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1249 Claremont Avenue
Ashland, OH 44805

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What People Are Saying:

  • I always feel like my dad is looking at my car at this shop. I never feel oversold, overcharged or dismissed. Ben and Wayne ALWAYS get the work done to perfection and on time. My car drives like a brand new car. I can't thank them enough for taking care of me and my car, Earl.
    Jaime - February 2018
  • Dropped off 3 tires with slow leaks. I had not called ahead; without fuss they got them in and made a courtesy call when they were fixed and ready for pickup.
    Terry - February 2018
  • I set up the appointment for an oil change and tire rotation the night before with no problem and a prompt confirmation. I showed up at the appointment time and Ben got me right in and out. Great service again!!
    Steve - January 2018
  • Always a pleasure coming here! You guys are awesome.
    Rebecca - January 2018
  • Very friendly and professional staff. Amazing work. My car now runs like new.
    Susan - January 2018
  • I received an oil change...very prompt service. Friendly workers.
    Kelly - January 2018
  • I came in from out of town with a flat tire on New Year's Eve. They worked me into their schedule and it turned out my tire was fine. They got it sired up again and didn't even charge me, and I was only there like 30 minutes, even though I hadn't scheduled anything. I still made it to my party on time! Thank you so much guys!
    Jeremiah - January 2018
  • Wasn't able to do alignment due to tie rod being and and didn't charge. Got appt rt away after husband fixed the problem. My college age daughter took car and they treated her well and didn't take advantage once price for alignment was give
    Allison - January 2018
  • Only shop we go to for servicing on our cars. Great and friendly customer service. Couldnt pick anywhere better than here!
    Scott - December 2017
  • I have received probably 6 oil changes from this location and not experienced a problem until last visit. The technician put to much oil in my vehicle. I caused my car to fail a few blocks away to the point where it wouldn't stay running let alone move. I pushed to side of road and called business location to ask what to do. I was told in effect that it was not anything done by Monro. I had to make a the point that car ran fine until this event. I had to call a tow to take car back to business where Manager would not take any responsibility. After repeated pursuit of what was true. Manager took some responsibility, filled out a reimbursement for tow and received in mail a week later...
    Michael - December 2017
  • The gentleman at the front seat made great suggestions and seemed to care about helping me, not just taking my money. The tire recommendations were not only affordable, but have provided MUCH better traction than my previous tires. I made my appointment on Sunday, and my tires were delivered and installed on Monday. I also revived an oil change and tire alignment. I am very satisfied with my visit, and will return.
    Shannon - December 2017
  • Took my daughters car in due to tire not holding air. Both front tires had inner bald strip recommend new tires and an alinegment. I asked how much and was told $220. It ended up being $300 the figure I was told did not include the alinegment. I will not be returning to this location. The original manger is at another store, I'll be following and going there.
    Echo - December 2017
  • Needed new front brakes and an alignment
    Rene - December 2017
  • Vehicle ready at time promised
    Rene - December 2017
  • The service is professional and usual there is no need for an appointment. Although I do use online convenience of making an appointment, when I can.
    DENISE - November 2017
  • Great guys, good work and easy to work with.
    Jay - November 2017
  • Monro came to the rescue on a Sunday no less. After crunching old and rusty brake lines on my work car while rotating tires, I called the local Monro on a Sunday morning. With no prior appointment, they graciously worked my car into their schedule and replaced the brake lines.
    Terry - November 2017
  • As a former employee I would expect them to appreciate my business. I dropped my Vehicle on a Monday evening. I asked if it would be able to be done by Tuesday evening and was told that shouldn’t be a problem. I called Tuesday afternoon to see if it was done and was told they haven’t even got it in the shop yet. Asked when they would and was told he wasn’t sure. Later that night I called and spoke with the assistant and was told it wouldn’t be done till Thursday at the soonest. I was hesitant at this point but I was going to wait. I text the assistant Wednesday late morning and was told it wasn’t getting in and he wasn’t interested in doing the work. I forwarded that information to the market manager and received no response. I did however receive a response from the store manager stating that he was informed by the market manager to politely decline service and to apologize for any inconvenience. I think that is total and complete bull. If they didn’t want to work on my vehicle they could have told me from the start. This place is a joke.
