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Bryan, OH 43506

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What People Are Saying:

  • Professional, courteous and very dependable is how i would describe everyone at the Bryan Monro store.
    Todd - March 2018
  • I arrived early and they got me in early and out early. Was done and leaving by 10 minutes after my appointment time.
    Randy - March 2018
  • I had a stripped lug nut and these guys took care of me. Got it off in 20 minutes and I was on my way!
    Nathan - February 2018
  • The Bryan, OH location with manager Gary is a place I trust to take my vehicles for repair. They are professional, polite, friendly, and above all else TRUSTWORTHY! LADIES (and gentlemen) do not hesitate to go here for service on your vehicle. You will be treated fairly and honestly. They will do the work right and only the work that is needed. If they see something that could become a problem in the future, they will let you know. They are never pushy. You can trust them!
    Mayry - February 2018
  • Matt and Gary know me and my vehicle and always take care of my vehicle in a timely and friendly manner.
    Angela - February 2018
  • This place is awesome!!! Customer service was great.
    Monica - January 2018
  • Quick repair time, excellent customer service, and the explanations given greatly reduced the apprehension that comes with expensive car repairs.
    Todd - January 2018
  • I was in and out quickly, Desk Clerk friendly and knowledgeable
    Jim - January 2018
  • Brakes work great.
    Steven - January 2018
  • Matt and Gary are amazing, and always honest with me. They always get me the best deal. The mechanics are a great bunch of guys.
    Cindi - January 2018
  • Very good and professional service !!
    Mark - January 2018
  • Jamie at Monroe in Bryan, OH did a fantastic job on my dual exhaust. Welds look fantastic and the truck sounds awesome. I was nervous after dropping the truck off, unsure if I'd like the look or the sound but I couldn't be happier with the results. The price was great too, not much more than what I could've purchased a kit online . Thanks a lot!
    Travis - January 2018
  • Bring my car in for oil change on way home from work. Love the online scheduling. It's generally less than 20 minutes for service & then on my way.
    Mary - January 2018
  • They are wonderful people
    Rhonda - January 2018
  • We make an appointment for an oil change and we get what day and what time we want! I only had to wait longer than the given time once!
    Polly - January 2018
  • they dont alwaysrotate my tires
    cindy - January 2018
  • I love taking my car here for service. Easy to deal with, quick, and honest.
    Star - January 2018
  • Timely informative
    Paul - January 2018
  • Great service
    Paul - January 2018
  • They provide great service and I appreciate their honesty.
    Christine - January 2018
  • Great job.
    Anthony - January 2018
  • Needed new tires, got a good buy and fast service! Very friendly!
    Anna - January 2018
  • Very knowlegable and helpful. They have helped me out numerous times when I have been in a pinch.
    Shawn - December 2017
  • They didn't try to pressure me into anything. They were laid back but highly efficient. A store that made you feel welcome.
    Peter - December 2017
  • They got my truck in quickly and they got the service done in a timely manner
    Shawn - December 2017
  • They fix the headlight socket
    Bridget - December 2017
  • Friendly service, fast and done right.
    Justin - December 2017
  • I have had the mechanics take care of my cars for a few years now and have never been disappointed by their work, They are fast and complete and always find the problem and offer a choice of solutions. Matt and his staff do a super job!
    Randy - November 2017
  • They are quick and friendly and there oil changes are not super expensive.
    Amber - November 2017
  • Great job quick
    Zachariah - November 2017
  • Yes
    Larry - November 2017
  • Gary and Matt diagnosed my low oil pressure readings as being caused by a failing sender unit and clogged filter screen. They flushed the system, put in new sending unit and screen, and fresh oil and filter. Problem solved.
    Curt - November 2017
  • Fix it fast great price
    Lonnie - November 2017
  • great service fixed my truck fast
    george - October 2017
  • Matt is like family, i trust him and everyone at Monro.
    Paul - October 2017
  • They had quite a bit of hard work to complete on the rear struts and axle seal replacement. And they had fair prices.
