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(937) 293-0661

1355 East Dorothy Lane
Kettering, OH 45419

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • They did a very good job on my Terrian
    Susan - February 2018
  • I was in and out. Fast and friendly!
    Chris - February 2018
  • I had an oil change, they fixed my tire that had a screw in it and did my front brake pads and roters. I couldn't ask for better or more polite service.
    Wendy - February 2018
  • Very friendly and honest workers.
    Tierra - January 2018
  • Friendly fast and knowledgeable service.
    David - January 2018
  • Using brakes to stop and rotors to help the brakes to stop
    Domon - December 2017
  • They were awesome, I was in and out quickly but efficiently ! Thanks!
    Cheyenne - November 2017
  • I was very satissfied with the customer service and honesty. I was surprised later that day that when I checked the oil by chance that I was completely empty, and thought that might have been checked.
    Mindy - November 2017
  • I loved it. They were courteous, customer care was great, took me last minute.
    Latia - November 2017
  • I would give this place 0 stars if I could. The gentleman running the desk, the moment I walked through the door, started to talk about my looks. Not a good afternoon or how can we help you...I've worked in a body shop as a woman, and there is a certain level of respect most men know to keep with their female would think this man would have done so with a customer. I brought my car in for an oil change with a coupon that granted a free oil filter, tire rotation, and brake inspection. Now I bought this car less than a year ago and had it serviced top to bottom less than 6 months ago. The man comes in and began to ask me questions about when I bought the car and the tires. I explained I've owned the car less than a year and the tires came with the car (they were put on the car brand new just before I bought it.) The man then explains that he didn't want to do the tire rotation because "your best 2 tires are in the front, and with winter coming, I didn't wanna mess with it." AKA I didn't care to do it because it's the last hour of my work day. Then he claims I have 2 bad brakes in the front that are "close to touching metal and will need replaced before winter or I'll be in big trouble" and said the same thing about my tires. The kicker though, was when he started talking about an alternator belt that was shredded and going to cause my car to break down anytime now and that because I didn't put high mileage oil in my car,"many different seals within my car will break and cause all of my oil to leak" and I really needed to get that all done ASAP according to him. I then began to ask which seals and in which part of the engine are they located.He wouldn't give me a straight answer at all once I explained that I know my way around my engine...and walked away.When cashing me out, the man seemed upset and with me and was very rude because he didn't get his extra $ off of me.This man tried his best to swindled a young single woman assuming he could..
    Brittany - November 2017
  • Oil change
    Teresa - October 2017
  • Awesome and speedy service
    Stacy - October 2017
  • I’ve been coming here for years and am continually impressed by the quality of work and efficiency.
    Elisa - October 2017
  • Extremely quick and efficient oil change with advice on upcoming service. Will definitely be back again!
    Kathryn - October 2017
  • The work perform was excellent
    Michael - October 2017
  • Service wad great my new tires are great
    Darrin - October 2017
  • I only gave 1 star because the system would not allow me to continue until I clicked on a star. I went for an oil change and was there for over 3 hours! Your rep stated that I needed an air filter too. I said ok. After 2 hours and 1 wrong air filter the rep stated that he would gave me a $10.00 discount because it was taking so long. I said thank you. I really thought that was excellent. After another hour and another wrong air filter I was told that the air filter my car needed had to be ordered. I went to pay for the oil change and was told it would be $24.00 and same change. Well, I went there to get the $9.99 oil change and was shocked at the price I was told. When I question it, the rep said well I had no idea that you had a drive card to get the $9.99 oil change. When I called for an appointment I told the rep I wanted the $9.99 oil change and that I did have a drive card credit card. Needless to say I did not get a discount as promised. I wasted 3 hours of my life for an 10 minute oil change. As such I will be taking my business elsewhere.
    Pamela - September 2017
  • The guys are great...service is being able to get appointment on line!
    Terri - September 2017
  • Staff always friendly and considerate of my time.