    Matt - November 2017
  • I took my car in because it sounded like the transmission was going bad. They called me to tell me that it was going to cost 1800 dollars to put new breaks, tires, clean the transmission lines, and a bunch of other things. I said I needed to fix the transmission and they told me that to fix what was wrong I needed to spend 300.00 to change my spark plugs and wires. I ended up taking it to someone else. Lastly my car smelled like cigarette smoke when I picked it up.
    Laura - November 2017
  • I found them helpful and willing to do what they can to accommodate my schedule.
    Jonathan - October 2017
  • Great customer service and were very quick with my oil change
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • Ben at Monro suggested these tires and I am pleased with the ride so far. Always great service at this store!!
    Steve - October 2017
  • The man behind the counter was very professional and friendly.
    Wanda - October 2017
  • The location in Ashland Ohio I had amazing service. They were prompt and professional when I walked in for my appointment time. They did a thorough knowledge check of my car and diagnosed future problems and helped me on pricing and service on the tasks needing attention. Was a wonderful experience
    Veronica - October 2017
  • I have always gone to Monroe muffler for my oil change and tire rotation and have been happy for years. BUT this time when I went they broke off my tire post and lug nut and then told me it happens and that the next time I get my brakes done just have them fix it then. Also he told me it was safe to drive on till I eventually got it fix. Really drive it with one broke I can see for a very little bit but he had no concern about. I called them back up the next day and said they needed to fix it. Well they fixed it but said they were splitting the cost with me. It still cost me over 60 dollars for THEIR mistake. His words were I would not havr let you drive it off the lot if it was not safe. They will try to take your money and scam you please avoid this place at all cost especially women they think we are stupid and don't know anything about cars
    Pam - September 2017
  • I stopped in to Monro Muffler and Brake on the way out of town for a weekend because my tires were in really bad shape. I ended up getting a new set of tires which turned out to be an incredible value, because it included a free rotation and they even send me a reminder in my email!
    Mark - September 2017
  • I have been going to Monro for the past 10 years and have remained loyal because they have always serviced my vehicles quickly and with expert care. They value my time by keeping to promised repair times, by working diligiently on my car - even teaming up with more than one technician in order to finish on-time. Parts are always quality no used and repairs are done right the first time.
    Laura - September 2017
  • Knew exactly what I was looking for..
    Kathy - September 2017
  • Awesome service, as usual.
    Rebecca - September 2017
  • Went in for usual oil change and tire rotation. Things were great, as usual.
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • The service was great. The manager was very knowledgeable.
    John - August 2017
  • We appreciate that Monroe has been proactive with identifying possible problem areas. When we find lower pricing at another provider, Monroe has been prompt to refund the difference between their charges and their competitor.
    Todd - August 2017
  • Monroe got me scheduled quickly. Manager/advisor was very friendly, Technician thanked me for my business. Great service!
    Melissa - August 2017
  • Ben was very professional and worked to get me the best price on 4 Kelly Edge AT tires for my 2009 Silverado. Installation and alignment done on time and I am completely satisfied. Will definitely come back to Monroe for my auto service needs.
    Jeff - July 2017
  • Very honest, pleasant and worked things out to help me. What needed attention first and what could wait. Great guys
    Lucinda - July 2017
  • Ben and Wayne are great. I set up an appointment for an oil change the night before and they got me in right on time. Great service.
    Steve - July 2017
  • So far all is good
    John - June 2017
  • Got faster service than quoted at a better price!!
    Leah - June 2017
  • tire repair- seen straight away- good advice and information from techician. had us on our way in 20 minutes
    andrew - May 2017
  • Knowing I am safe driving my vehicle
    Michael - May 2017
  • Other problems were noticed and will be considered for service.
