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What People Are Saying:

  • fast friendly service! didn't try to upsell me except for what i really needed.this is the only store i take me car for service and they always take care of me
    dave - January 2018
  • Cody and his team are top notch. Recommend highly!
    Joel - January 2018
  • I came in on a Friday night around 5PM. I dropped my car off for an oil change, I called with little notice and they said they could fit me in. I dropped it off and went and had dinner. 7 o'clock (closing time) came and I had not received a phone call from them yet. I was finished with dinner, so I called them, they said that it would be ready in 5-10 mins. I decided to run to another store and asked if they could just take payment over the phone and leave my keys under the car mat. They agreed, I also had a coupon that they honored. I was happy that they were able to work with me. When I picked up my car, something seemed off, I'm not car savvy, it just felt like it was out of alignment or something. As I continued to drive my car the issue continued to get worse, I wasn't sure what was going on and was going to take it in to my regular mechanic ASAP since I typically just do oil changes at any other place. Well as I was driving my car to work on the highway I felt something give and didn't feel safe driving over 30 MPH I got off the highway ASAP. About 10 miles down the road I felt something else give and didn't feel safe driving my car at all at this point. I pulled over got a tow truck and had it towed to my mechanic. He informed that all but 1 bolt on my tire had came off. I was very lucky that my entire wheel didn't come off especially driving on the highway causing a wreck, possibly fatal. I had no work done in between the oil change and this incident from a shop or someone else. As I appreciate them fitting me in last minute on a Friday night, not at the expense of failing to do there job properly and rushing and forgetting something as tightening the lug nuts on my tires after a rotation. This error could have been fatal and it cost me a $290 (including tow) bill that could have been avoided. I called the establishment and talked to the manager Cody to see if they could take any responsibility for the bill, 1 week later waiting to hear back.
    Leslie - December 2017
  • Highly satisfied with service
    Savannah - October 2017
  • My truck sounds better and has more power.
    Wendell - October 2017
  • Inspection was done but very expensive
    Thaqrun - September 2017
  • Service was fine
    John - September 2017
  • Quoted me 400 less than a local repair place. They did great work!! Friendly people.
    Stephen - August 2017
  • Always get great service when I go in for an oil change - helpful & friendly staff!
    Saldana - August 2017
  • I wanted to have my Husband's muffler fixed for his birthday. It had been really bothering him. On Wednesday, the mechanic gave me a quote for about $360. I made an appointment for them to fix it Friday morning, because they had no availability that day. I dropped his car off to Monro Mufflers Thursday night, so the truck would be on time for the 8:00am appointment. Around 12:30pm, the mechanic called me to tell me that there was more wrong with the muffler than he had quoted it for. He proceeded to tell him the extra work & pieces that he would need. He need the total price to fix it would be about $860. I told him that I can't afford that much right now. We just bought a new house. I told him to put my old muffler back on. The mechanic told me that he was unable to do that and asked what I would like him to do. I told me I either want the original price quote or my old muffler back on. He told me that he would work at it. I called him later that day and he said he could do it for the same price that the part was coming from Autozone. He told me my car would be fixed on Friday. He promised it would. By Friday afternoon, I didn't hear anything from them. So I called Monro mufflers. He told me the part was not there yet from autozone. The same thing happened Saturday. He promised but again no call and no part. The same thing happened Sunday. He promised but again no call and no part. The same thing happened Monday. He promised but again no call and no part. My truck finally got fixed Tuesday evening.
    Nichole - August 2017
  • I came in with a problem with my brakes, and the employees offered to stay after the store closed to get my problem fixed.
    Tarissa - August 2017
  • They are quick friendly and thorough
    Darrell - August 2017
  • They got my car in quickly and did a fast service on it
    James - July 2017
  • excellent service
    Vance - July 2017
  • Pretty great last minute service. The wait time can be a bit annoying--people who came in with later appointment than me got out sooner.
    Rachel - June 2017
  • The guys were really nice
    Melissa - May 2017
  • They told me what they thought needed fixed in the car but weren't pushy.
    Julie - May 2017
  • They get the oil changed plus tire rotation.
    Kristopher - May 2017
  • Good,thorough professional staff.Pleasant appointment.
