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6309 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43213

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What People Are Saying:

  • Always great product.
    mariana - January 2018
  • My first trip was for front brakes, and because I had a coupon. Since then I've had back brakes, tires, and other service. They always exceed my expectations and I would be reluctant to use another shop, even with a coupon!
    Deborah - January 2018
  • My car was making a funny noise and Monroe diagnosed and fixed it with low cost to me!
    Caley - January 2018
  • It was a basic oil change. Nothing exciting or fancy.
    Rhallane - January 2018
  • I love the prices here and that they retain workers so I see the same people over and over. They always give me the run down but are never too pushy!
    Caley - January 2018
  • Professional and Friendly
    Deborah - January 2018
  • Scheduled an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation online. Arrived at my scheduled time to have my car promptly taken back for service. Fastest oil change and tire rotation I can remember to date. Friendly staff, fast service and a job well done. Thanks gentleman, enjoy the holiday season with your families!
    Justin - December 2017
  • Fast friendly service.
    Cheryl - October 2017
  • nice tread pattern for on road and off road
    David - October 2017
  • Very competent well trained technicians. Very fair pricing.
    Allan - October 2017
  • Nice courteous and friendly staff made me feel at ease
    Debbie - September 2017
  • The staff is very courteous, helpful. The last time I called for a tire repair and battery replacement from my work and I was provided the appointment for the same evening. Made it so much easy for the next morning ready for work. Really appreciate how they handled it. I spoke with Chris, he is very courteous, helpful, explain thing well.
    Kumar - September 2017
  • The guys got my oil change finished quickly and let me know what needed to be repaired before winter comes. I appreciate your professionalism!
    Rayna - September 2017
  • The mechanics and manager were great but these guys were taking any chance they could to upsell on brakes, rotors, tires, etc... even though it was clear that there were certain things that didn't need touched. I have overall enjoyed my experience with Munro but this was subpar in comparison to other locations.
    Evan - August 2017
  • I've been going here for years, I've ran into a few problems with a few workers not doing their job but there're no longer with the company. Dan is awesome, he always gets me in An out. Glad to see he's there An really working An doing things the correct way!!
    Christina - August 2017
  • Great Work on both of our vehicles. Very honest and upfront on what needed repaired and cost. We will definitely return for any repairs need on our BMW and Hyundai.
    Rett - August 2017
  • I've been to another Monroe location and I feel like they rushed. This was my first time at the main street location and I will definitely continue to get my car serviced there
    I'sha - July 2017
  • My visit was good. The attendant was friendly and told me everything I needed to know about my vehicle. The only negative was that they were running behind.
    David - July 2017
  • I most definitely will go to this location again for my service needs.
    Carese - July 2017
  • I took my car in to the shop to check out my check engine light. Ithe luckily turned out to be something that wasn't major. I received good customer service and the manager was friendly. My only complaint is that my car was there all day and after I got off work my car still wasn't ready. The big fix was already completed but the minor oil change was not. I wanted to pick it up right after work but instead I had to wait until they were almost closed. Still good service though and I would recommend this location
    Michael - June 2017
  • When I went to get an oil change they told me they check all my fluids. My fluids weren't touched and also I had them check a noise in the rear and they told me my shocks needed replaced. I got another opinion about it and turns out my shocks are fine.
    Landon - May 2017
  • The guys did great and oil change was effective and cost-effective as well. The only reason why I may have a little issue is because it didn't solve my steer will phone vibrating fully but, I'm sure that is an issue with something else involving my suspension like my swaybar links.
    Timothy - May 2017
  • I made an appointment for oil change and brake service, which was very easy and I got appointment confirmation in less than an hour. The older guy was very nice and courteous, he made sure I understand the process. The place I went for oil change back in January told me my brakes have about one month left and i need to change them, basically trying to pull a quick one on me. However , when guys at Monro went ahead and checked my brakes - guess what , they found that brakes were almost brand new and just needed some lubrication ! So, needles to say they have my business from now on because they are not into ripping you off or trying to scam you like some other shops out there. Oh, and pricing - Very Reasonable !
    Bj - May 2017
  • I really trust monro, and the entire employee of monro.
    Bishnu - April 2017
  • Nice experience.
    Tina - February 2017
  • I scheduled a wheel alignment because my car was pulling to the right and it was not safe to drive so i needed it fixed ASAP. The manager did the alignment and it cost me over $100 including the wipers I picked out. When they finished with the alignment they moved my car just outside the garage and said everything was good to go. After I paid for the services I got into my car and started driving down the street. My car was still pulling to the right and was not any better. I immediately called the store location and the manager who did the alignment had left to go to the bank so i could not take it back. I had to reschedule another appointment causing a huge inconvenience for me. I hope that future customers understand that they need to make sure the technician or manager takes your car out for a test drive before you leave. I was in a hurry and didn't think about it but wish i would have made sure they tested it first. Overall not a good experience because i paid for something and my car was not fixed.
    David - February 2017
  • Been%20a%20loyal%20customer%20to%20this%20location%20almost%20four%20years%2C%20always%20got%20along%20with%20the%20old%20manager%20Andy%20D%2C%20to%20my%20surprise%20they%20have%20a%20new%20manager%20who%20has%20a%20lousy%20attitude%20and%20temper%20as%20long%20as%20he%20remains%20there%20I%20won't%20be%20going%20back.
    Tim - January 2017
  • I deeply appreciated the care and kindness that Brian took in my vehicle. He had a lot of extra non-scheduled things going on but he kept his cool and made sure I was up to date on times and comfort while waiting on my car to be finished.
    April - September 2016
  • More than anything I really appreciated the friendliness and personal interaction with Andy at my Monro location. He was very kind and honest.
    Shelly - May 2016

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