    Vonita - September 2017
  • Treated well, was given good advice on my car. They also told of prevented measures to take as well
    Jerry - August 2017
  • James and his crew are great, I wouldn't take my car to anyone else!
    Katie - August 2017
  • Loved the guys customer service. They did their work fast and spiffy.
    Champaigne - July 2017
  • My rear disk brakes were replaced after severe damage. I was pleased to find all necessary material in stock and service without an appointment on the July 4 holiday weekend. Minimum wait time..
    Bob - July 2017
  • Fast and friendly service
    Leanne - July 2017
  • did a good job
    Vernon - July 2017
  • James and Brandon have been very helpful in getting to the root of my car problems. My AC in the vehicle was not working the repair did not take long. James and Brandon have been wonderful and i trust them in caring for my vehicle. Please keep these men in your employment. Michael E Marbury
    Michael - June 2017
  • I brought my car in to the Dorothy Lane location to have the AC inspected on 5/28/2017. The technicians didn't seem overly confident of what the cars issue was, just that it had a "clog". Here's the real complaints though. I guess they don't use paper floor protectors anymore? My drivers floor mat was absolutely covered in dirt/grease/oil from the technicians shoes. I wondered what else could be wrong, so I looked under the hood. Not surprising, I find my relay box cover is loosely installed and not screwed down (tech was in it to jump the AC relay). All that had to be done was turn the box 180* and the screw would have lined up. Instead, the tech gave up on it and just left it sitting there unsecured. Next, there was oil dripped in the hood. Not a real big deal, but wipe it off. My car isn't perfect, but I do my best to keep it clean, inside and out, and for being 21 years old, it looks no more than 10. Unbeknownst to the techs, I am a former mechanic, having made it a career for nearly 10 years. I was also a manager of a "competitors" shop, but found another career field 8 years ago. If I had an AC recovery machine, I certainty would have done this work myself. If I would have not used a floor cover/seat cover in a customers car, or reinstalled something as simple as a relay box cover, I would have been reamed! Luckily for my customers, I took pride in treating their cars like my own. Something I highly suggest these technicians start doing! PS. If you draw my name for the gift card, invest it in floor and seat covers!
    Jonathan - May 2017
  • I had an apt at 3pm to get a standard oil change and tire rotation. 2 and a half hours later they were finally done. The wait was ridiculous and way too long. The bathroom there was so disgusting we had to walk to McDonalds next door so that my kids could go to the bathroom.
    Erin - May 2017
  • I got new tires and my oil changed. Always a pleasure.
    Shelby - May 2017
  • Manager was very helpful, this time, and helped straighten out the issue.
    Darlene - May 2017
  • great in and out service
    Barry - May 2017
  • I felt like the technicians were very professional, and I would definitely refer a friend to this location.
    Charlotte - May 2017
  • My car loves Monro! It has never been anywhere else.
    Michael - May 2017
  • Customer service was great. The brake service was excellent
    Roseann - May 2017
  • The products used were great for my ??.
    Oliver - May 2017
  • I love the guys at the shop. They are friendly and helpful and do a fantastic job every time.
    Wendy - April 2017
  • Quick service
    Darrin - April 2017
  • I had an air shock compressor problem on my 2003 GMC truck/Envoy. It was dragging the ground because the air bags wouldn't inflate. EVERY estimate had been $2000-2800 bucks. The vehicle is still good but is 14-years-old. I wondered about just doing regular shocks and springs, forget the compressor. Monroe actually suggested this and had a conversion kit. I saved 1400-1800 bucks. And it was done in two hours.
    Brady - April 2017
  • My car is like new, even when they could not find the right parts they made their own. I had a complete exhaust system replaced. They stayed open 2 hours after closing to finish my car. I am very satisfied with the work and very reasonable pricing.
    Joe - April 2017
  • I was pleased with how fast they fixed my car and how friendly the employee was that I dealt with.
