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Massillon, OH 44646

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What People Are Saying:

  • They are very nice and do great work
    Matt - March 2018
  • I went there for an oil change. They let me know my wiper blade had was ripped and they had a deal buy one get one. It was only $15. They also let me know I needed to replace my front brakes because they were worn down and at a 2.
    Brianna - March 2018
  • Regular oil changes, tires, brakes...we use Monro for a lot of services.
    CA - February 2018
  • Excellent from the time I got there till the time I left. Which was less than 1 hour, Good job.
    Roger - February 2018
  • Stopped in for an oil change. The manager was checking my car. He came to me and showed me I needed new tires. I was very grateful for the new tires I purchased. My family will be safe on the road thanks to the good employees at this store.
    Sondra - February 2018
  • Stopped in for an oil change. The manager was checking my car. He came to me and showed me I needed new tires. I was very grateful for the new tires I purchased. My family will be safe on the road thanks to the good employees at this store.
    Sondra - February 2018
  • in and out 30 min.
    CA - February 2018
  • My service took awhile and when I went to get my car back I was told about all these "issues" with my car. I was told my break pads are bad, which were replaced in november. That my frame was bent which is no true. Then was told that I have a gash somewhere underneath, which I was under it the day before and did not see any of that and my breaks were fine still had alot of life in them. I was getting charged $137 for a oil change so I found a coupon. All they did was change my oil and filter and rotate and balance my tires. That's ridiculous for those jobs. I was very unpleased with my service and that attitude I was reciving from the store manger Dennis.
    William - January 2018
  • The service is great. The prices are fair. Everyone is always very nice and honest.
    Matt - December 2017
  • These tires that were put on my car have been so nice when the roads started to get bad with the weather.
    Jamie - December 2017
  • Denis cared to keep me informed each step of the way with my car. It was simply oil change and exhaust but he cared, I feel, which was great. He didn't try to sell me a ton of stuff because I'm a girl which was amazing, first place to not do that to me. I am a degree wielding mechanic, I actually knew of each broken piece on my car. Great job monroe, we will be back.
    Courtney - December 2017
  • Booking was fast and convenient. They made sure my questions were answered and seemed very knowledgeable.
    Amanda - December 2017
  • I noticed the improved feel of my new tires immediately after they were installed, the drive is very smooth and they are very high quality tires. The service was excellent and employees answered all of my questions, and were able to show me ways to check my tires at home and to get them rotated properly to maintain the life-span of the tires.
    Jamie - November 2017
  • Extremely helpful and definitely will go back.
    Maddie - October 2017
  • Had an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. Went in for scheduled appointment and had to return the next day because my tire pressure was low and the front end was making a noise. The man at the desk was rude. Pretty much telling me it wasn't anything they did wrong. This has happened before. I've brought my car in and left with another thing wrong.
    Jessica - October 2017
  • I feel your manager, Dennis, has been short-tempered and rude with me at my last 2 visits. My boyfriend was with me this time and commented on it and told me I need to take my car elsewhere. Several months ago I had to reschedule an apt because when I got there I was told that my apt wasn't in the system, and Dennis was the one I scheduled with. Previous manager, Dan, was awesome. You should beg him to come back. Seriously, on bended knee. I have been going to Monro for years (previously in Columbus area), and the managers have always been awesome. I will not go back to this location again.
    Julie - September 2017
  • Service was great. I don't like that I have to have your credit card to get the special pricing
    Jim - September 2017
  • Recommended
    Mike - August 2017
    Stacy - August 2017
  • I had an oil change scheduled for a Sunday @ noon. Got there and was told that I wasn't in the system, but if I wanted to leave my car, it might be able to get done by 5. That was not an option, so I made a new appt for the following weekend. First one in @ 8 am on Saturday, and only the manager was there. None of the staff had shown up for work. He was kind of short with me, due to being stressed, but I was out of there by 9 am, so that was good. I've been going to Monro for years, and it's kind of annoying that I now have to open a Drive Time credit card just to get a good sale price on an oil change.
    Julie - August 2017
  • The person at the desk was annoyed that I had a coupon to do competitor price matching and he actually rolled his eyes when trying to figure how to enter the the coupon into the computer. I told him if it was that big of a deal not to worry about it.
