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Fairlawn, OH 44333

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What People Are Saying:

  • They were very helpful.and honest. I was a walk in and was helped out quickly. Great guys!
    Tamara - March 2018
  • The technicians was great they took the time explain everything to me step by step.
    Edward - March 2018
  • Took my 15 Ram in due to grinding and feedback in the brake pedal. I suggested it felt like the ABS system. Got a call saying the problem was that all 4 brakes and rotors were shot. I was surprised because the brakes were stopping fine, but approved the work at approx 850 dollars because I needed it fixed. Went to pick the truck up and was told I have 4 new brakes but the grinding and vibration is STILL THERE!! They said it must be the ABS speed sensor! Wait, I suggested that in the first place. BTW, we dont have the part, will try to find it, in the meantime just pull the ABS fuse and it wont make the noise. Not what you would expect from a company that is supposed to specialize in brakes! Very dissaoointed.
    Doug - March 2018
  • Came in today to get my truck done and they were great! Super nice and extremely helpful most defenetly makeing a switch to this shop!.
    Elizabeth - March 2018
  • Today 3/2/18, I stopped in the Ghent Rd store. I had a branch stuck under my car and I could not retrieve. I spoke with Sean and inquired as to whether someone could retrieve the branch. He connected me with Brian and without hesitation my car was pulled in and the branch was removed he also straightened a pipe which had been damaged by the branch. I thank these two gentleman from the bottom of my heart. I will return again to have work done on my car when needed. Thank you Sean & Brian.
    Karen - March 2018
  • Service was fast and thorough. I asked many questions and was shown on my car as they were explaining both situations.
    Kathy - March 2018
  • Had to replace a flex tube, the guys were smart, and helped me get out quick.
    Daphnie - February 2018
  • My engine light came on. Keep in mind that this was on Sunday that I was in for service. Shawn, Brian and the team gave me great service. They got me in, diagnosed the problem, ordered the part special order, and did something so I could drive safely until the part comes in.
    Jim - February 2018
  • Employees were courteous and kept me informed on the progress of my oil change.
    Scott - January 2018
  • Same as above
    Carol - January 2018
  • Every time I take my car for tire service, I have a good experience. They have always been fair and happy to help me.
    Lori - January 2018
  • I really appreciated how even though they were busy, they still fixed everything I needed in my car and had it done in less than two hours. It’s nice because this was something that needed fixed right away, and everywhere else I tried fm go wanted me to come back in a few days. I felt like everything was reasonably priced, and I appreciated the lifetime warranty that was included with the brake pads.
    Melissa - January 2018
  • I love Monroe because they take the time to explain things. However, this time after spending 800$ on New tires and oil change, my tire pressure light is still on. Who has time to go back?
    Joan - December 2017
  • Always though
    Frank - December 2017
  • Being at Monroe so far has been great. Excellent and confident staff that have told me everything I need done on my car and we currently chipping away at the long long list of repairs. Wouldn't choose another team to do it.
    Hiram - November 2017
  • Went in for a general inspection and everything went great and we devised a plan on how I should go about fixing my car.
    Hiram - November 2017
  • Wow! The staff were absolutely fabulous. It was clear that they were knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile. I was especially impressed with Jerry. So a special thank you goes out to him! Areas of improvement needed would be cleanliness. The waiting area needs some sprucing up (paint re-touches, holes patched, etc.) The floor really needed to be cleaned and the furniture arranged to make the waiting area more comfortable and attractive for customers. Also, the oil change was overpriced (I did not need a tire rotation). I was charged almost $20 more than when I go the dealership and when I go to the dealership they wash my car! So I will be going back to the dealership for future service.
    Shannon - November 2017
  • Jerry helped me get everything figured out with my car in a clear and confused way. I’ll be back for sure!
    Andrew - November 2017
  • I went to get an oil change and they were able to get me in immediately. The guys were very friendly and also informative on what I would be needing to keep my vehicle safe in the coming months - ie. new brakes and rotors in Spring, etc. I will definitely be back.
    Mia - November 2017
  • Gave estimates for repairs needed.
    Mike - October 2017
  • The tires are fine. We’ve had nothing but rain since I made the purchase and the traction seems to be fine. My extended wait time, however, left me completely disgruntled. I missed the first quarter of the college football game my daughter was cheering for. I called ahead and made the appointment earlier in the week to accommodate my plans. For this reason alone, I won’t be back.
    Debra - October 2017
  • I found a coupon online for an oil change $19.99, Fairlawn, Ohio. They called and tried to run the bill up by saying I need new tires and I know they are in great shape with 30,000 miles left on the warranty. Part of the coupon agreement was to rotate the tires and they refused to do the work, and I had to repeat the warranty statement before they would agree. Then when I picked up the car they didn't change the filler and over filled the oil. They sabotaged the wheel alignment and there is a vibration now. They could have ruined the engine with too much oil they should be in jail not employed. Beware they are criminal.
    Bob - October 2017
  • I was in for an oil change.
    Tom - October 2017
  • They did exactly what I wanted at a cheap price.
    Ted - October 2017
  • Things are great
    Mike - September 2017
  • The guy at the service desk had no people skills. The technician however was super kind and very helpful.
    Lauren - September 2017
  • the new manager and his team were great - thought I have a tire that needed "plugged" turns out the nail did not go all the way through - thanks for communicating so well !!
    Nate - September 2017
  • I like Monroe because they speak normal talk to make it understandable and give you options.
    Joan - July 2017
  • Good oil change and tire rotation appointment. Quick.
    Sarah - June 2017
  • I don't have anything bad to say about the store and your service team is so very friendly they laugh and smile and offer your pizza they really take care of not only your car but you too.
    cassandra - June 2017
  • I go to Monro for a routine oil change. They are quick at getting my car in, and affordable. I also never have to wait long.
    Cassandra - May 2017
  • Price was great. Needed to top off fluids during oil change however
    Tom - May 2017
  • Very polite and quick response.
    Randy - April 2017
  • I have been taking my cars to the Ghent Rd, Akron Oh branch for decades. Once again the service was fast and thorough.
    Janice - April 2017
  • my local shop is great - Tim, the manager always takes the time necessary to present me with options...and they fit me in just about every time I am there - thank you.
    Nathan - April 2017
  • The guys here were super professional and quick! They knew I needed to be get out of there quickly and they made sure that happened.
    Sarah - April 2017
  • Costumer service was excellent and the work was faster than expected for a lower price than I paid elsewhere.
    Jenna - March 2017
  • I needed a muffler and connecting pipe replacement on short notice, and the team members at my shop made it happen that same day.
    Greg - February 2017
  • Went in for new tires and an oil change and found out I needed new brakes, a new battery, and alignment on top of it! Employees were happy to show me exactly what was wrong, review prices with me, and I was lucky enough that there were coupons good for every service I needed. My car was done within hours. Will definitely be back.
    Jess - February 2017
  • I have returned to this store to repair my Chevy Tahoe because of the outstanding customer service I receive. There are 5 auto repair businesses within a 2 mile distance from my house and I drive by 3 of them to get to Monro. Fair pricing, excellent repairs and outstanding service is why I return !!!
    Jim - February 2017

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