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(614) 231-3011

2260 East Livingston
Bexley, OH 43209

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What People Are Saying:

  • I went there on March 11 for an oil change and Rick fixed a loose shock absorber that the previous mechanic said would cost around 500 dollars to fix.
    John - March 2018
  • Job was done to my satisfaction.
    Michael - February 2018
  • It did take a longer time than expected wheni scheduled at appointment.
    Michelle - January 2018
  • I love this location. I just wish they could keep employees. It’s always someone new when I go back.
    Taiwana - January 2018
  • none
    DON - January 2018
  • Thank you for the good and honest service.
    Michael - January 2018
  • Service was fast and everyone was friendly
    Latasha - January 2018
  • I would come back again. I have been using Monro for quite some time now. I would however wish the customers would get greeted upon arrival. I witnessed two potential customers walk out after standing there for about 3 minutes without being greeted. The greeting person was on their cell phone. Not good for business. Other than that I never usually encounter anything but a good tech who takes great care of my vehicles.
    Whitney - January 2018
  • I feel great that my car can use conventional and synthetic but going the extra mile to pay for this service made me very happy. I loved that I was also explained further issues with my car that I have worked on afterwards. I trust monro mufflers .
    Karen - January 2018
  • Good costumer service from Benito James team
    Jean - December 2017
  • I got an oil change and the whole crew was very nice and helpful with this being my first car and all. They helped me know more about my car.
    Dernise - December 2017
  • The mechanic saw that due to an oil leakage it would not be beneficial to perform a compete change. Suggested me to another service place that could get the job done. Very helpful and honest. And still topped off my fluids to see me home safely.
    Justin - December 2017
  • Good customer service
    Vickie - December 2017
  • Fast and courteous...
    JAD - December 2017
  • I use Munro all the time and it is great!
    Antoine - December 2017
  • Always great service, on time and at the agreed cost.
    Michael - December 2017
  • I have been there twice for brakes now, They are very fast too!
    Lashania - November 2017
  • William really helped me in a major bind. Car got a flat tire and was at the worst time to happen. William got me in right away, looked it over, was able to fix it in no time! Amazing service
    David - November 2017
  • I go to Monroe most of the time for oil changes. They tend to be good at keeping me know what's going on with my car, and they have good deals.
    Bennett - October 2017
  • Customer Service was exceptional. I felt so relaxed and comfortable expressing any concerns relating to vehicle.
    Maxine - October 2017
  • They forgot to change the mileage sticker on the window. I had to return the next day to get it.
    Florence - October 2017
  • They kept the appointment on time and had my car done in a timely manner
    Florence - October 2017
  • Quick and great process of getting me in to be serviced
    Jade - October 2017
  • I get all of my oil changes done here
    Nieshia - October 2017
  • Every time I go to this location the staff is friendly and well knowledge. I can go to this location and do not have to wait long to be taken care of or to have the items I need. If I have ever had to order a product, it comes very fast and receive a call to inform me my product is available.
    Michael - October 2017
  • I've had experiences in the past where I've felt companies have taken advantage of me when it comes to cost and unnecessary repairs to my vehicle. I've never left this Monroe location wondering if I spent too much, or if I was being manipulated into paying something unnecessary. They accommodated my early arrival so I could get to work on time and fixed exactly what was needed. For being early on a Friday morning, their customer service was still wonderful. I'll absolutely be coming back!
    Katy - October 2017
  • Great service
    Sandra - October 2017
  • Great Service and customer service for affordable prices.
    Faduma - October 2017
  • Did not like service at all.
    Donald - October 2017
  • I got an alignment. My steering wheel was shaking and wobbling, and now it’s not. Job well done. Reasonable price.
