managers here. Jim, the GM and Wes the AM. Whenever Wes goes on vacation, this shop doesn’t seem to know what to do at all. Jim is not the friendliest person and I have noticed that the other customers I waited with felt the same way. Normally this shop does a good job for a fair price. But in this instance I was far better off ordering my tires and having them shipped here to be installed. I saved about 250 bucks from the quote that I was given by doing that. But they still took half the day to change the tired, perform an alignment and change the oil. Consider retiring Jim and promoting Wes.
    Austin - October 2017
  • easy to set appointment. work done in good time
    Steve - October 2017
  • They had my truck all day. When I called to check on it they were very short with me. I got one word answers to find out they hadn't had a chance to work on it. They gave me a quote for to fix a part that when I took my dad up to get a better understanding they said was fine. I feel they treat me different because I'm a woman.
    Amanda - October 2017
  • The service was great, I had an appt scheduled, an they got me in sooner than expected. An when they finished my car was in excellent condition. All my questions were answered, an they told me when I would need to have it serviced again.
    Amanda - October 2017
  • A friend told me I needed brakes but no one really knew of a place I should take my car. I decided on Monro because it was actually across the street from where I worked. I was nervous about going because I heard that mechanics like to take advantage of women because they don't know anything about cars and I truly don't know anything about cars. I made appointment and they took my car in to take a look at it. When it was my turn the gentleman that helped me took me out into the garage and explained everything about my brake problem. I asked a ton of questions and he was very patient and explained everything to me in length. We went back to the office and he took the time to print out 5 different prices on what I could do to fix my car. We decided on a solution and he told me he would call me the next day when my car was finished. They did call the next day and when I spoke to them on the phone my bill was actually a $100 less because they found a better solution! Monroe has my business from here on forward and I have told all my friends about the service and honesty I received.
    Dianne - October 2017
  • Great service??
    David - September 2017
  • I purchased all new tires and had some work done on my vehicle. Even though my car needed more work than anticipated they did the work that day.
    Larene - September 2017
  • I went in early and the staff understood I need to be out quickly. They did what was needed and took the time to infirm me of issues iI would need to address in the near future.
    Jim - September 2017
  • I took my aging Highlander for an oil leak. Wes personally replaced the gasket and made sure to have the job was completed to my satisfaction. What more is can be said other than I will be back for any additional work.
    James - September 2017
  • When it comes to safety, not only did Monro fix our bumper gaurd preventing an accident on highway etc, they kept my wife happy with they're speed of getting the car fixed so she would feel safe again. And happy wife equals happy life. Way to go Monro! I was able to go in and not only have it fixed that day but because it was a quick fix for professionals with the tools and ability to do so, they were able to fit me right in and be done in no more than 10 minutes. I was very pleased and will continue bringing my business to Monro!
    Kurtis - September 2017
  • When I got home, I discovered that my hood wasn't properly latched after my oil was changed. That could have been deadly for myself and other drivers on the road.
    Melissa - September 2017
  • Great job in a timely manner!
    Mary - September 2017
  • The entire exhaust system fell off of my car, took it in on a Sunday morning; Was back on the road in a couple hours
    Michael - September 2017
  • The Mount Vernon Monroe Store provides excellent service. They even checked all or my tires when I only need air in one. I appreciate that they do not charge for air as it's difficult to find locations that offer it. Their oil service is prompt and timely. Thank you.
    Robert - September 2017
  • great service
    Ben - September 2017
  • I am a regular customer of Monro store 238.
    Robert - September 2017
  • I've been to so many mechanics who don't care about my pockets or my car. Monro cared about my car, my financial situation and future needs with my car. I will always return to monro.
    Ainee - September 2017
  • U guys wanted 1100.00 buck to do a hour brake line repair I bought the stuff for 120 bucks and did it my self in a hour... complete joke
    Brian - September 2017
  • oil change and tire rotation
    Nita - September 2017
  • Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I waited in the waiting room while my oil was changed. It was a short wait and the waiting room was quiet enough I could read without distraction. I will definitely be back. Best place in town!
    Erin - September 2017
  • They tried to charge 90 for an oil change it only cost me 28 at another place and kept giving me different prices on the service. I told them to get my vehicle off the rack I wasn't paying that price. Plus they did not shut the hood on my truck
    Kim - September 2017
  • Convenient location. Don't have to wait long usually.