    Dale - May 2017
  • Great costumer service!!
    Elizabeth - May 2017
  • My steering column was vibrating at higher speed. The Service department test drove my car and informed me that I needed new tires and a front end alignment. Recommended the Kelly Edge Tires. Buy three tires and get the fourth one free. The price was well within my budget.
    Frank - May 2017
  • Service on my 1965 Mustang was handled very well.
    Steve - May 2017
  • You guys are awesome. Thank you!
    Rebecca - May 2017
  • I went to store to have changed. The process was done efficiently. Staff was friendly, personable and helpful to me and any others who came into store while I was waiting for my car to be done. I have returned to this store because of staff ,price and ease of appointment making.
    Mike - May 2017
  • The service techs were very helpful and I feel that they were looking out for my best interests in terms of vehicle care. Obviously businesses need to make money, so the service was expensive compared to doing it ourselves, but it was worth the expense knowing it was done the correct way. I went to get four new tires and was called back shortly after dropping off my vehicle. The tech showed me my rusted out rotors and my poorly installed brake pads. They replaced everything for me and stressed to let them know if I had any more issues. They also gave me a complimentary oil change to use in the future. I felt very well-cared for.
    Jonni - May 2017
  • Service man why found my problem was very helpful and courstesy. Showed me the problem and it was fixed in a minute.
    Gene - May 2017
  • I find them helpful, honest and able to help with various car issues
    Jonathan - May 2017
  • new tires service was great
    dee - April 2017
  • I travel to Ashland, Ohio to have my oil changed because I trust Ben the manager and have done business with him for many years.
    tom - April 2017
  • An old man came in to get his oil changed but had only put 500 miles on since the last change and the manager explained this and sent him on his way instead of taking his money for service that wasn't needed. This was refreshing to see.
    Brandon - April 2017
  • My driver side window quit working , your guys were able to get me and out rather quickly. I appreciate that. Your manager at the counter was very friendly and polite
    Sharon - April 2017
  • Their service is awesome. They are very professional.
    Richard - March 2017
  • These guys did a great job of changing my tires discovered I had a flat just before leaving town. They were polite and helpful: they got my car up on the rack right away and got me on my way for a reasonable price.
    Mark - March 2017
  • We went into the store because we had a tire that was slowly losing air and they were recommended by a friend. When we got there, they did a thorough examination of the tire and discovered that it was not repairable. They checked all of our tires and found that they were wearing unevenly and they were close to the end of their lifetime anyway. They gave us a great deal on a new set of tires and discount on an alignment, on top of that they gave us a coupon for a free oil change. We were on our way out of town when all this happened so we really appreciated how quickly they saw us and got us on our way!
    Veronika - March 2017
  • Great service
    Lauren - March 2017
  • The ride of my truck is 110% better then before and feel way safer.
    David - March 2017
  • The way I was treated as a customer was really appreciated. Options and printouts were given and results of inspection were explained and shown.
    Brenda - February 2017
  • Satisfactory service
    Richard - February 2017
  • All the staff is extremely friendly. I got my breaks replaced and they are wonderul. They know what they're doing and make sure I'm getting the best for my money.
    Marissa - February 2017
  • I trust Ben, he will make suggestions but doe not get pushy.
    Tom - February 2017
  • I have been a customer for years and the recent manager is the best one that has been employed at this store, will keep me coming back
    denise - February 2017
  • the store was very thorough..... Employees were friendly and did a quick job of changing my oil
    Michael - February 2017
  • It didn't take them long to do my jeep. Jordan was very friendly
    Dana - January 2017
  • Same as always. I keep coming back because this shop and its workers make me feel that I am getting my money's worth and I trust their work.
    Chico - June 2016
  • More than friendly and capable, I find that their honesty is their greatest asset. Even when over-hearing advice to a fellow customer they are very matter-of-fact and fully explain everything.
    Chico - April 2016
  • They are always so nice and do great work.
    Pam - August 2015

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