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(614) 388-8485

3707 Fishinger Blvd.
Hilliard, OH 43026

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What People Are Saying:

  • Tom is great to work with. He and his staff do a great job. They are always honest with me about where my car is and what needs done, if anything. Tom is patient and will explain where I am with everything.
    Doug - March 2018
  • Fair priced with fast and friendly service!
    David - February 2018
  • Oil change was well done. The rep at the desk was very condescending.
    Rory - February 2018
  • I just had my car's oil changed and new brakes and rotors put on. The price of a synthetic blend at Monro's is comparable to basic conventional oil changes at other shops. The choice is clear that I will keep returning to Monro to get better oil at a lower cost. They also replaced my brake pads and rotors (which were necessary) in a timely manner. They made sure I approved the work before they started and that I was aware of the complete cost. Good customer service.
    Kassy - February 2018
  • Brought my car in after hearing some weird noises. I spoke with the employee at the front desk (I believe his name is Thomas) and he immediately got up to check out my car. After hearing the issues he explained (in great detail - thankfully) what the issue was and how it could be fixed. He said to leave my car with him and that it'd be done by the time I was out of work. Picked my car up later that day and it was running like new! Will definitely return if any other issues arise.
    Ayla - February 2018
  • The staff took my car in for a brake inspection. Quickly, I received the results.
    Heidi - February 2018
  • This is why I am a returning customer. The service is always excellent here. Quality work, excellent professional service. Timely & honest.
    Martha - January 2018
  • Great mechanics, honest service, very professional! That is why I keep coming back!
    Martha - January 2018
  • Great customer service. I felt they were very honest & did a great job
    Martha - January 2018
  • I go to get an affordable oil change and they find some issues that legitimately need addressed but quoted prices are sky high. Parts with a 500% markup from what I could get at Napa for retail. Labor rate over $100/hr. New tires that are "on-sale" for $189. Unbelievable and quite frankly unethical. I'll be going elsewhere from now on. This is not a reflection on the men doing the service, they're just doing their jobs. It is a reflection on the company's lack of values.
    Bill - January 2018
  • I think their service and hours are great! I would recommend they schedule a little better as I seem to have to wait past my appointment time.
    Tessa - January 2018
  • I've been going to Monro on Fishinger for a while and the guys working there are knowledgeable, personable, honest, and kind. They go out of their way to find parts at the best price, work around your schedule, and get the job done right.
    Brad - January 2018
  • I love Monro . The guys are always so nice and knowledgeable.
    Anne - January 2018
  • Take the car in for service for a road trip. I had to request the tires rotated but they use to do that as part of normal service. Also they didn't even check fluid levels and I had to stop on my trip for windshield wiper fluid. Time to find a new garage
    Rebekah - December 2017
  • Did an outstanding fixing my vehicle.
    Doug - December 2017
  • Their service is very reliable. They have become my go-to service center for my automobiles in short time to due their friendly nature, professionalism and their knowledge on cars.
    Murali - December 2017
  • Very friendly staff who helped out a lot with my car.
    Rachel - December 2017
  • They did an oil change at a great price! It was about 1 hour to change oil and check all fluids. For half the price of other companies i guess the wait wasnt that bad
    Loralee - December 2017
  • Absolutely worth it for the oil change and inspection. Really needed new tires. They quoted more than NTB did so I got tires from NTB.
    Sean - November 2017
  • The products appear to be of good quality. The service is on the spot! They are very accommodating.
    Marjorie - November 2017
  • Great ppl
    John - November 2017
  • All the people that work at this location have always been awesome .I'll continue to come to this location.
    Abbe - November 2017
  • I have visited this location twice now, and both times the service, skill and professionalism provided were excellent, and at reasonable price. I have tried many other repair shops in the area and this one is by far the BEST!
    Donna - November 2017
  • Went in for an oil change and tire rotation. Got great feedback on any next steps for car up keep. I will be back!
