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(614) 760-0658

1920 Hard Road
Columbus, OH 43235

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Great service year and year out at this location
    Bob - March 2018
  • Oil Change
    Lisa - February 2018
  • Best deal for oil change. Helps to call ahead and does take longer than some other places, but we’ll worth it. Trust them, they check out your car but don’t try to sell you stuff you don’t need
    Jr - January 2018
  • I've always been loyal to Monroe
    Bradley - January 2018
  • Very good service at reasonable price
    Rolando - January 2018
  • Joe is great, fast oil change and tire replacements
    Nathan - January 2018
  • Oil I wanted was on sale. Filter I needed had to be pre-ordered and was on site by appointment time. Battery allegedly tested at 176 out of 700 CCA. After an independent additional test, the battery tested as brand new with full power. Location either has a bad machine or was tryin g to sell me a battery I didn't need.
    Doran - December 2017
  • pleasant staff, accomodating, decent prices
    Roman - December 2017
  • Very good service at a reasonable price
    Rolando - December 2017
  • I have had service completed on multiple vehicles at this location and without a doubt left extremely satisfied every time. From tires to breaks, to service these guys know what they are doing. Never steered in the wrong direction. Current Management heading up the team provides professional, accurate, and honest options never leaving any questions. I will return for sure.
    Curt - November 2017
  • Very reasonable
    Scot - November 2017
  • With just a couple exceptions over many years, my local/neighborhood Monro Service Shop has provided me fine service and I am glad that they are in my neighborhood (walking distance) which makes getting my car serviced a relatively easy experience!
    Mark - November 2017
  • Always professional. Always honest. Always on time.
    Curt - November 2017
  • Bo was absolutely amazing being able to get the actuator door for my 08 Impala late in the evening and getting it done so I could have my vehicle before they closed.
    Curtis - October 2017
  • They are honest people and excellent mechanics. I went in for a wheel alignment and they refilled my power steering fluid as a courtesy.
    Venkata - October 2017
  • Trailer tires was stuck there until they finished
    Nick - October 2017
  • They were able to get me in and out quickly. Super nice guys. Excellent service
    Candy - October 2017
    MARK - October 2017
  • Great job, keep up the good work
    Neil - October 2017
  • I was so happy my car was worked on on time, no one tried to over sell me filters or non necessary things. I will recommend and return!
    Gisela - September 2017
  • They were able to get me in quickly and did a great job! Joe was excellent to work with and explained what they inspected and how the car looked overall! I will definitely go back again!
    Matt - September 2017
  • The people were tremendous. Besides being courteous, they were done timely and the cost was much lower than two other quotes. We'll be back!!
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • The mechanic that helped me communicated with me through out the process, he recommended ways to better take care of my car. The best part is I did not leave feeling I had been ripped off
    Haja - August 2017
  • Not only did they do my oil change but advised me about the condition of my battery and was able to get a new battery in my vehicle as well.
    Curtis - August 2017
  • I had suspension work done on the front and back ends, which was finished in a day. Two days later I noticed a loud clunking noise which turned out to be a loose bolt that wasnt tightened enough with the work done. It took a day and a half to diagnose and fix the problem.
    Joy - August 2017
  • I scheduled my appointment online and received the email accepting/verifying my appt time. I arrived 5 minutes early as another couple was walking out. Rather than checking names, the walk-in was taken and assumed to be the appt. I understand that "stuff happens", but rather than asking me to wait an hour and a half (w/two young children) to service the walk-in car first or to reschedule, I feel the walk-in should have been serviced after my scheduled service. My schedule is very hectic and now I'm stuck trying to get in elsewhere.
    Aimee - August 2017
  • Friendly and fast service
    Angela - August 2017
  • Do you oil change. I requested oil change and tire rotation, it was part of the coupon. They didn't do the tire rotation even know they marked that they said they did. I put a chalk mark on the tire so I knew if it was moved as I had heard from somebody else who had the same issue . It wasn't. They have one more chance to do it next time I bring it in or I will not be back.
    Larry - August 2017
  • Fast service, Satisfied
    Dennis - July 2017
  • Whenever I go they give amazing service! I will go back!
    Grace - July 2017
  • They repaired my water pump in a timely fashion.
    Dennis - July 2017
  • I was most upset that I was expected to sign up for a credit card to use my coupon! I was billed extra for oil recycling and a Shop fee. Very disappointed in my visit.
    Laura - July 2017
  • Joe, the new manager went out of his way to make my experience excellent
    Ann - July 2017
  • We've taken all our cars here over the years and have always been treated friendly, fairly and quickly.
    Robert - July 2017
  • Each time that I have needed a services, the employees are knowledgeable, helpful and extremely nice. Compared to near by shops, they are prompt, accurate and most importantly INEXPENSIVE!
    Keara - July 2017
  • Oil Change Coolant Flush Check Engine Light
    Max - July 2017
  • The shop and waiting area were clean and comfortable, I felt that the wait time was appropriate and the explanation of the service and recommendations were great. Also, the value of what is provided is fantastic and you have won my business for all 3 of our vehicles.
    Scott - June 2017
  • I have been to Monro several times for oil changes and tire inspections and I have had good experiences each time. They are good for what you get but I heard they are doing away with the oil change coupon unless you have their Drive Card credit card! May make it hard to keep coming back.
    Nicole - June 2017
  • Quick service
    Joyce - June 2017
