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(614) 388-9223

3085 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202

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What People Are Saying:

  • Tail pipe and oil change
    José - March 2018
  • The store manager took very good care of me. After explaining a bad experience at a different Monroe he was attentive and even found me a better deal on what I was looking for.
    Jenna - March 2018
  • I was happy to find the manager, Glen Michael, at this store after going to him for years at the North High Street location. I've always found Glen to be honest and thorough. If I need an expensive repair he's always worked with me to get the best price possible. I heartily endorse Glen at his new location. I always make sure he's in the shop when I make my appointments. Adding to this - an unexpected hole in my son's exhaust this week was repaired, with replacement parts, after dropping off the car unexpectedly. Not an inexpensive repair, but a job well done and much appreciated.
    Mark - February 2018
  • I live about five miles from this location. After I picked up my car from the shop, there was a 8 inch long peice of rubber ripping off my tire. I also got an estimate of just over $1,000 dollars for various parts that needed replaced. I took my car to another shop and they found that all I needed was a new tie rod on both sides and my total came to $175.98. Of course I filed a complaint about the Monro vandalizing my tire. They were supposed to give me 100 bucks off my next purchase of tires. They hung up the phone before they got my address then sent the discount to the wrong address and won't give me another one! Who doesn't check for that information? This company is ran by cheap morons who want to rip people off!
    BB - February 2018
  • great customer service at this Monro I will return for other services.
    Virgil - January 2018
  • Glen Michael was very nice, helpful and courteous. I had been to two different shops (not Monro) and they were booked up. I came into Monro in a rush and Glen was able to help me get an oil change even though I had no appointment. He was very calm when he informed me of the small wait time, which I had no problem with, as I was thankful that he was able to work me in. The whole experience made my day and I left feeling calm and satisfied.
    Charlotte - January 2018
  • The guys at this location took care of me and my car just in time for the holidays!
    Dominique - December 2017
  • I received an oil change from Monro and, like always, I am pleased with the service as well as the price! I was told that this would only take a half hour and I was there for an hour, which is why I give this 4 and not 5 stars. Furthermore, I was told that I need a new battery but I just replaced my battery less than a year ago so am not sure if this was correct information or if I just got a bad battery.
    Logan - December 2017
  • Glen Michael, manager at Monro shop 479, provided great service and caught some potential problems during my il change appt. today. I've come to Glen repeatedly over the years because he provides thorough, honest, service that I can trust. I will come back to this location again as long as Glen remains the mgr.
    Mark - December 2017
  • The reps were helpful and knowledgeable in regards to servicing my vehicle. The wait time was not long and I was back on the road in no time with a vehicle that was running much better.
    Terrance - November 2017
  • The work was good but the process took much longer than iI was orginally told eating up my whole day. Store is consistently understaffed.
    James - November 2017
  • The guys who work here are amazing...always helpful and honest. I have never felt like they were trying to get me to spend unnecessary money and they let me see the issues mentioned for myself.
    Tanner - October 2017
  • Originally there was a mess up when I first went there, but after addressing it with the a manager, they went out of the way to fix what they could and inform me on what next steps needed to be taken.
    Vinny - October 2017
  • I went in for an oil change. I was there about 2 hours. I didn't mind the time frame. I was informed late that this location did not have the filter for my car in stock. Another employee went to another location to get the filter after being there for an hour. I had a coupon for $49 synthetic oil change. Without being notified about an addition quart ( the 6th quart) was added which was an additional charge. I ended up paying almost $85 dollars. My expectation was set at one level and reality was another. I work in advertising. I think if this is going to be the case , this needs to be mentioned before everything is complete.
    Cortney - October 2017
  • Good
    William - October 2017
  • It was a Saturday around 3pm and most other tire places turned me down or mentioned a four hour wait. Monro said they would get it taken care of! Ended up taking about two hours for a new tire and oil change, but overall great customer service.
    Marlaina - October 2017
  • Chad and the team at Monro worked on my car a few times over the past months. They were extremely responsive and professional. They worked hard to get the job done and worked with me to make sure the repairs were affordable. I will definitely be coming back.
    Scott - October 2017
  • Service performed in a timely manner. Also heads up on what should be done next.