    Alisha - October 2017
  • September 16, 2017 I had my car serviced at the Bexley, Ohio location. I had a series of BAD encounters with Monro. Customer service in NY had always been pleasant, taken accurate notes & assured me that matters would be resolved. Yet, on the ground Monro failed me. I initially had my car serviced at Reynoldsburg, store #860. On my first visit I paid at least $400 for rotors, brakes & an oil change. Within a year I was back & shelled out $500 & could still hear my brakes. I complained to the Regional Manager who allowed me to take it to the Bexley location. The store mgr said that it was my parking brakes & I agreed to bring my car in Saturday, May 6. When I arrived he said that he was swamped. I expressed that I did not have time b/c I would be graduating & then studying for the bar. When my schedule permitted I called in September & he told me to call the Regional Manager AGAIN since it had been so long. The Regional Mgr did not return my call, but when I spoke to Don I was assured the matter would be fixed. Indeed it has been. My car has not driven so smoothly since I purchased it. Don is a professional & knows his work. It was not the parking brakes, but the brakes had not been put on correctly which was causing the squeaking. Repeatedly I was told the wrong thing & the services that had been rendered were done poorly. Don redeemed Monro in my eyes. His knowledge & concern has encouraged me to stay with the brand & restored my faith in customer service. Too often when you dine out, shop, or have personal services done the company only cares about taking your money. They don't care that the job has been done correctly or that you are a repeat customer. Not in this instance, Don worked on the car himself, identified the problem & in rotating my tires ensured that my car would drive like a dream. I am thankful to Don & believe that when you have people on staff who are as knowledgeable & caring you celebrate, incentivize & promote that talent. Thank you Don!
    Monica - October 2017
  • I really wish I could give this place a negative rating. Starting out I waited forever to get my oil change ordered. After I was finished filling out all the info with the customer service employee (Extremely rude and had very poor manners). I asked for the WIFI code and he did not know it and apparently he did not care about his customers enough to look for it. Another customer picked up a magazine and found the WIFI code. He must have not looked at all. After waiting for my oil to be done they cashed me out and returned my keys. I got in my car and there was a rag in my drivers seat. The employee must have not check my car to make sure everything was back as it was when they received it. I immediately noticed a mark on my door right below my drivers side door by the handle. The paint was removed and dented. I asked to talk with the manager and he denied it tooth and nail saying he could not have done that. I replied " So, your saying that you did not open my door?" He replied " That he could not have done that" I replied " I would have notice a mark as big as that on my drivers side door." He replied "We did not do it" I replied "That if your going to fight with me about this Then I will just call Monro customer service and talk to them about it." he replied is a very rude manner " I will also call them and tell them we did not do it." HANDS DOWN THE WORSE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE WHILE HAVING MY OIL CHANGED. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU AVOID THIS PLACE.
    Caleb - October 2017
  • Great customer service.
    Terence - September 2017
  • They are wonderful!
    Denese - September 2017
  • William and his team at my local Monroe Muffler always make sure I am safe on the road. Whether it's patching a tire or replacing my brakes, I know I can count on them!
    Jillian - September 2017
  • I always have an awesome experience with this location very good and respectful. I appreciate them and this is the only location I go to.
    Nikkie - September 2017
  • The price of the oil changes are great.
    Micheal - September 2017
  • I got an oil change and my air filter replaced. Which will help my car and it won't break down in the long run.
    Brandeé - September 2017
  • Wonderful service, fair price, friendly and knowledgeable
    Richard - September 2017
  • The service was fast, friendly, and helpful.
    Beverly - September 2017
  • Great job
    SANDRA - September 2017
  • Good job
    SANDRA - September 2017
  • I needed some rear brake work done. I called early in the morning, they said if you get the car here early, they could have it done by closing time. They had it done a few hours before they closed, and it was a holiday too!
    Lashania - September 2017
  • Feel very comfortable and safe with service given.
    Cara - August 2017
  • The manager was nice. Explained everything.
    Kim - August 2017
  • They fixed my breaks and fixed my oil, and car is running great!