    Jessica - November 2017
  • Good service, friendly people, convenient location. I've used them several times on different vehicles and they always do a good job. Would refer them to a friend/family.
    Sharon - October 2017
  • Everyone at this location is always very courteous and helpful. This is the only location I will go to and I have one right near my job. They are prompt and thorough when explaining things about what they are doing or what needs to be done to the car. I enjoy the experience.
    Christina - October 2017
  • Repairs took some time but it was done correctly the first time!
    Louetta - October 2017
  • I came in for an oil change and was alerted that one of my tires was in very bad condition. They ended up replacing all 4, and doing an alignment, which the dealer was supposed to have done 3 months ago soon after I got the car, but which I now realize they never did! My car feels completely different now! Much more stable, I'm not hydroplaning when there is a little rain, my steering wheel is straight for the ghat time ever, and my brakes stopped squeezing! (With no brake work!) They even gave me a ride home so I could get my daughter off the bus since the work took so much longer than expected! Definitely coming back! And have been recommending them to everyone
    Katrina - October 2017
  • Oil change with tire rotation was a good deal. Appreciated the inspection that found a dirty cabin filter. Also alerted me to brake work that needed done. Price for brake change was too high for an older, high mileage van, decided to do work on my own. Felt rep at shop was honest and helpful.
    Chris - October 2017
  • Best price i found for my car's synthetic blend oil change.
    Nancy - October 2017
  • I needed a piece fabricated and welded to connect the muffler and exhaust pipe, was surprised first at the inexpensive cost ($115) and able to do the work immediately so I did not have to make a second trip. Technician showed me the work when done and explained exactly what they did before bringing it down off the lift, looks good and works well.
    Gail - October 2017
  • Service was timely and staff was sincere and nice
    Richard - October 2017
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm a woman who went in alone and they did not try to take advantage of me by telling me I needed to have 20 different things fixed.( I went for an oil change.) They updated me on how my tires were doing and found a nail in one. Since I purchased my tires from Tire Barn, a sister company, they offered to repair it for free with my warranty. The man behind the counter even took the time to show my daughter some parts broken she was interested in. (Hey, she's five!)
    Leisa - October 2017
  • They always get me in when my vehicles need service! Sometimes it may take a day or so but I know I can count on them to do a great job!
    Louetta - October 2017
  • I came in to get my exhaust fixed and Tom was super helpful on getting the exhaust system fixed in a timely manner! He also gave me tips on maintenance for my old car.
    Brian - September 2017
  • Tom is great. He is honest and fair and works to get me in when our is convenient for me.
    Doug - September 2017
  • Committed to satisfying their customers.
    Mary - September 2017
  • Staff was friendly and my oil change was completed in a timely manner. I will definitely go back again in the future.
    dhecht - September 2017
  • I received new brakes and rotors per Tom's recommendation and everything seems great! The expertise, advice, quality and promptness combined provided me a great experience.
    Dan - September 2017
  • Got my oil changed fast and quick and they rotated my tires for me
    Lane - September 2017
  • Great customer service at this location. Guys are friendly and don't try to push products on you. They give a very truthful assessment and are always willi g to answer questions if you have them.
    Jason/ - September 2017
  • Always honest and points out any issues.
    David - September 2017
  • I drove 36 hours from Miami to avoid the hurricane only to find that at my car broke down when I arrived in Ohio. I called first thing in the morning had the car there by 11:30 and the car was repaired by 5 in the afternoon. My family and I depended on the vehicle and are extremely grateful for the honesty, professionalism, knowledge, kindness, fast work and very reasonably priced. I would make this my local mechanic if I lived in the area. Also, the gentleman behind the counter( manager) was extremely friendly and helpful as well. ***** five stars on my book.
    Peter - September 2017
  • Good service, helpful employees, reasonable rates. I will be returning.
    Dustin - September 2017
  • Everyone at Monro has always been so helpful and look out for your best interest. The gentlemen who work there are straight forward, honest, and very generous. I had some concerns about my vehicle and they looked at it for me at no cost, and gave me a ru down of what they found. They are great and will always have my business.