  • I made this appointment with a regular schedule in mind, totally forgetting about the memorial tournament and state track competition. I called letting them know I would be late and they were very understanding. I didn't get there until an hour later than my appointment and they were still very nice, got my car in and out. Very thankful!
    Tabi - June 2017
  • The guys at this shop are always friendly and treat you right. Live my new tires!
    Shannon - May 2017
  • Service was good. Got a great deal on brakes and they were installed in a timely manner.
    Mitul - May 2017
  • Awesome manager
    Greg - May 2017
  • I called at 8:30 am to see if I could get an oil change and 30,000 mile checkup on my car. They worked me in quickly, called when they had checked the car, and we're done at the scheduled time. He even saved the dirty cab filter to show me how it looked. And thanks, too, for giving me coupon credits before I even asked!
    Barb - April 2017
  • I was notified at a previous appointment that I need two new tires and a axel rod. Made this appointment at a later date and they took care of both of those updates.
    Curt - April 2017
  • Thank you so much to the staff at the Hard Road Monro store in Columbus, OH. I want to especially the technician and Greg the store manager for taking such great care of my car and fixing the issues with it that needed to be resolved. I am always treated with phenomenal customer service. Thank you so much and that it way I am a loyal patron to this branch.
    Sara - April 2017
  • I was able to leave the Car with no appointment and get an Oil Change. Thank You
    Joe - April 2017
  • I needed to replace the valve stem in my passenger side tire.
    Danielle - April 2017
  • Great oil change and fantastic service
    Angela - April 2017
  • Thank you to the store manager Greg and the technician that serviced my car. I truly and greatly appreciate the excellent customer service I received.
    Sarah - April 2017
  • We had exhaust work and an oil change done and they did a great job! They are always friendly and knowledgeable when we go in for service! They also don't oversell services that you don't need like some other repair shops we have been to! We would definitely recommend this shop!
    Matt - April 2017
  • Great: very upfront with pricing and service, friendly and professional, trustworthy- I will be a repeat customer! Only not so great thing: Didn't find what was causing a clunking sound, but glad to know there are no safety concerns.
    Allison - March 2017
  • Not only did I tell the guys my problems with my car, but they drove it so they fully understood and actually showed me what they were going to do or service on my vehicle.
    Curtis - March 2017
  • Jon and Greg were friendly, polite and professional. I had wanted a "check-up" and an oil change and was in the area for a few days. They explained all that should be repaired, but not pushy in any way, until I'm able to get back. Thanks guys! Also recommended scheduling maintenance work.??
    Karen - March 2017
  • The job quickly as requested. Staff was quick and responsive. The shop itself needs an update.
    Larry - March 2017
  • Scheduler feature on the website worked well. Was in and out in 45 minutes.
    Daniel - March 2017
  • Very competitive price and I love how they order my filter in advance since it is not stocked anymore. The staff was also very polite and courteous. I do wish they would go over the results opf testing with me as I had requested, escpecially concerning tires and battery.
    Doran - March 2017
  • I loved the people I worked with. They were honest and efficient which doesn't always happen in this industry. I trust this company so much.
    Amy - March 2017
  • Could make an appointment easily. Had to wait a little longer than I was told but the tried to get it done quickly. They were friendly.
    Naomi - March 2017
  • Munro
    Yuroba - March 2017
  • Online appointment feature saves a lot of time.
    Dan - February 2017
  • The crew was friendly and polite. The site was clean and welcoming. The service was fast! The crew went above and beyond!!
    Katie - February 2017
  • I come to Monro every once in a while for oil changes. They give me the scoop on any maintenance and I schedule with my mechanic.
    Christian - February 2017
  • They replaced my fuel sensor in a timely manner. They are always super friendly and get the job done.
    Alexis - February 2017
  • Great service. Exceeded expectations with a smile.
    Jason - February 2017
  • Great customer service
    Marissa - February 2017
  • I was in for an oil change, but also had the filter changed. They showed me the old filter and I could see how bad it was! Monroe also suggested I get the belt replaced, as it was responsible for the noise I was hearing. I had a full inspection by Toyota three months ago and they didn't find any of these problems. I am glad Monroe took the time to really look at my car!
    Allison - February 2017
  • It's good to have a neighborhood Car Repair Center.
    Max - February 2017
  • The past few oil changes I have had were unsatisfactory. New management refuses to put air in my tires, but tells me they will until I complain and then refuse. My fluids haven't been getting topped off. Also my oil changed used to take an hour and now seem to take 3.
    Brandy - January 2017
  • Very happy with my service and how fast they got me in for the apt. when I called.
    Laura - January 2017
  • Dropped off my vehicle early and received it back just like new sooner than expected.
    Chris - January 2017
  • Thank you for the staff's dedication and hard work put into my car. I truly appreciate the great help and service!
    Sarah - November 2016
  • I have always gotten great service at this Monro! I always feel like I am treated fairly and that they aren't trying to sell unnecessary services. I was given information on a repair that I will need for winter and the explanation was clear and concise.
    Shannon - July 2016
  • I arrived early, they started work right then. I didn't feel pressured to add services or repairs onto my appointment.
    Dan - June 2016
  • Everytime I bring my car to Monro, I feel I am getting a fair price and nothing is being done that is not necessary. My technicians are always friendly and explain everything to the fullest detail.
    Cara - May 2016

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