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(513) 481-8237

6255 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Took my vehicle to these guys thinking something was wrong because of a noise I was hearing, to find out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I appreciate the honesty. They didn't create an issue and also educated me about my concern. I have been going there for many years and today they reminded me why!
    Zenith - March 2018
  • I called for an oil change appt. I was given a few time options . I arrived at that time of my appt. and was told they would get right on it. I returned in about an hour, car was done and I was not delayed. Great service and very friendly.
    Amy - March 2018
  • My tires are great and vehicle rides much better.
    Brian - March 2018
  • These guys do a great job on my truck and my wife's car always give me a good price with excellent service.
    Leslie - March 2018
  • My oil change was completed in a very timely fashion. The people who helped me on the phone and at the desk were very courteous and efficient. It is nice to know that I can come here and get my car's oil changed very quickly so that I can move on with the rest of my day.
    Michele - February 2018
  • I had used monro tire many times in the past but service was getting pretty bad, but now it’s under new management I’m proud to say I have returned!! Thanks Ronnie keep it up!!
    Jay - February 2018
  • Thanks Ronnie! You're the best!!!!!
    Stacy - February 2018
  • Anytime someone ask for a referral I tell them to go see Ronnie Wilson at Monro. I would highly recommend this auto repair shop to ANYONE. They seem to be able to squeeze me at a moments notice. Just know they are NOT going to tell you that a bunch of things are wrong with your vehicle just to get money! Ronnie gives you his honest evaluation. If you need a simple oil change or need your car repaired and don’t want to be taken advantage of...THIS IS YOUR PLACE and ask for Ronnie
    Stephanie - February 2018
  • excellent service we we're in n out.
    ET - January 2018
  • I like the reliability and durability of the parts. The mechanics are professional,quick and efficient.The prices are fair too.
    Anna - January 2018
  • Service was friendly and timely. Will come back
    Delta - January 2018
  • I would recommend this store to all
    Debbie - January 2018
  • They were very helpful and took care of my needs within a reasonable of time.
    John - December 2017
  • good job
    Donald - December 2017
  • Great service
    Eddie - December 2017
  • Since new management took over, this Monro shop has been easy and fantastic to deal with.
    Gary - December 2017
  • I went to Monro on Glenway Avenue a little over a month ago. The back left wheel on my car started making some unnerving noises and I called to ask if they could help me figure out the problem. I spoke with Ronnie who said to bring it over and he'd take a look at it. He discovered my shocks had broken and seemed very knowledgeable and kind. He was not pushy at all like many mechanics have been and treated me with respect. I didn't have to fix the issue as it wasn't life threatening, but I immediately wanted to because he made me feel like he would take good care of my car and he did! Fast forward a month or so later and I call again because he had told me he'd give me a good deal on my tires (he explained there was a great deal going on then and if I reached back out before Christmas he'd still honor it for me). I spoke with Chris who also agreed to honor this deal and they not only honored it, but price matched another deal and then upgraded my tires when the ones we'd originally agreed on turned out to be the wrong ones. I swear I love the mechanics who work at Monro. I've gone to multiple locations and I have had incredible service every time. These guys know what they're talking about, fix your car like it's no big deal, they treat you with kindness-like you're an old friend visiting their business! I can't express enough how amazing these guys are. I have had some seriously unpleasant experiences with mechanics in the past, getting ripped off and told things that were not true. It makes it really hard to feel like you can trust anyone with such an important thing you rely on every day that costs a lot of money to fix. I've spent quite a bit of money at Monro the past two years getting my car fixed up as needed and I am truly grateful to have a place to go to where I feel like I can trust the people to tell me what I need to do with my car and how to spend my money. I will happily be returning. (Downtown location is also fabulous, just saying.)
    Megan - December 2017
  • They were really nice and took good care of my car. Not to mention the price.
    Crystal - November 2017
  • Recently went in for an oil change and bought new tires! The guys at Monroe are always very friendly and gave me a great price on tires.
    Paul - October 2017
  • Dont think they checked my brakes,wipers,battery,fluids.?They put the car up on the rack. But not sure the oil was drained and a new oil filfter was even put on ! Didnt rotate the tires cause they seen I only have 34,ooo original miles on the car & thought I dont drive my car very much? The manager was nice. But had a Bengals hat on & Monroe shirt was untucked! The tech didnt have a Monroe uniform on at all!!! Just a t-shirt,hat,jeans & tennis shoes?? I wonder if I went to the Monroe in Montgomery,OH would it be alot more professional??
    Dean - September 2017
  • Service performed was not clear. I requested my tires to be balanced. Upon further inspection only the front two tires were balanced and I was charged for the front two tires. There are 4 tires on most cars and only getting two balanced defeats the whole purpose of the service. Also, tires are now leaking air when they weren't before. The person in the shop apologized and explained to me the service. He's the only reason I gave two stars. The person in the office wasn't helpful at all and didn't explain the service at all.
