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1205 Market Avenue
Canton, OH 44714

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What People Are Saying:

  • They did an oil change ,installed a front turn signal, rotated my tires and did a flush. The price was reasonable. Charles the manager was kind and explained everything to me, checked with me on the flush to see if I wanted what he suggested. I found him to be trust worthy and polite.
    Tammy - February 2018
  • I wouldn't buy this again
    Tonia - February 2018
  • A necessity
    Tonia - January 2018
  • Charles and the other guy who changed my oil were very friendly and got me in at the end of their day. They didn't make me feel like I was inconveniencing them at all and were so nice. Charles was very informative with what services are needed to maintain my car. Thank you guys
    Lauren - January 2018
  • I'm so mad I could drive this car through this shop My dad bought 4 new tires from this shop Two day after I had a flat.They tried to make it right the first time,then in Dec the tire came off the rim, the rim was dented so that could of been the problem They remounted the tire to the same rim because I couldn't afford a rim Three days later the tire went flat again ok possible rim Now running with a spare tire.Two weeks go by and another tire comes off the rim They tell me its my rims because the tires are new bs bs bs bs bs !!!!!!! those tires are junk or they are incompetent I have searched the internet it says its either the beads of the tires, or the sealant they are using, or not using enough sealant Now that we have bought 5tires I have to buy another O yea I didn't tell you that I had tire on that bent rim for over two years and the tire was low two times not flat but low that was at winter so once again bsbsbsbs!!!!!!!!!! I want this resolved I want 4 new tires and I don't want Charles Biggers shop to touch my vehicle EVER AGAIN !!!!!! HE IS PUTTING MY FAMILY IN HARMS WAY AND THATS THE REASON I WENT IN DEBT WITH MY DAD IS SO SHE COULD HAVE A SAFE RIDE FOR WINTER!!!!! SEND ME TO ANY OTHER SHOP.I asked about the rim of the second tire that came off and there is no dmg to the rim but, do to,{, they don't have a clue} its my alum rims which was on the car when we bought it, so Charles blames the rims, as far as I'm concerned this is a excuse, to, not do his job. 4 hours to get a tire tech. and still no clue. If I do a drywall job and a piece of drywall falls I don't blame it on the screws or the framing of the house I fix the problem even if that means I have to redo all the drywall and the customer should not have to pay again.. this needs to be taken care of !!{ the words I don't know} well if you don't know then u don't need to be doing that job .Please help us. Thank u for your time. Business like that will ruin Monro's name
    shellyann - January 2018
  • I will come to this Monro again. Charles delivers great customer service
    Tonia - January 2018
  • I usually go to Monroe for oil changes
    Danielle - January 2018
  • Since coming here I get more oil life after my oil changes.
    Corina - January 2018
  • Since coming here I get more oil life after my oil changes.
    Corina - January 2018
  • Tires are great.
    Kendra - December 2017
  • I am so glad we have Monro in our community. Charles the store manager is fantastic and was quick to get me in, taken care of and on my way. They are trusted and proven to be the best of the best. I appreciate knowing that when I come to Monro that Charles will be fair, honest and reasonable.
    Christina - December 2017
  • Cleaned up my system!
    John - December 2017
  • The customer service is great. The manager Charles really takes the time to understand your needs and he and his team do their best to meet them.
    Ebony - December 2017
  • I just got my oil changed and brake light replaced. The wait time wasn’t long and the service was fast. Everyone was friendly and the place was clean.
    Mrs - November 2017
  • I got new tires and they educated me throughout the whole process.
    Chase - November 2017
  • I had my car in with plenty of warning and early enough to get it worked on. They kept pushing back the time of when my car would be up and lied. Didn't end up even getting my car I that day and tried to swindle me into keeping my car in the garage so I wouldn't take my business elsewhere.
    Taylor - November 2017
  • They got me back on the road quickly! Also found an issue that I wasn't sure about.