    Gary - October 2017
  • I go here for oil changes, and any car maintenances.
    Alicia - October 2017
  • I walked in and got an oil change in under 30 minutes along with very friendly service
    Heather - October 2017
  • like the fact i can make appointment.
    Roger - October 2017
  • The service I received was outstanding
    Janice - October 2017
  • Needed an oil change and found out I had a nail in my tire. But was in a pinch and needed it done NOW. Not a problem for these guys. Friendly, kind, and knowledgable. I showed up early and they took my vehicle right in. I was out just after the time I was supposed to be dropping off. Great experience.
    Dan - September 2017
  • My visit for new tires was quick and painless. They always do a great job and offer pretty competitive deals on tires and service. Matt and his crew have always seemed to put customer service first.
    Lorielle - September 2017
  • I am returning to have my abs sensor fixed and I know it will get done the right way the first time.
    Leigha - September 2017
  • Although I only went in for an oil change. I had a question about my car shaking and even though they were behind because of being busy they addressed the problem and even fixed my tie rod problem(the reason the car was shaky). They cared about my safety and did so in a very good timely fashion!
    Amber - September 2017
  • Made arrangements for this service, dropped off, picked up right on time.
    Curt - September 2017
  • Service was extremely quick, Knowledgeable staff. Overall treated very well, but when they had my car on the lift to replace my brakes, I was asked if I wanted to ho ahead and get my oil changed, which was best because we all know how if I let them take it down without doing it, it would have been put off for another 3 months.?? So I asked how much will that cost and was told about 23 dollars,which was fine. When I paid my bill, the oil change came out to be 40 dollars. At little off from the price mentioned. Seems a little dishonest to do that...
    Missy - September 2017
  • Headers and exhaust, sounds awesome. Just what I was looking for.
    Dustin - September 2017
  • I had the oil changed, and tires rotated the same day I called for an appointment. Described an noise I was hearing from my vehicle, they diagnosed it quickly and accurately. Good job as always.
    Curt - September 2017
  • Received prompt service
    Tangi - September 2017
  • They did a great job.
    Bridget - September 2017
  • Great service
    Paul - September 2017
  • Really love the customer service and they're always willing to help
    Bridget - September 2017
  • I had to have new tires & brakes put on my car, my car runs AMAZING now compared to how it was running! Great customer service!
    Susan - August 2017
  • Loyal Customer, and they always treat me right and do a good job
    Dale - August 2017
  • I love the caring customer service. They treat every care as if it is their own.
    Kenny - August 2017
  • The Bryan Ohio Monro, gives me peace of mine. I know I am getting quality. They are a honest hard working crew that will do everything they can to treat you right.
    Lexie - August 2017
  • Monro is professional, informative, and personable. From making the appointment to communication with the mechanics during the repairs, everyone was clear and thorough. I highly recommend!
    Shalynn - August 2017
  • Fast and reliable. No hassle. Knowledgeable staff.
    Kiel - August 2017
  • I have always had great service every time I've went there and parts that are good quality.
    Joe - August 2017
  • I never have been in satisfied
    Albert - August 2017
  • I take my vehicle here for services.
    Greg - August 2017
  • I didn't have to wait very long to get an appointment
    Karen - August 2017
  • We were on our way home to Michigan from spending the last few days on the Hwy. 127 Longest Yard Sale. Heading north on 127, I noticed my driver's side front wheel was making a squealing noise but when I braked, it stopped. Saw a WalMart in Bryon, OH, we stopped at their automotive dept. The guy came out to my car, got down on the ground, and stated the roto was hot. He told what he thought it was, consulted with another guy there. He was helpful, but apologized they didn't do brakes. He sent us to Monro, who were close by. Got there, explained our situation & the friendly man at desk said all the bays were full, but assured we'd have the car in 30 to 60 min. He called in 45, explained what happeded to my brakes & gave an estimate. As we waiting inside the shop, we talked with the nice guy at the desk. He explained what happened thoroughly about my brakes. He also mentioned that over 4,000,000 guys that trained and tested in Monro's extensive training, Bryan had the #6 and #12 (I think were the numbers) out of that count who were the top mechanics in that group...very impressive. One is the Manager, Matthew Keber & the other (sorry, don't remember his name) was working on my car.
