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(937) 433-6251

12 W Whipp Road
Centerville, OH 45459

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Kristen - March 2018
  • treated very well
    John - February 2018
  • More great services from kind staff.
    Darryl - February 2018
  • Really helpful staff. Got me on my way.
    Darryl - February 2018
  • This was an oil change, and I was happy with my service
    Amanda - January 2018
  • I would give five stars if it didn't still have a small leak. With that said they fit me in within an hour of calling and were able to complete my requested repair for a reasonable cost. Flange had completely septated from pipe, only saving grace was that the exhaust is an aftermarket stainless system so it wasn't a rust issue and could really repaired. The area being welded was not easily accessible so the pin hole leak that's left can be dealt with, as annoying as it is after having an exhaust shop repair it. Can't really notice it with the windows up (it's late December in Ohio) but I would bet they noticed before sending me down the road. Either way, very nice employees that gave their best efforts I would consider returning for simple repairs or service.
    Justin - December 2017
  • It fit my needs at the time of purchase.
    Jim/Pam - October 2017
  • The guys at the Centerville location got my car in the garage and started the oil change promptly.
    Adam - October 2017
  • Outter tire rod was never fixed due to needing tires. The Manager was really nice and gave me a discount but one of the employees didn't want to honor that. I was charged $180 and once he called and said it would e $199 I told him I was told otherwise. My car sat 4 hours on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 8am-12pm without it being finished. My wife was forced to bring the car back the next morning and they said they couldn't fix it due to needing tires.
    Dontae - September 2017
  • I had a front tire replaced. When I took the car in, I was quoted a price of about $248. Later, I was told by the same guy that they would have to use a different tire because the ones I had, had been replaced. There was no mention of a different price. When I came in to pick up the car, a different guy told me the price was $308. That's not good business.
    Walter - September 2017
  • Very good job on car
    Wiliam - September 2017
  • I had an oil change, quick service
    Miranda - September 2017
  • It seems prices has went up and There's extra charges on my bill for a simple oil change. I remember at one location I asked for my tires to be rotated and the mechanic said he did. Do to markers I have on my tires it was clear that he did not. Since I'm a girl I guess he thought I wouldn't know.
    Tanaia - August 2017
  • I was looking to go some where else but they were closed over the weekend. I happened to drive by on Saturday afternoon. They took my car and I had t back in less than 24 hours. Problem completely gone. All three gentlemen I spoke to were helpful and polite. Price was a little higher than I expected but I'm sure it would have been about the same wherever. Definitely coming back.
    Hillary - August 2017
  • They have always been helpful to me and all of the people that I have known to use this shop. Trust them 100%
    Brian - August 2017
  • I had exhaist noise checked out. I was told it was the flex pipe and told it would be 200 or so. i made an appt. the next morning and waited on site for two hours, in which the part never arrived. I had to schedule again the next morning and wait another couple hours. After the flex pipe was installed and closer to 300 spent, my car had the same noise and acceleration problems as before. I was told it was the muffler, which has a small hole but the sound was forward of that location. I took my car to another car repair spot and they discovered the wrong flex pipe was put on, a gasket was not used in one spot, the wrong screws were used and several other issues with the exhaust system and hangers were missed.. I would not return to this Whipp/Far Hills location. I was never shown to the garage to see the problems with my car and/or the fix. The fix was not done properly or with the right parts.
    Donna - August 2017
  • Always great service. Always notified way in advance to upcoming services before I'll need them.
    Darryl - August 2017
  • Monro is my go to when it's time for an oil change!
    Renee - August 2017
  • Great staff, prompt service, work done just as promised.
    Andy - July 2017
  • This store is the best service shop I've ever experienced. They are incredibly precise in their scheduling; the repair or service is always done correctly; they never forget to call you when it's done; and in 10 years they've never tried to sell me a service or repair that I didn't need. You just can't beat this service!
    Jim - July 2017
  • I went for an oil change and it was done in a jiffy with great rate. Will visit again and recommend others!!
    Arpan - July 2017
  • Very helpful in determining what was wrong with my car. Once the parts were delivered the turnaround time to actually fix my vehicle was quick
    Janie - July 2017
  • Monroe takes appointments, gets it done, at a great price!
    Greg - June 2017
  • Good service Cordial & informed attendant, timely and suggestions.
    April - June 2017
  • The car is stopping much better.
    Carol - June 2017
  • Monroe always provides great service at a low price. I have never had any issues, and I never leave with a long list of issues that "need" to be fixed like I have at other places.
    Toria - May 2017
  • I made a 9:00 am appointment Saturday morning to have my oil changed. It was raining pretty steadily. As I sat there, the rain turned into a monsoon. Lightning and thunder with some of the loudest booms I have ever heard. The shop never lost power and I was in and out in about an hour with a synthetic oil change at a reasonable price.
    Craig - May 2017
  • Got in and out under 30 minutes. Guys did exactly what I asked for and didn't try to sell me a lot of things I didn't need.
    Gary - April 2017
  • Got an oil change and my slow, leaky tire patched in one visit. Quick and affordable
    Sarah - April 2017
  • They did good job changing my oil However. When I scheduled my appointment I was told to be there at 8am 8 :40 the mechanic finally arrives to do the work I was told by the manage he would arrive in a couple of minutes at 8 am by manager...Apparently the other mechanic didn't do oil changes. The manager was nice. Very slow and not great at his job overall
    Keith - April 2017
  • Very good job.
    Max - April 2017
  • I have used various Monroe stores for my oil changes and although all have been good experiences this location is my favorite!
    MaryAnn - April 2017
    Thomas - March 2017
  • Great service!
    Joyce - March 2017
  • Got me back on the road right away.
    Paul - March 2017
  • Good service
    Kas - March 2017
  • They were more concerned about the safety factor than a proposed deadline. That was more important to me.
    Darryl - March 2017
  • Exhaust still noisy, possible wrong clamp from Mercedes
    Jeff - March 2017
  • Very accommodating, professional and thorough
    Nan - March 2017
  • Steve informative..not pushy..friendly..knowledgeable
    Linda - February 2017
  • I go to Monroe for all my automotive needs. They never try to upsale, they don't try to take advantage (I'm a woman), their prices are reasonable and their customer service is fantastic.
    Patricia - February 2017
  • Stuff was very helpful and friendly
    Maiya - February 2017
  • My oil change was quick and easy. They did a full check and let me know of some things to think about down the road. No pressure situation and all questions answered
    Casey - February 2017
  • I've been going to Monro for a few years now. I've had a wonderful experience at the store in Xenia, OH. Everyone is extremly polite and friendly. The work was done on time and everything was explained in a way I could understand.
    Rachel - June 2016

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