    Carmen - November 2017
  • Took a newly purchased car in for advice on vibration. Purchased new tires, got an alignment, air filter and oil change.
    Julie - October 2017
  • Kind of seems as if some people don't know what their doing but it could just be me
    April - October 2017
  • They did a great job telling me exactly what's wrong with my car which was important because it was a safety hazard.
    Tomisha - October 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and walked away with more problems with my car, my shift linkage bushing came off and my car wouldn’t go in to gear, as long as I’ve had my car I’ve never experienced anything like this, they was rude and said they was closing and that they couldn’t help or talk any more
    Unknown - October 2017
  • New tires are great
    Tina - October 2017
  • Fast service
    Brian - October 2017
  • Very friendly employees
    Kendrayle - October 2017
  • good service and were able to fix what what needed.
    Inna - October 2017
  • Great Customer Service
    Rachael - September 2017
  • This was the best customer experience I had in a very long time. No suprises and my Soul is running great! I will be a return customer for sure!
    Kimberly - September 2017
  • Manager was super nice. Hsd an appointment but he took us in early.
    Melinda - September 2017
  • Turn around time was great!
    Laurie - September 2017
  • Good Service
    Rick - September 2017
  • Horrible sale sign
    Emanuel - September 2017
  • Tire patch
    Tammy - September 2017
  • Was fast and did a thorough check....also got me in in a days notice
    Ashley - September 2017
  • Very friendly and attentive staff. Many option offered to make service affordable.
    Nicole - September 2017
  • They got the job done faster than expected but the filled up my tires too the guy that was working on my car was kind and let me watch his work
    Marc - September 2017
  • They were great. Nice and respectful.
    Lydia - August 2017
  • service was great manger was friendly honest I will go back to this store
    John - August 2017
  • My truck really sound good
    Benjamin - July 2017
  • Even though I came with one problem they took my car put it in the air and took time to explain everything that needed from fixed on the car.
    Dontae - July 2017
  • Very friendly people wanting to help you maintain your verhicle
    Charles - July 2017
  • I went in for a Synthetic Oil Change because I had found an ad online and that is how I do all my research. I was told $45 and when I went to pay it was much more than that (I was upsold wipers, which I needed) even with the wiper blades. I was offered a discount but it wasn't getting it down to the $45 I was told from the other store locally.
    Joey - July 2017
  • The Mechanic/Assistant Manager at this location is the most dishonest individual that I've ever met. I brought my car in for an oil change, and left with a missing hub cap. When I told other people around town about my experience at this shop, it appears that everyone in Canton, OH knew of your bad reputation. I was told that everybody knows this place is a rip off. Unfortunately, I have to come out of pocket for hundreds of dollars, and may never get that money back. The State of Ohio should close this place down.
    Jacqueline - July 2017
  • I found a coupon online for a synthetic blend oil change so I chose to go to monro. I wish I would've paid to go somewhere else to 1. Sit in my car and not have to sit on nasty stained chairs 2. Wait for the counter guy to answer the phone 3 times while we were standing at the counter to be helped, very unprofessional. First come first serve. He could've asked one of them to hold. 3. Not be waiting for an hour listening to the guy at The counter flirt with a woman who brought her car in 4. Not Drive off hearing My car make a horrible sound because my air filter wasn't properly adjusted how it's suppose to be 5. Not get into an argument with the counter guy about paying a shop fee that's $5 when I had my previous oil change and was not charged for that. And why would I pay extra money for that service????? Before I pulled off the first time because I had to come back because your mechanic didn't do their job right, I was told my window tint is too dark like I didn't know my windows were tinted which I found offensive because I thought I was just getting my oil changed. NO you didn't not provide the wow factor like the sign hanging up right behind the counter. No, no, no. I knew I shouldn't of went to that location but it was the nearest one so we just went for it thinking it would be quick. Sad experience.