    Vanessa - August 2017
  • Matt and the rest of Monroe muffler are wonderful and courteous.
    APRIL - August 2017
  • Timely, efficient and always helpful. They got me in and out right away and even took me around the vehicle to show me some potential future maintenance that would need done on my vehicle.
    Rick - August 2017
  • Preparing for a trip on Tuesday , I had the oil changed. The next day 300 miles away, I discovered the oil leak. I returned to the shop on Friday. The mechanic claimed the oil leaking was from a splash over when replacing the oil filter. They said they cleaned up the splash over and it should not drip anymore. The following day, the vehicle is still dripping oil. Seriously, spilled oil will drip consistently for four days ? To avoid voiding my vehicle warranty I will take the vehicle to the dealership for a proper oil and filter change. A simple oil change will probably end up costing me well over a hundred dollars. Please remove me from your spam mail list. I will never return to that shop or any Monro shop again. I am now hoping they didn't screw up anything else. I bet they won't post this review.
    Don - July 2017
  • They are very honest
    Rhonda - July 2017
  • Fast
    Randy - July 2017
  • Great service
    Julie - July 2017
  • Told me exactly what was wrong with my car
    Harley - July 2017
  • I've taken 3 vehicles here for the last 6 years and staff and service are good!
    Jessica - July 2017
  • I always trust Matt and his team to treat me fairly and honestly
    lexie - July 2017
  • Monro has consistently provided quality work.
    Matt - July 2017
  • Thank you for keeping me updated with the progress on the repair.
    Jodie - July 2017
  • Matt, Gary and the crew take good care of my wife's car.
    Curt - July 2017
  • Gary, Matt and the staff take great care of my vehicle.
    Curt - July 2017
  • I was very satisfied with how quickly my vehicle got fixed. The staff was also very courteous and professional. I didn't realize they did so many different things there. I will definitely look into them the next time I need service. Thank you!
    Amy - July 2017
  • Sales and lead technician were very knowledgeable. However the technicians that tortured the lug nuts were not consistent. On the drivers side of the car it was properly torqued and the passenger side was torqued well over 150 ft lbs.
    Rodger - June 2017
  • I have no complaints any work I've gotten done has been very reliable and a very trustworthy.
    Joe - June 2017
  • Always accommodating and as price conscience as they can be.
    Stan - June 2017
    BJ - June 2017
  • These guys are the best! They are great at getting the job done and are excellent and I don't worry about whether they are going to do the job right.
    Jodi - June 2017
  • When I call for an appointment and estimate, I find that the time it takes and price they quote is right on target.
    Alane - June 2017
  • excelent service
    Don - June 2017
  • great service
    BJ - June 2017
  • great service
    BJ - June 2017
  • Always good work
    Sabrina - June 2017
  • Friendly service; I recommend them to my family and friends. Reasonable prices and always done on time! Thank You!!
    Patty - June 2017
  • Got an oil change. Quick and great service.
    Katie - May 2017
  • I brought my truck in for some work, needed tires, brake lines, muffler and the a/c worked on. The guys in the shop did a stellar job in a short period of time. They were up front on everything and were willing to answer any question I had.
    Brian - May 2017
  • Brought my Tahoe in for routine maintenance, oil change and tire rotation.
    Curt - May 2017
  • needed a balance and rotate on tires. they didn't try to push anything else, which is much appreciated.
    Christy - May 2017
  • They always take the time to make sure I understand the repairs to my car! They even explain each replaced part function to me.
    Dani - May 2017
  • Tires look GREAT
    Curtis - May 2017
  • the people are very nice and have the job done in a timely matter
    pam - May 2017
  • It was quick and easy.