    David - April 2017
  • I am satisfied with car repairs
    Tonya - March 2017
  • Came in for an oil change. Also received a tire rotation and they let me use a coupon. They also gave meet a detailed list of everything that needed to be done to my car and an estimate of what that would cost.
    Samantha - March 2017
  • I do thoroughly enjoy bringing my car here for service, although I feel as though I was tricked into getting my tires balanced on Saturday when all I needed was an oil change. My car is less than 8 months old (literally, I ordered it from the manufacturer at the dealership and it was shipped here from MI) and I just had two brand new tires balanced about a month ago.. so at the time the balancing sounded good and I'll always take advice from a professional, but after thinking about it I can't help but think I was taken advantage of.
    Stacie - March 2017
  • had good service
    vermon - March 2017
  • James took me and my friends home We also took lexi home as well. Lexi is a dog. James used his own vehicle to transport us home. The next day James pick me up car was repair. James and the mechanics. I felt very good about how everything was handle. These men deserve praise.
    Michael - March 2017
  • James and the mechanics at the Kettering Ohio location. are great. A special thanks to James he went above and beyond to see that my car was repair by the mechanics. He even took me and my friends home in his own vehicle. He also took Lexi home my friends dog . He pick me up the next day even though I lived on the other end of town. I am 52 years old and have been around the block a few times. I never experience such kind and honest people in my life. These men deserve a raise in my opinion. Thank god there is still honest people around. I will never forget this. Michael E Marbury 2009 Aveo I had a leaking hose repair. ****** 5 STARS*****
    Michael - March 2017
  • Phil was the consummate representative of Monro. He explained the entire process, along with all of the parts needed for my update, and then did the deed. Very professional and qualified.
    Paul - March 2017
  • Very friendly and helpful .
    Michelle - March 2017
  • I needed an oil change 2000 miles ago so I stopped in for an oil change and a tire rotation. Service was fast and staff was friendly. They did a great job at a very fair price.
    Hanna - March 2017
  • Not only did they do a great job on my tune up but they also fixed my headlight. Love this location. Never have any issues and they go above and beyond to make sure all needs are taken care of.
    Courtney - March 2017
  • I arrived early for my appointment, they got me in. They did a thorough oil change, brake & tire check, rotated the tires. I'm impressed.
    gary - March 2017
  • Very good experience
    Renee - February 2017
  • Based on the price and how quick the service was completed. I'll be coming back again when my car needs its next service change
    Adam - February 2017
  • Had the drive belts on my wife's Kia changed. No issues, except with the bill. The charge for EACH belt was $74.99, and with install was over $300. A check of the four most popular websites showed each belt costing between $10 and $22 each. The dealer only charged $180 for the same job. While I understand parts are marked up, but over 400% was excessive. Contacted the district manager, Dewey, who agreed that this was the case. He instructed our branch to refund me the difference between our bill and what the dealer would charge. People like me do not mind paying prices that are fair, but these, and others I was quoted for additional work, are WAY above average. Suggest taking a long look at the margins and pricing schemes.
    Jack - February 2017
  • I have been going to Monroe Muffler for 14 years and the customer service is always great. They ate thorough and keep me updated on my car's needs. Appointments are always on time which is much appreciated.
    Sheila - January 2017
  • quick%20and%20easy
    Robert - January 2017
  • Customer service was outstanding, mechanic came and spoke to me personally then shook my hand and thanked me for my business.
    Aimee - December 2016
  • The staff took the time to explain in detail work recommended and completed the jobs I could afford quickly.
    Jessica - October 2016
  • Joel made sure that my car would be ready before I got off of work. He also didn't pressure me to have other things done.
    Jamie - July 2016
  • I was complimented on the quality of my car, and not pressured or forced into buying any extra money than I wanted. Came in for an oil change and received an oil change and then information for future work that should be done on the car. Thanks.
    Andrew - May 2016
  • They explained what they did and printed everything that was done. Also printed everything that needed to be fixed in the future for my next oil change.
    Linda - May 2016

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