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(937) 642-2030

15791 US Highway 36
Marysville, OH 43040

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What People Are Saying:

  • The service and price are always right!
    DB - February 2018
  • It was a professional service. Was completed in the time promised, service as promised and very respectful. The service/manager was very calm and collective during what appeared to be a busy day. The waiting area and front desk could use updates as well as fresh paint in the service bays.
    Service - February 2018
  • I can't think of anything I didn't enjoy about my service. The guys got my front brakes and an oil change done in less than 1 full work day. I dropped off in the morning and picked up by 5pm.
    Christina - February 2018
  • Fernando and staff are great. Friendly, truthful, no hard sales. Very knowledgeable
    Denise - January 2018
  • I was lied to about the purchase. I was sold tires that were supposed to be filled with nitrogen. They do not have nitrogen. They even put the different color air caps on, thinking they could bs me I suppose. Steering wheel was off center after alignment. Had to take back for third time to get steering wheel aligned. I will be telling everyone I can about this in an effort to keep people away from this store.
    Jeff - January 2018
  • always good yes i would use it again
    edith - January 2018
  • Quick oil change
    Greg - January 2018
  • Quick and professional service.
    Andrew - December 2017
  • Lied about tires. Taken car back twice to have steering wheel aligned, still not aligned.
    Jeff - December 2017
  • I was happy with the service, amount of time required for service, & the car is running great.
    Mary - December 2017
  • The oil change was performed well. The people were friendly and honest.
    Brad - December 2017
  • Oil change is done quickly, people are friendly, fair and honest. I would come back for all car services.
    Brad - December 2017
  • It was great. It took longer than they said it would. But they did a good job.
    Whitney - December 2017
  • The workers went out of there to help me with my repair and to do it quickly.
    Josh - October 2017
  • I have been to this shop several times now for oil change services. I would say this past week was my 5th or 6th time going. I always make an appointment, and usually they are good about getting my oil changed rather quickly. However, this time I was told that "It is going to be a while but we should be able to squeeze you in". I was confused about the "squeeze you in" part as I had made an appointment, which in my mind means I should go ahead of people without appointments. Their prices are good though, and usually everything goes well. I will likely continue using this service.
    Erika - October 2017
  • Not only is this the most affordable but the staff is wonderful!
    Becky - October 2017
  • they replaced the rotors and brakes on my car. very efficient and did a great job.
    Botema - October 2017
  • I had work done to my dodge. When bringing in the vehicle and afterwards Dennis and his staff were excellent. They answered all my questions and told me step by step of what was done to fix my vehicle.
    Geoffrey - September 2017
  • Had a great experience with my last service. they were very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Rob - September 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and found out my radiator hose had a huge hole in it. The manger took the time to find an affordable replacement and knew that I wasn't expecting it and gave me a discount on the labor. I always go to Monro and reasons like these are why!
    Jordyn - September 2017
  • Had tires replaced, good deal and service
    Jeff - September 2017
  • Staff was kind and courteous
    Jeff - September 2017
  • Great communication by the store, kept me up to date on timeframe and status. Completed quickly. Explained services provided and suggestions for next steps. Will visit again.
    Tim - August 2017
  • Buyer Beware. They send out Mailers and Emails stating that the oil change is $14.99. Once you arrive at the store they let you know that you have to have a Monro Credit Card. Seriously who in the world wants a Monro credit card? You have lost a customer. No need to contact me.
    James - August 2017
  • Didn't give me the vehicle review pamphlet. Brake shoe measurements. Tire depth etc. missed bald tire on rear if vehicle. Never had this happen in previous visits. Wasn't the same manager
    Denise - August 2017
  • Friendly, knowledgeable service. Affordable prices. Will definitely use them again in the future.
    Eric - August 2017
  • Quick and exact to problem and made sure it was complete before I left the store.
    Nevin - August 2017
    Charles - August 2017
  • Good service
    Josh - July 2017
  • Called for my son's girlfriend heading on a long road trip and they were able to get her vehicle in immediately and took care of the problem. Did a thorough inspection and let me know her car was safe to drive through the mountains!
    Michael - July 2017
  • Good and fast oil change
    Cliff - July 2017
  • It's good my truck runs awesome I'll be back again..
    Christopher - July 2017
  • In and out quickly.
    Tom - June 2017
  • Great help and always pleased with repairs!
    Joseph - June 2017
  • excellent customer service! I won't go any other place to have my oil changed.
    Cheryl - June 2017
  • It's nice to be able to make appointments online in advanced when I remember instead of only when they're open.
    Amie - May 2017
  • Went for tire mount and balance along with 4 wheel alignment Dropped off car for entire day the tires could not be mounted due to equipment failure Came back 3 days later to get tires installed then a 4 wheel alignment Tires had been mounted but they could not align car due to equipment failure Now I had $800 dollars in tires on a misaligned car Neither service could be done on time. This is standard work and should not take days to do on top of this I had made an appointment and the work was know ahead of time with details of car and tire
    Jason - May 2017
  • Little pricey but still they worked hard on it and even picked it up after they closed.
    Coltin - May 2017
  • Service done professionally and on time
    Gary - May 2017
  • Helpful
    michael - April 2017
  • Had my winter tires and summer tires switched out. They got me in and out with no problems
    Bradley - April 2017
