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(330) 928-7129

2850 State Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

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What People Are Saying:

  • I have alway had my oil change and Monroe and have had good service and the employees are super nice!
    Judy - March 2018
  • Reasonable price for routine maintenance to keep my vehichle running in tip top shape!
    Rick - February 2018
  • I was blown away at how workable, teachable, and informed the staff was with me regarding my vehicle service! I received outstanding service and honesty! Thank you foir your dedication and hard work to make repairs more affordable!
    Leah - February 2018
  • My daughter's 10 year old Honda Pilot was not running well so we brought it in to your Cuyahoga Fall shop at 2850 State Road and left it there while we had dinner and shopped across the street. They called us right away and said her rear brakes were completely gone. Instead of making us come back another day to get the work done they stayed well beyond closing time to finish the job that evening. They said they did this because they were concerned about my daughters safety. They were beyond nice and the brake job price was very reasonable. I was so relieved to get my daughter's car fixed by such great people!
    Sheila - February 2018
  • Went in for an oil change and tire rotation. They were unable to remove one of the tires due to threading issues on the studs from the previous time the tires were rotated. Since it was a Sunday, they were unable to get the 2 studs needed I made another appointment. Came in for the issue to be handled and ended up all 5 studs would not come off and had to be replaced. Had a hard time finding the type needed for my wheels. Even got me out in a timely fashion with the extra parts needed.
    Melanie - January 2018
  • Good mileage rating on my new tires, good price on tires and oil change
    Terrence - January 2018
  • These mechanics are awesome! Great at what they do. They are truthful, genuine, and so talented. They once again fixed my car and made it run even better than ever. They come up with solutions to car challenges. I will be coming to see them with any car needs I have.
    Chi - January 2018
  • Bought tires, had my car back the same day. Associate was helpful and very accommodating.
    Meshach - January 2018
  • I had 2 tires causing me grief and finally ended up with a tire that went completely flat. After calling for roadside assistance I called Monro Tire and told them I needed replacements - while they didn't have tires on site - they got them sent over to the store before I could get the car there - so no waiting! The guys also gave the car a good once over to make sure everything was in good condition and reminded me the trailing arms need replaced - got that appointment made for this weekend. The crew at this store are always friendly and helpful and I appreciate that!
    Linda - January 2018
  • I took my car for repair and I received great customer service and my car runs so smooth, drives much better now. Thanks so much Monro Muffler/Brake-State Rd!!
    Chidarling - January 2018
  • The guys in the shop are friendly and informative. Scheduling an appointment was fast and easy; they're flexible. Also, I was in-and-out relatively quickly. I plan on going back again for the next one.
    shaquila - December 2017
  • The master tech did a full review of my 2008 Saab and gave me 2 or 3 heads up on small things I should consider over and above my oil change and rotation. Very knowledgeable and very fair price.
    Shawn - December 2017
  • I had tires mounted on my car and an alignment done. The mechanics were able to get me in right away and finished in about an hour. Without asking they applied the current promotion to my bill and they informed me of another service I will need in the near future without over selling me. I will definitely be back.
    Kathryn - November 2017
  • I've only had good experiences with Munro. The staff are honest about what service your car needs and what can wait.
    Mike - November 2017
  • Oil change
    Craig - November 2017
  • Got car serviced & Back on road quickly. Very helpful
    Mike - November 2017
  • Went to store 0838 on State Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, on October, 18, 2017. Had a scheduled oil change, plain and simple. Did not drive the vehicle until, Saturday, October 21, 2017 when I drove to Nahville. That trip was fine and all was well. On Sunday morning, October 22, 2017, we left for Gatlinburg. About two hours into the trip, I could here my lifters clicking when we stopped at a gas station. I bought a quart of oil and proceeded to pour it in. After doing so, i noticed that oil was runing out beneath my car. Low and behold, my oil plug was completely gone. I was furious and stranded. I had to pay someone 60.00 dollars to bring me a jack, then another 30.00 for an oil change. Just incredibly unbelieveable all the way around.
