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(614) 360-3102

6580 Perimeter Loop Road
Dublin, OH 43017

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What People Are Saying:

  • Service was done promptly
    Fred - March 2018
  • Great, quality service. Friendly and informative staff.
    Ashley - March 2018
  • Did just a swell job.
    Tom - February 2018
  • Monroe has been great to work with. They fixed our cars in a timely manner. Frank and Dominic are great at explaining everything and making sure we are satisfied.
    Lisa - February 2018
  • I appreciate the way that everything was explained to me, so that i understood what needwd to be done to my car.
    Taylor - February 2018
  • Nice guys, fairly honest, did good work, thorough. Not sure they explained warranty on the work but if I have any trouble, I'll find out later. Monro does not seem to offer any AAA or Military discount, which is unfortunate considering their prices are the highest in the area (and why they are only 4 stars)
    Chris - February 2018
  • Frank and team always get me in and out and when something doesn't go as planned they make it right.
    Jay - February 2018
  • I just walked in and they were able to change my oil that day. No appointment needed!
    Susan - February 2018

  • Carl - January 2018
  • It took them an hour - after pulling the car into the bay - to mount and balance 2 tires. Ridiculous. It should have been less then 10 minutes. There was no urgency to anything that was done. Then, while checking out, they tried to charge me more then what the amount estimated was, even though nothing about the job had changed. When questioned, they reworked the invoice to be $.60 more then the original quoted amount. I don't care about the 60 cents, but I wonder how often they do this. Additionally, I overheard their conversations with other customers and it seemed like one upsell after the next.
    MG - January 2018
  • in and out. No hassle, sales guy to the point and explained everything really well. Customer service was great and they even filled my girlfriend's windshield fluid!
    Gabe - January 2018
  • Outstanding customer service. Much appreciated.
    Roy - January 2018
  • I would definitely recommend this place!
    Sukesh - December 2017
  • The guys at the Perimeter location were super nice and very helpful. I highly recommend this location for service.
    Michelle - December 2017
  • Fast and friendly.
    Ben - December 2017
  • Friendly staff that explained everything thoroughly without any pressure.
    Rob - December 2017
  • The location did a very good job fixing my tire
    Ken - November 2017
  • Very professional .... Explained issues and what needed fixed ... Provided options to address immediate problem to fit within budget.
    Dave - November 2017
  • Went in for a battery check. The team worked me in and got me a replacement battery in about an hour. I also got a few other services and am very happy with how my Odyssey is purring these days. Thanks Frank!
    Joseph - November 2017
  • The service was fine, what was not fine was the "shop fees". If you sell a product don't hid fee's in the fine print or add on AFTER the job is done!! Be up front and honest to the whole price!
    Zack - November 2017
  • Good
    D - November 2017
  • I took my car in with one specific problem and they addressed it same day. The service was a little expenseive, but considering it was done same day I would say it was worth it. My issue more lies with the fact that they also tried to get me to spend another $1300 on repairs that I know are not required (like replacing 2 year old drum brakes...).
    Ben - October 2017
  • Kept good communication. Best price in town. Didn’t try to push other repairs
    Michael - October 2017
  • Yes
    Dan - October 2017
  • I would Do it again
    Kim - October 2017
  • Frank provided great communication and the job was done in a quality way.
    Roslyn - October 2017
  • Great service! So happy with the honesty of the employees & timely manner my car was repaired. I highly recommend this business for your muffler & brake service.
    Christine - October 2017
  • It is awesome
    yaoqin - October 2017
  • The staff was very professional and friendly. They also kept me informed on the status of my car. I appreciate there timely work & knowledge.
    Jessica - October 2017
  • The manager , Frank , is awesome. He took very well care of my car. Letting me know of things to change in the future, along with not pressing me like other companies have before.
    Kirsten - October 2017
  • Frank the store manager and his mechanics are top notch. I rank them in the top 10% of all specialists that have worked on my vehicles.
    Alex - October 2017
  • The Dublin Monro is great for for quick great service. I can usually schedule an appt. for the same day and the work gets done quickly and is of good quality.