    Stacey - August 2017
  • Wes and Jim always do a great job for me and I am always comfortable paying the correct and right price for my repairs.
    victor - August 2017
  • Mount and balancing tires.
    Matt - August 2017
  • Had oil changed, told that car had a rattle noise from left side of vehicle. Found that the catalytic converter shield came lose and needs a ban clamp. I ask what size I clamp I need to fix, told me that they already took care of it and it was no charge.
    James - August 2017
  • They took time on my car. Rotate my tires and informed me that everything looked great when I just went for an oil change. It was my first time there. They were great!
    Victoria - August 2017
  • Price is reasonable and the service is quick. I appreciate that they don't try to push other services on you.
    Trisha - August 2017
  • The manager, Jim is a great guy. Honest, trustworthy and personable.
    Colin - August 2017
  • I had my brakes replaced and they scheduled me in quickly. They explained the problem clearly.
    Rick - August 2017
  • Oil change and tire rotation.
    Richard - August 2017
  • very good service I had my oil changed many times here
    Ronald - August 2017
  • Thank you for squeezing me in with no appointment needed to get a tire rotation and you fit me in a timely manner
    Dustin - August 2017
  • Getting my oil changed here is inexpensive and they rotate my tires for free. I love that they don't try to sell me things I don't need and the people are friendly. One thing I would change is that sometimes I make an appointment for a certain time and there have been visits where I show up and have to wait to be seen.
    Amber - August 2017
  • I love going to mom to they are always thorough with my car. They treat me like family. Only place I take my car.
    Patricia - August 2017
  • I go to Monro for oil changes, tires and anything else needed for my car repair needs
    Troy - August 2017
  • Van is quiet again
    Larry - August 2017
  • I was able to schedule an oil change the same day. The shop was busy but I was in and out quickly
    Ashley - August 2017
  • The mechanic explained all the work they would be doing as well as the potential issues that could arise int the future based on concerns that I had for other parts of my car.
    Peter - August 2017
  • They are always able to get me in right away and able to get the job done fast and right the first time
    Collin - August 2017
  • Jim and his team are honest and have great knowledge in fixing automobile issues in a timely manner.
    William - August 2017
  • I schedule my oil changes routinely and have never gone elsewhere and the staff is always accommodating of my hectic schedule causes me to change my appointment
    Kim - August 2017
  • Nice service. Car was done super quick!
    Ashley - August 2017
  • There are several options for auto repair in our town. I have lived here 13 years and recently discovered Monro. They are always honest about what they do and take pride in their work.
    Ryan - August 2017
  • Service was good, staff was friendly, don't go there if you're on a time crunch or have somewhere to be ...we were told the service would take about an hour and about three to four hours later we were just getting out of there
    Joe - August 2017
  • These guys will fix what's needed with no hard sell
    Paul - August 2017
  • Monro in Mount Vernon are always fast and efficient; not once have I had an issue with them.
    Anthony - August 2017
  • They do a good job
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • Not only am I 100% satisfied with work that was done, they are honest, and easy to talk too! They take time to explain the service they provided. I will be definitely be going back and will tell others how great they are!
    Tom - July 2017
  • My ac wasnt working and they were able to recharge my ac unit and tighten the belt that was preventing my a.c. from working and it was at a great price!
    Mackenzie - July 2017
  • I go to get my oil changed here every time. My equinox uses mobil 1 synthetic, its nothing they carry on hand, but they go out of their way to get it since thats what i use. Evertime i get my fluids topped off and GREAT costumer care. JIM is AMAZING!
    Samantha - July 2017
  • Great experience
    Kyle - July 2017
  • they I nstalled the catalytic conv in time promised
    james - July 2017
  • Jim and his crew always do a great me and my families vehicles. He is also always ready to lend advice if I am doing minor repairs on my own and need advice and direction.
    David - July 2017
  • only got oil change, couldn't do alignment because the technician stated I had some issues. Price for repairs were too much, so I declined repairs.
    Jason - July 2017
  • Got me in quick. They always do a great job!
    Michael - July 2017
  • I got a oil change and it was quick and the people were friendly.
    Iesha - July 2017
  • We always get good service at our Monro store. The men are friendly, competent and willing to go above and beyond to do a good job.
