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Williamsville, NY 14221

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What People Are Saying:

  • Very clean environment. Manager was very nice and the mechanic was clean cut and very pleasant. I was in and out in no time with a list of suggestions for future service. Which i will be back for.
    Julianne - March 2018
  • I had my oil change, front brake pads replaced and a State inspection completed.
    Neal - February 2018
  • "Manager" at this location greatly lacking people skills. Past managers were great. Hard to believe Manager material has sunk so low.
    Susan - February 2018
  • Had an oil change with tire rotation. After leaving shop and driving less tha 30 miles had to pull over and tighten lug nuts on all 4 Wheels. They were loose, could be turned by hand, vehicle was shaking and lucky that wheel did not come off. On a snowy expressway, very dangerous situation!
    Chris - January 2018
  • My inspection was performed quickly and professionally.
    Phil - November 2017
  • I was a walk in to get an inspection and oil change. The 2 gentleman stopped what they were doing to greet me and worked quickly and efficiently to get my car in tip top shop for the next year.
    Kate - November 2017
  • Your sign about the 1499 oil change wasn't really right it said 1499 rotation of tires with card and it didn't say without the card the price of the oil change so I thought the oil change was 14 and up being $21 the sign should have had the price without the card on it
    Rick - November 2017
  • Fast in & out appointment
    Brett - November 2017
  • The only bummer is that recent coupons are only for those who have a "driver's card."
    Debbie - October 2017
  • Had wheels/tires delivered from and scheduled an appointment online. Cost was less than $20. Very friendly and no issues!
    B.M. - October 2017
  • Staff was friendly, knowledgeable and quick with the service required
    Jason - October 2017
  • Always a great value at Monro
    David - October 2017
  • Excellent traction
    Lynn - October 2017
  • The lady was very friendly when I came to pick up my car. I will go back!
    Mary - October 2017
  • I made an appointment for an oil change and a New York State Inspection. One hour and a half after the appointment time the vehicle was brought into the service bay. An hour and a half later the oil change was completed.... without the state inspection. The oil change was performed incompletely and sloppily: no tire rotation, no safety check, oil spilled on the exhaust manifold (caused burning oil smell in the car afterwards). Note: the customer waiting area is dismal and unpleasant. Altogether, a poor value.
    R3warnno - October 2017
  • I felt very relaxed and comfortable..Very friendly and personable.... There were no "high sales pitches" which one would expect...Only suggestions on what would probably be needed soon to keep my vehicle in good running and safe condition....Thank you
    Eric - October 2017
  • Oil change and brakes the company didn't stick to the life time guarantee on pads. The actual machanic was very rude and argumentive.
    Ashley - October 2017
  • Brake pad first installed incorrectly on Friday. Early Monday shop was able to rectify. Now working well.
    James - October 2017
  • I was accommodated as a walk in, when all other local providers had turned me away. Service was very fast and friendly.
    Matthew - October 2017
  • Everyone is always very friendly. I dont have to call too much ahead of time for an appointment, which is nice and theyre oil change for 5000 miles is a great price!
    Kelly - October 2017
  • Fast service, no pressure
    Saira - September 2017
  • My usual manager, Richard Abwnder was absent and my experience couldn't have been worst. The staffer acting as manager appeared to be computer illicerate, and completely without customer centered skills. He never introduced himself and I swear appeared to be under the influence. My only request from this corporation is to tell me where Richard was reassigned if that is the case because after a 10 year relationship with monro I will call it quits.
    James - September 2017
  • Oil change and inspection were completed while i waited in an hour. Very easy and price cannot be beat.
    Helena - September 2017
  • I have been using monro for oil changes for several years. Now I have to have the drive card to use coupons. Not only do you still get to sell my information, I have to go elsewhwere. What a great deal!!!
    Glenn - August 2017
  • Fast and efficient
    Rich - August 2017
  • quick service
    Sophie - August 2017
  • the visit was pleasant and timely
    Sophie - August 2017
  • I do miss the old manager Nemanja Opacic!!!
    Cheryl - August 2017
  • Beat competition prices. always able to get appointments. Haven't Once tried to swindle me into services my vehicles don't really need. So many shops will "recommmend" all kinds of extras to drum up more business out of you.
    Sammy - July 2017
  • Oil change and inspection, very efficient
    Jeff - July 2017
  • I have an older, beat up F150, and always choose the monro muffler by my house for those simple maintenance jobs.
    Adam - July 2017
  • The professionals were able to and get my car in and out in a timely manner for its annual inspection. Gratefully it passed with flying colors and they did it at a convenient time for me. Thanks so much Monro!
    Richard - June 2017
  • I brought my car in for its annual inspection comma and the professionals at Monro had my car inspected and approved within 30 minutes. It was a great experience and I will continue to go back.
    Richard - June 2017
  • ????
    Eric - June 2017
  • Every time I go the staff is amazing. They are always friendly and helpful. I seems like they really like their jobs!
    Kellie - June 2017
  • I need an oil change and they also told me other things that were wrong with my car so it can pass inspection.
    Nyjuria - May 2017
  • I took my car in for a NYS Inspection. The computer said that I had 2 EVAP problems. My mechanic, who I've been bringing my cars to for years was very apologetic when he told me he couldn't do the test to locate the problem. Then he told me he couldn't test the A.C. because he didn't have the equipment. How does corporate expect the individual stores to provide great service if they don't give them the tools. To me that is unforgivable. Why should a Store Manager have to apologize for Corporate's problem?
    David - May 2017