    Jerry - October 2017
  • My car was creating a hum sound. Upon inspection, the manager told me it is the sound of front wheel bearings which need to be replaced. He charged me a total of $632 for that. I got a call in the evening that everything is set and the vehicle has undergone a test drive post treatment and there is no sound now. I went to the store and drove the vehicle but the sound was still there - there was not even a minor improvement. The manager asked me to come again after 2 days and promised me that there would be noting out of my pocket more if some other issue is diagnosed then. I went to the store after 2 days and they diagnosed that the problem is actually with the rear tires and alignment (and not the front wheel bearings for which they initially charged me A MASSIVE $650). Even after realizing the mistake, the store manager said he would like to give me an price estimate for the rear tire replacement. When I reminded him what he said the other day that its going to be nothing more from my pocket, he called his boss to explain the situation and after some time he agreed to replace the rear tires and fix the alignment at no additional cost (which came out to be less than a total of $350). The problem was solved to a great extent after replacing the rear tires and fixing the alignment. THUS, A PROBLEM WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED IN LESS THAN $350 WAS MISDIAGNOSED AND I HAD TO PAY $632. THIS WAS MY FIRST VISIT TO ANY MONRO STORE AND I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.
    Osama - October 2017
  • Great!
    Leiah - October 2017
  • The people at Monro Muffler Brake were very helpful! I went in for an oil change which they completed quickly and efficiently. They also gave me advice about when I should think about replacing my tires. I really appreciated that they gave me advice without pressuring me to buy all new tires right then and there. I will definitely be coming back!
    Thome - September 2017
  • Brought my car in after my engine light came on. After a thorough diagnostic, Fernando had a list of things that were needed as well as things that could wait. I appreciated his professionalism and patience as we sorted these things out.
    Sonny - September 2017
  • Too my car in for an estimate on brakes. After receiving a $1500 estimate for the brakes the man at the desk says by the way your transmission has gone out your car won't go into drive. But we can fix that for $120. Uhm no! You're going to fix it for nothing the car drove in here just fine. The brakes weren't even making noise I just knew it was close to time. This may named Joe tells me that they didn't do anything wrong and told me to get the hell out if I wasn't going to pay to fix and then called the police on me. The police stayed until the tow truck arrived.
    Christina - September 2017
  • Shop manager Fernando got me in quickly on short notice and got me out just as fast before a long trip. Quality work and a job well done. Fast, courteous, and professional.
    K - September 2017
  • While I appreciate getting an update of my car's diagnostics, I'm not sure how honest the employees are about the urgency of getting certain parts fixed.
    Alex - September 2017
  • I would bring my car here again, nice price on 4 brand new tires, they explained everything and even stayed past closing time to work on my car
    Dajour - September 2017
  • Don't let the 1 star fool you.The website forced me to put that lone star. I went in for a simple oil change & tire rotation.I left with my car sounding like I was dragging a chest full of AK-47's on my rear passenger tire. I immediately returned to the store for the employee to investigate the awful sound.A sound I had never heard before leaving the store that day.I waited 45 minutes until another employee asked if I bought the car used. I had not.He said that I had a mysterious wheel that did not fit on my car. They referred me to a local wheel store that would find me a new rim to fit my car.I left with my spare tire attached. Upon further investigation,I deduced that the only possible explanation was the most simple;the employee put on the mystery wheel mistakenly while rotating my tires. The wheel that I had was 10 mm too wide for my car.It was not the brand or size of my other tires. I returned to the store the following morning reporting my case to the same employee.I requested my original tire back. "That's the tire you came in with dude," the employee said. He claimed that he pays attention to what he does,& there were no other tires nearby for him to mistakenly attach to my car. I asked how is it possible the tire stayed on my car all this time. With lug nuts & the grace of God. Talking with him was going nowhere,I requested his boss's phone number as well as the customer service phone number.I reported my situation to both. An hour later after finishing breakfast at a nearby diner,I received a phone call from the employee;he had miraculously located my tire! I returned to the store & he attempted to put the tire on NASCAR style.I declined.Please put it back on the lift."Where was my tire?"He didn't want to go into it.I pressed.It was where I had suspected,on a nearby rack & got slapped on my car during my tire rotation.All I got for my troubles was an apology and coupon for my next oil change.No reimbursement for the faulty tire rotation.
    Andrew - September 2017
  • First the guy charges me for the wrong car, then gives me the wrong car, then maybe? refunds me (the same cost) for the wrong car then charges me for the right car, then i get the car and it says on the windscreen they haven't put the oil grade id requested in it, then i take it back and he trips over his words saying he did put synthetic in it even though now at this point there's no way to know because I've tried to get my right car for over 1/2 hour at the cash register and i can't believe any thing they say now after giving me the wrong car being late and putting the wrong oil potentially in my car. the workers were yelling and cursing at each other and some other guy in the back loud enough in the lobby you could hear every word. Honestly awful.