    Thomas - November 2017
  • Everyone at this location is friendly and knowledgeable. I take all my vehicles to them and have frI ends and family that use them as well.
    C. - October 2017
  • I came here twice after for a "second opinion" and found out that my car did not need the services that were suggested by the first mechanic which saved me money.
    Valeria - October 2017
  • Had an appointment for 2 PM. Arrived an hour early. I was told the alignment machine broke that morning. Asked why didn't you call me so I could set something else up. Great Answer was. I was busy. So call and make sure you still have an appointment because they may be busy and will not call you. I deal with the public in my business and I would never do that.
    Wardell - October 2017
  • I simply wanted an assessment of my vehicle to schedule any repairs before winter. It was determined that my shocks were in poor condition and advised of the current promotion for buy one, get one free. I wasn't pressured to purchase the struts since that equipment should survive the upcoming winter from replacement of the shocks. They even prioritized the work, so that I was able to arrive on time for my hair appointment. I really like the efforts of this staff.
    Chanel - October 2017
  • Everyone was very nice and my oil change was finished ahead of schedule.
    Joshua - September 2017
  • Friendly service. It was great to obtain an appointment on the same day I called to book an appointment! I noticed that the manager told customers about the Drive Card and how they could obtain extra savings using the card.
    Lillian - September 2017
  • All around great service. Needed new tires, brake pads, rotors, and an alignment for my car. The gentleman who assisted me went over all the different tire options with me and helped me get everything I needed. Called me while work was being done and kept me up to date on everything.
    Daniel - September 2017
  • I recently had my new car inspected and serviced at Monro in Cuyahoga Falls. This was the first time I had used a Monro and they definitely will have a return customer. The employees, particularly Romey(?), went out of his way to provide the service that I needed and more and made the process of buying a new car much easier. Much appreciated!
    Courtney - August 2017
  • Catalytic converter and flex pipe were replaced on my 2006 KIA Sportage. The car runs like new - wonderful service!!
    Linda - August 2017
  • The special price with the Drive Card is especially enticing
    Terry - August 2017
  • I bring my car in for regular maintenance and repairs work - 11 years old means a fair amount of upkeep. They always do a great job and always give the car a good once over - letting me know what is looking like it will need maintenance.
    Linda - August 2017
  • Good experience. Manager very personable & Friendly. Will return
    Michael - July 2017
  • I made an appointment for an oil change only and received great service. I arrived on time and received a friendly greeting. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars was because they did not take my car on time as they were 15 minutes behind. I was advised that instead of 30 minutes, it would be more like 45 and they apologized for the inconvenience. I was fine with that as there are many options in the area to shop instead of sitting in the waiting area, so I left for a bit. My vehicle was done in 45 minutes AND I did not get the normal hassle of all the things they found wrong with my car for a change. I usually go to our local mechanic however due to summer hours, they did not have weekend hours available so I chose to try Monroe. I had tried GoodYear and Valvoline each only one time and they both did the same thing...wanted to up-sell me more service which I am not interested in at this time. I was very impressed by Monroe employees professionalism and would definitely recommend to friends/family.
    Sharon - July 2017
  • Good guy up front - Tried to sell an air filter, but didn't push it too hard, so I didn't feel pressured.
    John - July 2017
  • My car runs great
    Vicki - June 2017
  • I made appointment online for 1:00 pm, when I got there the manager said I have to wait an hour because he can not tell me about the delay online. So by 2:00 pm I check with the manager, he said it will be done by 3:00 pm but at 4:00 pm the car still sits out in parking lot until 4:00 pm one of the mechanic came out and get the car. I had my dentist appointment at 5:00 pm that day, so I said forget it, thank you very much and have the car back with nothing done and 3 hours wasting/waiting. So no more Munro for me ever.