    Cameron - August 2017
  • I've purchased brand new tires and breaks for my car. Recently have gotten my oils change done. I go Monro Muffler for all of my car needs.
    Gregory - August 2017
  • You got one star bcz it won't register no stars. The only way that a Monro coupon can be used is if it is used in conjunction with the Monro Drive Card. Thanks Monro, but I don't need or want another credit card. And apparently you don't need or want my business (after 9 years and 3 cars).
    Rob - August 2017
  • The manager was extremely rude to me and had an attitude the moment he started talking to me. I will not be back.
    Jennifer - July 2017
  • I was disappointed that I made an appointment but my oil change still took an hour and a half. The hidden fees were frustrating as well.
    Carly - July 2017
  • Quick service at a reasonable price.
    Todd - July 2017
  • Good customer service. Appointments are never on time.
    Robert - June 2017
  • 3 hours for an oil change and tire repair when they said they could get me right in
    Jamie - June 2017
  • Its normally great for my oil changes until this last time. My light wasn't reset and I had no sticker. Idk when its even due again. The gentlemen explained nothing done as they usually do. I'm not sure if I will return.
    Valerie - June 2017
  • I use monro to fix my car
    Adam - May 2017
  • Reasonably priced oil change. Courteous staff.
    Jennifer - May 2017
  • Had my vehicle done quickly. And Steve was very nice and courteous.
    Sue - May 2017
  • Excellent alignment on my car steering wheel straight and no more pulling tech said rear of vehicle was more out of alignment than front thank for great service
    steve - May 2017
  • Your guys fixed our tire quickly
    Fred - April 2017
  • The wait time was ridiculous! Two hours this time and the last time I came is sad.
    Linda - April 2017
  • The guy was very nice and helpful, didn't pressure me to buy other things. Only did what I asked. It did take a little longer than other places.
    Jenna - April 2017
  • Great service! They walked me out to see my rotors and explain what was wrong while giving me my options and good pricing. Upfront and honest with everything.
    Matt - April 2017
  • Yes
    Logan - April 2017
  • Mr. Marshall and Mr. Brandon and all there staff at store # 1144 on Southside Dr. in Louisville, Ky were very nice and very respectful and did a great job on my car, I wish more companies had these type of employee's... There Good. Thanks Guy's.
    SHECOLA - April 2017
  • They took the time to explain everything and we're happy to show me exactly what the service included.
    Robert - March 2017
  • Good quick setvice
    Fred - March 2017
  • Tires are great and service was excellent. I am a new customer and I will go back.
    Anton - March 2017
  • They were okay and had my car finished by time I came to pick it up.
    Laurie - March 2017
  • Oil change usually takes about 30 minutes, which is very quick. They tell you if they find anything wrong and they don't pressure you into buying or fixing things. Great place, great customer service, great price
    Ellie - March 2017
  • Fast oil change and tire rotation for a good price
    Andrrew - February 2017
  • Needed an oil change, tires balanced and aligned and new air filter. They took care of it, no problem!
    Casey - February 2017
  • It was a in and out process.
    Shianequan - February 2017
  • Cheap oil change that got done, just took a while.
    Taylor - February 2017
  • I had brakes and drums put on my truck less than a year ago. When I took my truck back in they said the brakes needed repair I told them it should be under warranty they agreed. Made an appointment left my car all day picked my truck back up went out of town came back started driving my truck and had no brakes. Took truck back in and at that time they told me they didn't replace the brakes only adjusted them. I asked the guy why he didn't tell me that but instead let me believe they was replaced and the only way I found out is because I almost rear ended someone. Took my wife's care in for oil change and tire roration 1st time ask them to make sure my tires was registered to the car said the car would learn them didn't happen had to take back. 2nd time took my wife's car in I explained again make sure the tires are registered assured me they would once again not done and have to take car back. So as you can see I'm not sure I can trust if they are doing what they are suppose to.
    Nelson - January 2017
  • Steve was great in explaining to me about what else maybe coming up to fix on my car
    Stephanie - January 2017
  • Our%20service%20was%20fantastic!%20Steve%20the%20Manager%20was%20extremely%20helpful%20and%20knowledgeable.%20He%20went%20above%20and%20beyond%20to%20get%20it%20fixed.%20He%20was%20very%20helpful!%20I%20definitely%20would%20come%20back.%20Thanks.%20Again%20Steve
    Stefanie - January 2017
  • They were willing to accommodate the me as a customer and other customers as well....The manager was very helpful!
    Denisha - October 2016
  • I received knowledge on how to maintain upkeep on my car from Steve, he was very nice and polite too me. I will recommend my friends to take their cars to Monro anytime.
    Rhonda - August 2016
  • staff was very friendly and explained my problem to me. They handled it in a timely and effective manner.
    Richard - May 2016

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