    Connie - September 2017
  • I made an appointment to get an oil change and when I got there I asked for an alignment as well. There was no annoyance expressed by my request even though I know it made them move some cars around for me. They were efficient and I was out of there in no time at all. Can't wait to go back!
    James - September 2017
  • Driving locally. No major mechanical problems.
    Jonathon - September 2017
  • Quick in and out!
    James - September 2017
  • They have great customer service and are very knowledgable.
    Brittney - September 2017
  • My persistant "squeek" turned out to be what could of been a serious brake issue if not discovered and fixed! It turned out to be a frozen caliper that had worn my brake pads down to nothing,and was diagnosed and fixed within a 3 hour time frame, that's including an oil change :) Everything from customer serivce to technical know how, I will gladly pass out Monro's business to friends and family. Thanks so much!
    Karen - August 2017
  • Stopped in for a brake issue. The gentleman was really professional, explained what was the different options were and they did it same day. Will definitely be coming back
    Seth - August 2017
  • Did a walk in oil change and was in and out in a half hour. Very satisfied
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • I broke down at work right across the street they got me right in and was able to fix even more and were very honest with me.
    Mckayla - August 2017
  • They are always courteous.
    Zach - August 2017
  • Price
    Ron - August 2017
  • Employees were nice and understanding. They knew what they were talking about. I would return here again.
    Ray - July 2017
  • Tom at the Fishinger Blvd store is a real car guy and I've never had bad experience. I think with these chains it comes down to how their managed, and I'm very satisfied with this store. They work on all my cars. I've had a great experience.
    David - July 2017
  • This Monro honestly just keeps me coming back. It's not the best. But it's better then most places I used to go to. So honestly there's not just one thing I can really say is bad, cause no one is perfect in this imperfect world ! ... the service overall is good and I do enjoy going there cause there's just no BS in/out get what u need done, may show u a problem but other then that these boys are pretty good at there job.
    James - July 2017
  • I had a hole in my tire which was patched well. It took 6 hours to do this, and the manager up front was not real excited to have me in the shop. They did good work though.
    Kenny - July 2017
  • Had oil change, went well. For as busy as they are it seems, it doesn't take that long.
    Michael - June 2017
  • I had a tire alignment along with an oil change. Both services were done quickly.
    Jasmine - June 2017
  • The staff was friendly. Most importantly they didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need or fool me into unneeded repairs. They looked at my breaks and tires at no cost. It turned out that they looked great and I didn't need to replace my breaks or tires yet. That was that, no hassle no trying to sell me other things. I will definitely go back here when it's time for service!
    Angela - June 2017
  • They did everything they could to fix my problem
    John - June 2017
  • DoD good on the oil change but did not put brakes back together right causing destruction of brakes then would not fix damage without charging over $900.00.
    Rhoda - June 2017
  • Satisfied
    Anthony - June 2017
  • Oil change didn't take long but the 14.99 deal required me to get some sort of credit card. Nothing about that on the sign. Man argued it says that in their ads. All I saw was the sign nothing else. It needs to be on sign or they need to tell me up front. Didn't tell me until the oil change was complete. I didn't fight over it...thought better to never set foot in there again.
    Michael - June 2017
  • Oil change.
    R - June 2017
  • Great customer service!!!
    Christine - June 2017
  • The mechanic who I dealt with was knowledgeable and very helpful.
    Roxanne - June 2017
  • Very personable manager. Scheduled appointment and went well on schedule. at high speed I feel like it pulls to one side, so not sure it was done correctly. they don't take a long test drive at high speed, so not sure how they tell alignment is right.
    Keith - June 2017
  • Great job! Quick!
    denise - June 2017
  • Disappointed in amount of time it took and the language of staff when in the shop.
    Brittany - June 2017
  • Had sensors fixed and they had it done quick.
    Jennifer/ - June 2017
  • Tom really took the time to figure out my car. Check engine light was on and he really tried hard to diagnose the problem and save us the most money.