    Ed - October 2017
  • I took my car in for a follow up after having my rear brakes replaced here a few weeks back. My car has been making some strange noises that I chalked up to being the new brakes "breaking in". I called and they told me to bring it in at my earliest convenience, looked it over and found that it was actually an issue with my front brakes (a job done a couple months back by someone else) and fixed it for me free of charge even though it was nothing they had done! I sincerely appreciated the quick and respectful service and look forward to taking my car to this shop for all of my maintenance needs!
    Amanda - September 2017
  • I took my Hyundai Elantra to Monroe to get a regular oil change. The employees mentioned that I needed to get my tires aligned. The manager explained to me why they needed aligned and how they knew they needed aligned. So I went ahead and let them align my tires. After I drove off, about 15 Min later, my tire light came on. I called Monroe back and spoke to the manager. He said "Due to the tempatures, your tire(s) could be losing air, come back and we will fix it." So I drove back to Monroe and had them put air in my tires. The tire signal went off. Later that night, my tire signal came on again. The next morning, I had an appointment. Only to come to find my tire was completely flat. Once again, I called Monroe back and questioned if aligning my tires the previous day had anything to do with my tires acting funny. Once again, the manager mentioned it was just the temperature and aligning the tires had nothing to do with why my tire light came on twice and my tire was completely flat. I had no choice but to call AAA since my tire was flat in my driveway. AAA took my tire off and found that the valve core stem was leaking. AAA told me that the employees at Monroe left this part lose to make me think as a young woman that I needed a whole new tire in general. If that was the case, I do not appreciate Monroe risking my safety and my newborns safety just to get more money/business. I feel lied to as I asked the manager multiple times if the employees aliginging my tire had anything to do with my tire light coming on twice and my tire going flat... I have never had any trouble with my tires until immediately after I got my tires aligned. AAA says they see this happen a lot to individuals... it's a way to get people to buy tires. I'm disappointed because I really need break work done and I was going to give Monroe my buissness and allow them to fix my brakes. Now I am rocky about allowing them to fix my brakes. I have a newborn baby and safety is a priority!
    Tierra - September 2017
  • Quality products, good service and quick. Met appointment and had me in and out!
    Stefan - September 2017
  • Two weeks ago I scheduled an appointment for and oil change. The location was convenient and my first experience was good. I didn't stay at the store for the service. When I returned to the store I was taken to my vehicle which ws on the lift. I was directed to the steering unit and was advised it should be replaced. Then I was directed to the steering unit boot, which per Frank, A Hole had been punched to show how it was holding fluid. He asked he at that point if i wanted to schedule the the work to be done.I declined and rotation and oil change was completed. Service completed, I retrieved my keys and jumped into my vehicle only to find my radio stations had been re-programmed and grease had dotted several spots in the interior of my door. it bothered me that I now have a leak from my vehicle that wasnt there before and the radio should never have been adjusted by the technician. My title refers to the 3 times I used Monro's, 2 were bad. I received a phone call from the district manager, Aaron, however when I returned the call I left messege but nothing since
    Lawrence - September 2017
  • I have been going to Monro for a handful of years now and they have always provided quality service at a quality price. They staff is top notch and do a great job of providing you with the information you need about your car.
    Matt - September 2017
  • My car was repaired in a very timely manner. The staff was very helpful in finding a solution to my problem. Went beyond expectations in helpi help I me understand the problems with my vehicle.
    Thomas - September 2017
  • Monroe Muffler/Brake & Service in Dublin is always friendly, helpful, and professional. On the rare occasion where I had to wait significantly past the usual 30 minute service time for an oil change, the desk attendant was very apologetic and made sure to explain the reason for the delay. I will happily continue to go to Monroe over anywhere else for my auto service needs.
    Erin - September 2017
  • Excellent crew. Easy to get appointments and fast in service. Car is in an excellent condition and runs smooth after the service
    Pushpa - September 2017
  • HARD WORKERS, eager to please, pleasant mood among the workers, and FAST-FAST service
    sandra - September 2017
  • Frank at this location worked with me to get the services I needed. He was very personable, professional, honest and transparent in the services and pricing.