    Ron - April 2017
  • Great staff
    Alvin - April 2017
  • My experience was with great quality best service and the employees were professional and new what they were doing
    Elly - April 2017
  • The repairmen that I dealt with were very though in showing me what they were dealing with when working on my vehicle. As well as problems that they had found with doing their walk through. I felt that they were very thorough and detailed in their assessment, which is NOT the type of service I normally get! I would recommend those repairmen to associates of mine.
    Trish - April 2017
  • Quality service in timely fashion.
    Keith - March 2017
  • The service was good overall. The only thing I would have liked more was a more detailed explanation of the vehicle inspection. He told me everything looked great but it would have been nice to have a little bit more details.
    Danielle - March 2017
  • I got my car the very next day with no issues. Friendly customer service, a job well done. Thank you.
    Jashaun - March 2017
  • I've been to Monro numerous times in the past & continue to go back!
    Kim - March 2017
  • I was really disappointed when I went into monro muffler with the post card that was mailed to me. Your post card reflecting that the oil change, tire rotation, battery check etc was 18.99. The guy in the shop, even though I asked, told me my tires did not need to be rotated. Therefore that did not take place . Side note- I put tires on my vehicle about 13,000 miles ago. I asked for them to be rotated and they would not rotate the tires stating " I wouldn't lie to you lady, they don't need it." In addition to that when I went to pay I was informed that the oil change was $28.99. The postcard, as I looked all over it, stated nothing additional to be charged with the oil change, "supposed" tire rotation, battery check, etc. LOOKING IN THE AREA OF THE ADVERTISED $18.99 PRICE. I have thought of contacting the attorney generals office as this is a case of false advertisement. How many other unsuspecting people do you lure in with your postcards and emails just to overcharge them when they go to leave . As if this was not enough. One day later one tire sensor signals telling me that I have low air pressure. I would not recommend your facility to anyone and I definitely will not be going back.
    Michelle - March 2017
  • My truck is running great
    Theresa - March 2017
  • I got the oil change and any thing else I need done. They all ways take care of me
    Ella - March 2017
  • Dusty the manager was very great..
    Valerie - March 2017
  • Always have a great experience here. Fixed right the first time at the best price.
    Tom - February 2017
  • They were great they did everything in a timely matter
    Shelbie - February 2017
  • My car broke down on my way to visit my daughter-in-law in the hospital, about 45 minutes from home. My car was towed to Monro where they told me it could be fixed that afternoon. Dustin told me it would be a few hours and even offered for someone to give me a ride to the hospital. I was kept informed of repairs needed, prices, and time updates. I'm female and felt I was treated fairly, which has not always been the case elsewhere.
    S - February 2017
  • No one expects car trouble to happen but when it does immediate help is a must, and Monro came to the rescue for us! Thanks for the quick service, quality work and a great value; we'll definitely be back!
    Kaitlin - February 2017
  • I worked with a new asst manager who was recently promoted. I believe his name was Brian. He was fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered and provided sound advice for future repairs!
    Doug - February 2017
  • Great shop, helpful staff and good service
    Dale - February 2017
    Cynthia - February 2017
  • I had made an appointment online and when I got there, the manager informed they were running a little behind, that they would get to me shortly, then had ran into an issue with another customer's car. I appreciated the notice upfront and it really didn't take long for them to complete my car. Great Job.
    Carla - February 2017
  • I can honestly say I have never had worse car service. For my last oil change I took my car to this location and upon checking out the serviceman said nothing to me. Two days after leaving this horrible burnt smell came was wafting into my cabin and smoke was coming from the hood. I took it back and the serviceman looked at it. It was only then they informed me that when I had gone last time they spilt oil all over my motor. He didn't apologize but he did say the smell would be gone in a week Fast forward 2 months and it's time for my new oil change. My motor is still smoking and the smell is not gone. Amazingly I'm still giving these people my business. I explain the situation and the serviceman does not apologize AGAIN! He acts non-Chalant and says he'll get to my car today if he can. And he'll see what he can do about the smell. I am FED UP and posting this review and telling as many people as possible. This is unacceptable and I will never go to a Monroe again.
    Bianca - February 2017
    SHELLY - January 2017

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