  • I have been coming to Monro Muffler in Marysville, Ohio for over 10 years. They have always been fair and honest. They help me get the best deal when I am in a pinch and I always feel like they are ready to help. Fernando Diaz has been there most of the time and he always goes out of his way to make me understand anything that needs addressed about my car.
    Jeremey - April 2017
  • Fast service
    Gary - April 2017
  • Fernando and his crew again went above and beyond fixing what I thought was an easy repair. He made sure our car was safe again which is big with 3 kids.
    John - April 2017
  • Came in with no appointment and they squeezed me in.
    Tony - April 2017
  • Always have great and respectful service.
    Sharon - April 2017
  • Both men working were very friendly. The man doing my oil changed noticed that my air filter was beyond needing changed and showed me the old compared to the new, which most other places don't do. It did take a little while for them to start on my car, but that was due to some booking errors I believe. They handled it very well and professionally.
    Jordyn - April 2017
  • the price of my oil change was not what was advertised and I was charged for extra quarts of oil that I was never charged for before and charged to install the oil filter that should have been part of the initial oil change fee.
    Wendi - April 2017
  • Staff were courteous and professional. Quoted me a price over the phone for the services I asked for, and there were no surprises. The final cost was what he quoted me and the work was finished within the time that was estimated. I found an online coupon on the way to pick up my vehicle and they accepted with no questions asked. Overall, as pleasant of an experience as getting a vehicle repaired can be. Would recommend Monro to friends and family.
    Eric - April 2017
  • I had replaced my Headlights, fog lights and license plate lights in January. Early this week I noticed my passenger side headlight had went out again on my 2012 Subaru Impreza Sport Limited. I called them up and they arranged an appointment for me for the next evening (as I called late that evening). They warrantied both the parts and the labor. It was a great experience! :)
    Christina - March 2017
  • I requested a non-routine service and they were willing to schedule it same-day. They took care of me in less than 30 mins. and did not overcharge.
    Jay - March 2017
  • Had new tires put on my car a few days ago. very good pricing and service was very quick and precise. I am considering the shop to handle all of my car repair needs.
    Rob - March 2017
  • Frank from Store 363 Took alot of time trying to get my credit card to go through he was on hold for 20 minutes but he was able to get the job done.
    Madison - March 2017
  • I get my car serviced here every time it needs to be done
    Renea - March 2017
  • I went to the Delaware store last June and had a horrible experience so horrible that I will never step foot in that place again! I received a coupon to give them another try so I went to the Marysville location. I had a great experience and would definitely go back! They were all very kind, sociable, and kept me informed on time, progress, and issues. I will definitely be making all of my appointments at this location.
    Jennifer - March 2017
  • I arrived at 10:50am for a 11am oil change and tire rotation. The tech did not take my car back until 11:30am, no other people were waiting since 11:10am. An hour later my car was done, but during that hour they had forgotten to rotate my tires (a service automatically included with an oil chnage) - which I had to remind them of, but they also over filled the oil. Therefore, I had to wait for them to drain some of the oil out and do the rotation. So, as I mentioned, I was there from 10:50am to 12:30pm for an oil chnage that should've taken half that time, at most. I was offered no recourse for my excessive wait! That was my first time at that location, and they did not earn my future business.
    John - March 2017
  • Good service for oil changes, would use again.
    Jeff - March 2017
  • Only one Tech took 2 hours for a oil change
    Josh - March 2017
  • Fernando and his team took care of exactly what our van needed for brakes & rotors and made sure we had the best deal. When a bolt broke they fixed it immediately and even through in replacing a turn signal bulb that had burnt out (completely unrelated). Both times I dropped the car off in the morning and even though they could have taken all day, they fit it in ASAP and called as soon as it was ready!
    Natalie - March 2017
  • Keeping my car running good with the regular schedule oil changes
    Joshua - March 2017
  • The two guys that serviced my vehicle were great! They were both very friendly and professional. They provided sufficient service regarding my oil change, tire rotation, and brake check, giving me a detailed report afterwards. I would recommend Monro to anyone!
    Alexis - March 2017
  • very good service a little long to do the job
    Linda - March 2017
  • good service
    Eddie - March 2017
  • Always understaffed... struggle with working in a timly manner. But manager steps up and does what he needs to so that things get done.
    Ashley - February 2017
  • I had an oil change, they found my air filter needed changed, very good job,
    Debbie - February 2017
  • They took great care of us! It was easy to schedule an appointment, and everyone was friendly and helpful. We'd definitely use them again!
    Justin - February 2017
  • Quick and effecient
    Greg - February 2017
  • Brakes and rotors fixes like new
    David - January 2017
  • Fernando was just fantastic with his customer service. He was very complete with the explanations and never was rushed when speaking to me.
    Wendy - August 2016
  • Customer service was great and car ready when promised. Not much to an oil change so it's nice to have great service for such a small, routine thing.
    Kristie - June 2016
  • I always feel that I'm getting the true story about the services I need and the services aren't padded. They always provide a thorough explanation about the services I need and will show me why. We don't go anywhere else for service because of this.
    Martha - May 2016
  • Was treated like an intelligent consumer, and did not feel like the mechanic scam was on as I have sensed at some other repair shops.
    Larry - April 2016

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