    Mike - August 2017
  • Always thorough when getting my oil changed, brakes done or whatever else I come to monro for. And always get things done timely
    Bethany - August 2017
  • I had another great experience with the Dublin Ohio Monro shop. The inspection process confirmed the services my vehicle needed. Repairs were quoted quickly and accurately then completed on time. Frank explained the benefits of the Drive Card and helped me sign up to in order to receive additional discounts.
    Greg - August 2017
  • I use the muffler for my car
    Michael - August 2017
  • Work was performed in an accurate and timely manner.
    Antoinette - August 2017
  • I have been using the Dublin, OH Monro facility for about 10 years to replace my car brakes and actually I never had any problem with the repair. As always Service Manager(Frank) did a great service.
    Konstantin - August 2017
  • Zac was very helpful. I also appreciated his counsel on other car-related topics.
    Thomas - August 2017
  • The Monro Shop 363 is the store I have used for service on my cars for several year.
    Tom - August 2017
  • The people at the Dublin Ohio store are fantastic! From the time I set my appointment to the time they handed over my keys, I felt like their only customer. They were polite, explained everything and were done on time.
    Michael - August 2017
  • I came in for a tire leak, and ended up having to purchase a tire, but the service was quick and efficient.
    Melissa - August 2017
  • Great service and treated me very fairly. Needed to add a few items and explained them very thoroughly.
    Bob - August 2017
  • We had a break down about a mile from the store and limped in hoping we could get it fixed. It needed new bearings, brake calipers, pads and rotors. They were outstanding and had it fixed the next day. I will definitely use them again and will recommend them to others .
    Tony - August 2017
  • I came in with issues from a different service company and the guys at Monroe took great care of me! Definitely going back there for my continual service!
    Joshua - August 2017
  • Great service
    Kelley - August 2017
  • Monro's oil changes are fast, I waited on my car and was in and out in an hour.
    Renee - July 2017
  • Excellent job by mechanics. Store manager Frank Guinta the store manager was focused on customer service and helping get the job done in expedient and high quality manner.
    Alex - July 2017
  • The shop manager is very nice and helpful. They provided quick and good quality service.
    David - July 2017
  • I needed my car fixed quickly. I brought it in late Sunday afternoon, and they had it fixed by the evening. They even stayed an hour late to make sure it was done for me.
    Abigail - July 2017
  • It was very easy to make an appointment that fit my schedule. The service was clearly explained and was completed faster than anticipated. Frank was very professional and friendly in all my interactions with him.
    Sarah - July 2017
  • Good look over all the truck
    Randy - July 2017
  • Went for a 3,000 mile oil change. Explained my brakes squeaked. Upon inspection by the mechanic, Frank at Monro Dublin inspected them his self and assured me that they are no where near worn out. Since then, no squeak! All part of the oil change.And I used a coupon from their website. What a deal! Plus they started my appointment on time and the wait was well worth it.
    Dorothey - June 2017
  • In my first appointment for the wheel alignment I was not really happy as my Van was still pulling on the right. But store manager Frank contacted me to understand what went wrong and rescheduled me for second appointment. I went there and the mechanic immediately took my car for a spin and found the underlying problem with the alignment. He promptly corrected all the alignment issues with my van. I am really impressed that they have given importance to the customer satisfaction. Thank You!! I will visit again.
    Fahad - June 2017
  • I recently visited this location and did the wheel alignment but my car still pulling on the right. I have informed of this issue to the corporate office and they asked me to visit another location to get the alignment tested again..
    Fahad - June 2017
  • Buy 4 new tires and they were not balanced.
    William - June 2017
  • The service was fast. The cost was cheaper than going to the dealer. Very friendly.
    Lillian - June 2017
  • I found my tire had a huge screw in it after work. I was in Dublin but had to drive back to Mount Vernon-1 hour drive. Frank got me in right away and took care of the problem and patched up my tire! They eased my worries and were very professional!