    Sandy - July 2017
  • Jeep runs great with the new shocks.
    William - July 2017
  • Jim was curtious and prompt he was at the service desk and then working on cars .His service tech was very curtious and prompt and gave me a water in my time of need .Diabetic
    Edwin - July 2017
  • I almost always take my vehicle here for an oil change. He staff is polite and always quick to finish the job.
    Josh - July 2017
  • They are honest and friendly, great crew there
    Alicia - July 2017
  • they are tires for my van and they are very good
    Chere - July 2017
  • The people, especially Jim and Wes make the customer feel like they want to provide service to the customer. They go the "extra mile" to keep the customer informed on the progress of the repair and to get the customer in and out in a timely manner.
    Deborahlynn - July 2017
  • The muffler is very quiet, the technician was very professional and the work was done in a timely manner.
    Cattlewhisperer - July 2017
  • Just got an oil change on the spur of the moment. They were pleasant, efficient and got the work done quickly, They explain things and give a full report.
    Sandy - July 2017
  • You cannot ask for better staff or service. Efficient , fast, and easy to do business with.
    Bill - July 2017
  • Bought my tires to the Mount Vernon, Ohio location last year along with road hazard insurance. I don't drive much since I lost my job, so my tires still have good life. Anyhow, I was sure I must have ran over something on the road. My front passenger tire kept deflating, so after 2 days, I took my vehicle back in for a look at the tire. It was damaged and they repaired the tire, balanced it, and sent me on my way without any worries. This is the place to get tires and be treated well by the staff. It was fast, efficient, and they are always smiling and making sure they have done their best to make sure I have what I need. Won't go anywhere else! Wow!
    Daniel - July 2017
  • Great service as usual!
    Bill - June 2017
  • In and out in a half hour
    Raygene - June 2017
  • I have received fast and efficient service each time I have visited Monro. Came to them after my dissatisfaction with my other service provider. They have my business.
    Lori - June 2017
  • Fast in and out always really nice enjoyed there work
    Robert - June 2017
  • Very satisfied with honesty of employees and the product
    Victor - June 2017
  • Service was quick! Wait time less then 30 minutes
    Helen - June 2017
  • Jim and Wes at the Mt. Vernon store are just the best. They are honest in their recommendations of what our cars need and reasonable in their pricing. Coupons available at most times also help in the repair/maintenance costs. We go nowhere else for our service.
    Mark - June 2017
  • Polite to customers! They only fix issues that NEED FIXED!
    Carol - June 2017
  • Wasn't happy with the life of tread I was getting out of old tire's I bought problem they gave me money back towards new ones?? Didn't have appointment still get me right in and fix me up!!!!!
    Heather - June 2017
  • Jim does a super job gettting me in and out. Always gives me a checklist on what needs done
    Tom - June 2017
  • I was pleased with their ability to fit my repairs into their busy day.
    LaRene - June 2017
  • Appreciate their friendliness and service! Top notch!
    Troy - June 2017
  • Each time we come, we are offered friendly, reliable, and honest service. We value and trust the information we are given and trust the empolys to make the best choice for us.
    Danielle - June 2017
  • My wife and I have been going to the mount Vernon location for 3 years now ever since we moved to Apple valley we have always had great service and treated with kindness and respect so thank you for your great service.
    Kristan - May 2017
  • Great service
    Amanda - May 2017
  • Including a free tire rotation with an oil change is a great idea at a great price.
    Keith - May 2017
  • Ok, Wasn't expecting to replace brakes. Additional cost not expected.
    Richard - May 2017
  • I called the day I needed my oil change and was squeezed into their (probably) hectic schedule. I went in for the $19.99 oil change but was happily persuaded into trying the premium (I think), saying it would help my car get better mileage and would last a bit longer than a regular oil change. My car hasn't been this good on miles since I first bought it three years ago! The first time I took a long drive, I was extremely excited to see my car doing things and making long trips like it used to. As a student in college with a part-time, minimum wage job, the oil change was a bit pricier- about the same as a regular oil change anywhere else, however- but for the mileage I get and the way it makes my car feel like it once was, I will gladly spend the little extra money!
    Hanna - May 2017
  • Very friendly, explained things well
    Deb - May 2017
  • Alternator went out and I called Saturday morning. It was fixed and picked up by that afternoon!