    Justin - August 2017
  • Friendly service writers and mechanics, excellent service, at a great price. I would most definitely come back.
    Julia - August 2017
  • This Monroe went above and beyond to get my car fixed quickly. Also, the managers and workers there are always very friendly and explain things to me in a non-condescending way. I don't think they have enough workers there though.
    Karen - August 2017
  • Employees mocked me for wanting to replace filters on my own especially when clearly over charging? Yeah we can hear you through the glass in the waiting room. They clearly prey on inexperienced customers. Buyer beware.
    Sam - August 2017
  • Good service and good altitude
    Haoze - August 2017
  • I originally had an appointment to have my oil changed on Tuesday, the 26th. After leaving my car there for over an hour, they had not started working on it. So, I had to bring it back the next day on the 27th.
    Rose - August 2017
  • I received Great Customer service at the Monro Muffler in Springfield, Ohio near the Upper Valley Mall.
    Louis - July 2017
  • The staff were helpful in identifying that my tires needed replacing. It seemed like a reasonable price, but I felt a bit pressured into making a decision on the spot, since it was a good $700.
    Baldock - July 2017
  • Great service, very helpful people
    Alexa - July 2017
  • I arrived last Friday 7/14/17 to see about dropping of my vehicle for the day and getting an oil change. There was no one in the lobby. I waited for several minutes and then literally called the store phone to get someone to come up front. The tech that emerged was visibly agitated that I was there and asked if I had an appt. I said, "no" and he went on about someone calling off leaving him alone. He said I could come back tomorrow. I asked if I should make an appt. and he said no, that he would remember me. I then asked if I could leave my vehicle overnight and if he could just call me on Saturday when finished. He checked me in, but then continued going on and on about the call off and how the store better "figure something out in a week because he was going to Hawaii whether they had coverage or not." I felt kind of uncomfortable leaving my vehicle behind, but I have been using Monroe muffler for oil changes since 2010, so I did leave it. When I returned the next day to pick up my card, the same worker was at the front. He was telling me about other issues with the car, and was taking forever to check me out because he was rambling and also addressing other customers while he was talking to me. The bill was $100 for full synthetic oil change, however I stated last time I paid closer to $70, why was it so much more now? He then said that a lot of employees have been giving customers discounts that are not authorized by corporate, so I should have never gotten that rate before. I felt like it was a little sketchy, but I paid it because I just wanted to get away from this guy at that point. So then I get to my vehicle and there was no sticker indicating the amount of miles or date to get oil changed, the oil change needed light is still on because no one reset it, and there was an oil smudge on the hood of my vehicle as well. This makes me feel like my oil wasn't even changed properly If they can't take care of small details like resetting oil light!
    Tiffiny - July 2017
  • This place is convenient for me to visit since it is close to where I work. I have noticed several changes in management in the last 6 months to a year. Service is not as quick and sometimes I am charged a higher price for my oil change than the time before. I was also in in the spring and was told something was wrong with the front wheel. I asked about it when I came back last week and was told there was nothing.
    Michelle - July 2017
  • Very thorough not pushy
    Chris - June 2017
  • 4 hrs to replace 4 tires, unacceptable
    Doug - June 2017
  • I went to my local Monro location to have my oil changed and car inspected. Previously, the only mechanics who have seen my car have been Firestone and I have never been particularly satisfied with the service I received there. At Monro, the mechanic who inspected my vehicle took the time to make sure I understood what issues were present, but also took the time to show me what he saw. My only issue with my visit is it took longer than necessary to complete the necessary work due to the shop being severely understaffed for how many calls they were receiving in addition to customers. Considering everything, I'm impressed with the professionalism and service I received.
    Alif - June 2017
  • I have been a customer of Monro for more than 10 years. I have taken every one of my cars, my family's cars and have recommended Monro countless times to my friends. However, as of late, I feel that I am running thin on patience with Monro. Since the old management was terminated, a series of new staff has come on and has been anything but stellar. It seems like every time I go in there is a new manager and a new person to deal with. In my past 10 years I felt satisfied knowing that I could trust the person working on my trucks (and I work out of my trucks). My most recent issue came when my son took his car in for service bc of an odd noise the car was making. The manager assured him he knew exactly what was wrong and "fixed" the problem for $700. Three weeks later the noise was back and I took the truck in for him. I was told that this time, to fix the noise it would cost an additional $2,000. I have gone to Monro because of the consistency and reliability and I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to find a new shop. This has all happened ever since Scott left. Please forward me his contact information so I can take my car to his shop.