    Jennifer - June 2017
  • Great service, friendly staff, high quality work done on time!!
    Kiersten - May 2017
  • This is the only one I will visit
    Amanda - May 2017
  • I have used Monro Muffler for years, especially the last two with my current car. Came in for an estimate and the provider was honest with what could wait versus what needs done now however the price was almost double of what a competitor quoted.
    Jamie - May 2017
  • Always great service with a friendly smile! Work is done right the first time, in a timely manner.
    Kiersten - May 2017
  • I will recommend this location to my family and friends and continue to have my car serviced there.
    Melissa - May 2017
  • First time getting oil changed here since moving. Took a little over 2 hours but there are shops and coffee nearby. Very friendly and courteous staff.
    Adrienne - May 2017
  • I love my local Monroe garage. They have turned away my business twice, telling me my problem was either a warranty issue for the dealer or the job was too big for them to handle. They've always given me good advice and done the work on my vehicles right.....the first time!
    Andrew - May 2017
  • Tom was very professional and explained what type of oil I would need and why.
    Michele - May 2017
  • It was difficult to find shops that do this repair since it required welding in the rear. Thomas was very helpful, did the repair as quickly as he said he would and was much more cost effective than the few alternatives I had - I spent less than half on my Cherokee of what my friend spent for the same repair his Escape.
    Donna - May 2017
  • Thought I needed my brakes replaced, The technicians inspected my vehicle and let me know that my brakes were fine and the noise I was hearing was from a wheel bearing that needed replaced. They also identified a couple other issues and gave me a range of quotes for all the potential service options. I appreciated that they didn't try to replace my brakes anyway, as I've had bad experiences with other auto care companies trying to convince me to pay them for unnecessary services. I also appreciated that there was no pressure to have them fix all the issues at once. The technicians were very friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Very impressed.
    Colin - May 2017
  • I've been using this service center for a year now and am always happy with their service. The mechanics and office manager are courteous and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the consideration and attention they give each and every visit.
    Cara - May 2017
  • They aligned car after I installed new front struts. Found them to be honest and the manager I think is really good at his position. Issue: Car was pulling left before brought it in and is still pulling left. It may be due to tires which they did not install. But no way to know if they didn't get alignment right. Have to take back to dealer...where got tires. I don't understand how they could have test driven it and not felt the pull left and completed the job. If I were the shop, I would have rotated the tires and/or checked balanced for additional fee. So we have to take back to dealer to get them to do that (as car is in diff location now). I liked impression of people so would go back. But would like to see more attention to quality delivery.
    Keith - May 2017
  • They were timely and effecient and I didn't feel pressured.
    Rachel - April 2017
  • Great value for an oil change and friendly staff to go along with it!
    Bruce - April 2017
  • They always fix the car as quickly as possible, they charge fair prices, and they fix it right the first time. I recommend them to my friends all the time.
    Emily - April 2017
  • I like the fact that I get reminders to get an oil change. Service is awesome every time I go. Have my car ready when promised and really care about the cars they service.
    Tyrea - April 2017
  • I stopped by because my tire wasn't holding air. The technician identified the problem and repaired it in 20 minutes!
    Debbie - April 2017
  • Everytime we get an oil change at this location the guys there are super friendly and helpful!
    Danielle - April 2017
  • I got a synthetic blend oil change. They rotated my tires but didn't seem to check anything else out. My tire was low on air & car low on washer fluid. Not sure if these are part of an oil change but it cost me $42.
    Kristen - April 2017
    Troy - April 2017
  • We seem to be frequent customers at Monroe on Fishinger Blvd. We keep giving them our business, because their customer service can’t be beat. They have done a great job on every service we have had performed on all of our vehicles, and we have had a lot done over the last four years.
    Kim/ - April 2017
  • I always have a good experience at this location!
    Courtney - March 2017
  • Tom is the best. Honest and to the point. He really tries hard to do the job while saving me money!