    Kumpanat - June 2017
  • An oil change made easy!! The manager was very pleasant and friendly. The job was done quickly and well.
    David - June 2017
  • The manager and the technician who replaced the rear pads and rotors on my car did a great job quickly. Their friendly and happy approach to customer service was very enjoyable. Thanks for a pleasant experience.
    David - June 2017
  • They always give good service and I like the hours, very convenient for my work schedule
    Karen - May 2017
  • Great service
    Stephanie - May 2017
  • I had several things that needed done on my car before vacation, and they were excellent at reassuring me that it ciuld be done and super professional.
    Gwen - May 2017
  • Over priced, told me I needed new tires, brakes and rotors turned. Over $1,100 in repairs. When I took my car to my usual tire store they disagreed with Monro suggestions. Was it because I am a woman or is this just to see if I'd agree to the repairs. Make some extra money off of me...the tires are still ok for another 10,000 miles and my brakes were also still ok. Last visit here or any Monro store.
    Cheryl - May 2017
  • Oil Change and Inspection were completed very quickly
    Bruce - May 2017
  • Only gave one star because there's nothing lower Fafer got to replace oil during an oil change rotate the tires for the tire rotation tried to fix stuff didn't fix it tried to say things were done when they were not. Will never go there again
    Nathan - May 2017
  • I did discover that they don't automatically fill all of your fluid levels such as Windshield Washer Fluid, etc. You are supposed to ask them and they will.
    michelle - April 2017
  • Great job on my car!!
    Linda - April 2017
  • We dropped our car off on the 8th and still haven't got it back! A new caliper was defective and under warranty. The repair is free and we cant afford to take it and pay again.
    ronald - April 2017
  • They do a great job and are very friendly.
    Melissa - April 2017
  • Oil change is good and a reasonable price. The staff always seems very stressed out and it seems that there are not enough people working there.
    Natalie - April 2017
  • The people were friendly and nice. I had and appointment for 8AM and something came up at work so I couldn't make it. So I called and change it with no issues. when I dropped it off at 1PM I went and had some lunch and came back and waited about 35min and I was on my way. The service was great I have been going here for about two years now.
    Dave - April 2017
  • the DISTRICT mgr. kept try to fast talk me higher. He would not listen to the fact I wanted to do this in stages because I didn't have the money to the point that I started to cry. Because Just did not have the money. I am 79 yrs. old and live on s.s. He just would not listen or stop hustling. The mgr. even punched a door in the shop because the guy would not stop mgr. cannot over rule the District Mgr.
    grace - April 2017
  • My car runs great
    Victoria - April 2017
  • My car runs great
    Victoria - April 2017
  • My car runs great
    Victoria - April 2017
  • very helpful and genuinely cared about my problem
    Tim - March 2017
  • Always have my issues addressed and the service is always great.
    Dale - February 2017
  • Very well I go there all the time for oil changes, love the customer service.
    Keisha - February 2017
  • Good service, long wait time this time
    Jennifer - February 2017
  • Oil change, they always tell you when they notice Things wrong but never pressure you to buy, which I love.
    Karen - February 2017
  • We have used them for major repairs and oil changes. They are always friendly and honest. Most recently We took our SUV in after getting a flat tire that could not be repaired. They had new tires on at a great price very quickly. If you are looking for great service and honesty then go to Monroe on State Road in Cuyahoga Falls!
    Jon - January 2017
  • I was given a discount beyond the discount on my phone. They fit me in without an appointment. Work was quick and professional.
    Nicholas - August 2016
  • The service was very timely and the staff was very courteous and helpful. They went above and beyond my needs. Will be back to this location.
    Darrin - May 2016
  • Willingness to work with me, pleasant, constant communication of concerns or potential work needed for my vehicle.
    Denise - April 2016
  • Great customer service - honest mechanics. All around a great time!
    Holly - September 2015

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