    Breanna - June 2017
  • Good work & I will visit them again.
    Ahmed - June 2017

  • Elaine - June 2017
  • Good customer service, willing to accommodate customer's schedule.
    Steve - June 2017
  • Great service
    Tim - June 2017
  • From out of town and was able to fix same afternoon.
    Mary - May 2017
  • I was in Columbus on business when my bearing gave out. I dropped the car just before close Thursday and it was ready by noon on Friday. My only complaint is that I paid more than I would have in some other shops and I write that up to having to get the job done in a crunch. The guys were very nice and did a good job on the vehicle, no complaints with their service.
    Dan - May 2017
  • I come to Monro for all repairs
    Angela - May 2017
  • I've visited monro with mulitple cars for more than a decade. Every store I've gone to has always taken great care of me and my vehicles.
    Angela - May 2017
  • They worked me in, for an oil change and fix tire leak, even though it took them after closing.
    Brad - May 2017
  • Great job!
    Justin - May 2017
  • I made the mistake of choosing a different Monro than I usually go to when making my appt online. I arrived at my usual shop who didn't have an appt for me and were booked for the afternoon, so I called the Dublin location and explained I would be there in 10 minutes due to the mix up. 15 minutes after I arrived the front desk told me the dipstick was broken, they might not be able to get it out, and wouldn't be able to do an oil change. They then told me that it would cost approx. $110 to fix the error they just made (that's without the oil being changed)...and the parts wouldn't be in until later in the week. Seriously?! The dipstick was fine before it entered the shop I am not sure why I should pay parts AND labor for a mistake on their end. I asked for them to do nothing else and just let me go to my normal shop. Upon leaving they asked me to sign something saying it was broke before I entered their building. I politely declined and drove to my regular Monro in Hilliard. They made an appt for tomorrow. I am always praising and referring people to the Monro at Mill Run, but will be sure to now advise people against the one on Perimeter Loop!
    Cara - May 2017
  • Affordable oil change
    Cindy - May 2017
  • I met with Frank, he was fair and honest about the work I needed and didn't push things on me I didn't need.
    Aaron - April 2017
  • Got me in and out in a reasonable time. Franks was awesome.
    Paul - April 2017
  • I knew I had neglected my brakes too long. And I was expecting a large bill. But I wanted to make sure my car was safe to drive. I was fully informed of what was needed and given several options with recommendations. I appreciated the feedback and will definitely be back.
    Brent - April 2017
  • Mike had managed this store for over 10 years. Mike has left and Frank is now managing the store. I appreciate that Frank's management style provides the same excellent timely service and professional helpful attitude that was provided by Mike. This combination will keep me a as customer.
    Mike - April 2017
  • The service for repair to my exhaust was fast, friendly and professional. The issues with my exhaust were diagnosed within minutes of getting my car on the lift. Repairs were made before the original time estimate. I would definitely go back to Monro.
    Greg - April 2017
  • From the first call to the last, Frank was very sincere and helpful. I went in for an oil change. Frank called for the recommendation that I needed new tires, I knew that I needed new tires but have been putting it off. We talked a little price and why the tires he picked are the best tires and I ended up buying 4 tires. I am extremely happy with the service, my vehicle is riding so smoothly. Thank you Frank for your service.
    Sinan - April 2017
  • Frank provided excellent customer service from the moment he answered the phone!
    Lindsay - April 2017
  • We've used Monro for oil changes & tires for several years and are very happy with their trusted service.
    Kyle - April 2017
  • Great location
    Nick - April 2017
  • Replaced broken wheel and ruined tire... Inspected for damage
    Michael - April 2017
  • I needed my exhaust system fixed and the parts were ready to be installed as soon as I needed them
    Alex - April 2017
  • Frank, store 363 provided exceptional service.