    Megan - August 2017
  • Just went for an oil change, gave me a pamphlet with the condition of my tire tread and brake pads so I knew when I should get them serviced but didn't try to pressure me to do it right then which I like!!
    Chelsea - June 2017
  • Great oil change service.
    Patricia - June 2017
  • I can stop in after work and they are always able to provide service. Nice convenience!
    Debra - June 2017
  • I asked that a thorough safety check be done when I had oil change and tires rotated. The next day noticed I had a burned out headlight, took it back in and thankfully Roger was working who DID actually do what I asked the first time and found I also had a brake light out. At least I feel safe now that he could tell me what he checked. Should be a checklist for a safety inspection to assure hoses, belts, fluids, lights, tires, brakes etc...are all checked when a customer requests a safety inspection!!
    Cindy - May 2017
  • Bought 4 tires on 5/20/17 in addition to having my oil changed.
    Joyce - May 2017
  • Went in for a oils change. Was told my ball joint was bad, that I needed 4 new tires, my back tire had a broken belt in it. Needed a new battery. All this was over $1000. Went the next day to someplace I have delt with before to get a second opinion, they took me back to my car while it was up on the rack and said that none of that was true!!!
    C - May 2017
  • They are always friendly and accommodating to fit my schedule.
    Becky - May 2017
  • Service was good. Just wonder why my oil change cost over $29.00 when the sign out front said 19.00. I only use standard oil and asked them not to tire rotate the tire because i just got them.
    Mary - May 2017
  • I took my car in for it's routine oil change and I had a spark plug misfiring. I had never been to Monro's before; however, my old car shop had closed permanently and I was desperate for a decent auto shop. I stopped in on a Saturday and scheduled my appointment for Monday. I dropped off my car on Monday and didn't hear back til just before close because they were trying to figure out what was going on with my spark plug. I went in the next morning to pick it up and the guy who had serviced it took me in the back to show me how bad my car needed other things serviced. I had no idea what exactly was wrong with it. I honestly loved that they took the time out to explain to me what was going on without pressuring me to do it right away when I didn't have the extra money. It made the experience better and I will definitely be back.
    Amber - May 2017
  • Polite , quick and efficient
    Jessica - May 2017
  • My new brakes and rotors are awesome! Thanks
    connie - April 2017
  • Typical oil change.
    Cheryl - April 2017
  • I made an appointment and waited 27 minutes after the appointed time before they even took my car in. My time is valuable to me and I feel that if I make an appointment, I should be waited on at that time
    Trina - April 2017
  • The manager does not listen to the customer
    Madiso - April 2017
  • I know this monro tries to get the most out of you before giving you the most honest evaluation. I only go to them when i have no other option timewise, they are at the end of my street. And when i do use them i know to talk them down from their first est. no matter what. I would not recommend them for anything more then an oil change, and i would warn anyone going to them to watch for their dishonest evaluations.
    Robert - April 2017
  • I have been getting my 2006 Honda Ridgeline serviced at Monroe for 2 1/2 years now and as an 11 year old vehicle with 125,000 miles, I trust all my service there alone.
    Larry - April 2017
  • good job guys
    Ronnie - March 2017
  • All of my routine service.
    Mary - March 2017
  • Oil Changes, and repair on truck.
    Gary - March 2017
  • I have been coming to this Monro store for a few years now, and I am always pleased with the quality of work that was done on my car. I know the prices that are quoted to me are fair and correct. The manager, Dennis, is always welcoming to the customers that walk in and is very courteous to them and also to the customers who call in. I will always recommend this Monro when I can.
    Tina - March 2017
  • Had an oil change. Good customer service
    Amy - February 2017
  • Sale price was 19.99, I was charged well over not really sure why as I took another car two days prior and was cheaper. It was only and oil change no rotation. The oil change took over 45 minutes. Be prepared to wait. I will not be going back with either of my vehicles.
    Dawn - February 2017
  • I have been overly satisfied both times I have had to make a stop at this Monro. The staff is great and have been honest with me every time. I visited the local Meineke for brake lines earlier in the summer and was very unhappy with the service and found my new car center with the service I received here. I will continue to come back when I need a quality service done.
    Austin - February 2017
  • Fixed my exhaust at a fair price
    Bill - February 2017

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