    Tayron - August 2017
  • The service was quick and fast, but I feel like I'm always trying to be sold something. It really makes me dread coming in because I know I'll be told that I need something now, that could wait a little while. I don't know if they work off commission, but it really makes me want to look into other options for vehicle maintenance. The prices of service have also skyrocketed from where they were a year ago.
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • Prompt service
    Helen - August 2017
  • Made an apt for an oil chnge
    Ron - August 2017
  • Took a long time just t purchase wipers
    Fred - August 2017
  • So, I take my car in for a simple oil change. I used to take my previous car to Monro so I'll still take it there every once in a while. Well after they get my car up they say I need a new air filter. Fine, add it to my bill. Then he tells me my back brakes are going bad. I shared with him that I was going to a family reunion in Pittsburgh that weekend and was hoping to drive my car. He told me horror stories of what could happen if I drove my car and he made it known he would not recommend it. Well I didn't get my brakes done because I didn't have the money and then I thought to myself, get a second opinion! I went to 3 different shops and they all told me the same thing. The front brakes are more worn than the back, however, I have at least another 5,000 miles on them. I'd like to believe that maybe the mechanic at Monro was inexperienced and just didn't know what he was talking about but that's highly unlikely. I would be extrememly surprised in myself if I ever went to Monro again.
    Korina - August 2017
  • Quick and great service
    Will - August 2017
  • Ive used Monroe for years, always very professional and always honest with me. The desk guy is very friendly and knowledgable about my vehicle and what it needs done.
    David - August 2017
  • They are always very friendly and very helpful
    Jeness - August 2017
  • friendly /professionel/ helpful/ nice /respectful /nice jobs/good info about your car needs.
    Mamdou - July 2017
  • The oil change really made me fell secure about my car.
    Aynalem - July 2017
  • Good and fast service
    Jean - July 2017
  • The guys in the shop knew why they were doing and were able to fix my car in a timely manner
    Rebecca - July 2017
  • Mechanics are very thorough checking my car. They ecplained to me that needs to be repaired and what can wait.
    Deloria - July 2017
  • Not happy with previous service, manager offered free oil change to compensate, previous employee was fired but he could have stopped a small problem before it became a major, expensive problem. Work done two hours after original quoted time. New employee did a great job and explained issues well. Manager tried to be understanding but frustration remains. Fifteen year Monro customer, with no problems until last service.
    Kevin - July 2017
  • Car running much better. Things fixed in a timely manner, all staff willing to help and answer questions. Makes the customer feel involved.
    David - July 2017
  • Everything was great. The service and the employers
    Kevonna - July 2017
  • great ride
    Don - June 2017
  • need battery to start vehicle
    Don - June 2017
  • Good place for service I need
    MonAimer - June 2017
  • The waiting time is awful because they only had one technician working and a manager.
    Loretta - June 2017
  • I make sure I try to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. I like coming to this store because it's close to my house and everyone there is always friendly and fast.
    Erica - June 2017
  • Everyone was extremely helpful and considerate of my time.
    Felicia - June 2017
  • Everything is great.
    Shirley - June 2017
  • they were quick to get me an appointment and provided more than one option to do the job.
    Dorothy - June 2017
  • On time with attention to detail, good job.
    Michael - June 2017
  • I got an alignment and they where trustworthy
    Oba - May 2017
  • This was my 2nd visit and I like the service from beginning to end. The moment I walk through the door I am greeted respectfully and it continues through the end of my transaction. They are quick and efficient with servicing my vehicle and take the time to answer any questions I have.
    Sonya - May 2017
  • The manager doesn't have much of a personality . But they do a good job on my car.
    Sondra - May 2017
  • Super easy smooth process from start to finish.
    Beata - May 2017
  • I bought four tires and in perfect timing. I was on my way to church and William got me in right away and everything taken care of.