    Chaz - July 2017
  • Was not satisfied. Was told my oil change would be 26.99 if i filled out a application. It ended up being 36.99. Plus tax
    Phillip - July 2017
  • Had excellent customer service. Made me feel comfortable with all decisions and repairs.
    Ryan - July 2017
  • I felt that I was trying to be over sold service on my car that I may not have needed. I've never heard the term 'glazing' on belts or rotors before. I knew I was due for brakes but wasn't sure about the rotors and they incenuated I needed a new serpentine belt until they found out it was brand new. If I feel that I'm being taken advantage of I will not come back.
    jennifer - July 2017
  • Good job
    Kari - July 2017
  • You did a great job on my car ! The alignment You did was So Over Needed ! She Rides Like A Feather ! Thank You Again For maker everything rite ! I Will Do Business Again ! Shelly'ann from Canton
    Shellyann - June 2017
  • Great people, great management, great service!!!
    Jake - June 2017
  • Very satisfied with entire experience.
    Mary - June 2017
  • Convenient and quick service for an on the spot oil change.
    Leonard - June 2017
  • I got 4 tires and an alignment done. It was rocky at 1st but they made it right and my car is 100 % ! I do think it was a little wrong that 2 days after they was paid for, I got an e-mail saying they are on sale ! Big Blow out on Tires ! I live about 8 blocks from the shop and by time I got home a couple hours later a tire was flat with a piece of steel in it. Of course we picked some thing up on the way home ! And when I finally made it in ( due to I just having surgery) He said No Your Dad Did Not pay for the warranty And My Dad said he did. I was 3rd party at best. So I called my Dad which went back to the shop. He did remember Him asking for the warranty and so they made it wright ! I know have a new tire and they added the warranty due to him remembering he ask for it ! They worked with us and that was great ! Thank You !
    Shellyann - June 2017
  • oil change
    Mike - June 2017
  • I'm aware that I have a brake issue but I wasn't there to address that but the rep there kept pressing the issue to get them fixed when I had a more pressing issue being the transmission
    Carrington - June 2017
  • Very professional manager squeezed me in fir services needed. I really appreciate that he recommended that I have the tires balance. Wow my 97,000 mi 2004 truck now drives like a new vehicle.
    Ralph - May 2017
  • staff was very helpful when i asked about other things that was wrong with my vehicle
    Black - May 2017
  • My initial visit to get my oil change went well but then I experienced some problems and brought the car back to be checked. The man was very rude and unconcerned. My oil light is back on and my car is running hot, therefore not able to drive. I am now waiting for another mechanic to check the oil again and see just what may have happened. The representative was only worried about charging me more money to check it than to correct the original problem. Will never come back but I am having this looked at to see if your company did what they should have. I don't think a standard oil change should have resulted in a car that can't be driven the next day!!!
    Gina - May 2017
  • I trust these professionals with my car.
    Cynthia - May 2017
  • I plan on continuing taking my car there for my oil changes.
    Laurie - May 2017
  • Mechanics are knowlegable. Told me what needs done and what can wait.
    Edmond - April 2017
    DAVID - April 2017
  • Flexible appointment times!
    Olivia - March 2017
  • 100% complete satisfaction!.
    Deserea - March 2017
  • They were very polite seeing I didn't know anything I was talking about
    Heather - March 2017
  • I am a repeat coustomer
    George - March 2017
  • Superior work thanks Pete
    Cressa - March 2017
  • I'm usually always able to get in for an appointment either same day or next day. I'm not there for hours and any questions I have are answered. The mechanics seem tibhave your best interest and they're able to educate you on any issues you may be having with your vehicle.
    Shardae - February 2017
  • oil change
    gail - February 2017
  • I%20needed%20an%20oil%20change%20really%20quick%20and%20this%20store%20was%20able%20to%20do%20it
    Tammy - January 2017
  • The workers are always informative and recognize me and treat me like a friend not just a customer. So I feel very comfortable with their recommendations and not like I'm going to get cheated.
    David - September 2015

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