  • I always have great, timely service at a great price. I'm a mother that works full time and volunteers, so time and cost are very important to me. Not to mention the professional service and solid products.
    Tiffany - May 2017
  • Monro was able to get me in same day for an inspection, which I unfortunately failed. I got my car to code with an alignment the following week. Very prompt service.
    Jackie - May 2017
  • I continue to go back to Monro because the manager takes very good care of his customers. He tells you what you need & gets the work done quickly. I get my tires from him. My inspection & anything else I might need. He is trustworthy & does a great job!
    Patty - May 2017
  • Was on the cusp of selling trading my Subaru as inspection was due and the car had 145,000. Took it to my local Monro who evaluated it and said it was well worth putting some money into it. Fixed check engine light, redid front brakes, rotors and pads and did a four wheel alignment as tires were wearing on the edges for less than two months payments, Car continues to run like a top,
    David - April 2017
  • Always professional. Suggested Solution to oil burning problem
    Pat - April 2017
  • Fast
    North - April 2017
  • Got me in and out quickly when they were super busy. I appreciated that there was a coupon online to save money on my service
    Alexandra - April 2017
  • They are always so accommodating and can do it right there while I wait. I'm in and out in 30 minutes.
    Jillian - April 2017
  • I love my Monro muffler location when I call they always get me in as quickly as possible the price is great and my service is complete in a very timely manner
    Laura - April 2017
  • Excellent job by your staff
    Tony - April 2017
  • Breaks work great
    Ryan - April 2017
  • Hallo there I am very angry. And I am struggling to even give a rating to your this service center. It is the worst service center in the whole universe. I dropped my vehicle with a low pressure engine oil light on. The guys there told me to drop the car on Monday at 8 am. Which I did. They promised to tell me what the issue was in 2hrs. I walked to the service center for 3.5 kms to personally get the quotation after the guy on phone kept telling me I would get the quote in just a few minutes. When I got there, the hilly billy service rep quickly picked the technician report from the workshop, explained to me what the issue was, then I had to wait for a whole 1 hour to get the actual quotation and give authorization to start work. It is After noon on Wednesday and work on my vehicle has not even started. I am called and was told that the technician was not in. This work was expected to be over in 6hrs and now I am in my 3rd day and I am not sure what to do now. Is there anyone who is will to help? I am so mad and I am honestly going to publish this report to everyone I know in the nearby area to ensure that this service center is punished for poor quality service. What continent is this business being operated? I am from Africa and the mechanics there do a better job than these ones. Simply stated these guys should be in a business of just basking instead of car repairs and maintenance.. No one seems to care Antony Phone 248-946 7423
    Antony - March 2017
  • I got an oil change and an inspection and they were very informative and let me know what to do.
    Alex - March 2017
  • Friendly - Fast - Efficient service
    Joanne - March 2017
  • Great service, bring all my vehicles here. They are fair and honest.
    Jeff - March 2017
  • This experience was just as bad as the other experience. The tires on the car were not rotated which I was told was included in the $19.99 oil change. Once again I was terribly disappointed in the service.
    Dwayne - March 2017
  • I had a coupon for a $15.99 oil change. The manager took the coupon when I came back to pay he was gone and I was charged $19.99 for the oil change. A four tire rotation was also supposed to be completed and it wasn't. The two guys in there working were more concerned about the tint on my windows and how it wouldn't pass inspection this year to actually do the job they were getting paid to do. I don't think that we will ever be returning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dwayne - March 2017
  • Great customer service. Been coming to this location close to 3 years and workers are friendly. My truck runs perfect due to them.
    Anntoinette - March 2017
  • Larry and the team at Munro took great care of me. Their service was quick and called when there was a small change in our originally scheduled plan. I so appreciate it!
    Amanda - March 2017
  • Did a good job took a little over an hour unfortunately they had spilled oil on the engine which then spilled and dripped onto my brand-new driveway not happy about that but all in all satisfied
    Eric - February 2017
  • I'm a single working mom who just moved to Williamsville. Everytime I move, it's a process to find someone to fix my car that won't try to upsell repairs I don't need just to make money. The management and mechanics at the Williamsville location are honest, will walk me through why they recommend a repair, and will go out of their way to make sure I save money. I won't take my car anywhere else.
    Laura - February 2017
  • very professional, quick and able to provide service to others while making each feel as if they were the only customer.
    Paul - February 2017
  • Tired were on sale buy 3 get one free. Great deal great service.
    Tom - February 2017
  • The team at Monro has made my vehicle repair and maintenance stress free! Willing to beat competitors pricing and easy scheduling are just some of the positives of doing business here.
    Heather - February 2017
  • The crew here are awesome. I've been cominf for years. They never try to give me extra stuff I don't need. I couldn't say enough good things!
    Tim - February 2017
  • They are very honest and friendly group. I know I can trust them with my car.
    Rick - August 2016
  • The manager's customer service is outstanding, as always. He goes out of his way to look out for my interests as a vehicle owner. I have been a repeat customer for two years because of his level of service.
    Mike - June 2016
  • I feel like the employees are honest and they continue to do a great job on my cars! I continue to be a happy costumer.
    Richard - September 2015
  • They are always helpful & willing to help me with my car. Even if I just stop in they will do the work right away. Very friendly & explain everything to me as well.
    Patty - August 2015

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