    Jeff - May 2017
  • Came to use Monro when Firestone in 3 months told me 2 different problem I was having with CRV, which was not true. Will continue using Monros as long they are straight with me and truthful. But the first time they are not truthful and straight with me, I will just quit doing business with them and go to a different repair shop.
    James - May 2017
  • Convienient and fast service
    Rebecca - May 2017
  • The service at the Mount Vernon store is great!
    Helen - May 2017
  • very good work
    Rick - May 2017
  • They put on 2 new tires and replaced a broken TP sensor.
    Christine - May 2017
  • Good service, fair prices on services. Worked me in quickly.
    Teresa - April 2017
  • They are always prompt and respectful. I don't feel they take advantage of me as a woman. I appreciate that.
    Lori - April 2017
  • Jim was very helpful. Corrected the problem with spilled oil on engine and took out the wrong kind of oil in truck and replaced with the right oil for 5.0 engine
    Steve - April 2017
  • Good Service & Product
    Jody - April 2017
  • I do a lot of my own work being I use to do ag mechanic work, but I could not figure out why my brakes continued to drag after replacing my pads and your mechanics found the problem. The pads I purchased rivets were to thick to not allow the pads to return to release pressure from the rotors. I would have never figured that out.
    Karl - April 2017
  • Purchased a set of tires for my Jeep. Manager presented a variety of options to help me decide.
    Walter - April 2017
  • had good service
    Ronald - April 2017
  • My vehicle is used ALL the time
    Vicki - April 2017
  • I was very happy with work and the struts. They were installed in a very timely method and I can really tell the difference in my car. The staff were very professional and did great work!
    David - April 2017
  • They took the time to make sure I knew what other services and repairs were needed and explained the items I was unfamiliar with.
    Jeanne - April 2017
  • I got alignment and balancing done on tires I got from another place. Employee put a paper in front of me and told me to sign. I asked what I was signing and he said "so I can look at your vehicle, sir" in a rude tone. He didn't inform me of what I was signing, so I wasn't going to blindly sign a release without any explanation.
    Josh - April 2017
  • They do a good job and the price is right.
    Steve - April 2017
  • Oil change was great
    Keri - March 2017
  • I drive an older car, a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire GT, and I plan on driving it for a long time, so I trust Monroe to keep me rolling. I have always experienced good service and advice. My son is a mechanic at DOT, and he would alert me if something didn't meet his expectations. The personal are friendly, courteous and I am in and out in no time at all. The garage is always neat and clean, with magazines to pass the waiting time.
    Sharon - March 2017
  • Service Technicians are always very informative and accommodating. They let you know what your car needs without a high pressure sales pitch.
    John - March 2017
  • The service was great everyone was pleasant and explained everything so I could understand I am extremely satisfied.
    Holly - March 2017
  • Service is always the best at my Monro and Jim and Wes always make sure I'm satisfied with the work they do
    Bryan - March 2017
  • Took my car into Wes for a brake issue and oil change.Wes diagnosed the problem and was able to resolve it in a timely fashion I appreciate his knowledge and skill set Thanks Wes
    Rick - March 2017
    JOHN - March 2017
  • They treated me really good told me all the stuff that was wrong and why it needs replaced ex
    Adam - March 2017
  • Close to where I work. I have been going here for almost a year and will return.
    Lori - March 2017
  • Had tires rotated and balanced in and out very quick so I could continue my day.
    Jim - March 2017
  • Wes was in charge that day. I wish he'd called me to delay me there was a delay (the wrong part had been sent). Also, the other mechanic appeared to have an attitude problem (just from watching him thru the window)
    Melanie - March 2017
  • They are very thorough with the work, and they keep records of what has been done on my car. Since my husband is gone, I depend on them to watch out for my car.
    Joyce - March 2017
  • Highly recommend. They were great service good prices, and were able to get my service done fast. I will use again
    Chris - March 2017
  • The guys at our Mt Vernon Ohio Store did a great job fixing our daughter's Toyota Rav 4 I can always count on Wes and Jim to get it right
    Rick - February 2017
  • Did a simple oil change on my truck , they were pretty quick and when he saw other problems under my truck he let me III need the lift to look at them myself and explained everything
    Cory - February 2017
  • They are always quick, accurate and get me in at a reasonable time.