    Greg - May 2017
  • Only place to take your vehicle. Great service
    Louise - May 2017
  • The service for my LOF was excellent!
    Eric - May 2017
  • Very friendly and knowledgable. Quick service.
    Chris - May 2017
  • They were able to fit the car in same day for an oil change. It was the car's first since we bought it. The technician pointed out a couple minor issues to be addressed, but otherwise the car checked out solid. I appreciate that they took the time to actually look at the car instead of just changing the oil and pushing it out the door.
    Stacy - May 2017
  • I think the oil changes are great because they go inspect my entire vehicle and check all the fluid levels
    Earl - May 2017
  • I am a repeat customer getting my oil changed & Monro is the only place I will go for all my oils changes. They get it done in a timely manner!
    Susan - May 2017
  • Works well with my work schedule
    Connie - May 2017
  • none
    Randy - May 2017
  • They we're very rude unprofessional and left my lugs loose n not enough oil wow really
    Paul - May 2017
  • The staff are very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. They take great care of us, and don't try to sell us work that we don't need. I was an auto technician for years, but now my arthritis makes a lot of my auto repairs at home painful. The dealership that until recently serviced our vehicles kept trying to sell things that were unnecessary, and they did not always complete the tasks that we paid for. The staff at Monroe Muffler at Bryan have been very courteous and thorough, and I really appreciate that!
    Katie - May 2017
  • Great oil change and they always check my car to see what else needs work. It is not done by a prewritten schedule which can very very expensive at the dealership.
    Kevin - May 2017
  • Did a good job, well satisfied, staff was very nice.
    Don - May 2017
  • Always professional and speedy turn around with quality work!
    Rhianna - May 2017
  • They went over my car and showed me exactly what needed repair and how much it would cost. Very friendly
    Julie - May 2017
  • Car runs great now
    Sam - May 2017
  • The coils in my cylinders were cracked and needed replacing and my car needed a tune up as well. It is now running a lot smoother since the repair.
    Alicia - April 2017
  • Fast and quality service
    John - April 2017
  • They did a great job with there customer service.
    Linda - April 2017
  • Very good
    Randy - April 2017
  • Appt went well
    Teresa - April 2017
  • I call them I say what the car is doing or how it is acting . Or just say I need an oil change. They get me in get the work done and charge a price I can make since of.
    Lexie - April 2017
  • I was in desperate need of a wheel alignment after having changed some major suspension components on my car. These guys got me in and out swiftly on a holiday weekend. They took really good care of me and sent me on my way. I rode in total confidence during my 2hr trip back home.
    Dj - April 2017
  • got oil changed in a very good time
    Leonard - April 2017
  • Matt was very nice and job well done
    Leonard - April 2017
  • I had my 2011 chrysler town and country in at monroe. They said they tested the alternator and ran diagnostics and couldn't figure it out. Cost me $170!!!! I bought an alternator and replaced it myself. That was the problem after all! Not a happy customer.
    Nathan - April 2017
  • Friendly staff who knows what they're doing
    Kristi - April 2017
  • Had new plugs n wires put on and new air filter!
    Heather - April 2017
  • Service has been excellent. Matt the manager has been superb in explaining the needs for some repairs.
    Anthony - April 2017
  • They are very nice and explain things to you
    Rhonda - April 2017
  • I always use Monro for oil changes, tires, and other needed repairs.
    Laura - March 2017
  • There always helpful and get the job done fast
    Alyssa - March 2017
  • I called and got an appointment for an oil change the same afternoon. The staff was friendly. The appt was right on time and done in a reasonable amount of time.
    David - March 2017
  • I've been taking my daily driver to the guys for about 3? Yrs now. I used to drive 4500miles roughly a month and had a very hectic schedule never knowing if I would be free or not. And when I did I would call Gary or Matt and see about an oil change / tire rotation( check up ) not wanting to book anything unless I could make it for sure. These guys 9 out of 10 times would make a spot for me, Knowing how busy my schedule was. That's what won me over! They shoot straight , what's needing fixed.. and what doesn't. They have done a handful of odds and end jobs I wasn't able to complete or do because of needing a lift and they helped me out! Thanks guys for the hard work, I truly Appreciate it!