    W - June 2017
  • I am glad that we got a tire for a great price but I felt like they overbooked and I had to wait for 2.5 hrs for a new spare tire...
    Joe - June 2017
  • Very pleased with the customer service. Appreciated the openness and explanations. Did their best to meet customer needs. Great job.
    John - May 2017
  • I had squeaking noise on my right front wheel whenever I turn left after replacing new brakes at this place. The mechanic tried to fix it, but still the noise is there. It was for nothing. However, they did a good job replacing new brakes.
    Bojja - May 2017
  • Got an oil change scheduled quickly, guys were honest about what car needed and took care of things quickly. As a younger girl, I appreciate knowing I am not being taken advantage of or being roped into things I don't need. Will be back for all of my car needs while at school!
    Hanna - May 2017
  • The guy who working on my car told me exactly what was wrong and what they were going to do to fix it and kept me informed every step of the way.
    Dianna - May 2017
  • I have my oil change and car inspected at monro every time for a few years and they always do a great job
    Geoff - April 2017
  • I like this location. Always easy to schedule an appointment around my schedule. Very friendly staff.
    Kelsey - April 2017
  • Explained the problems with my car, fast service
    Vctoria - April 2017
  • This was my first experience at a Monro Muffler and I would definitely recommend them, especially this location. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable. My options were explained clearly and I had multiple updates to let me know when the service would be done. I was very impressed with everyone I encountered!
    Maria - March 2017
  • I got an oil change and they finished it in less than an hour when I needed it!
    Joe - March 2017
  • Excellent appointment system, quality of service, quick and reasonably priced.
    Carlos - March 2017
  • I love these oil changes because you offer extra goodies on top of the oil change itself, setting you guys apart from the competition.
    Dominic - March 2017
  • Fair prices and service you can count on.
    Michelle - March 2017
  • Cheapest oil changes in town and some of the best staff I've delt with. I've been going to this location since 2008. They never disappoint.
    David - February 2017
  • Prompt service. Provocative advice.
    Frank - February 2017
  • Good service. They patched a tire without trying to sell me a new one. Much appreciated.
    Kelvin - February 2017
  • oil change and tire rotation was finished within an hour. Only thing wrong was that they forgot to reset the oil meter.
    Jonathan - January 2017
  • oil change and tire rotation was finished within an hour. Only thing wrong was that they forgot to reset the oil meter.
    Jonathan - January 2017
  • I made an appointment for Kelly tires, told the person on phone exactly what tires I needed. Thought it would be a quick, in-and-out within an hour appointment. Instead, I arrived to find they didn't even have the tires there yet and had to send someone out to pick them up. What was the point of calling ahead for an appointment? Ended up being there 2 hours, 20 minutes. Also, I researched the tires on Monro's website and it said my total cost would be less than $300, but it ended up being $396. Why? Customer service at this location has really gone downhill since the old manager left.
    Erin - January 2017
  • The mechanic clearly explained what was wrong with my muffler and gave a number of repair options. He went out of his way to be helpful!
    Matt - August 2016
  • I am always pleased with the service at this location. They are kind and get the job done as quickly as they can. I have never had to return to this location because the problem was not fixed or I was displeased with the results.
    Rebeca - July 2016
  • The associate or manager that helped me explained everything and gave me a good price. I will be coming back for oil changes and car maintenance. Great service.
    Carol - June 2016
  • I always receive the best customer service when scheduling maintenance at this Monro location. It is clear that my safety and satisfaction are the most important factors. I truly feel cared about as a customer.
    Niki - June 2016
  • Scott is a great guy & it is ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with him. He listens just as well as he explains to me the services I need & are having done. He's a great asset to your business.
    Felisha - June 2016
  • Scott and his team are always so helpful, friendly, and patient. They truly care about not only their work, but most importantly the customer. They made a loyal customer of me 4 years ago...
    Megan - June 2016
  • Everything was explained very thoroughly to me and my car was serviced in a short, convenient amount of time!
    Stephanie - June 2016

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