    Jennifer - March 2017
  • The service was quick. (Oil change) very friendly staff and great price! I will be returning for a my car services!
    Jackie - March 2017
  • Always friendly and informative
    Nicole - March 2017
  • Oil change, coolant flush, fuel flush
    Amanda - March 2017
  • Staff is great, explain findings to you and make suggestions as needed
    Dremma - March 2017
  • Gave my 19 year old son a fair quote for new brakes and then came in $300 under budget
    Brad - March 2017
    Roger - March 2017
  • I called last minute on Wednesday, February 22 to see if there were openings for an oil change and tire rotation. Even though is was 6pm, and they closed at 7pm, I was assured that they could get me in. I was so relieved! I drove over, reiterated that I needed an oil change and tire rotation. No problem, I was told, give them 45 minutes. Fifty minutes later, I was back and waited only a couple of minutes. The gentleman on duty said my tires looked good, brakes were good, they changed the oil, etc. A quick run down of the services, and I was on my way. Upon arriving home, my husband asked if the tires were rotated. I checked the invoice and saw that yes, tire rotation was listed (though not charged, it was listed as a "free" service). He then told me that he had chalked our back driver side tire to make sure they were actually rotated. Turns out that tire was still in the same position. I called the next morning and spoke to the daytime manager. He explained that if the tires are wearing evenly, he tells his guys to not rotate them, but they should explain this to the customer and, if the customer still wants them rotated, they should be done. This sounds fishy to me, and I've never heard of such a thing before. The only reason I'm giving 1 star is that the oil was changed (at least, I have to assume it was). Very very disappointed and will NOT be back.
    Jody - February 2017
  • Always a Great Job
    Marc - February 2017
  • Waited 1hr 22 mins for an oil change. Two people working only in which one attended the phones and did my oil change. They were so busy they turned away people for simple oil changes. I went here instead of my dealer because it was closer but not I'm just planning on driving the 15m, pay the same price for the exact same service but I'll wait way less... Hire people please!
    Fernando - February 2017
  • Just an oil change this time, but always the best customer service!! Never disappointed!!
    Kiersten - February 2017
  • They told me what needed to be done. They broke everything down and answered any questions I had. They did the work in good time and off we went.
    Jeff - February 2017
  • I just wanted an oil change and they explained what was most important to get fixed.
    Tyrea - February 2017
  • Tom, the manager, is very honest and a pleasure every time I have been to his store.
    John - January 2017
  • I love how friendly the guys are, and the fact that they told me that manufacturer recommendations are XYZ, but X and Z can probably wait for now if I can't afford or don't want to have the work done yet. Very honest, knowledgable, and straightforward.
    Rebecca - January 2017
  • The man behind the counter was very friendly, honest, and helpful. Value was great and they scheduled me in same day I called.
    Alexa - August 2016
  • They seem to be honest and nice. I appreciate the way my kids have been treated when they bring their cars in for service.
    Donna - July 2016
  • The manager that was there was very polite and explained everything to me about my car and I just went in for a oil change and didn't know they checked all the other extra stuff for me and I appreciated that.
    Vicki - June 2016
  • Honest and reasonable estimates on needed repairs with no pressure to do them the same day.
    Stormie - June 2016
  • The manager, was so nice, and efficient. Very quick, and knowledgeable. The mechanic worked totally determined to" do it right", and even worked overtime to get it done for me, test driving the car thoroughly.
    Gay - March 2016
  • The team does a good job of learning my needs and delivering on time.
    Simma - September 2015
  • I took my car to VW before bringing it to Monro, I knew there was an issues with the brakes but VW inspected it and made no suggestions. Monro told me exactly what way wrong and was able to get everything replaced the same day.
    Peter & Katie - September 2015
  • Your staff was excellent. Tom in particular was both knowledgeable and the work performed was outstanding! I have recommended others to Monro as a result of the experience. I will be making another appointment this week for additional work that was recomm
    Alan - September 2015

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