    Micah - March 2017
  • I knew I would need new tires, but the guys found other things that were needed. They took time to explain the issues and give me choices without pressuring me. Together found solution that I could do.
    David - March 2017
  • The employees were friendly and informative
    Jason - March 2017
  • I'm on the road all the time. It's hard for me to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Matt and the guys at Bryan (Monroe), find a way to squeeze me in
    Brad - March 2017
  • Recently I had a problem with my alternator. They were able to get it in and fix it quickly. Now my car runs great! Will definitely go again.
    Amanda - March 2017
  • Maintains my car
    John - March 2017
  • custom exhaust system
    Jeff - March 2017
  • Called to make an appointment, scheduled for later same day. Very Convenient.
    Curt - March 2017
  • Do a real good job and get the job done right and can answer any questions
    Carl - March 2017
  • Congenial, knowledgeable and accurate with timing and service quality.
    Nathan - March 2017
  • They were very helpful and explained everything I had a question about
    Josh - March 2017
  • I reported clunking noise on left front, and abs light. Gary & Matt diagnosed it as a bad wheel bearing and replaced it. Also had slow coolant leak, which they diagnosed as water pump being worn out by a bad fan clutch, and replaced both. I regularly have the oil changed with them, which they also performed this time. Friendly service, and Great quality work that they stand behind. It's a pleasure to do business with them.
    Curt - February 2017
  • Recommendations given while technician takes time to show you the issue so you feel you're not being taken advantage of.
    Todd - February 2017
  • I have been using Monro for years for oil changes, muffler service, tires and other things. The service I received last Thursday was by far the best. I came in without an appointment and asked to get oil changed. I was treated as though I was the most important person in the room and was in and out of there in less than thirty minutes. The Techs that are in the Bryan shop are the best that have ever been there in all the years you have been in town.
    Jeff - February 2017
  • Needed an oil change . Service was quick and they took their time explaining in detail what my car needed
    Carl - February 2017
  • Car rides like a dream. So quiet after muffler repair.
    Heather - February 2017
  • Every 3,000 miles, my car receives a full service. I'm also made aware of any maintenance issues that will have to be made at a later date. Completely trust monro Bryan!
    Edwina - February 2017
  • Received outstanding service and feel confident my car is fixed and safe for my kids to drive.
    Paul - February 2017
  • I've had my shocks replaced and new tires put on at Monroe Muffler. Their prices are fair and the service was excellent. Highly recommend.
    Casey - January 2017
  • I've gone to Monro's several times to get my car serviced or fixed up and they have always had great customer service. I would recommend them to my friends and will continue to see them for their services.
    Tirzah - January 2017
  • I like that it was fixed correctly the first time by people that knew what they where talking about. No b.s.just very professional.
    Jesse - January 2017
  • Entire team is great, doesn't mislead, won't do work that isn't necessary, warns of any potential issues, great work ethic. The store is run impeccably.
    Diane - November 2016
  • Matt and Gary always manage to work our vehicles in on short notice. My wife and I have difficult schedules. They are always very accomodating.
    Rey - July 2016
  • They always take care of my vehicle. They also contact me if they find anything that seems to be wrong and check to see if I would like it fixed. I feel like I am important to them.
    Matt - July 2016
  • They do a great job the right way. I drive 45 minutes one way to get my car worked on at this shop.
    Gary - June 2016
  • They are very honest and fix only what needs fixed. They also let you know if anything else need done on your next visit
    Louise - June 2016
  • Matt and Gary at the Bryan Ohio location are great people. I have had them do several repairs for me and have never been let down by them. They explain everything to me. They also have some of the best techs around this area. They perform quality work.
    Randy - March 2016
  • I feel like they know what they're doing when they service my car. They're always friendly & explain things if you need work done on your vehicle.
    Peggy - August 2015

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