    Michael - April 2017
  • I've been bringing my vehicles to this company for a few years now and have never been treated the way I was on this visit. The new manager treated me like I was just another customer that walked thru the door, the previous manager would have never treated me this way. I had to call for updates on my vehicle, I called on Monday 3-27 at 1145 am and spoke with manager and he said they had just finished looking at vehicle but hadn't gotten paperwork together and get back to me.... 5 hours went by and nothing, so I called spoke with manager at this time he told me what was wrong but wouldn't be ready when I stressed to him that it needed to be. He asked if that would be okay, my response, I guess it will have to be. I have told a few people about my experience but I'm just one person so to a big company like yourselves I don't matter !
    John - April 2017
  • oil change
    Jay - April 2017
  • Frank is a great manager and a fantastic people person. Very professional.
    John - April 2017
  • Frank was great
    Kathleen - March 2017
  • Oil Change, filter, balancing
    Paul - March 2017
  • Monroe did a great job of getting my Suburban ready for a Florida trip in a short amount of time. Thanks Monroe!
    Ed - March 2017
  • Friendly and thorough explanation of service performed; on-time completion to satisfaction
    Wesley - March 2017
  • My vehicle was completed on time and service was completed to my satisfaction.
    Wesley - March 2017
  • Just needed an oil change. Service was quick and friendly.
    Elizabeth - March 2017
  • none
    Ron - March 2017
  • I have been getting my truck serviced here for years now and will not take it anywhere else. They always beat the prices others offer.
    David - March 2017
  • I had my fiancĂ© bring my car in for service and she said the experience was awful. When she arrived, the front desk attendant completely ignored her while making small talk with mechanics and handed her a piece of paper to sign without saying anything. While she was there the front desk attendant (named "AC"?) clipped his fingernails at the front desk. He then went on to eat lunch in front of her while watching movies on the computer. The oil changed took 90 minutes even though I prescheduled it 3 days in advance and marked that I (she) would be waiting there for the car. When I scheduled online, I wrote I needed new windshield wiper blades and a new air filter. These two requests were ignored with no explanation. I called to talk to someone about these issues yesterday and was immediately put on hold for 10 minutes and then I was hung up on. All together it's safe to say this was the worst car service I've ever experienced.
    Jeremy - March 2017
  • It was an OK experience
    Sandra - March 2017
  • Great local shop
    jim - March 2017
  • I've never had a bad experience at Monro's. Great service.
    J - March 2017
  • easy to schedule appt. An hour+ for oil change is getting to be long
    megan - March 2017
  • I go to Monroe alot and Everytime they do great work in a timely manner and are always kind and very professional
    Alex - March 2017
  • Was given a price for brakes of $600. Presented a coupon from Firestone for price matching plus 5%. coupon was $100 off $500. Was told they would have to redo my invoice to take away the sale prices. Resulting invoice was $20 less when he took $100 off non sale prices. should have been $105 and didn't feel like this was upholding the company advertising of price matching/beating.
    Ginger - February 2017
  • Our son was heading home to Lima from Christmas Break, and his truck broke down. The attentiveness and willingness to help get his vehicle back on the road was tremendous. Thank you!
    Kyle - January 2017
  • I have been taking my cars here for a few years now. I am very loyal to this place because I feel I can trust them and they are very knowledgable. Very friendly staff too!
    Jill - August 2016
  • I felt like they were completely honest with me regarding the work that needed to be done. It was done in a timely manner and my brakes work great!!
    Adrianne - June 2016
  • They explained everything to me and were very nice when I wanted to call my husband to talk over what we need done.
    Damie - June 2016
  • I took my car in after work last week because my calipers had seized and I had no pads left. It felt like an emergency situation! I was worried that they wouldn't have time to fit me in but they were able to get my car up right away.
    Caitlin - May 2016
  • Mike and the crew at Monro take care of all of my car needs. They always explain whats going on and what we need to do to get it corrected. Work is always done on time! Cant say enough good things about these guys, you won't find me going anywhere else.
    Jay - May 2016
  • I like the way they always let me know what is happening with my vehicles.
    John - May 2016
  • Always been pleased with the service. I am not sure if they provided a printout of my manufacturer s recommendations.
    Richard - May 2016
  • I always feel confident that the work will be done right.
    Jeff - September 2015

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