    Patricia - February 2017
  • Fast and efficient
    John - February 2017
  • They was fast and professional and my car was running great
    Robert - February 2017
  • Oil change and exhaust system replaced
    Richard - February 2017
  • Great pricing, and always has nice coupons and specials. Very friendly. Even replaced a dome light that was out on one side. Didn't ask or expect that - no additional charge on the bill!
    Lisa - February 2017
  • Always done in a timely manner. I have used Monroe's for many years now and have never had a problem.
    Clint - February 2017
  • Always get the best service here. Work is done fast, correctly, and for the best price!
    Josh - February 2017
  • This is a great place to take our car. They do an excellent job and are friendly!
    Paul - February 2017
  • The guys at this shop always take good care of me.
    Laura - February 2017
  • The oil change went smooth and they discovered an issue with my tires. However, they didn't do the usual light function check because i noticed i had a break light out and a tail light.
    Alex - February 2017
  • I stopped by with no appointment. I only had to wait about ten minutes before they could get me in. The service was prompt, professional, and courteous.
    Bev - February 2017
  • They treat the customer fairly and honestly.
    Walt - February 2017
  • Good
    Darren - February 2017
  • Courteous and helpful every time
    Travis - February 2017
  • Our car needed new brakes, tires, and alignment. Monro serviced it in a timely manner and communicated with us throughout the process.
    Tara - February 2017
  • We had the rear brakes replaced on our Mercedes least half the cost of the dealership with better quality ceramic pads. Great prices,,,great service. We totally trust Mim and Wes.
    Mark - February 2017
  • Fast service, polite staff, appreciate the free tire rotation!
    William - February 2017
  • The Jeep stops much better, sounds much better
    Pamela - January 2017
  • Got oil changed, reported shaking while braking, found out rotors were bad, replaced
    Josh - January 2017
  • My car was done on time as promised. The employees at the Mount Vernon Ohio store were all hard workers and really impressed me. Very professional!!
    David - December 2016
  • There was a hold up in the service due to not having the correct part. Everyone involved went way out of their way to solve the issue in an expedited manner while trying to cause me the least inconvenience possible. I was treated in a professional and fri
    Julianne - November 2016
  • They were truthful. I did not have service at this time because they found I did not need new brakes right now. I will be back when I do.
    Karen - November 2016
  • I didn't have appointment but they got me in and out within 1 hour.
    Brenda - October 2016
  • The Mt.Vernon,Ohio Monro Shop has GREAT customer service. They pay attention to what you say and give overall followup on maintenance of your vehicle. They are the BEST!
    Vicki - September 2016
  • I don't know a lot about cars and appreciated thorough and easy to understand explanations of the work that was done and will be needed on my car.
    Claire - August 2016
  • The expert mechanical work as well as the honesty of Jim and Wes at the Mt. Vernon Ohio location. I have complete trust in them.
    Victor - August 2016
  • The tech that worked on my car went over and beyond in helping me keep the cost at what I could afford. Because of this experience I will be sure to use Monro for all of my auto needs. I will recommend you in the future.
    Bob - August 2016
  • I've always had pleasant experience at the Mount Vernon, Ohio location. They are professional and friendly. Additionally, when my tires are low and I can't find air for my tires, I've come to this location and they have always been more than accommodati
    Robert - July 2016
  • Jim and company treat me well. They are very accommodating and helpful. They take time to explain the service and other options.
    Robert - July 2016
  • Employees were helpful showing me the underside of my vehicle, and explaining things. I always check out the underside when my car is up on the rack, and they went over things with me, and I appreciate that.
    Sharon - June 2016
  • Just the fact that I could get in as quickly as I did and that the work was done that needed to be done.
    Lori - June 2016
  • Although I was a walk-in customer, the staff quickly waited on me and had me back on the road much sooner than I expected. They gave a good description of what needed done and offered different options to solve my problem.
    JIM - June 2016
  • Stopped in with no appointment & did an oil change very quickly. Just what I was looking for.
    Brett - June 2016
  • Great crew. Always there to take care of my needs, and I know they will do what needs to be done. Very honest and trustworthy!!
    Bob - June 2016
  • Their attention to detail and quality of service was excellent.
    Brett - September 2015

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