    Libby - May 2017
  • Fast and efficient
    Cheryl - May 2017
  • They made sure they explained every step of the way about what they were doing with my car. Even though I was only there for an oil change they told me the other problems that was wrong with my car and if I would like I can bring it back to them. They were awesome
    Ashley - May 2017
  • it nice place to go and far my home
    Stanford - May 2017
  • Arrived for appointment, no waiting, services performed in a professional and expediant manner.
    Brian - May 2017
  • The multiple times service has been required on my older vehicle have been consistent and quality. Because of the customer service and quality of maintenance, I continue to return to Monro to keep my running safely and smoothly.
    Cheryl - May 2017
  • In comparison to what I have experienced at another location in the same city, Monro may be able to redeem themselves. The service I received from staff at this location is consistent with what I expect and pay for.
    Monica - April 2017
  • I had a 9:30 appointment and, despite the fact that I arrived early, I was admitted immediately for a routine procedure plus a burnt out brake light bulb. It was all done in under an hour. Yay!!!
    Jeffrey - April 2017
  • Will continue to take vehicle to be serviced at same location because of service
    Joseph - April 2017
  • My car runs great and it was at a very reasonable price will be bringing my future business to monro thank you guys, also the older gentlemen on the phone is very customer friendly and is there for you and will not beat around the bush he will tell you what's wrong with the car and not try to upsell u on anything.
    Jesus - April 2017
  • I get great service whenever I come to this location.
    Cheri - April 2017
  • Management is on point and very professional. Always ensures that the customer is pleased at the end of service.
    Kelly - March 2017
  • i usually just get oil changes but they are really good at letting you know what else, if anything, is wrong with your car. the customer service is great!
    Earlena - March 2017
  • Very friendly
    Sekoquia - March 2017
  • I bought a used car and they did the diagnostic and oil change all in 2 hours
    Donna - March 2017
  • did a great job on oil change
    john - March 2017
  • The staff are courteous, knowledgeable, and fast!
    Nathsha - February 2017
  • Service is Great
    Jueqetta - February 2017
  • Took a while to get the part needed but service was friendly and helpful
    Albert - February 2017
  • Best deal in town!
    Todd - February 2017
  • I was in Columbus for a tech support job. It was 15 degrees out. I went to go home and my brake pedal went all the way to the floor but I could still stop. My low brake fluid light came on. I called Donnie at the Monro on East Livingston at 7:30am and he said he was booked but would fit me in since I was from out of town. I dropped the car off at 8am. I got a little worried when I didn't hear back from William until around 2pm but he said they had the parts and they'd have done at 5pm for $336 and they did. The right brake line had blown out. They said the left one didn't look good either and recommended replacing it too so I did. I've been driving great ever since. Thanks guys! I also go to Steve at Monro in Lima, Ohio and they're always good too. Just "go to Monro"!
    Nic - February 2017
  • fast and quick
    Stanford - February 2017
  • nice people and they well trains and fast
    Stanford - February 2017
  • Always good service. Work done on time and to my satisfaction.
    Michael - February 2017
  • I purchased Yokohama Tornante tires for my vehicle. My vehicle rides quite and maneuvers better than ever.
    Mike - January 2017
  • I purchased Yokohama Tornante tires for my vehicle. My vehicle rides quite and maneuvers better than ever.
    Mike - January 2017
  • They offered to drop me off downtown while my tires and brakes where being fixed.
    Mark - January 2017
  • They are always kind and make sure you are comfortable while you are waiting for your car. They are friendly and I always feel they are honest when recommending additional maintenance on the vehicle.
    Latonya - August 2016
  • They were quick, precise, and helped exactly with what I came in for and they weren't pushy.
    Andrew - May 2016
  • The mechanic was able to diagnose a problem on the car and was helpful explaining to me the best way of getting it fixed.
    Rosemary - April 2016
  • Fast, prompt. everything went smoothly. Overall a good experience.
    Lisa - September 2015
  • I was greeted properly with respect and the service provided in a timely manner.
    Shiller - September 2015

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